Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 346

[346] Divine Transcendence (3)

The classmates looked at her with envious eyes.

“Tess. I’ve felt it before, but you really have a pretty body. Are you exercising separately?”

“What is exercise? It’s hard to keep up with the training. Besides, it’s not particularly good. It’s very cumbersome to get caught in close combat like today.”

He gave a pitiful eye smile as if he understood his motive.

“If you do it, there are all kinds of kids. There are men who touch me gently. Of course, if you do that to me, I’ll break your back.”

Another motive came to the fore.

“It is true that it is disadvantageous. Because I have to compete with muscle monsters who only eat meat for ten meals a day.”

Tess, who was wearing a tank top, said as she put on her training suit.

“There are sports that are advantageous to women anyway. Anyway, it’s the last evaluation, so let’s do our best.”

“okay. When I go on vacation, I have to sleep first. Lose some muscle too. I will definitely get a boyfriend this year.”

The comrade who changed clothes asked while lightly warming up.

“By the way, how is Tess? Is Lian and Jindo still the same? That kid is really indifferent.”

Tess bent her knees back, pulled the soles of her feet up to her hips, and laughed.

“haha! are you okay. Ryan has big dreams. If my boyfriend succeeds, it’s good for me.”

“Ugh. Don’t do that, bounce it and try it. If a pretty girl like you likes it, bowing won’t be enough.”

“Because I’m really fine. I’m not running anywhere, so what?”

I laughed it off in front of my friends, but it wasn’t like that in my heart. Lately, Leon has been talking less than before. It was clear that he was worried, but he never said anything.

‘What is it? Are you doing this to me too?’

I decided to put up with it until today. I’m on vacation tomorrow anyway, so even if it’s a serious concern, I’ll be able to ask comfortably.

After leaving the locker room, the cadets were heading down the hallway to the training ground. A man escaped from the crowd and approached Tess. Tess immediately showed dislike, but he, who is used to buying and selling, spoke to her with friendly eyes.

“Hello, Tess? I see you here.”

“Since it’s the same building, of course you’ll see it. Anyone who hears it will know that we met in hell.”

The man’s name is Rock. Coming from a first-class family, his father was the current Deputy Minister of Defense of Tormia.

Tess’s father, the commander of the colony, and a longtime comrade, have known Tess since childhood.

The angular square jaw, blonde hair, and deep eyes were attractive to anyone. His body was properly angled and his swordsmanship skills were excellent, so there were rumors in the social world that he was already getting a coma seat.

However, Rockeo chose Tess as his number one woman. She has the prestige of the Elzain family, but her beautiful appearance and nice body were not lacking in anything to make her her own mate.

“Tess. How about something for dinner tonight? Because I trained hard for half a year.”

“Sorry, but no. I have a prior agreement with Lian.”

“Do not lie. Every cadet knows that he won’t accept you. Why the hell are you doing this? You can have dinner with old friends, right?”

“no. I don’t like you, and I don’t want Rihanna to become conscious of you in any case. So let’s forget the old feelings and pretend we don’t know each other.”

The rock fish sighed. I couldn’t figure out why Tess, who was clever and sensible, fell in love with Lian.

He has poor skills and above all, he has no future. How could a swordsman with no knowledge become a commander?

“Tess. You have to think carefully. How long are you going to act like a child? you have a dream too With me, you can make that dream come true. Rihanna will never be able to make you happy.”

Tess kept her mouth shut as if she wasn’t even worthy of an answer. Rockeo felt the iron wall in her eyes. But the more she did, the stronger her possessive desire to possess her became.

“Tess. What are you doing? let’s go.”

Tess’ face, which had been cold, brightened in an instant. She didn’t even say hello to Rocker and ran to Lian, who was waiting at the end of her hallway.

‘That child… … !’

Rockfish trembled with humiliation and glared at Lian. But, as always, Rian only turned away after scattering her life with her nonchalant gaze.

Ryan and Tess were silent. Lian has been reticent lately, and Tess is worried that Lian will care about her relationship with the Rockfish.

It wasn’t until after he came out of the building that Lian spoke up.

“Are the rocks bothering you again?”

Tess hastily waved her hand.

“no. What if I bother you? Are you sure you don’t care? I told you not to talk to me in the future.”

“don’t worry. Because I don’t care.”

Tess pursed her lips. If Rian was conscious of the rock language, that would be a headache, but after hearing the nonchalant answer, I felt bad because I felt like I was being treated insignificantly.

“Rian. For these days… … .”

“How strong has Sirone become?”

Tess kept her mouth shut. what did he expect? From the beginning, there was no place for her in Lian’s thoughts.

The reason Rian trained to the extreme every day was to become a knight comparable to Sirone, who was growing rapidly.

If it was a master-servant relationship under knight oath, it was natural.

However, Sirone was a precious friend to her, so it was a problem that she sometimes forgot their relationship.

Tess shook off her sadness and patted Lian on the shoulder.

“You must have become very strong? Sirone is a genius. But you did your best too. If I see you now, I will be shocked and go black.”

Ryan smiled bitterly. What I felt every time I did my best was the extraordinaryness of a human named Sirone.

But now he was also seeing the answer to his long agony. There will be no more conflict.

“okay. You have to surprise me properly.”

Upon entering the training ground, many cadets had already gathered. After today, the achievements of the aspiring knights in the kingdom will be recorded again as a report card.

Tess took the top spot in most of the evaluations and was already in the lead group.

On the other hand, Lian still couldn’t get out of last place.

“Attention troops!”

When Kuan entered the training ground, all the cadets stood up. The nervousness he had when he first entered the facility disappeared and he felt a disciplined spirit.

“rest. Today is a wrestling evaluation. Do you know?”


A unified recital echoed.

It was enough to satisfy even the picky Kuan, but the tone was rough because it was the most unpleasant day of the year.

“What are you doing? Take off your top.”

As if it were a race, the buttons on his training suit came undone. The men, who exposed their flesh-colored upper bodies, paid attention to Kuan unwaveringly, regardless of the cold.

No one looked at the female cadet. It was disrespectful for her as someone taking knight lessons, and even with her worldly heart, it was the end of her day when Quan caught her.

However, Kuan did not put any special restrictions on the men looking at each other. Because that is the male’s aggression and wild instinct.

As the evaluation period approaches, the number of cadets using public bathhouses decreases significantly. This is because the body is honest and contains the process of training as it is.

Showing your body ahead of competition is not good tactically. It was for this reason that the topless wrestling evaluation was held on the last day.

The focus of the cadets was on the body of the rock fish. The large muscles split as if they were wearing armor, and the trapezius muscle starting from the neck felt intimidating just by looking at it.

‘It’s a huge bulk up. How much did you grow in one month?’

‘It’s a human golem. If I get caught, I can’t even collect the bones.’

In terms of sword skills, Tess, who handles sharp swords, was first, but in terms of physical ability, Rockfish, who hoped to be a heavy infantryman, had the upper hand. Wrestling, in particular, was the skill he was most confident in, and he was a skilled man who could even break a bear’s neck with his bare hands.

“Wow… … .”

As exclamations erupted here and there, the rockfish turned its head with a triumphant face. However, the object of admiration was Lian, not the rock fish. Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off him.

Lian’s body was developed without missing a single small muscle. It was surprising that there were so many different types of muscles inside human skin. The feeling of being perfectly integrated. It was as hard as if it had been put in a mold and squeezed.

Even the male cadets who would not lose to the body faction were mesmerized, so it was only natural that Tess had hearts engraved in her eyes.

‘Lian… … .’

However, her eyes quickly changed to a vague look. She knew how much pain Rihanna went through to make her body perfect.

After eating Ymir’s arm, Lian’s right arm developed abnormally. It’s good to have stronger physical strength, but it’s never a good thing to lose balance.

From then on, Lian went through extreme training, wielding a club heavier than a greatsword 3,000 times a day.

Biological feedback is truly amazing, and as time goes by, the entire body begins to develop in a way that balances the right arm.

What was born in that way was Lian’s current body.

His muscular strength, which achieved perfect body balance, was 4 times stronger than half a year ago.

Perhaps he was the strongest among those who could not speak schema.

‘I’ve been hit by the sword.’

While the cadets were admiring Lian’s appearance, Quan was paying attention to the functional aspect.

It is not a body built for one-dimensional goals such as strength or endurance.

It was a form optimized for the task of wielding a sword.

‘But it’s quite bizarre. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a trained person’s body, but I feel like I’m seeing it for the first time.’

Quan’s sense of incongruity was accurate.

Lian’s body was in a state beyond the limits of perfection that a normal human could reach through feedback from his abnormal right arm.

‘Anyway, if you watch it, you’ll find out. What can that body do among schema users?’

Kuan stopped thinking and raised his head.

“Attention everyone. I will briefly explain the evaluation today.”

The cadets who came to their senses paid attention to Kuan. The rock, which was glaring at Lian annoyedly, turned his head.

“Wrestling is the major subject of the heavy infantry position. So, I won’t require any special skills from kids like you. As long as they are in close contact with each other in a two-person team, it doesn’t matter if they hit. Because I can’t tell them apart anyway. Since the weight classes are different, winning and losing are not included in the evaluation criteria, and it is okay to use ‘folding’.”

Upon hearing Kuan’s last words, the eyes of the cadets changed.

A schema is a virtual human body diagram that takes effect by overlapping several diagrams of a specific build.

‘Folding’ is an advanced technique of schema, which folds a specific human body diagram in half to create an effect as if two sheets were overlapped.

For example, if a test that uses muscle strength as its base technique tree performs folding, its strength increases more than twice.

At a higher level, two folds are entered, which are called ‘double’.

In this way, it is developed into triple, quadra, and penta, and the limit of folding that humans can reach is known to be 7 times.

Of course, at the cadet level, it is clear that even singles are difficult skills. However, Kaizen Swordsmanship Academy, which is no other place, is a prestigious school where the most talented people gather in Tormia.

Even if they were still treated as children by the instructors, more than half of them could speak basic folding.

Tess turned to Lian. As expected, his expression darkened. Lian’s skills are not inferior to those of the other cadets. However, as long as the schema was included in the evaluation items, he was always in last place.

The description of the schema is not limited to folding.

Numerous advanced technologies have been developed, such as ‘transmission’, which expresses the properties of two human body diagrams at once, ‘reversal’, which turns the technique build upside down, and ‘intersection’, which folds the human body diagram diagonally.


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