Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 295

[295] 6. The Great Secret (4)

Amy, who was hurt by Sirone’s failure to give her gold coins, said in a slightly better mood when she suddenly saw her friend from school.

“I want to see some weapons. Is it okay if I look around?”

Nade recommended shopping with a good-natured smile.

“Yeah, what. Have a look at this and that. Anyway, it’s going well even in this weather. I was in a bad mood, so I was going to close early. It’s raining, so I’m suddenly depressed.”

Amy put her hands behind her back and looked at the weapons.

Basic equipment was already available. Most fortunate of all, there was no wizard equipment.

If there were magic items, it was ridiculous to insist on not buying them with other people’s money, so I felt comfortable. 

Looking around the shelves, Amy found a weapon hanging on the wall in a glass case.

“huh? This?”

A piece of paper under the case read “First Thunderstrike”.

Nade said with a smile.

“Ah, that’s the pride of our store. It’s a weapon that explodes with thunder when you swing it. Aren’t you curious? I’ve tried it before and it’s incredibly powerful. Any monster would be surprised and run away!”

I heard an anecdote about Sirone’s childhood from Lian on the carriage departing for Galliant. 

It was said that he succeeded in Thunderstruck at the age of 12, and that seemed to be such a precious memory.

Amy looked at the price tag. And she raised her eyes in bewilderment.

“5.9 billion gold?”

“ha ha ha! of course. It’s the pride of our shop! That much has to be saved.”

Armin came behind Amy’s back.

“Perhaps this is something no one can buy in a normal way. I don’t know how the economy of this world works, but even if I put all my money and Raina-san together, it’s only 17 gold. It would be impossible for even my parents to withdraw the money of 5.9 billion.”

Amy understood. However, she asked as she stroked her chin, as if she still had some lingering feelings.

“Hmm, what if a grave robber tries to steal this?”

“Perhaps it is possible. Since it is an object containing Sirone’s intense thoughts, it will be convenient to transform it into an object. It’s money, I’ll collect it or steal it in an illegal way. But if I were a grave robber, I would not steal this.”

“Because there is no particular need.”

Armin nodded in agreement.

“yes. Objects that break common sense are more valuable. Simply hearing thunder from an ax isn’t unusual. It’s just a matter of succeeding in Thunderstruck. Most of the 11th level is probably like this. Since this is the surface layer, there is no room for human desires to be revealed. Therefore, it is correct to interpret <First Thunderstruck> as a precious memory rather than a desire.”

Amy understood the physiology of the object. And I realized what a bad person Arius was.

This world belongs to Sirone. No matter what others think, it is the most precious spirit to him. Arius, who was willing to kill to steal it, had to be arrested.

Armin walked to the window and looked outside.

“Anyway, as law-abiding citizens, we don’t have to be greedy. If you’re not going to dig it, it’s just a dream thing anyway. You don’t have to pick hard. Arm yourself only to the minimum self-defense.”

Amy tilted her head and asked.

“For self-defense? Aren’t you picking to face Zeon and Arius? To do that, even fully armed would not be enough.”

Arius said without leaving the window.

“I will go out and explain it. Just choose.”

Reina rested her chin and fell into thought. 

The Ogent family revere the sword. Also, the weapon she was most confident in was the sword.

“By any chance, do you sell bows here?”

A smile spread across Armin’s lips.

“A good choice.”

Currently, it is so dark outside that the son-in-law cannot be distinguished. If so, ranged weapons are more useful than melee weapons. In particular, if it was her hearing, the hit rate of the bow would also increase.

Reina took the bow Nade had picked out and examined it. Her tension was great, and the curve of her bow did not twist.

When learning martial arts, I learned that a bow is a weapon that can create variables. He also went hunting often like a shaman family, so his basic skills were solid.

“I like it. please give me this I’ll buy a quiver and arrows.”

“good. I’ll give you a good quality one. wait.”

Rayna turned to Amy and asked as Nade looked in the storage room behind the counter.

“There are no magic weapons. Shall we go somewhere else?”

“are you okay. Tools aren’t particularly important to wizards.”

Amy summoned a jack-o’-lantern next to her face.

“And I also have the weapon Sirone bought me.”

Amy regretted the words as soon as she uttered them. Even if she emphasized that you had bought it for her, it only made her more miserable. 

However, since the water had already been spilled, I turned around unaware.

Armin leaned against the window and crossed his arms.

‘Jack O’Lantern. That’s an ancient magic. I got something that is quite hard to find.’

Because Armin had been to heaven on a certain mission, he knew the approximate market price of the community. 

Ancient magic can be obtained with an elixir, and if it is a Jack O’Lantern, you must give it a white elixir. 

Sirone and Amy must have a very close relationship. 

However, the withdrawal does not work. Moreover, the last remark that reveals the regret to Sirone.

‘Hmm, it must have been like that.’

maybe even dangerous No, in the spiritual world, this was the biggest obstacle.

‘It’s better to say something in advance.’

As Armin made his decision, Nade brought two 20-piece quivers. When he asked how much it was all done, he said 4 gold.

Amy walked up to Armin and whispered.

“Isn’t that too expensive? A set of bows is worth half of Armin’s trust.”

“It is expensive. But it will be top-notch. Maybe other abilities have been added. Because the ‘lord of this world’ is not the type to cheat on others. Of course, the boy named Nade could be a person who usually cheats, but judging from the fact that he entrusted <First Thunder Melee>, he seems to be a friendly projectile.”

The reason Armin referred to Sirone as ‘the master of this world’ was because Nade was listening. 

Having experienced how sensitive keywords are to projectiles at the inn, Amy immediately understood and nodded.

“yes. Nade is not a child who will pass on low-quality goods.”

Raina paid 4 gold. Anyway, when I met the owner of this world, I didn’t need money.

Reina carried one quiver on her back and stuffed the other on her thigh. She then finished her preparations by putting three arrows between her fingers and then resting them on the back of her bow.

Amy looked back at Armin as well, floating a Jack O’Lantern.

Although there were only two of them, their hearts were no different from the army ahead of the advance.

“Are you ready? From now on, I’m going to meet the ‘master of this world’.”

Rayna asked.

“But where do I find them?”

“You don’t have to go far. After all, he is everywhere.”

Armin looked up and saw where Nade was. Then Amy and Raina moved left and right to open the way.

“Do you know where Sirone is?”

Amy was startled.

It wasn’t a big deal, but I didn’t want to go through a situation where people’s eyes were focused on me like at the inn.

As expected, Nade looked at Armin without even blinking. However, perhaps because he is a complex projectile, he was not as ignorant as the innkeeper.

“Why are you looking for Sirone?”

Armin’s eyebrows went up. As expected, this weapon shop was the place where the impression was concentrated among Sirone’s consciousness.

‘Then I can’t miss this opportunity.’

Armin raised the intensity of his keywords.

“Sirone will die soon. Before that, we want to help him.”

Amy gulped and waited for Nade’s reaction. How will Sirone’s consciousness accept Armin’s words?

Nade looked at Armin with an emotionless face. And she warned in a completely different voice than she had heard at first.

“scram. This is not your world.”

Arius realized that he had contacted the incarnation of Sirone and pressed on.

“Is it refusal? Sirone, think again. You should get our help. Please tell me where you are.”

Abnormal signs arose in Ned’s silent body. Her pupils disappeared and turned into a black cave, and her body began to turn black.

“Sheesh! Is it a failure?”

Armin hurriedly stepped back.

“What? What the hell is going on?”

“This is the beginning! Get out!”

Armin pushed the door open with his shoulder, and Reina followed with her bow loaded. Amy looked back one last time.

The Nade she knew disappeared and a black shadowy figure flew in quickly. As she left her store in amazement as if her heart would drop, the same things were flocking to her from all sides. 

Amy immediately cast Shining Magic. As the light surged, the pouring raindrops were clearly visible. 

Shadows stood behind the curtain of falling water. 

It was human in shape, but had a long waist and long arms. 

The most bizarre thing was the face. Like a whirlpool sucked into an abyss, thin lines of light swirled around in a spiral.

“Mr. Armin. what the hell is that… … .”

“It’s an egoist.”

Amy turned her head slightly and asked again.


“Don’t be fooled by the appearance. Their forms are ever-changing.”


When the Egoist attacked, Armin cast a flicker and escaped the encirclement. People rushed out of the building and immediately changed to pursue him. 

Armin cast Flickr continuously. Then the shape disappeared, and only a flickering shock wave cut across space, revealing his trajectory. 

In the meantime, Reina, who had finished preparing for battle, inserted three arrows into her fingers and fired them in an instant. 

Egoist’s body exploded and fell to the floor. It was definitely something that couldn’t happen in real life.

When one individual was attacked, Egoist immediately sought countermeasures. When Reyna shot her arrows, they evaded her waist by twisting them into thin threads like hers. But this time Amy’s fire strike set her head on fire.

Even while burning, Egoist continued to attack. Contrary to the expectation that he would be physically weak, his physical strength was considerable. Compared to monsters in reality, they seemed to be more than Tier 3.

Reina gradually got used to the bow. Ignoring the sound of the rain, she tracked the sound of her opponent and fired her predictive shot, and as if an arrow was bent, she landed on the Egoist.


While the combination of Armin and Reina was active, Amy was dealing with an individual egoist in a separate place. It was the strongest individual among the group, and it was an Egoist whose Nade in the weapon shop had changed.

Nade’s Egoist transformed into a form suitable for tactics and drove Amy away. Her arms stretched out into four and stabbed like awl, but she stretched her back like a mollusk and danced away from Fire Strike’s rapid-fire cannon.

The number of Egoists flocking to this place increased even more, and shadows swayed everywhere. Armin’s flicker magic was also useless once he left the battlefield, so he couldn’t wait any longer.

Amy casts a fire wall to separate the enemy and her allies. As she concentrated, her wall of fire soared twice as high as she burned the Egoist standing in line.

Nade’s Egoist turned around and stopped attacking, staring at Amy. Amy recalled hearing Sirone’s voice in the store, and she shouted.

“Sirone! it’s me! Amy!”

Egoist didn’t answer. But it was clear that he understood the words. His head gently tilted about 45 degrees.


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