Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 291

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[291] 5. All kinds of variables (5)

Ji-on looked back at Amy and mocked him.

“Heh, that’s nice. You should have touched someone who would touch that.”

“Cowardly child! Release this quickly!”

“don’t worry. I will release you. But before that, take a good look.”

Zeon turned halfway around and gave instructions to Xenoger.

“Bring Sirone’s head to me.”

Then, Xenoger climbed up the spider’s web with a fishy smile.

Controlling the center of gravity through mimicry, he freely moved around the steel wire without getting hurt.

“Amy! Amy!”

Sirone called Amy even when her life was in danger.

Seeing that, Ji-on was even more happy. In my opinion, I wanted to bully Amy in front of him, but my desire to possess Ataraxia quickly was no less than that.

‘Wait, but what about Arius?’

Now that the plate was perfectly spread, it was appropriate to appear.

I felt a little uneasy, but it didn’t make sense that the scale wizard who handles time and space would be late for an appointment. It seemed to flash and appear at the last moment.

‘Sheesh, it’s a fuss with useless directing. Anyway, I’m just pretending.’

It wasn’t a personality I didn’t know from the beginning anyway. Arius also has the pride of a professional, so he will do the right thing no matter what.

Ji-on looked around for the last time and pretended to slit his throat.

Xenoger, who was holding down Sirone, stuck out his tongue and sprinted as if he were going to lick his face. But Sirone didn’t even look at him and yelled at Amy as hard as she could.

“Amy! Run away!”

“Kekeke, pitiful. But you die anyway.”

Xenoger spread his arms and legs wide and took a position as if to press down on Sirone. He heard a thump from his side and two new arms came out from inside his collar.

Seeing this, Sirone’s face turned pale.

“Cheuk, why? Are you gross? But I can make up to six arms.”

Xenoger pulled the steel wire out of his mouth with his new arms. Then, with skillful skill, he turned a circle around Sirone’s neck.

“There will be no pain. Because it is the best in the industry.”

Sirone sensed death and closed her eyes. It seemed that his short life of 18 years was coming to an end here. But he couldn’t die like this. he shouted with all his might.

“Amy! this… … !”


Before Sirone could finish his words, Xenoger laughed grotesquely and pulled the wire with both arms. As the cobwebs got stuck in Sirone’s skin, incontinence formed like a loop around his neck.

At the same time, I heard the sound of electricity flowing from behind Xenoger. It was a noise unique to the flicker magic, the exclusive patent of the Scale Wizard.

‘That’s right.’

Zeon clicked his tongue at Arius’ bravado. Anyway, the timing was amazing, so there was nothing to be angry about.


There was a strange light in Ji-on’s eyes.

It wasn’t Arius. No, is it Arius? He covered his face with a mask so he couldn’t be identified.

“What is that, what is it?”

Without answering, the mask rolled on the floor and blocked the key point to Reina and Amy. As soon as he appeared, he could tell that he was not an ally just by looking at the position he occupied.

‘Isn’t that Arius? Then where is the child? Sirone is already dead… … .’

Zeon hurriedly turned his head towards Xenoger. He was wearing a bizarre smile, but it was a subtly distorted expression that could never be seen in real life.

Sirone was also looking at Amy with her eyes wide open. And the most important steel wire… … It didn’t move as if it were frozen, lightly buried in Sirone’s skin.

At that moment, I heard the sound of flicker magic again.

As soon as Arius appeared in the space, he rolled on the floor and stopped next to Zeon. He was covered in sweat as if revealing the weariness of the past.

“damn! Are you late?”

Ji-on shouted, unable to control his annoyance.

“what! What happened? Who is that child?”

“I do not know. It’s definitely an unlocker of time magic. I tried to get away with it somehow, but I kept disturbing the coordinates… … .”

In the force field of space and time, the two attempted flickers over 700 times. The mask also struggled, but as a result, it was myself who was late.

‘shit. The compatibility is the worst.’

For space experts, time expertise was like a natural enemy. No, it was the same even if you think about it backwards. 

A relationship like fire and water where each other is reluctant to each other.

Even so, the fact that he arrived before himself meant that his masking skills were the highest among scale wizards.

‘Who the hell are you? With that level of skill, he must be a familiar wizard.’

Also, that’s why he wore a mask.

The reason why the entire face is covered is probably a device to completely hide one’s identity. After all, if you reach that level, you can replace it with the Spirit Zone.

Arius had some guesses in his head. However, no one had the chance to stand in their way in this situation.

Zeon could not stand it and approached Sirone, brandishing the blade of his gauntlet.

“Sheesh! it’s okay! I’ll take care of it!”

“Do not approach!”

Ji-on flinched and stopped walking.

Arrogant by nature, he was more annoyed at being yelled at than thinking he was out of danger.

“what’s the matter? You can’t even move anyway.”

“That is the time field, which is the specialty of time series unlockers. To put it simply, it’s a conversion of slow magic into a breakaway type.”

“Departure type? Tell me so that I can understand what you are talking about.”

Arius felt sorry for Jion, but he couldn’t help it. 

Considering that a battle would take place, I had to tell the point when I was confronting the mask. 

I don’t expect Zeon’s combat power, but Armand will be useful depending on how you use it.

“If you enter the stationmaster, the prince will be like that too.”


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Zeon looked at Sirone and Xenoger, who were frozen in time. 

It was terrifying to be in such a state with the enemy right in front of you.

“Don’t get too close. The moment you touch it, everyone becomes the same.”

“Then what if that bastard uses his hand first?”

“That is impossible. If the caster enters the breakaway spirit zone, the breakaway spell is broken. That is, time returns. That mask will have no choice but to stay this way.”

Arius did not take his guard away from the mask and quietly examined the station field.

The radius was not as large as expected. However, since it is clear that he is a specialist in the time series, the time distortion must have been enormous.


Arius felt strange and stared at the time field. To be precise, it was Xenoger and Sirone who were trapped in the time field.

‘It’s moving… … ?’

Xenogur’s arm is moving.

Of course, even he, who has extremely delicate senses, could not confirm it with his eyes, but the ‘feeling’ that he was moving was definitely conveyed.

‘What the hell happened?’

If the opponent’s skill was realized during a chase with Flickr, extreme time distortion should be applied to normal. 

However, at this level, it seemed that visible movement could be confirmed even after an hour or so.

‘If you calculate the time to dive to the first stage of the mother’s consciousness… … .’

Arius swallowed dryly.

It’s not over yet.

Since the brain was not completely separated from the body, there might be pressure from the unconscious, but anyway, Sirone received a near-death shock. 

Besides, by the time they reached the first stage, Sirone’s condition would have deteriorated further, so there was a chance of winning if he preoccupied the high ground.

“Prince, I will open the door.”

“what? now?”

“There are still possibilities. Unfortunately, I need to borrow some strength. Please follow me as soon as I enter.”

Arius activated the door magic outside the station field. As the Spirit Zone materialized, a two-meter-tall elliptical sphere was born.

As Arius jumped in, Zeon gritted his molars in embarrassment.

But this was not the time to hesitate. I hated dealing with that mask here anyway.

“damn! plaguy!”

Ji-on threw her tentacles back and threw herself into the door.

The mask finally got out of its crouching position and stood up. After thinking for a moment, he ran toward the door without looking back.


The mask stopped in front of the door and looked back at Amy.

“Take me too! It’s like a door to heaven, right? I’ve been there too. It will help save Sirone.”

Mask revealed his voice for the first time.

“How are you going to get into that state?”

“That, so… … If you let go of this… … .”



Amy looked at the mask with surprised eyes.

“Don’t you know Ignite? Isn’t that a fire mage? Cobwebs, which are highly viscous, are weak against fire. If I had burned it with fire magic, I would have been able to escape.”

“ah… … .”

Amy put on a blank expression. Looking back, she couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t thought of it.

Because it’s urgent?

Of course, that is also true. But to be precise, I couldn’t bring it up from the unconscious.

The spirit zone’s flames do not burn the wizard, but the fire from burning the spider’s web will burn the wizard. 

The profit and loss account held back the idea. Even though Sirone was dying.

‘Why am I… … .’

Amy lowered her head with tears in her eyes.

“There is no need to blame yourself. This kind of situation is hard to deal with if you are not trained. You have too little experience. It’s dangerous to follow me. It won’t take long. Please wait here.”

“no, I do not want! I will go with you!”

Amy shouted with her eyes wide open. She felt that she would regret it for the rest of her life if she continued to wear the mask.

‘It’s not scary! It’s not because I’m afraid of fire!’

I really hadn’t thought of it. But if it’s Sirone… … would have figured it out

Maybe Ignite wasn’t what I was trying to say at the end? Even though he was in a dying situation, he said that to save himself… … .

‘Sirone! I will definitely save you!’

When he cast Fire Mist, flames soared in the spider’s web. As the mask said, it burned really well. Amy squeezed her eyes shut, not caring if her face was disfigured.

At that moment, the heat suddenly disappeared. 

When I opened my eyes, I saw a masked man standing there holding a spider web and throwing it into the air. Like thread used in magic, the web quickly burned and disappeared.

“Uh, why… … ?”

Mask sighed and knelt down in front of Amy.

“That is foolish. Even if you got out, the outcome wouldn’t have changed. Unless the opponent was also an idiot, it only accelerated Sirone’s death.”

Amy got up right away.

This man is really strong. And he was still trying to do something without giving up.

“Please let me go. No, I will go alone now.”

“Amy! Me too, I’ll go too! release me!”

Clinging to a high place, Reina struggled with her ankles and shouted.

Amy asked, casting Ignite between her fingers.

“Are you okay? It must be hot.”

“My stomach is burning even more now! do it faster! The tunnel might close.”

Amy smiled and raised the flame between her thumb and index finger.

Even a slight heat will instantly ignite it, but if it falls under the influence of gravity, you may not get serious burns.

However, before she could cast the magic, the spider’s web split vertically and Reina fell down.

Amy looked at the mask in bewilderment. Who the hell is this man who precisely cuts only the spider’s web with a simple wind cutter? She was a powerful person, at least not from her own personal connections.

Reina landed swiftly and approached Amy.

She also looked at the mask curiously. She doesn’t seem to be a bad person, but since she is unknown, she hasn’t lifted her guard.

Mask checked the condition of the door. A strong energy field was emanating from the edge of space. It was proof that life was coming to an end.


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