Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 347

[347] Divine Transcendence (4)

So far, they are equally enduring only with their physical abilities, but eventually, if the level of competitors increases, the gap will inevitably widen.

So, even though the school knew about Lian’s circumstances, they were unable to readily make exceptions.

“I will start the evaluation from Article 1. Groups 2 and 3 come out and warm up, and the rest rest.”

The cadets belonging to Group 1 went to the training ground with their eyes wide open. When Kuan, who sat down with the evaluation paper, gave the signal to start, he let out a monstrous spirit and engaged in a violent hand-to-hand combat.

As Quan focuses on the confrontation, the cadets regain their composure. As always, Tess came to sit next to Lian. It was nice to have a conversation with Lian ahead of the evaluation. Would you say it feels like being alone with your lover on a battlefield?

However, Tess’ small pleasure was ruined by the approaching rock fish.

He walked with his well-developed chin raised and looked down at Lian and said.

“Hey, Lian. how is it? Can you avoid finishing last this time?”

“Never mind. It’s not your business.”

“haha! Of course it is. It’s like last place. I don’t know. But suddenly I got a funny idea. Maybe it has something to do with you.”

“What are you talking about?”

When Lian turned around, the rock fish pointed at him with his thumb.

“How about hanging out with me? Wrestling. do you know If you defeat me, the strongest, will the school recognize you? Don’t you have to do something to get out of last place?”

Rian looked back as if she wasn’t interested.

“I don’t need anyone’s approval. If I had to fight, I would fight anyone, but I don’t want to brag about my strength.”

The rock fish smiled faintly. These were the words of a typical underdog who wants to avoid fights and builds his ego.

But this time, that pride would get in the way.

“Hmm. Can you take responsibility for your words now?”

Having said that, the rockfish looked around the training ground. And he raised his hand without missing the gap at the end of the 2nd group confrontation.

“Instructor! I have a suggestion.”


“I want to compete with Lian. please allow The negotiations between the two have already ended.”

Changing the way the cadets were evaluated was something they couldn’t do without a liver sticking out of the ship.

However, this time, Kuan was also particularly deep in thought. If Rian was the target, he was interesting to him too.

It was because I was curious about how far the mental transcendence could hold out against the rock fish with the most outstanding physical ability among my peers.

“I will listen to the opinions of the same group and make a decision.”

Even if Lian and Rockyeo finished the discussion, the other members of the team could have had different thoughts.

However, Rockfish was confident.

Since no opponent could beat him in wrestling anyway, he would not hesitate to make an offer in order to get a high score.

As expected, the opponent of the rock fish meekly agreed.

Even if winning or losing did not affect the performance, it was difficult to display long-term skills against an opponent with an overwhelming difference in skill.

Lian’s opponent also had no reason to refuse. If it was Lian, who was not a schema user, it would be worth it if he did well, and if he didn’t, it would be a serious loss.

When each of the interests and gains and losses came to a conclusion, Kuan drew two lines in the name of the evaluation paper and changed the group.

“good night. Lian and Rocker go into Article 17.”

As Rockfisher sat down next to Lian with a satisfied smile, Tess was inexplicably anxious.

Not many of his peers would be able to defeat Lian in actual swordsmanship, but wrestling’s rock word was really dangerous.

I don’t know what he was thinking of suggesting this confrontation, but I just hoped it would end as part of the evaluation.

The rock fish looked at Lian’s hardened face and said.

“how is it? Did you really end up sticking with me? You won’t regret it now, will you? If you’re scared, say it now. I will make it easy for you.”

Ryan didn’t answer. If she didn’t have something to say, she wasn’t the type to make up words.

After that, the evaluation went smoothly.

When Team 8 entered the arena, Tess, Team 10, prepared to leave. Because wrestling is an intense sport, there is a high risk of injury if you don’t stretch beforehand.

“I’ll go to Ryan.”

“okay. To work hard.”

The rock fish added a word.

“It’s not a big deal. Show off your top-tier skills.”

Tess ignored the rocker’s words and headed to the training ground. Even so, the rock fish was not displeased. He didn’t have much left to send a cold glance. Once the confrontation with Rian begins, her eyes will burn hot.

It was Tess’ turn. The opponent was Godim, a swordsman with an honest personality. Sticking to the short-shaved hair of his trainee days, he blushed when he faced Tess.

It is foolish to separate men and women in schools that teach the art of killing people. However, I thought that it was not necessary to go to wrestling, which involved heavy physical contact.

Nevertheless, when he entered the confrontation, Godim’s eyes sharpened like a warrior facing a beast.

Tess ran first and collided with Godim. Godim lowered her center of gravity and stretched out her arms to pull her thighs together. Her legs lifted momentarily, but Tess deftly turned her around and disabled her technique.

Seeing this, the rockfish smiled in satisfaction.

“That’s great, Tess. What a wonderful woman. it is not so?”

Even Ryan acknowledged Tess’ talent and ability. However, the words of the rock fish were unpleasant. It was because he knew that the place where his eyes were directed was not Tess’s skills, but her body.

“Why are you trying to fight me?”

“You must know why?”

The rock fish laughed. Judging by the opening of his taciturn mouth, he seemed to be getting impatient for fear of losing Tess.

“If that’s really the reason, don’t bring Tess in again. If you want to fight instead, come anytime. Because I don’t run away or avoid it.”

“haha! You are confident. But what next for you?”

Rockfish decided to get to the point. Now without Tess was a golden opportunity to reveal his true feelings.

“Ogent Lian. I’ve heard rumors I heard that your training is called demon training. You risked your life to win, what is this? good anyway Then, why don’t the losers in this confrontation step back from Tess?”

Ryan snorted in disbelief.

“Do you think Tess will choose you just because you beat me?”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s one thing for you to leave and Tess to choose me. I am asking about your resolve.”

Ryan put off an answer and looked at Tess. Her wrestling was different from Godim. She was distracting her opponent with flexibility and balance, not strength.

Tess’ talent was certainly genuine. On the other hand, he himself has no talent and no future. Under these circumstances, it was just a luxury for her to consider who she was.

“I don’t bet on people’s hearts.”

“joy. Are you pulling your tail because it’s disadvantageous?”

“But I will tell you this.”

Lian’s eyes glared at the rock fish.

“Even if you kill me in this confrontation, I will never resent you.”

Ryan’s intentions were sincere. However, because he was born with strong bones and had a military constitution, he was more aggression than fear.

“haha! Are you shouting? Do you know that I can’t?”

Then there was a thud from the training ground. Lian and Rocker looked back at the same time. Tess was holding Godim by the arm, hanging her on the ground.

Godim looked up at the sky with an expression of not knowing what had happened to him, then sat down blushing.

“I lost. It was a good fight.”

“Whoa. You did a good job too. Actually, the last one was a gamble.”

An overturn attempted by taking advantage of the opponent’s pushing force. If he made a mistake in his judgment, he had no choice but to give up, but there was no way that Tess, a sensory schema, could not catch the opponent’s center shift. Godim also knew that her words were consideration for the loser, and she meekly accepted defeat.

Tess returned to Lian and made a V with both hands.

“lol. I’m done. It’s a vacation from now on.”

However, the atmosphere was quite different from before. Lian’s expression was even colder, and even the eyes of the rockfish were burning with life. It was clear something had happened while he was away.

“Rian. What’s wrong with your expression? Rock, what happened?”

The rock fish shrugged and trembled.

“What are you doing by asking me about that? I didn’t do anything.”

Tess stared at the rockfish with unresolved doubts, and then sat down reluctantly. He knew it was a lie, but Rian wouldn’t answer even if he asked.

When the match in group 15 started, Lian in group 17 entered the training ground to warm up. Then he turned to Tess and said to the rock fisherman who pretended to follow him.

“Tess. You’ll find out soon. How crappy Rihanna is. And what a wonderful man I am.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? No matter what you do, the day will never come when you look great in my eyes.”

“You are doing too much. I’m still a friend I know that? I made a bet with Ryan a while ago.”

“bet? What bet?”

“The loser in this confrontation decided to give up on you. I thought it would be good to know in advance.”

Tess sneered and shook her head.

“Rock, Lian never bets on anyone else. That’s the difference between you and Lian.”

Rockfish was displeased with Tess’ blind trust, but did not show it. Also, this was the driving force that allowed him to sow numerous rumors in the social world.

“Is it really so? Just watch it for now.”

In any case, the confrontation was concluded, so it did not matter. Tess would be ashamed to see Lian suffer miserably in front of the cadets. In that respect, the wrestling entry was very good. Because you can take your time and slowly harass your opponent.

When Group 17’s turn came back, Lian and Rocker faced each other in the arena. When compared with the naked body, the difference in body size reached almost 1.5 times. Even though Rian is by no means small compared to his peers, the bulk up of the rock fish was so frightening that it looked like a battle between an adult and a child.

The cadets fixed their eyes on the two. Like a person who expects the brutal feeding that can only be seen in the wild.

Ryan will be eaten. The downside of not being able to use the schema was fatal in every way.

The reason why Lian is recognized is because he is following the progress only with his physical ability, but he was never the best with his skills.

The rock fish snapped his thick neck and said.

“Then shall we begin? Are you ready?”

“However much. Now that it’s like this, let’s have a good match.”

As Lian and Bahre took a wrestling stance, Kuan put aside his handwriting and paid attention to their confrontation.

The two collided at the same time as the starting signal went down.

After touching the body, you are free to do whatever you want. However, the rock fish pushed him in from the head and shocked him at the same time as the start.

There was a bang. It was a sound that made you feel anxious that your skull might have been shattered.

Kuan didn’t think it was a foul. It was a common case for collisions to occur for close contact.

It wasn’t that Rian wasn’t prepared, but the moment their heads collided, sparks exploded in front of their eyes and their upper body tilted back.

In a crash like this, in the end, weight is everything. This was the reason why Rockfish desperately bulked up.

As Lian stumbled, the rock fish immediately caught up and grabbed Lian’s back neck. Rian hurriedly came to his senses and made the same gesture. It was like two bulls standing with their horns pointed at each other. In a state of apnea, each other’s faces turned red. Gradually, Lian’s legs began to drag on the ground. Again, the deciding factor was the weight.

“Huhhhh… … .”

Breath leaked from between the teeth of the rock fish. I had heard rumors, but it was shocking to actually face it. Ryan can’t speak schema. In the first place, it should have fallen out of the first collision, and it was normal.


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