Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 317

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Although he retired from active service, the influence of the first-class nobility was powerful. Maybe that’s why many parents approached him and asked to say hello.

Sirone took her friends and approached Shakora. And he took advantage of the absence of other nobles to raise his greetings.


“Yes, sirone. How have you been?”

“Yes, thanks.”

Isis approached, crying.

“Sirone, how is our Amy? huh? Do you think you can pass?”

“How could Sirone know that? Don’t hold on to the child, stay calm.”

Shakora’s scolding caused Isis’ lower lip to protrude.

“haha! are you okay. I met him yesterday and he seems to be in good shape.”

“Hmm, that’s good.”

A look of relief crossed Shakora’s face. Her daughter’s love for her father, he seemed to be quite nervous even if he pretended not to. Even the first-class aristocrats seemed to be just parents in front of their children.

Iruki and Nade, who were standing behind Sirone, also bowed. Especially when he heard the surname Mercodyne, Shakora showed interest.

“Yes, you are Iruki. How is your father?”

“yes. what… … It still exists.”

It was an arrogant thing to say in a place like this, but Shakora just laughed.

To be honest, Iruki was on the gentle side. He compares to his father, who is at the peak of eccentricity.

“Sirone, when are you going to come home with your friends?”

“yes. I will definitely do that.”

After greeting Shakora and Isis, they headed for the entrance to the parents. Sirone also entered the Colosseum through the student-only door.

My juniors and classmates looked at me kindly, but I wasn’t particularly lonely. It was because the children who were not interested in things like status, who were crazy about magic, gathered around Sirone one by one. After all, shouldn’t the level be right to give a spectator review?

Led by Dante, Closer and Sabina walked. On the other side, I saw Canis and Arin, followed by Boyle and Pandora. Finally, Mark, who clearly knows how to use his senior’s connections, proudly stormed into the honorary table with Maria.

Excluding Mark and Maria, the final 10 who are sure to be the next graduating class gathered together. Perhaps he couldn’t drop one of them and make it to his senior year, so his classmates frowned at the mere presence of them.

Dante asked, raising the corner of his mouth.

“How is it, how does it feel to let your lover go to the battlefield?”

Sirone looked down at the arena.

“well. I’m not sure yet. What do you think?”

Then Dante turned to the stadium and said.

“I think there are some level differences between the participants. If you look at objective ability alone, it’s enough to be in the top 10. But as much as that, the variable will work greatly depending on what the test subject is. Contingency usually arises from the asymmetry of power.”

Since Dante majored in information processing, even Sirone could not raise an objection.

As the two talked, Sabina raised her hand to Nade.


“Uh, hello.”

Nade replied politely, as his friendship was not deep enough to greet them separately.

Sabina stood there for a long time, as if waiting for something else to be said, then sullenly sat down next to Dante when Nade wasn’t even interested. She heard Pandora’s snort.

“Seniors, let’s begin.”

Thirty students participating in the graduation exam stood in a line in the center of the Colosseum. All were wearing two thousand bracelets.

However, the audience did not have any problems watching even if they were not wearing bracelets. The place where the graduation exam is held is designed with the highest grade of 2,000 according to national regulations. The entire Colosseum was like a huge image zone.

Arin put her hands together and prayed for Amy to pass. Kanis frowned and said.

“Does that help? Anyone can become a wizard if they think they will pass the prayer. Besides, you don’t even believe in God, do you?”

“tooth! I mean, I’m still nervous. Doesn’t Canis want Amy to pass?”

“What does it matter who passes? It’s not even my test.”

Arin glared at Canis with a sad heart. But his menarche was never indifferent. Amy caught sight of Kanis, who was looking at the stadium with his chin on his chin. Watching her burn in her presence, she gently raised the corners of her mouth.

‘Try hard, Pumpkin.’

The teachers were seated around Alpheas and Olivia, the parents on the left, and the scouts and correspondents on the right.

After Alpheas’ opening speech, Olivia explained the test evaluation items.

The test is divided into 1st and 2nd, and 2 out of 6 items are selected by roulette. Because you don’t know which one will take, students have no choice but to train all the items evenly.

It was a rule made to match the fairness with non-combat wizards, and it was the Magic Association’s consideration to give a little more weight to re-takers.

The pre-event ended with the students swearing to engage in fair competition.

As 30 participants stood in a circle along the walls of the Colosseum, Sade, who was in charge of hosting, shouted from the podium.

“From now on, we will start the Alpheas Magic School Graduation Exam!”

A huge circular hologram appeared in the sky of the Colosseum. The six items were divided in exact proportions, and the central indicator began to rotate at high speed.

The participants clenched their fists and performed a sequence ceremony.

The moment the pointer system stops, 2,000 times are activated. You will have to move at the same time as you judge.

Finally, the pointer system pointed to the items of the first test.


People’s shouts filled the Colosseum.

* * *

The night has come.

People rushed out of the exit of the Colosseum. All of them were familiar faces. No one said anything until Sirone and the others came out.

At the exit of the Colosseum, Nade looked back at Sirone.

“What are you going to do, Sirone? Iruki and I are hungry, so I think we should eat something.”

“huh. go in first I’ll go with Amy.”

“Okay then. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

After sending her friends away, Sirone blew white breath and melted her cold inside. As the light came in from the side of the Colosseum, she turned around. The names of the successful applicants appeared on the screen. from 1st to 10th. A total of 10 students became wizards and left the world.

 #1 Olt Amira

 2nd Ludwig Aconnell

 3rd Connie Cale

 4th Tanto Selena.

 #5 Eakins Sanuel

 #6 Aretha Defoe

 7th Fortress Seriel

 #8 Lara Coril

 9th Andres Raoul

 Rickston who turned 10th

There was no Amy’s name.

She was the third to drop out as soon as the first test started.

The first evaluation item was combat power measurement. As it was advantageous to the battle mage, the students intensively checked Amy. No, it was no exaggeration to say that it was a unilateral lynching. Before Seriel had time to use her hand, her mental strength gauge hit zero.

It was a result that broke the expert’s analysis, but this was also a variable in the graduation exam. She must have expected Amy as well, and she must have prepared thoroughly as much as she did.

That’s why it was embarrassing.

Collusion can be understood as a natural process during combat. This is because when the power of either side increases, the weak have no choice but to unite. But is it an illusion to feel that the strong are in collusion?

It was a melee at first. Amy wasn’t the only person who wanted combat magic, and there were 30 people, so the firepower had no choice but to be dispersed.

However, as Fermi and his party began to act, the charter turned sharply.

They only hit Amy. And while dodging all the students’ attacks.

If it lasts like that for about a minute, even the students who didn’t know at first will realize that things will become easier if they join Fermi’s party.

In the end, everyone except Seriel attacked Amy, and even the world’s Amy couldn’t stand it in such a situation. It was an impossible tactic unless Fermi’s party’s combat power was superior to the combined combat power of all other participants.

Can we really call this a natural collusion?

What’s really odd is that none of Fermi’s crew passed the test. Rather, when he clashed with Sanuel, he even felt like he was losing on purpose.


Most of the students felt it, but in the first exam, there were several situations in which Fermi and the others pushed Sanuel. However, the feeling was so subtle that it was difficult to judge.

Graduation exam desperately? There were too many oddities to be dismissed as such. Most of all, I felt uncomfortable that at the center of all the suspicions was Fermi, who had never missed first place in six years.

‘It may be an illusion. There is no guarantee that such cases will not occur on the battlefield. No, even if it wasn’t an illusion, would anything change?’

Simply put, in terms of combat power, the side with the strongest combat power just won. Even if it is the result of artificial collusion, it cannot be another criterion for evaluating items.

‘I don’t know if I personally received the price.’

It is possible that there was some kind of agreement between Fermi and Sanuel.

However, Sirone hurriedly erased her thoughts. If not, he would be doing a great disservice to Sanuel. Besides, if that had happened, the teaching staff would have already launched an investigation.

‘Yes, no matter how much I think about it, it’s not something I can do.’

For now, Amy was just worried.

Since he was eliminated early, his mental strength should have already recovered. But when she had to watch her test in her waiting room for a long time, her heart skipped a beat when she thought about her feelings.

Amy’s parents came out of the parent-only exit. Sirone, not knowing what expression to make, she approached them.

“Sirone… … .”

Isis greeted Sirone with wet eyes. Isis, as well as Shakora the Red-Eye, were famous dancers, so there was no way they could not fail to notice the strangeness of the battle situation.

“Sirone, how could this be? Amy is missing It’s like… … .”

“You, be careful what you say. How will Amy feel when she hears that?”

Shakora cracked down on his wife.

Even he thought there was something suspicious about it. But he wasn’t strange enough to go beyond the norm.

Except for the fact that everyone in Fermi’s party was eliminated, the flow of the battlefield was rational and rational. Also, since the second test was a non-combat item, it could not be argued that Fermi’s party’s dropout was unnatural.

Sirone swallowed a dry saliva as he watched those who failed the test escape. When she saw Amy coming out of the middle group, her mind went blank.

Amy took one look at Sirone and approached her parents. She then smiled and stuck out her tongue.

“Hehe, Dad, Mom. sorry. It fell off nicely.”

“It’s a test, so I can’t help it. you did your best So don’t be too heartbroken.”

“What is heartache? Alas, I think I misjudged. What should I promise for next year?”

Sirone was relieved by Amy’s bright appearance, but at the same time worried.

I can’t feel normal. It is to count the hearts of the family first.

This time, the passers-by got out. Seriel approached Amy with tears in her eyes.

“Amy, Amy… … .”

Amy was genuinely happy that her friend had passed.

How could it not be? Today, Seriel graduated from magic school and took her first steps as a wizard.

“Congratulations, Seriel. Do my best to do my part. I will follow soon.”

Seriel shook her head.

Why is it you and not Amy? Whoever saw it, the successful candidate had to be Amy.

I should have noticed that sooner. If Fermi’s party had lynched her, if she had quickly sided with Amy, the battle might have been different.

“Amy… … I am… … .”

Amy grabbed Seriel’s shoulder.

“Ceriel, calm down. you passed the exam Do you see what I mean? You took your graduation exam, and I took my graduation exam. and that you passed Nothing else matters.”

Seriel struggled to swallow her tears.

You shouldn’t cry. She wondered how could she herself cry if Amy wasn’t crying?


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