Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 306

[306] Master of Incarnation (4)

“But Your Highness, this place is dangerous.”

“That too is for me to judge. The royal guard is to protect the king. Isn’t it?”

“I will keep that in mind. Then move to a safer place.”

A tantrum broke out among the nobles as Orkamp passed Bosun and took up his position on the south side of the Grand Hall. It is because the king does not evacuate, so they must remain in this place without moving.

As nobles gathered around Orkamp, ​​private bodyguards followed their employers.

Regardless of the level, it is a phenomenon called magic that erases a person’s life in an instant. Nobles had no intention of lending their shields to others as long as Bossun decided to step forward.

Still, it was a 4 to 1 battle. The top leaders of the magic department, including the official 4th grade, would have a different level of combat power than Zeon.

“Seeing that he is committing such a foolish act, it seems that it is wrong for the candidate for the first prince to become great. After living in the royal castle for a few days, everything seems to be your own?”

“I won’t take this even if I give it to you. Did you say bossun? In other countries, the guy who needs to shine the shoes of the archmage has been sold for doing some farming.”

Bossun laughed out loud because he was truly absurd. He had no idea that he would hear such nonsense from his distant junior.

Most of all, he felt extreme anger when he dismissed his major, plant magic, as just farming.

Of course, plant magic is not magic specialized for combat.

Compared to battle mages who practiced one element, such as freezing or fire, to the limit, plant mages studied various elements and based on them, changed the formulation of fertilizer or cultivation method to improve agricultural productivity.

In a sense, it can be said that it is the farthest from combat.

However, if you become a certified 4th class wizard, you will have at least one organ that can overwhelm your opponent no matter what field you choose.

“Your child is so arrogant. Then, this time, I will evaluate your skills.”

Bossun rummaged through his pockets and pulled out dozens of seeds, spread them out on his palm. They were all different colors and different shapes and sizes.

“My organ, ‘a handful of seeds’. A comprehensive gift set of asexual plants that I have improved. It’s all mixed up, so I don’t know what’s going to come out.”

Bossun waved his arm to scatter the seeds.

When the spirit zone was opened, sprouts began to sprout in the air, and they grew into plants that showed their own characteristics by growing at a rapid pace.

Three seeds of Kawangkra were the first to become adults. The shape of the flower was a pale green sphere, which opened to reveal sharp teeth. As the roots grew, they grabbed Sirone’s arms and legs, opened her snout, and flew away.


As Sirone detonated the short-range berserker, Kawangkra’s flowers exploded with a pop. Kawangk was ferocious enough to tear the skin of a poisonous snake, but the durability of the plant was insignificant.

However, each of the other seeds landed safely and threatened Sirone with their unique traits.

As the giant flora matured, it turned the northern part of the Grand Hall into a jungle.

Since the number of plants improved by Bosoon reached a total of 87, it had to be seen that at least 30 types of plants were included in ‘a handful of seeds’.

The scenery around Sirone could be considered a small ecosystem.

The roots of the cocora tree, called the killer vine, climbed up the walls and covered the ceiling. Ortho fungi spraying delirium gas spread their spores, and at the corners of the ceiling, killer flowers that spit acidic slime opened their petals hanging from winding stems like springs.

Sirone looked around with interest.

I would have thought that human magic had developed to this point while being trapped in the barrage. It was understandable why the angels hang themselves in the final war.

“Did you improve it yourself?”

“That’s a question not worth answering.”

When the killer plant attacked, Sirone evaded it by teleportation. But plants were everywhere.

Bossun skillfully drove Sirone into a corner. As the trees branched out, the space to avoid began to shrink little by little.

“How about the farmer’s magic?”

The sight of the trees moving their branches like living things was grotesque. However, upon digging, it was imbued with extraordinary insights from the natural world.

Plants don’t have muscles. That’s why the only path that plants can move is ‘growth’.

Bossun’s passive magic called ‘growth promotion’ accelerates the growth rate of plants up to 100,000 times. That is why plants under the influence of growth promotion exhibit animal-like movements.

However, the lifespan of plants is inevitably short.

Kawangkra, which has a lifespan of about 10 years, stops growing in 40 minutes under growth stimulation.

Of course, in the case of a cocora tree with an average lifespan of 1,200 years, over 20 hours of activity can be obtained, but the average activity time of a plant mixed with a handful of seeds is only 2 hours, so long-term warfare was considered impossible.

If activity is created by promoting growth, detailed movements are possible with the active magic ‘combination of elements’. Plants are injected with various elements to induce certain instincts, and photosynthesis also belongs to this category.

It was a principle similar to how humans act meaningfully on different hormones.

It is for this reason that growth promotion and elemental mixing are called the heart and brain of plant magic.

Bosun exquisitely combined the two magics to savagely drive Sirone.

The flowers shoot acid slime, and the thorns move swiftly like whips.

The fact that plants are moving means that they are growing, so as time passed, the space became saturated.

It was only after the tree vines intertwined in three dimensions that there was no space to evade, that Shirone stopped teleporting.

Vines fell from the ceiling and wrapped around his limbs.

“I will give you an evaluation now. It is a failing point.”

He said that, but Bosun’s insides were bubbling.

In an environment without soil, the plant wizard’s power is reduced. But still, it was the inaction of a certified 4th-class wizard. It was a total loss of face for him to come this far against an amateur in front of his men.

“What happened? Have you attained enlightenment?”

A person cannot change like this in just one hour. It is said that it is enough to be crazy in personality, but the level of magic itself was different.

Sirone pulled the vine wrapped around her wrist and looked at it. With the wizard’s body, it was impossible to quit. Rather, it was scratched by the thorns, and blood flowed out.

Bossun snorted.

Plant Prison was a magic that he was quite proud of among his own magic. Not to mention its binding power, scratches on vines paralyze the nerves.

“It’s good to give up. It is a prison that cannot be escaped unless you are a scale wizard. If you obediently stick out your head, I will treat you with mercy, even to the extent of a comfortable death.”

Sirone looked back at Bossun and blinked. Then she said with an enlightened expression.

“Aha, scale magic.”

Sirone looked up at the prison ceiling.

Tendon-like vines formed the walls like petrified lava. If it was entangled to this extent, the durability would be considerable. but it was so good

“Is there a good way?”

Sirone raised the corner of her mouth at Bossun, and immediately created a sphere of light in front of her eyes.

Upon opening the Immortal Function, the Photon Cannon’s photon density increased dozens of times.


All the nerves running through Sirone’s body stood up. Tears of blood flowed as the capillaries in the eyes burst.

Even so, what kept him from losing consciousness was the power of Geumgangtae.

Sirone realized. What he has and what he can do with it.

Geumgangtae’s elasticity expanded his spirit until just before it collapsed. In fact, it didn’t matter if it was torn. If you can generate this much power, you should be able to play around with your life on the line.

“Sir, we have to do it now.”

Looking at the photon cannon that seemed to have compressed tremendous kinetic energy, Ekashi said. There was no way Bosun would disagree.

As the elemental combination magic starved the plants, numerous carnivorous species escaped from between the branches and bared their teeth at Sirone.


The door to the Grand Hall opened and Amy and Raina entered.

I saw Sirone trapped in a thick forest. It was in worse condition than it looked in the pantry.

The nervous system was protruding out of the skin. It meant that an amount of information that humans could not endure was being delivered to the brain.

In this state, even if Sirone’s personality returned, it was doubtful whether a normal life would be possible.


Sirone focused the mental power she drew into the Immortal Function only on God’s particles.

As the mass of light increased, the photon cannon began to blur. The enormous mass creates gravity and attracts the photons.

“Sirone! no!”

Amy felt a terrible thrill at the photon compression power that was incomparable to Shining Impact. I heard her hallucinations as Shirone’s mind was being torn apart.

The human mind is fluid, but very vulnerable to sudden shocks. Regardless of Sirone’s will, if she goes beyond her limit, she may never be able to come back to her senses.

Numerous carnivorous species descended like snakes climbing trees, opening their jaws at Sirone’s flesh. At the same time, the light from the Photon Cannon disappeared.

What was born with a pop was a black orb the size of a human head. When the mass was compressed to the limit, light could not escape and was sucked in.

It was the symmetrical type of the Photon Cannon, the dark sphere.


The radius of the small-scale gravitational field created by Amgu is 1 meter in diameter. As the stems of the carnivorous species trapped in the gravitational field broke, they disappeared into the dark in an instant like sucking up water droplets with a straw.

Then, the vines holding Sirone’s limbs began to bend with a popping sound.

The vine showed a gesture of using a dragon to try to hold on, but it broke and was sucked into the female ball. Then all the plants connected to the vines were ripped off the wall and swirled around like a whirlpool.

Crunchy! Crunchy!

As the process of breaking, bursting, and compressing the fiber proceeded sequentially, it eventually plunged into the darkness of the dark area.

Bosoon was devastated as he watched the sight of his organ, a handful of seeds, being destroyed in its entirety.

The only force that can confine light is gravity. It was possible only when an enormous amount of gravity was concentrated.

‘Scale magic… … .’

Sirone is an unlocker, but not a scale wizard. However, when his gravity was extremely strengthened, the same spatial change as the scale wizard occurred.

Maybe all unlockers are scale wizards, Bosoon thought.

When Amgu disappeared, it was after the forest that made its home on the north side of the Grand Hall completely disappeared. Only moss was shabby in the corner of the ceiling, and the few surviving flowers dripped acidic mucus and fell to the floor.

Bossun moved his stiff neck and looked at Sirone. Sirone was laughing even while shedding bloody tears.

“How about my scale magic? How easy is it?”

At the same time as he spat out the words, blood poured out of Sirone’s mouth. Amy screamed.

Even so, Sirone was laughing as if she had lost her mind.

are you okay. Anyway, you can still think. You just need to be able to fight. Even now, my insides are on fire.

Bossun couldn’t control his crumpled pride and his fingertips trembled. Even though it’s an unlocker, isn’t this too much?

Because it is gravity-specific magic, it will not be able to launch. However, in terms of defensive power, it was unrivaled magic.

“I will do it.”

Ekashi moved with a cold expression.

There are two main ways to stand out with battle magic. Invent magic that will take the world by surprise, or be really good at fighting.

Ekashi belonged to the latter category, and although his body was small, he was a technician recognized in the kingdom for his combat sense.


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