Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 320

[320] Ephemeral Rift (2)

Kariel had a ferocious expression uncharacteristic of an archangel. As if she had been insulted intolerably, her pupils flashed with her murderous intent.

“How could the chief of the archangels do that! As a human being, what is the difference between mating with a dog! But do you want me to forgive you? can you?”

Uriel couldn’t answer.

In a sense, Kariel was like her own twin. Twins who were born with the source knowledge of the first Archangel Ikael.

However, their personalities were as different as the original concepts they were given. And above all, Kariel… … He really loved Ichael.

Kariel returned the halo to the celestial body. But as if she already had her heart broken, she turned coldly.

“If you don’t want to help, go back. I will definitely break through the space-time of the labyrinth. I will destroy all arrogant and arrogant humans who have defied God’s will!”

‘… … To be timid.’

Uriel looked at his back with pity.

The wings of light, the symbol of the archangel, spread out splendidly, but in a sense, he had a corner that resembled a human.

like Ichael.

‘I’m sorry, Ikael. But we, no, Kariel, still need you.’

Uriel said, putting his hand on Kariel’s shoulder.

“I get it. I made a mistake. don’t join me in what you’re about to do So, is it okay if I smash this cloth or something?”

Kariel pretended not to win and quietly turned around. But she soon regained her bright expression and gave her explanation.

“okay. But it really won’t be easy. No matter how much you do, you’ll have to use your best strength to break it. Because it gave birth to a material much harder than the hardest material in the world.”

Nodding his head, Yuriel passed Kariel and approached with a thunderbolt.

Upon reaching close range, all I could see was a black barrier. Looking at the molecular structure, it was not a substance that came out through heat and pressure. maybe an explosion. This certainly won’t be easy.

“You must remember, Kariel. It’s been a very long time.”

Uriel changed the asteroid into a halo.

When information was accumulated in a halo with a diameter of 4 meters, a club made of light was born beside him. It was 4 meters long, but the pole was only 1 meter long, and the triangular cones at each end filled up the remaining length. It was a heavenly sword called the Geon of Paradise.

“There is nothing you have made that I have not destroyed.”

When Yuriel applied force while taking a horseback stance, the Gondola of Paradise rotated rapidly, creating an afterimage similar to that of a wheel. As the rotational speed exceeded Mach, the air made a grinding sound like iron.

The Law of Destruction of Paradise – Cheon Bo-ryun.

(Cheondo Eunha-ryun has been modified to Cheonbo-ryun ^^;)


Archangel Uriel is an angel of destruction. He has a symmetrical source concept with Kariel, the angel of birth.

In the beginning, the world was born as an amplification of something. Then, as birth and destruction interlocked, all things were created.

Kariel constantly builds things and Uriel destroys them. It was the destiny of two brothers born from the amplifying archangel Ikael.


As Uriel twisted his upper body and crossed his arms, Cheonbo-ryun, which had grown to 10 meters in diameter, moved along his forearm. Then, bouncing her body and swinging her fist, a powerful wheel of light flew and struck her cloth.

Woo woo woo woo!

A huge echo filled the Great World War.

However, Cheonpok did not even move, and only the Geon of Paradise that bounced off flew until the end of the Great World War and returned.

“ha! Taha! Oooh!”

Yuriel continued to collide the Cheonbo-Ryun, which did not stop spinning, into the Cheonpok.

Kariel, who knew that power better than anyone else, frowned whenever a blow was struck.

‘Tsk tsk, being ignorant… … .’

After trying dozens of attacks, Uriel didn’t throw the returning Gon of Paradise again. He showed no signs of breaking no matter how hard he was hit.

“Hmm, this one is definitely quite good.”

Kariel comforted him with a smile on his face.

“You don’t have to push yourself too hard. Even this much impact on the space-time of the labyrinth would be enormous. It’s a pity I didn’t get to see the woman’s face in her fright.”

It was said to be nice to hear, but it only cheered up Uriel.

Uriel swung his wings forward and retreated far away. And he measured the distance for a moment, and he said.

“Stay away. It will be different this time.”

Kariel shrugged up both hands as if to try her best and flew to the side of the ceiling.


Uriel took a stance like a heavy infantryman about to charge and blew out a big breath.

As the tsunami expanded to a diameter of 20 meters, information of destruction began to accumulate. As golden sparks rose around the halo, the great world war trembled weakly.

Kariel also looked around her laboratory with a worried look, as if she didn’t dare to joke this time.


Yuriel rushed at the sky.

A 25-meter-diameter Cheonbo-ryun followed it and increased its rotation speed. The atmosphere of the great world war was sucked into the center of the wheel, and a gale raged.

Yuriel swung her upper body with all her might in front of the 10-meter width of the sky.

Cheonbo-ryun flew in a curve and collided with Cheonpok. The afterimage of the disc disappeared for an instant, and the Gon of Paradise was buried on the surface in a clear form.

However, the inertia of rotation was completely contained in the Gon of Paradise. The huge cloth width shook violently, and white cracks began to grow on the black walls.


A powerful explosion erupted, and the cloth was smashed.

Although he lost the bet this time, Kariel’s face was filled with joy. It was the fate of the source concept for Yuriel to destroy what he worked hard to create. However, Kariel only applied that fate to the constructive part.

Anyway, the important thing is that it was broken.

Also, according to his calculations, it was powerful enough to destroy the maze’s space-time.

* * *

Construction of the labyrinth.

The maze built a temple in a meaningless space where the end could not be specified. It was an act of gathering huge emptiness and squeezing out a single meaning.

She exists because there is a temple, and based on her existence, she has built a huge barrier between Heaven and humanity.

Maze was lonely in the huge temple.

Sitting cross-legged and meditating, her biological clock had stopped long ago. In a new time and a new space, she inherited the fate of maintaining an endless dimensional wall.

‘What are you decorating, Kariel?’

There have been attempts to circumvent the space-time of the labyrinth for a long time, but recently the approach has been blatant. I felt like I was being cornered.

If you attack from heaven, the labyrinth blocks it. So far, no problems. But now I had an ominous feeling that I was aiming for something.

‘What are you thinking?’

A powerful shock struck the space-time of the labyrinth. Electromagnetic waves were generated, hardening the barriers of space-time. Miro’s eyes flashed open.

Then came the second and third shocks.

As the space-time of the labyrinth shook, shockwaves of the same strength rushed into the labyrinth’s mind.

‘It’s hitting space-time directly. Is it a new technology?’

Even if mankind has developed, it has not been able to catch up with the technology of heaven until now. If it were them, they would have found a way to break down the dimensional barrier with a non-magical mecha system.

Miro, who hurriedly knelt down, made a complicated hand sign. Then, he crossed his left hand with his index finger and thumb, and his right hand with his middle and ring fingers pressed together in the shape of a cross.

As the dimension was strengthened with scale magic, the walls of time and space began to thicken.

‘This power… … Is it Uriel?’

Miro’s face was crumpled. A cold sweat broke out and the crossed arms began to tremble.

how much time has passed Suddenly the shock disappeared.

Breathing heavily, she fell to the floor. Even though she strengthened the dimensional walls, it seemed that she would not be able to last in this state. A new method was needed.


As Cheon Bo-ryun struck Cheon-pok, an unprecedented shock wave rushed into the labyrinth’s space-time.

Miro flew dozens of meters as soon as the impact came, as if he had been hit directly.

Even while sliding on the floor, she clenched her teeth and endured. Eyes trembled in confusion.

This blow caused a crack in the maze’s space-time.

‘It’ll break through like this. No, it’s already been pierced.’

Miro decided to use the last resort.

She sat cross-legged and raised her fists on her palms, gently closing her eyes. There is no time to judge. If there was a gap in the dimension for 10 more seconds, then the army of heaven would attack without any time to defend.

‘Go into Samadhi.’

Once you enter samadhi, you cannot come out on your own. It’s because it’s a state of one mind that can’t even think about anything.

As the only owner of space and time, she must be awake at all times, but now it was time to fall into a deep sleep.

Concentrate. Focus again on that concentration. After going through such a process endlessly, the ego faded and finally no thoughts came to mind. Only the inertia of descending into the abyss remained.

What he got in return was enormous mental energy. The rift disappeared as the dimensional walls became infinitely thicker. This time, even Uriel would never be able to break it.

The shaking of the temple subsided, but the labyrinth was as hard as a stone and did not even move.

Lost in infinite focus, she forgot her existence. And she would stay that way forever unless someone came to wake her up.

* * *

“How did it go?”

At the top of the central control system, Kariel and Uriel were analyzing the results of this experiment. Kariel was looking at the screen with an interesting expression.

A crack appeared in the maze’s space-time. However, it was quickly restored without time to do anything in heaven. I could see how agile Miro’s response was.

Most of all, the fact that the maze’s time-space has been restored has made it incomparably stronger than before. The durability value transmitted through the screen was enough to make even the archangel Kariel realize what a thrill is.

“You are still getting stronger. What have you done? Is this really a figure that one human being can make?”

Uriel brought out a complicated result in a simple way.

“Has it failed?”

Kariel smiled bitterly.

“Still, there have been some results. About 3 seconds based on the country of the earth. If it was just three seconds later, it would have completely broken.”


Uriel didn’t feel sorry for him. Actually, I don’t know. She said maybe she was relieved.

“Chunpok’s technology itself can be considered a success. However, I underestimated the maze too much. Certainly the Nephilim who represent the people of the land. How did you strengthen it? Now, I can’t even get my teeth into it with a decent cloth width.”

“Humans are strange. It looks infinitely weak, but it can also become infinitely strong. Guffin did. A maze is also a formidable human being. Maybe that’s why Ra blocked access.”

“Hmph, I’m only human after all.”

Kariel did not recognize humans.

they are not clear It was chaos itself. That is why Ra was to control their lifespan in the name of eternal life.

“What are you going to do now? The strategy to destroy the dimensional wall has failed. It will be more difficult to attack in the future.”

Kariel wasn’t worried.

“It’s a way, if you find it again, stop it. Rather, it is important that the space-time of the maze had cracks. Interesting things will happen in the future. This will be a good experiment.”

Kariel pointed to the monitor. The process of the ceiling experiment was implemented as a 3D image.

A reference line was drawn at a specific point on the large sphere, and the durability value appeared as a number. Chun Bo-ryun’s shock was applied, and cracks could be seen.

No creature, let alone the armies of Heaven, can pass through a rift of this size. However, it was a category of living things.

On the outskirts of heaven, there are all sorts of strange beings that cannot be defined by human standards. And at this moment, something that entered the country of the earth through the gap of the crack was caught.

“What the hell is that… … ?”

Kariel couldn’t answer.

However, it was not that his knowledge was lacking. However, it was because something that went to the land country existed in an ‘unknown state’.

* * *

After the graduation ceremony at the magic school, Sirone returned home in a carriage sent by the Ogent family.

When I came back to think about it, it had already been a year since I entered school. It’s a short time if it’s short, but there were so many incidents.


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