Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 330

[330] Battle Mage’s Philosophy (4)

“Hongan. So self-image memory corrects errors in the shortest time. This is a really great ability. In terms of talent alone, it would be the best on the continent, not Alpheas Magic School. That is proven by the many geniuses from your family.”

Amy couldn’t resist.

The pretensions of the Karmis family, or even the older brothers of the original family, were already making their names known on the continent in their field at a young age.

“So what? I’ve never thought of leaning on my family until now! Are you saying that I came to this place because of my talent? I’ve always been trying to stand up for myself.”

“okay. That’s what foolishness is.”

Amy’s face hardened.

“I’d rather lean on the family. What you have, what your family has. You have to fight with everything. Are you saying that while you are born with something that other people want but cannot have, you throw it away just because you want to try it on your own? That’s what foolishness is.”

“I am… … That thought… … .”

“Do you remember the kids I met at the skating rink? Did you say zocre? Eins Magic School is honestly not prestigious. Their talents will be far inferior to yours. Even so, they find their own way to live and become wizards. Did you drop out because you didn’t have enough luck? No, Amy. You are competing in the 5 most prestigious in the kingdom. People who are more unfair than you are widely spread in the world. If you want to become a wizard, if you want to become the best wizard at that, you have to fight and overcome whatever situation comes your way.”

Amy bowed her head.

The anger was soon gone.

No, it felt like everything had gone back to square one.

Dante was right.

The place he was in was the Alpheas Magic School, where the best talents in the kingdom gathered, and it was the graduating class at the top.

A place where no excuses can be made.

In a battlefield where talented people who only look at the best collide, talking about this and that is nothing more than the nonsense of a person with a full stomach.

“Then I… … what to do.”

I couldn’t jump over the wall and stood at the starting point again.

The second will be faster.

But it was just an idea in my head.

Now you must overcome yourself. And that was the first ordeal for Amy.

‘Amy… … .’

Sirone looked at Amy pitifully.

Dante’s straightforward way of speaking must have been a big shock to Amy. But he couldn’t intervene.

It wasn’t an arrogant thought that it would help Amy.

Because Dante’s words are true.

A silence fell over the table.

They couldn’t hear the laughter of the tourists clamoring from all sides.

Dante looked at Amy while drinking cold coffee.

There is nothing special about her. But it was also Amy who stood out the most in her graduation exams.

“Shall I tell you why you were eliminated?”

Amy raised her head again.

Sirone, who was lost in thought, also looked at Dante.

If it was Dante’s analysis, whose major was information processing, it would be worth listening to regardless of the situation.

“Of course, the only thing I could see with my own eyes that you were using magic was the graduation exam. And that’s less than 5 minutes. But even in such a short period of time, there are things I just don’t understand.”

“Are you saying I made a mistake?”

“no. It’s a problem closer to the essence than that. To begin with, you have a fatal flaw. In particular, if you aim to become a battle mage, you are missing something you must have.”

I never thought of myself as having a weakness. So Amy swallowed her saliva and waited for her words to follow.

Dante raised his coffee cup and turned his head. After choosing his words for a moment, he pouted his lips and said.

“For you… … I have no style.”


Amy asked back at the unexpected words. However, Sirone was nodding her head slightly.

no style

It was a word that implied the sense of incongruity that I had vaguely felt while working with Amy.

It was only possible because of the eyes of Dante, who had the best defensive power in the kingdom, that he clearly saw Amy’s weaknesses after seeing only 5 minutes of battle.

Sirone added a word.

“To put it mildly, it is omnipotent. I’ve felt it before, but you’re so great that it’s a mask.”

Amy’s face heated up at Sirone’s words. After she was shocked by Dante’s direct words, she felt more embarrassed.

“Are you kidding me?”

Dante shook his head.

“No, there is some truth in what Sirone said. From what I’ve seen, you tend to have complete control over the situation. Because you can do it.”

“Why is that a problem?”

“It is not a very big problem. Your gimmick is sniper mode. Most mages direct the situation to an environment where their organs can specialize. Style arises from there. The reason why Sirone likes the strategy of suppressing with brute force is because it has an immortal function. I like counters because I enjoy analyzing them. but you are different If sniper mode doesn’t work, they’ll find a second solution right away.”

Amy felt as if she had been hit in the head with a hammer.

“You know what is really serious? In the end, you do it. I’m looking for a second solution. It’s so witty. But how long can that method work?”

Amy’s lips trembled.

It’s stupid. stupid

How come I never thought about it?

“Usually you’ll hit a wall at the student level. But your talent was thrown away all the way to your senior year. Then, at the most crucial moment, I hit a wall.”

Dante opened his palms and clashed his fists.

“It just happened that all the contestants were aiming for you. It was the first time I experienced a situation that could not be done with talent alone in front of a level of difficulty that soared sharply compared to the senior class class. The difficulties I and Sirone experienced early came too late for you. Fermi must have already known, your fatal weakness. That is why you were chosen as a sacrifice.”

Dante recalled the graduation exam and gave an example.

“The moment you sensed the sudden change in the charter, you gave up on Sanuel and went after Fermi. They would have judged that the schema would give them an edge in close combat. But I’ve been there for four months. The moment you feel uncomfortable, you should have opened the distance unconditionally. I had to somehow lead him to a situation where he could specialize in sniper mode. But it didn’t.”

Sirone answered.

“Because I had the confidence that I could solve it somehow.”

Dante nodded.

“It is impossible to control every situation in melee. In battle, the time needed to make a decision is even one second longer. If the options are divided, there will inevitably be a delay. So style matters. Believe in your style and bet everything on it.”

Amy recalled the situation in Kazura where she was tied to Xenoger’s web.

I had a lot on my mind at the time.

However, if he had only focused on what he could do, he could have melted the web with Ignite and escaped.

“Perhaps you analyzed everything in your senior year. The combat power, judgment, habits, behavior, etc. of all participants. After analyzing all of them, you decided that you had an advantage, right?”

Amy readily admitted.

“that’s right. Exactly.”

“But I didn’t think of the style. It’s just as important as fighting power. You have to know how to avoid and wait if you don’t match. If I go back now and fight Sirone from back then, there’s probably a 90% chance I’ll win.”

Sirone meekly nodded.

There is no if in history, but if the past self and the current Dante were to face each other, nine out of nine times it would be a losing battle.

“Combat is a matter where superiority cannot be measured simply by skill alone. Extremely speaking, it’s enough to destroy Sirone’s Ataraxia before it’s finished. But why didn’t I succeed? It was because Sirone also constantly induced the situation to his advantage. A clash of styles and styles. That’s a wizard’s battle.”

Amy hung her head and did not move.

He was so full of thoughts of magic that he couldn’t see anything.

said Dante.

“Well, I pretended to be proud, but if a similar situation came up, I might be eliminated too. But I’m not going to drop out early without trying anything like you. Anyway, this is the result of my analysis of you in the graduation exam.”

Amy then raised her head. Her expression was still sad, but her excitement was gone.

“Thank you for being honest.”

Having analyzed the pros and cons of an opponent who would become a competitor next year was something I was thankful for, no matter what the reason.

Dante, perhaps embarrassed by the solemn atmosphere, finished his story and stood up.

“Looks like you brought up something stupid on a date. Anyway, I’ll stop and see. you guys have fun too See you later at school.”

Sirone escorted her outside the door.

Dante peered at Amy through the window outside the café.

Confirming her sullen expression, he turned to Sirone and scratched his head.

“sorry. The atmosphere seemed good, but I interrupted and ruined it.”

Dante, who had been in love at the Royal Magic School, was sensing a subtle air current flowing between Sirone and Amy.

The fact that Amy came along on the trip alone means that she was thinking about it to some extent.

If the atmosphere at the skating rink had continued, the tomorrows of Sirone and Amy could have been different.

But today’s advice made Amy’s thoughts complicated.

As a man like him, it was natural to feel sorry for him.

But Sirone didn’t think so. Rather, he was grateful to Dante for giving Amy advice.

“are you okay. If it wasn’t for you, Amy’s problems wouldn’t have been found. It really helped me a lot. Of course, Amy will have to research the solution herself.”

Dante smiled bitterly.

It was Sirone who didn’t seem to have asked anything about the time of the world.

Well, in a sense, Amy belonged to the same department as Sirone, so it could be said that they met properly.

Dante has always had instant love. It suited her personality, so she had no complaints about it.

But on the other hand, I thought it would be fun to slowly come to terms with my feelings like a slug.

“It wasn’t advice I gave specifically for Amy. After all, there will be Fermi and the others next year anyway. The more counterhorses you make, the better. anyway see you next time Have fun and go.”

Dante waved his hand and walked away.

Seeing him leaving as lightly as when he came, Sirone could feel the composure and freedom of a traveler.

‘I hope it will be a good trip for you too.’

midwinter night (1)

It was winter, so the sun went down early.

The old castle ruins are closed at 6 o’clock, so Dante stopped traveling and headed back to his lodgings.

‘What’s the point of just going in, should I drink beer?’

When you are eighteen, you can buy alcohol outside.

Dante did not like strong alcohol, but liked to sip beer while traveling.

The shopping district was teeming with people escaping from tourist spots.

While I was walking down the street looking for a place where I could drink comfortably, I saw a young woman protesting in front of the entrance of a bar on the 3rd floor.

The striking outfit caught Dante’s attention.

He was wearing a loose-fitting suit with sleeves that went down to his wrists, and was tightened around his waist with a white belt. Her robe came down to her ankles, and her skirt was red.

Dante guessed that he was the person involved in the ritual.

If you see that you are carrying a large backpack that does not suit your slender figure, it means that you have traveled a long time or come from far away.

Maybe mid 20’s?

A fine appearance with pure white skin that seems to have never seen sunlight. Her black hair, tied high at the top of her head, hung down to her waist.


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