Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 342

[342] Main character of life (2)

Talent or whatever, it was just an excuse from the start.

Their minds were so full of magic from the start that there was no room for success or fame.

want to win You don’t want to lose the competition. And in the end, I want to become the best wizard.

Dante’s eyes lit up when he saw Inferno. It was a powerful magic that could not be seen in the graduation exam.

‘You lowered the entropy by using self-image memory. If it were red eyes, it would be close to 0%. That would work.’

“Dante, Dante.”

Lyria, who was kneeling, called Dante behind her with a trembling voice.

“what’s the matter? Any problem?”

“really… … can you do it? Can you succeed?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

Lyria turned her head and looked up at Dante. Looking at her crying face, it seemed that she was in a lot of mental conflict.

“You always make sure choices! So tell me! I think it will be reassuring if you tell me.”

Dante understood her feelings. A mage’s cool-headedness in battle is just as important as a swordsman’s conviction. Fear comes from insecurity, not crisis. When you can objectively analyze the situation, your colleagues can muster up the courage to fight.

“I am not optimistic. But I am not pessimistic.”

It was literally two sides of the same coin. Also, this was the minimum probability that a wizard could try something.

“There is a 50% chance that Sirone will push. There is a 50% chance that my defensive magic circle will work. There is also a 50% chance that Amy’s magic will work on the enemy. If you add the three cases, you know what the situation is?”

Lyria, who had muttered Dante’s words, raised her head with her eyes wide open as if she had realized something.

“So, 150 percent?”

Dante smiled bitterly.

“… … You are not a wizard.”

Remaining distance to Park Yo-jin installation point, 220 meters.

Sirone sharpened the photon cannon in a trance. The flashes of light over the back of his hand were blinding. The magic amplification spheres embedded in his hands were red hot.


Thousands Hands Guanyin’s back bent and he was pushed to the ground.

Distance remaining, 200 meters.

Zocre’s legs trembled as he stared at the gigantic Guanshi Yin, which seemed about to fall at any moment.

‘Is that Sirone… … .’

A person who overwhelms Dante, the best defense force in the kingdom, with firepower.

Even so, there were times when I thought that it was at the student level. Otherwise, I couldn’t stand the feeling of shame.

However, the Photon Cannon, which I saw with my own eyes, was a power that even a few pros could not use.

They may not be superior to the pros in every aspect, but they have already reached the pro level in at least one respect.

That was the top 5 prestigious students.

Distance remaining, 170 metres.

“Come in! I will create a second barrier!”

Dante imprisoned the Thousand Arms Guanyin in the hexagonal mansion. Because he accumulated information only on the inner side of the magic circle, attacks coming from the outside were not applied. On the other hand, Thousand Arms Guanyin, who was trapped in a narrow wall, struggled strongly.


Dante’s expression crumpled. They are pulling the mansion down to the ground while imprisoning it, but the resistance is stronger than expected. In particular, the power of the fireball that spread in all directions was enough to destroy the defense magic circle rescued with the highest durability within 30 seconds.

Distance remaining, 120 metres.

Dante shouted with the veins on his face.

“Amy! now!”


As Amy jumped up and waved her hands, the huge Inferno left its master’s hand and moved away. A ball of fire slowly crossing the sky struck the Cheonsu Guanshiyin without error following the coordinates of his self-image memory.


As Thousand Arms Guanyin’s body burned, Dante felt the pressure loosen a little. Flame-type magic had an advantage over the Photon Cannon in that it could deliver continuous impact.

Remaining distance, 40 meters.

Lyria shook her head and shouted.

“Still not enough! At this rate, I can’t confine Park Yo-jin!”

The blazing Ten-Armed Guanshiyin screeched and scratched the magic circle inside the mansion. Eventually, the magic circle that had reached its limit of durability shattered like glass.

Lyria’s face turned miserable.

“it’s over. The demigod will go out into the world.”

“No, it’s not over.”

Lyria’s gaze turned to the sky. Shirone, who was gathering the brilliance of light in her hands, was looking down at the Tenshu Kannon from a high place. As the light in her hand grew, it was as if another sun was floating in the sky.


Sirone fired the photon cannon with all her might. A huge flash of light with a diameter of 1 meter pierced the side of the Thousand Arms Guanyin.

Remaining distance, 30 meters.


Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin struggled with his arms. However, a mass that even his own laws could not withstand continued to attack.

Distance remaining, 20 meters.

“Now! Start!”

Lillia put her hands together and prayed.

May evil be destroyed. May the world come where everyone can live happily. As long as he could achieve the paradise of goodness, where there was no hunger, no murder, no adultery, he would not care if his body was torn into a thousand or ten thousand parts, and he would be able to laugh even if he was hated by the devil and fell into hell to suffer forever. I will become manure for the world. If everyone had a good will, they would gladly go into the filthiest places and roll their bodies.

She shed tears like a waterfall. The will to transcend the criminal’s limits drew in the energy of the totem embedded in the old castle. As the gold margin disappeared, Park Yo-jin with a diameter of 10 meters appeared.

“I command in the name of Lyria! Evil, sleep here!”

Lyria’s eyes burned golden. The flowing tears evaporated in an instant, and a pillar of light made of the law pierced the sky.


As the flash of the photon cannon pressed forward, Tenshu Guanyin screamed in agony and struggled with dozens of hands.

Remaining distance, 10 meters.


Sirone felt the photon cannon’s output decrease. However, when the power was raised again through mental transcendence, the flash amplified and completely covered the Thousand Arms Guanshiyin.

Remaining distance.

0 meters.

When the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin came into Park Yo-jin’s domain, Lilia concentrated all her will in one place.


The most powerful golden magician’s method in the Akeanis Shrine.

Ock King Park Yo-jin.

Two arms made of light twisted like a twist and came up, grabbed the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin and pulled it to the ground.

“Ah! big! Aaaaaa!”

Thousand Arms Guanyin desperately endured. There is no reason for evil laws to exist in a space filled with good will. Even so, the fact that he endured was a clear proof that he was a demigod.

‘But it’s over! Just a little, a little more… … !’

Just when I thought Lyria was over, I heard footsteps. Her Vivian passed her and started running to her Jade Wang Bak Yojin.

“Ice Queen!”

Dante’s face contorted.

“That fool!”

Lyria shouted with shocked eyes.

“You can’t get close! Don’t be dragged away!”

Park Yo-jin is different from Geum Ma-jin.

Because the will of good was concentrated in a narrow area, humans who were inclined to evil in the slightest had no choice but to fall into the abyss.

Vivian heard Lyria’s voice clearly. But she never stopped running.

“This is the end. This is the end of my play.”

It was a life that no one paid attention to. However, the Ice Queen gave her hope that she could become the main character. Even if the reality was a monster, even if her kindness and consideration stemmed from ignorance, that was the only spotlight for Vivian.

Vivian’s tears ran away from her eyes.

What will happen when you enter Park Yo-jin? Perhaps only the stillness after the play would last forever.

But I wasn’t afraid. You will meet the Ice Queen. She will greet her audience by holding her hand with her. I will shout out to the world to thank you for watching a wonderful performance.


As soon as she couldn’t see anything because of her tears, Vivian kicked off the ground and threw herself with Yojin Ockwang.

“Vivian! Come back!”

Zokre sobbed and shouted.

She is a sensitive child. She may not even know that her heart is broken in the face of a situation she cannot be responsible for.

But it shouldn’t end this way.

everything was his own fault.

If she hadn’t drunkenly entered into the nature of the Ice Queen, or hadn’t cared about Amy, she wouldn’t have made such an extreme choice.


Zocre’s screams could not catch Vivian. It was Amy who caught her. Her Amy, who threw her body and hugged Vivian, escaped her bar margin by a hair’s breadth and fell. At the same time, the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin fell as if it were buried in Jade King Park Yojin. The sound of hundreds of claws scraping the ground was terrifying.


Those who watched the force of the ground plowing gave goosebumps. However, even the formidable power could not overcome the reason of the Jade King Park Yo-jin.

It was the power of a mysterious and profound law.

Thousands Arms Guanyin sank into the abyss of the law, leaving only thousands of fingernail marks.

Then Vivian, who had been watching with tears in her eyes, turned to Amy and shouted.

“Let go! I mean let go of this! I’m going in too!”

“it’s crazy! If you go in there, you will die!”

“Since when did you care about me? do you know my heart You who have lived like the main character all your life know how miserable I feel?”

“So you want to die? miserable?”

“No, I will torment you until the end! I will never let you succeed! At this moment, I am the main character!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, idiot! Where is the main character who gives up on life so easily!”

Amy’s voice pierced Vivian’s eardrums.

“It’s hard for anyone to fight! Still, fighting to the end to become the main character! If you give up, if you give up… … !”

As she spoke, Amy, who was crying, lowered her head. She was also the person she wanted to be the main character more than anyone else.

“From that moment on, it becomes nothing.”

The feeling of being thrown out of the spotlight of the world.

As everyone looked at only the successful candidates, Amy was crying alone in the room.

no one looked at me

But now I seemed to know.

You still have to fight.

Even if waiting is a bed ending, those who don’t fight to the end won’t be given the lead role.

Unsure of Amy’s sudden excitement, Vivian looked dazed and opened her mouth to say something.

“I am… … .”

Then the floor started to vibrate. Vivian turned her head, and then everyone looked at Yojin Park.

As soon as Sirone landed on the ground, he shouted.

“It’s not over yet!”

Dozens of hands came up from Okwang Park Yo-jin. As the vertical objects bent at the same time and pushed the floor, the face of Guanyin with thousands of hands rose again.

“I am! I am the ruler of the world!”

The faces of Sirone and the others turned pale. I still haven’t completely overcome the power of the Jade King Park Yo-jin, but I don’t know what will happen with time.

“Have you caught the lawman? You were lucky.”

Sirone turned her head with surprised eyes.

There stood a woman with curly blonde hair, dark complexion, and a tight-fitting suit.

It was Ahoya Gangnan, the chief secretary of the Magic Association.

“Who are you?”

Jiang Nan took off her high heels as she walked towards Guanyin. And he said, passing by Sirone and his party.

“Back off. Because you might get hurt.”

Lyria shouted.

“for a moment! You can’t go in unnecessarily! If you can’t deal with the law, you’ll be dragged into Park Yo-jin’s power!”

Kang Nan didn’t even show a hint of hesitation and pushed himself into the Jade King Park Yo-jin. She didn’t know whether she was a person leaning towards good or evil. She had lived as a Ram Muai from the moment she was born, however, and her convictions were not weak enough to be shaken by her laws.

“Aaaaaa! Aaaaaaa!”

Thousands Armed Guanyin was repeating its ascent and descent, scratching the floor repeatedly, like a person drowning in the sea.


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