Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 341

[341] Trinity (2)

Oxygen consumption soared as breathing became rough.

 – Residual oxygen consumption time 1 minute 17 seconds. 1 minute 3 seconds. 42 seconds.

Light flew from all sides and stuck into Sirone’s body.

When the access of the law was blocked, it was to penetrate and melt the mind directly in a physical way.

Armand reacted immediately.

 – Observation of neural junction points. Copy after docking.

Armand’s tentacles connected to the needles of light. Then more light flooded in and penetrated Sirone’s body.

Dozens, hundreds.

The endlessly flooding light required only one thing.

be dismantled


Sirone twisted the bridge of his nose with a frightened face.

The feeling of being absorbed by another being was as humiliating as being eaten alive by a beast.

 – Residual oxygen consumption time. 4 seconds. 3 seconds. 2 seconds.

As it is, it gets absorbed.

“It’s cheeky… … !”

Sirone focused her mind on one endless point.

As the immortal function opened, the spirit of infinity spread throughout the world of the law.

 -Detection of unmeasurable concentration points. Penetration.

Armand’s organic matter proliferated infinitely. Tentacles stretched out and docked with all the thorns stuck in Sirone.

Having copied the information intended to hack the owner’s brain, Armand began building a suitable firewall based on it.

And finally, Sirone and the Ice Queen came to share one world as subjects of separate laws.

 -Firewall complete. behavior.

A light burst from Sirone’s retinas.

 Small world creation.


Sirone looked around.

It was a dark space like the world of the law. The only difference is that there are no twinkling stars.

But Sirone could see.

‘How can I see it?’

Is it really possible to see where there is no light?

‘perhaps… … .’

Sirone found an interesting answer.

It is a memory. There is no light in memory.

Because the light does not stay in the past.

But he was in reality.

So, this is a space where all time is unfolded. It was the totality of time in which the past, present, and future could not even be distinguished.

As he moved his steps, an uncountable number of sirones approached from the darkness.


I turned around one wheel. As if using a mirror to expand the space, an infinite number of selves were spinning.

Sirone pointed out one person and approached. The shorter the distance, the narrower the composition, and numerous sirones lined up in parallel lines.

Her pupils were black, and she stood there with an evil face.

Sirone held out his hand. Sirone also held out his hand.

I could feel the cold texture of the glass wall.

‘This is me?’

no, this is not me

Where is this? Is it outside or inside the mirror? Is it me looking in the mirror or is it me reflected in the mirror?

“ah… … .”

Sirone finally realized.

“this… … .”

The two sirones said at the same time.

“It is you.”

Puff pup pup pup pup!

All the glass walls that stretched out in an infinite parallel line exploded at the speed of light.

With the sound of breaking glass, the boundary of the mirror began to be destroyed at the speed of light.

Sirone and Sirone’s hands met. But before I could feel it, Sirone on the other side disappeared.

In the Ice Queen’s Law, Sirone and Sirone refer to each other, forming a perfect trinity.

The evil Sirone of the Black Pupil was no more. There was only one unchanging Sirone who was not shaken by any law.

A technique called incarnation art in heaven. However, the wizards regarded this as a state and called it this.

mental transcendence.

hero of life (1)

After completing the trinity, Sirone opened her eyes. At the same time, Armand started attacking the ice queen’s law in reverse through the multi-law network small world creation.

The world shook and the starlight shone. Unable to bear Sirone, the Ice Queen pulled her throat out and vomited at her.

“Keah! Whoa! Aaaaagh!”

Amy’s face, watching from the ground, turned pale. The sight of her gigantic face giving her eyeballs a force to be reckoned with was more than terrifying beyond her horror.


When the Ice Queen gave her strength one last time, Syrone with her tentacles hanging from her vomited out. The first thing he did when he stopped with his wings wide open was to inhale the air.

“Whoa! Whoa!”

It was the first time I realized that even air has a taste.

“Sirone! Sirone is back alive!”

Amy’s face, which suffered as if she was going to die soon, finally turned bright. Even the ice queen’s grotesqueness couldn’t overcome the joy of Sirone’s safe and sound return.

But Dante’s eyes were still serious.

Above all, the Ice Queen’s condition was strange.

The Ice Queen was making a grotesque expression that no human facial muscles could produce. However, that was the form that most accurately revealed the current Ice Queen’s feelings.

‘infinite? infinite? infinite? infinite? infinite?’

The Ice Queen was confused.

‘What is that?’

As Armand built the firewall, the Ice Queen also copied Sirone’s information.

But there was a problem.

An immortal function that is difficult to analyze completely even with the vast amount of information from Optrus has been installed.

The ice queen couldn’t control her mouth that opened spontaneously as a huge sense of exhilaration flooded in, surpassing the scale of the law.

going to infinity

That was the only fact the Ice Queen could know.

The jaw, which had been widening endlessly, exceeded the range of motion of the joint, and finally began to swallow itself in reverse.

Like grapes peeling off their skins and popping out, a new being emerged from the throat.

‘I am infinite.’

A human face was attached to three sides, and the arms protruding from the shoulders multiplied into dozens and spread out like the feathers of a peac*ck.

Three-sided Thousand Hands Guanshi Yin.

It was the second dedication of Optrus who absorbed Immortal Function.


A sound like the chirping of thousands of beetles burst out of the mouth of the laughing Cheonsu Guanshiyin.


Sirone, who was hit directly by the sudden sound wave, adjusted her hearing with Armand and then distanced herself. Then, as the head of the Thousand Arms Guanshiyin turned, the corners of the eyes went up and the corners of the mouth went down, and the face occupied the front. As the Law of Wrath exploded, countless balls of fire flew in all directions.


When Lyria pointed at the pouring rain of fire, Dante spread a huge defensive magic circle over her head. The moment the fireball hit, it roared loudly and cracked.

“Keugh! damn!”

Dante had a sorrowful expression on his face. In an isolated space, the growth of the cerebral body is limited, but after swallowing Sirone, the cerebral body was a powerful law that was incomparable to that of the Ice Queen. Perhaps it is an immortal function. Well, for beings that absorb the law, there was no stamina that was as excellent as Sirone.

“Park Yo-jin right now!”

Lyria looked at the battle in the sky with confused eyes. Sirone fires a photon cannon continuously, but not even gold has gone to the Thousand Arms Guanyin’s body.

“Not yet. Park Yo-jin’s range is much narrower than the stick margin. If I can’t bring you here, I’d rather die here.”

Amy shouted to the sky.

“Sirone! Push the monster this way!”

Armand copied Amy’s voice. A voice mixed with noise was transmitted to Sirone’s brain.


It meant finding a way to something on the ground. But how do you push a monster that doesn’t even move even with a photon cannon?

‘I have no choice but to do it.’

Sirone opened her eyes and focused on increasing the power of the Photon Cannon. Then, the spirit of transcending the mind sought a huge expansion.

Immortal Function can borrow infinite mental power, but it cannot increase its power beyond the Spirit Zone.

However, mental transcendence forcibly strengthens the spirit zone.

 Of course, like the divine transcendence, the subsequent mental storm was a separate issue.

Just as Lian’s arm exploded when he fired the sword at a speed that exceeded his body’s speed, his mind would rather be destroyed if he tried to exceed the available value.

 -Expansion of focus points. Activate overdrive.

But Sirone did not hesitate. Sensing a tremendous power he had never experienced before, he stretched out his hand, and dozens of flashes of light hit directly into the torso of Thousand Arms Guanyin.


The body of Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin, which had been motionless as if stuck in space, began to be pushed little by little. He then fired sound waves in all directions, but Sirone did not stop his offensive. No, his power was getting stronger as time passed.

250 meters to Park Yo-jin’s installation point.

Those watching the battle from the ground were mesmerized by the sight of dozens of photon cannons flashing.

“How can such magic… … ?”

Lilia, the mage, was shocked the most. The reason she classifies her mental body as a demigod is because she uses her laws freely. The existence of the law must be sealed with the law. However, Sirone was pushing back the demigod with only physical force.

“… … I thought she was an innocent girl.”

Dante smiled bitterly at Lyria’s misunderstanding. If you judge Sirone by her looks, it ends up like this. He is a lowly boy who has no interest in dressing up and casually sews at a cafe. But he was the only boy who ever beat him.

“Well, you look the coolest when you’re a wizard.”

Lyria was conflicted. It was visible that the movement distance of the Thousand Arms Guanyin gradually got shorter. If the power of the Photon Cannon did not become stronger, it would be impossible to drive Park Yo-jin to the installation point.

“Lilia. Unfold Park Yo-jin. Whether Sirone succeeds or fails, if something needs to be done, now is the last chance.”

‘I am… … What should I do?’

If Park Yo-jin fails, the Thousand-Handed Guanshi Yin escapes into the world. Even if the kingdom made preparations, judging by the scale of the law, a small city was an enemy that could be razed to the ground in a matter of hours.

Lyria turned to Dante and said.

“I’ll prepare Park Yo-jin.”

I have no choice but to walk to Sirone. The people here are just as important as the people outside. It was a different situation than not killing the monster.

“good. Then I’ll tell you the operation. If Sirone pushes in just 50 meters, I’ll build a defensive magic circle into a mansion to trap the monster. It may not be the same as a bar margin, but it will be a minimum safety device. In the meantime, Amy prepares magic to support Sirone with firepower.”

Amy nodded.

“okay. I will cast the most powerful magic.”

Zokre looked at them as they desperately fought. His anger soared as he contrasted himself with his inability to do anything.

Why risk your life?

They just have to go away. He would have to pay for all his sins anyway, and it was the kingdom’s job to take care of the aftermath.

“Why are you fighting?”

Dante, who was guarding Lyria, turned his head.

“What are you talking about? If you intend to interfere, I will kill you first.”

“Why are you fighting? You guys are innocent, so just run away! don’t you want to live So strong, so gifted! Are you saying you want to be killed in a place like this when a prosperous future is guaranteed?”

Dante looked at Zocre in bewilderment. However, he sighed as if he knew.

“Did you learn magic because you wanted to be successful?”


“Isn’t the order changed? You learn magic because you like magic, and success follows you when you become good at magic. If I run away from here, won’t my stomach churn? I’m just fighting with the magic I learned. So don’t disturb me and watch quietly.”

After finishing the sequence ceremony, Amy opened her eyes.

“it’s over. I will start now.”

As the crimson eyes radiated a red glow, two pillars of fire rose from beneath their feet and merged into a huge fireball. It was an Inferno that was several times larger than the one shot in the zero radius.

Zokre stared blankly at the fire that blazed like the sun, then realized something and lowered his head.

‘They’re crazy about magic… … .’


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