Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 304

[304] Master of Incarnation (2)

“I cannot delay. I need to give Shirone some leeway. The steel line continues to tighten my neck. Anything we procrastinate will only make things worse.”

Amy’s words of opposition rose up in her throat, but she swallowed them desperately.

Armin was right. If it’s going to happen anyway, you have to bet on the side with the highest odds.

“I’m worried about Sirone too, but I have to go after Arius. You’ll need to retrieve the timeline you used on Sirone. I’ll give you three seconds. If no other solutions come out of it, the force field will be released.”

A timer automatically turned on in Amy and Raina’s minds. 1 second, 2 seconds… … . No solution came out.

By the time I reached 3 seconds, I had left everything to fate.

It was a situation close to coercion, but in any case, the time force field was released while prepared to face reality.

‘Good luck, Sirone…’ … .’

After recovering the timeline, Armin uses flicker magic to get out of the pantry.

Missing Arius would reveal to the world that he had broken the pact, which would lead to an international conflict equivalent to the Ataraxia problem.

Amy and Reina, unaware of Armin’s disappearance, focused their attention on Sirone’s next situation.

A light flashed from Sirone’s body just as he felt Xenoger’s face come to life. The short-diameter beam exploded once and Xenoger was thrown out.

When the intensity of the beam was increased and the blow was close to the physical barrier, Xenoger was shocked as if he had been hit by a carriage.

But he couldn’t understand.

The feeling of cutting the skin was still lingering in my fingertips. It was the first time in the history of his assassination that he was struck back after feeling this sensation.

“Sirone… … .”

Amy’s voice trembled with emotion.

There was no way to know how Sirone had deflected Xenoger. Even if she changed her stream of consciousness, it was by no means the casting speed and power that could be used at the level of a magic school student.

The spider’s web holding Sirone burned to a red light and soon turned into hard ash and snapped off. Conducting heat by shooting a laser through a 1-millimeter-thick spider web was also a precision that Sirone could not use at present.

Amy, who was relieved that Sirone was alive, thought that something was strange.

However, when Sirone fell backwards with a thud, his mind went blank again and he kicked off the floor and ran away.


“Don’t move!”

Xenoger, who had bounced off in a wild burst, flew back and pressed the back of Sirone’s head and suppressed her back. Even so, the eyes were shaking without being aware of the situation.

‘What the hell happened?’

After a fleeting moment passed, I could only think that the world had suddenly changed. The women tied up with spider webs were also released, and the locations were different.

‘I got hit by something.’

There was no way for Xenoger, who was trapped in the time field, to grasp the current situation. However, the spirit built up through years of experience quickly eliminated meaningless variables.

Something out of awareness just happened.

If you keep in mind who your current enemy is, the last person left will be you anyway.

“Xenoger! kill! Right Now!”

Zion finished the calculation and shouted.

If Sirone survives even after Arius escapes, he will be poisoned. The only way he could plan his future was to kill Sirone as well as everyone involved in the incident today.

“Who knows how to do that!”

Amy ran to Xenoger.

Make no mistake this time. Even if he had to give up his life, he would save as much as Sirone.

Xenoger’s movements were a little faster. The steel wire pulled out of his mouth was tied back into a noose and hung around Shirone’s neck.

However, just before pulling the steel wire, red light sources gathered around Sirone and high-powered lasers were shot in all directions.

A single laser pierced Xenogger’s shoulder as soon as it hit him.

“huh? what is this… … Aagh!”

Amy widened her eyes.

I saw the power of the laser many times, but it was unbelievably high power. He wasn’t this powerful even when Sirone cast it at full power.

Feeling threatened, Xenoger fell flat on the floor. Then, as is the habit of insects, he moved his limbs and retreated without taking his eyes off Sirone. He climbed up the wall upside down and crashed into the spider’s favorite corner of the ceiling.

When Xenoger failed, Zeon decided to punish Sirone himself. He stretched the blade of his gauntlet and charged.

“die! You insignificant child!”

“Prince! It’s not possible! Avoid!”

Despite Xenoger’s dissuade, Zeon did not stop.

Shirone staggered with her head down before extending her hand to Ji-on who was approaching from the side. In an instant, a thin laser pierced Zeon.

A response came after 1 second.


Ji-on fell backwards, clutched at his stomach, and rolled on the floor, as if he had been hit by a strong wind.

I don’t know where or how it happened. But I felt a tremendous pain in my stomach.

 – Occurrence of abdominal perforation. Maximize cell regeneration capacity. Injection of nociceptive substances. A 48 percent decrease in the use of physical abilities. Estimated recovery time 3 minutes 47 seconds. need a rest.

“Prince! Are you okay?”

Xenoger, who crawled on his arms and legs like a bug, supported Zeon’s upper body. Even so, the left eye was watching Sirone’s every move.

As an assassin of the Spatur clan, he has his own manual for dealing with wizards.

However, it was the first time such a simple magic was used. If his brain had been pierced, Zeon would have died instantly.

Sirone hadn’t uttered a word until now. He was just staggering, as if he were a drunk man.

Then, after shooting the laser, he trembled.

A handful of blood gushed out of his mouth as he coughed violently.

“Damn it, the human body… … .”

As Sirone slowly raised her face, Amy covered her mouth with a frightened expression.

The pupils had turned black, and blood vessel-like nerves protruded from the corners of the eyes and to the temples.

Amy realized that the expansion of the nervous system had strengthened Sirone’s magic.

But it wasn’t normal.

The monster’s temperament that appeared in the first level of depth was felt in Sirone as well.

“Sirone, are you really Sirone?”

Sirone did not answer.

Of course, he was Sirone. It was only integrated with Behemoth at the stage of incarnation.

It is different from possessing, where two selves share an incarnation. Integrating literally means mixing.

It was different from pure Sirone, but in the end, if it was Sirone’s incarnation, he was definitely Sirone.

“Answer me! Who the hell are you?”

Sirone said with a cool smile.

“It’s me, Amy. I don’t know?”

Amy was sure.

The existence in front of him was not Sirone.

“lie! You are that monster! Quickly bring Sirone back to normal!”

Sirone has a cold disposition. But now it was like looking at an active volcano with boiling lava.

Sirone ignored Amy and looked ahead.

The only emotion that drives him now is anger. Anger that seemed like it would explode in the stomach if I didn’t vomit it right away.

Where that anger was directed, there was Jion.

Healing his wounds before he knew it, he pulled out the blade of his gauntlet and finished preparing for the sortie.

“Little people… … . Do you think I would get beaten by someone like you?”

Xenoger noticed and suggested.

“Prince, avoiding now… … .”

“Shut up! Where are you running away from, leaving behind a traitor who fatally wounded the prince of a country!”

It’s not because of pride.

If the case ends like this, you will have to pay the price for attempting to assassinate Sirone. However, if he killed Sirone here, he could rather cover up the incident by accusing him of being a traitor.

“Xenoger, disturb him. I’ll hit you from behind.”

“I understand, Prince. I don’t care if I die, so please preserve the jade body.”

Sirone looked at Zeon and Xenoger indifferently.

However, a tremendous chemical reaction of anger occurred within him, and his consciousness was blown away.

“Go, Prince!”

Xenoger charged in an attack-oriented stance.

As an Assassin, the truth is that if you attack Sirone now, you will die. But he was willing to fly towards death.

“Long live Her Majesty Theraze! Preserve the Spathur clan!”

Xenoger threw out steel wires with all his might.

I don’t even want fatal injuries. All you have to do is give Ji-on time to realize the reality and run away.

With today’s sacrifice, the Spartur clan would be able to continue their lives.


There was nothing where the steel wire extended.

Arriving at the place where Sirone was standing, he looked back and got goosebumps.

Instantaneous movement of explosive speed.

Sirone, who arrived at Ji-on, grabbed Ji-on by the neck and ran to the wall.


Ji-on was strangled with a span in the air.

Sirone’s distorted face caught my eye even while I was out of breath. The pupils became darker, and the raised nerves around the eyes extended to the cheekbones.

“Hey, I found it. It is you.”

Ji-on’s face was familiar yet unfamiliar.

However, it was not something that Sirone knew now. The only thing that mattered was that a great anger flared up the moment he saw Ji-on.

As the surface of Sirone’s pupils flashed with light, Ji-on realized for the first time that light can dwell in darkness.

The victim’s face turned pale.

Armand had no time to worry about other strategies as he was supplying oxygen to Zion, whose airway was blocked. Also, that was the only order given by Zeon.

Seeing that Ji-on was still trembling even when he should have died of suffocation, Sirone was displeased. Then he examined the limp tentacle and raised the corner of his mouth.

“It is an object. Then how about this one?”

As Sirone’s nerves grew thicker, he lifted the skin down his arm and up to his wrist.

Grasp strength increased. The blood vessels in his eyes made a popping sound, and his eyelashes turned red with blood.

‘neck… … my neck… … .’

Sirone intended to break her neck.

Despite Armand’s body strengthening ability, a creaking and twisting sound came from his throat. Ji-on fell into incontinence with goosebumps.

“I, Xenoger… … .”

I called out desperately, but there was no answer. Deciding that there was no chance that Zeon could survive, he fled to inform his clan that Terraze’s retribution would befall them.

“This is really irritating. still not broken No, is my body weak?”

The incarnation combined with the Behemoth forcibly expanded Sirone’s mind. The power of magic increased, but it was also accompanied by the pain of being torn apart.

However, when he was suffocated, he sucked up oxygen with the objet, and when he tried to break his neck, his muscles did not keep up.

Sirone’s words came to Zion in fear.

After experiencing something like a near-death experience for a while, the world looked different when I returned. There is nothing more expensive than human life.

“If you kill me… … .”

Ji-on squeezed out his last strength and shouted.

“If you kill me, you won’t be safe either! I am Theraze’s son!”

At the same time, Sirone threw Ji-on to the other side.

Ji-on, who rolled to the floor, grabbed his neck and let out a choking sound. Water and saliva flowed down, not covering his eyes, nose, and mouth.

Sirone touched her wrist and clicked her tongue. It was quite painful because the ligaments were stretched.

He cannot break his neck vertebrae with his own body. It was quite satisfying in his mental realm, but it was because he didn’t pay attention to strengthening his body.

As Sirone approached, Ji-on trembled.

As I passed the death ordeal, my head spun. The reason Sirone saved herself. It was because I had heard the name Theraje.

‘Well, even a psycho would be afraid. If you kill me, what will you do with the aftermath?’

Contrary to Ji-on’s expectations, Sirone was neither frightened nor took it seriously. He just recalled an incident that left a lasting impression in his memory.

“Terrazera. It’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. That girl is really funny too. so… … What about Theraze?”

“I told you, I am Theraze’s son. If you kill me, Mother will find you even to the ends of hell and kill you.”

Sirone tilted her head.

“What are you talking about? you… … Were you a woman?”

“joy! I know the rules for female direct lineage! But no matter what, it’s blood! My sister likes me too! If you touch me, Theraze’s entire army will pursue you.”

“pooh… … .”

Air leaked out as Sirone’s lips vibrated.

“Puhahahaha! Fuhahahaha!”


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