Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 309

[309] Master of Incarnation (7)

After giving the order, Reina put Sirone’s arm on her shoulder and stood up.

Since Ataraxia had disappeared, the nobles would have risen to their feet. However, since the highest nobles were subdued by the attendants, there was no major commotion yet.

Still, there was someone standing in her way. She was Bosun who stuck a sword into Sirone’s stomach.

Reina said in a cold voice.

“What are you doing? The battle is over. If you do not back down, we will decapitate the nobles we have captured.”

“Bo-Bo-Soon! back away quickly Let go at once!”

“okay! Come on back! Back off!”

The nobles with knives at their throats urged Bosun.

But Bosun didn’t even flinch. Even if all the aristocrats in this place died, I couldn’t let Sirone live.

The world is divided into force and intelligence, and humans are divided into wolves and sheep.

If Sirone had been a docile sheep, even if she had the power of an archangel, the ultimate in intellect, she would have been able to keep it alive and use it.

But Sirone was not a sheep. Even if it was an accidental situation, if you can be prepared to blow up the entire castle, the future is more dangerous.

‘Today’s incident has definitely divided the faction in the royal palace. If Zeon doesn’t become king, it’s all over.’

Even among the Terraze faction inside Kazura, most of them except Uorin were subordinates of Zeon. It was unthinkable that Theraze would show mercy to the defeated prince.

“Why don’t we negotiate instead?”

Amy was stunned by Bossun’s shamelessness. Who was the first to pull out her sword while talking about negotiations?

“How could those words come out of your mouth? Get out of the way quickly!”

Bossoon didn’t ask the question thinking that they would respond. But now it was necessary to turn off the time.

It is safe to say that Sirone is already half-dead. In a time-consuming situation, the most fearsome weapon is time.

Reina saw through Bossun’s strategy. However, he could not give orders to slit the nobles’ heads resolutely.

Bossun had already assumed that Sirone would be the strongest enemy in history. So if you kill the nobles, Sirone will die too. From her point of view, who must save Sirone, she had no choice but to find another way.

While Reina and Bossun were glaring at each other, a strong wind blew in from the entrance of the Grand Hall. With a sound like burning fire, those dressed in black flew in like a swarm of bats.

Thirty figures landed in the center of the grand hall. All wore owl masks and wore swords of the same length and standard at the waist.

The nobles who saw the inverted triangle badge on their collars widened their eyes and opened their mouths in disbelief.

“I-that… … ?”

It was the direct escort of Empress Theraze, Pungjang.

A whopping 100 swordsmen who signed a knight oath with Theraje. Entire personnel rarely move, but once they do appear, all in sight is known to disappear.

“Why is Pungjang here?”

Fengzhang is not an army. The sword of Theraze, they never move without the Queen’s direction. Besides, no matter how fast they were, the distance from Kashan was too far to believe they had come with today’s events in mind.

Fengjang, who formed a triangular formation, was looking straight ahead with an undisturbed posture. A bleak voice leaked from the center of the formation.

“As of the current time, we will take over Sirone’s recruits. In addition, all decision-making rights related to the internal affairs of the Kazura Kingdom are revoked. If you violate this, keep in mind that it is a war with the Kashan Empire.”

The nobles whispered.

Deprivation of the powers of internal affairs meant the removal of the powers of all nobles in this position. I waited for someone to vote against or object, but there was silence.

Realizing that no one had the courage to step forward, the nobles lowered their heads wholeheartedly.

“I will follow your orders.”

The decision made by the ruler of Kashan could not be opposed.

Wind is the sword of Theraje. The fact that they came proved that Theraze’s orders would not stop at mere threats.

“Please wait a moment. Are you saying that is really the Queen’s decision?”

Bossun objected.

Of course, like other nobles, Theraze did not reject the order. However, there was an odd corner.

Zion is not defeated yet. Sirone is wandering about his life and death, and if he delays a little, he will die on his own. It was an incomprehensible decision for her to hit a second over how to easily take Kazura.

Above all, there was no way that the Fengzhang, who stood by the Empress’s side 24 hours a day, would arrive at Kazura so quickly.

“According to what I heard, Fengzhang is wearing an owl mask and wears an inverted triangle badge on his left chest.”

Someone from Fengzhang said.

“… … What do you want to say?”

“I mean, it’s easy to impersonate. Handing over sovereignty is a big deal for the kingdom. If he had been instructed by Her Majesty, he would have brought an official letter. Can you confirm that?”

The nobles looked back at the wind farm.

After hearing it, Bosun’s words were not wrong. It is natural to follow Theraj, but shouldn’t it be verified that it is really Theraj?

“There is no such thing as an official letter. Orders will come.”

“Hmm, then it’s even more strange. How can we trust and hand over the sovereignty? Do you have any proof of identity?”

“If that’s the case, yes.”

“If you don’t mind, could you check it out?”

The triangular formations of Fengzhang gathered at the center to form a straight line. It was as if 30 people were absorbed by one person.

As if that one person had transformed into hundreds of people again, they flew in with afterimages. As it rotated around Bosun, a black storm arose.


The first sword entered Bosun’s lower jaw and raised his face vertically. As the facial part rose to the sky, thirty swords hacked Bosun’s body without a single collision.

The speed of the cut was so fast that the air vibrated like a bee flapping its wings.

After inflicting nearly 1,000 slashes per second, Fengzhang threw his body one after another and landed exactly where he started. Jinyeol was a triangular formation without any errors.

The nobles looked at Bo-soon with a bewildered expression. No, can I call that a bosun?

His body had disintegrated into pieces smaller than a fingernail. Blood slowly leaked out from under the minced meat. Something fell from the air and clung to it with a clang.

It was Bo-soon’s face.

He had no pupils, but anyone who saw him could tell that he had an expression of astonishment. Her face with her mouth wide open shriveled as it drenched in blood.

“There is no one in the world who can impersonate Fengzhang.”

Nobles could not object. Their current skills were perfect proof that they were Poongjang.

Indeed, Fengzhang’s tactics are impossible to imitate. This is because it is necessary to imitate the movement of the wind as it is, so it is impossible to imitate it unless the individual’s skills are the best.

Those who implement fluid mechanics with the human body.

It was the strongest swordsmanship collective on earth that 100 such talented people became a wind and used perfect tactics.

“Teacher Bossun!”

Ekashi ran to the blood line.

Kneeling in front of Bo-soon, who had turned into minced meat, he tried to touch the skin of his face with trembling hands, then glared at Pungjang.

“These children… … !”

How can you be so cruel?

Even if he doubted Theraze’s sword, Bossun was also the one who struggled to make Zeon king. He was not the kind of person who would leave the world with such a miserable appearance because of just one wrong word.

Ekashi grabbed the frieze with the blade out. However, he soon began to look at them with terrified eyes.

An indescribable black aura rose from the triangular formation of the wind. It was a vision that only Ekashi could see. The brain exposed to the death of 30 people caused the illusion of death.

‘Cheap, you have to fight. For Teacher Bosun… … .’

It felt like my heart was hardening. The frieze fell with a trembling sound, and Ekashi put his hands on the ground and vomited everything inside.

“Wow! Wow!”

The wind didn’t even look at him.

Theraze told me to do my best and return, but it wasn’t their fault. He responded moderately to living a life that was not the same. They couldn’t help themselves until the level of Ekashi was much lower than expected.

‘A foolish fellow.’

The report said that he was a promising 6th-class wizard in Kazura. However, due to the nature of the 6th grade, where the promotion points increase more than 10 times compared to the 7th grade, it was the 6th grade that had the largest skill gap.

‘Even considering that, it’s weak. There must have been a trick.’

Kazura’s magical power is weak, so it’s possible that the state pushed him. For example, giving points earned by cooperating with other wizards to one Ekashi.

In any case, Ekashi’s journey as a battle mage was over. As long as he was addicted to Poongjang’s proprietary patent, ‘Gaksi’, a collective murder, the fear of death would follow him for the rest of his life.

When Bosun died and even Ekashi collapsed, the nobles took care of themselves. The personal bodyguards who watched Ekashi fall to the ground couldn’t even show their fighting spirit.

After cleaning up the surroundings, the wind farm started moving again. Each one fluttered as if it had become a particle of the air, and then flew towards Sirone.

Reina, who was supporting Sirone, trembled in fear in the black storm. Fengzhang’s words sounded like a whisper in the wind.

The sound of each person’s voice uttered one syllable blew my mind.

 -I’ll take Sirone. The continent’s best specialist will treat Sirone. I’ll send it back by tomorrow morning.

The sound of strong wind blowing from the inside of the pinna and the wind field moved away. Then, as if on a rapids, he made a great detour around the Grand Hall, and passed through the door.

People gathered here today could see the movement of the wind with their own eyes.

Causal Wheel (1)

“Whoa! Whoa!”

Arius ran through the inner garden. It was late at night, so he couldn’t see an inch ahead, but in the Spirit Zone, he wouldn’t get caught at the grassroots.

However, even if you were a Madou Girl, your heart was normal. His breath caught to the tip of his chin, he stopped his run and cast Flickr.

Blinking, he appeared in a completely different direction from the direction he was going.

Falling off center, he bent his sore back like a shrimp and rolled across the floor. It was already the twentieth failure.

“shit! shit!”

The timeline of introspection is subtly distorted. It is probably an error of about 1/100,000th of a second, but it was fatal for flicker magic, which requires highly sensitive design.

‘That bastard is coming after me.’

Armin of Gwangan.

I couldn’t hear a definite answer, but if you’re a blind and time-based wizard, it’s definitely him.

Now, there were two ways left. Run over the castle wall or break through Armin’s time warp.

However, the latter method was not a good choice. If you make even the slightest mistake, you will run away and appear in a remote location.

The magic control device has not been activated yet, but various magic traps are installed in this place where the king resides. Since I had memorized the route from five years ago, I would not have been able to find this route if I hadn’t been careful.

‘Let’s run. Are you going to stop breathing because it’s annoying?’

Arius chose to fill it with his body. Getting rid of Armin is something to think about once you arrive at the castle gate.

If only Kazura gets out of it, the world will go around happily.

Armin broke the pact. If this fact spreads, even the magicians of the Black Line, the garden of madmen, have no choice but to unite.

A bloody wind will cover the continent.

‘That would be fun on its own, but… … .’

The thought that fascinated Arius more than the turbid world was the discovery of the traces of the Guffin. What many scholars could not find even after searching the whole world was in the depths of a boy.


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