Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 285

[285] 4. Proposal of Theraje (2)

“So you can’t accept me?”

Uorin scratched her cheek with an apologetic expression.

“I want to help too, but there are daughters of my rival, Theraze, in many kingdoms. Especially since I’m young, I don’t want to stand out yet. Kazura isn’t a very good base either. There’s no need to set things up in advance and become a target for the unnies, right?”

Sirone naturally felt bitter. 14 years old. It was the age of the girl sitting in front of her eyes.

‘You’re really amazing, Uorin.’

He also realized how stupid he was a few days ago.

It’s creepy even now when I figured out the true nature of Wangseong, but before that, what did I try to do with a woman like this?

“good. If there is no room for negotiation, I will quit. I need to find Amy.”

Sirone rose from her seat as if she didn’t need to hear any more.

If it was his misunderstanding, everything would go to the worst, but even so, it was unavoidable. 

No matter how great the danger, there are no fools in the kingdom who miss the time to act.

“I wish you good luck.”

The moment I heard Wu Lin’s goodbye, my heart sank. But she didn’t show it and walked towards the door.

There should be no hesitation or fear. I really need to give up everything and leave this room.

‘There is no need for ataraxia. Will it be so?’

Maybe it wasn’t that important to Uorin. 

However, if there is any benefit, no matter how trivial it is, I do not want to give it to others.

Sirone held on to her small hope like a lifeline and walked on.

Even while holding on to the doorknob and turning it, there was no response from Urin. 

When the door opened, my eyes closed tight. 

With this, everything is over.

“But if… … .”

Sirone’s steps stopped abruptly.

“I give in as much as possible… … So if you count on her brother’s future.”

Sirone slowly turned around and looked back at Uorin.

“You can get a chance to negotiate with me, Therazze’s daughter.”

“An opportunity to negotiate?”

Even if Ataraxia is mortgaged, the only thing that can be obtained is a seat at the negotiating table? It was also an opportunity that could only be obtained by paying for one’s own future.

“yes. It’s a negotiation. I just can’t help. I said it before, but I don’t want to put myself in danger. I have one condition. It won’t be a particularly difficult condition, but if you accept this condition anyway, I’ll be on your side.”

Sirone lifted her chin as if to say something.

“Tonight, spend the night with me.”

“What, what?”

It was absurd considering the conditions put forward at the point where we reached the end of the fierce psychological warfare. What did he have to spend the night with her?

As if reading Sirone’s thoughts, Uorin added.

“Do not worry. Because I didn’t mean it that way. It just means stay with me tonight. what… … I don’t mind trying it if you think of anything else.”

Sirone’s expression crumpled.

“What are you talking about? You are my half-sister.”

“That’s what we know after the paternity test is over. And it doesn’t really matter. Same-sex marriage is a common occurrence with royalty where a kingdom passes by wedlock.”

Sirone couldn’t understand. She felt as if she had been solving difficult exam questions in succession and had finally encountered a nonsense quiz.

“Why? What does that condition have to do with helping me?”

Uorin sighed reluctantly, and then spoke for the first time.

“In the Theraze family, women take the throne for generations. I don’t know how it sounds, but to us men are just tools that are consumed according to use. That’s why Thera Ze’s daughter doesn’t keep a man with another woman in her heart. If you want to go to someone named Amy, it means I can’t accept you either.”

Sirone agreed. For a woman from Theraje family, it was no wonder that she had such iron rules.

But Uorin was mistaken. Amy was her best friend in the world.

“I see what you mean. But I do not hold Amy in her heart.”

The corner of Wu Lin’s mouth went up slightly.

“Looks like Ji-on is interested in her.”

Something hot rose from Sirone’s chest.

“Of course, nothing will happen if she refuses. Even so, her brother has a strong sense of self-esteem, so he does not forcefully treat a woman who rejects him.”

If Uorin’s words were true, it was fortunate. But the fire that was already burning in his heart showed no signs of being extinguished.

Uorin said as she crossed her palms.

“Okay then let’s do this. I just want to confirm my brother’s feelings. From this moment on, I will ensure everyone’s safety as well as Amy’s. Even now, all you have to do is ask someone to give you instructions. Only if you will stay with me tonight.”

I don’t know what kind of threat Amy was subjected to to follow Zeon, but if she accepts Uorin’s offer, she can escape safely. Plus, the safety of her family and Reina is guaranteed. She had no reason not to accept.

“Zion… … Where did you take Amy?”

“I can’t reveal it yet, until my brother makes his decision. It’s very simple. My brother just needs to trust me. She reassures me that I have priority over her.”

The trembling that started at the fingertips spread to the whole body. Everything was going in his favor, but he couldn’t make a decision.

because it cannot be verified.

Were humans bound by the five senses? What on earth should he believe and follow her?

There is no proof that Uorin isn’t helping Zeon. If Uorin lied, then Amy is in great danger.

“Why are you hesitating? I’m Theraze Uorin. Not only do you not lie, but isn’t this offer what you wanted? I’ll be fair to you if you prove that you don’t have another woman on your mind. I will not spare my support to develop my brother’s skills, and if he becomes emperor later, he can also become the world’s best wizard.”

It was like a dream to Sirone. And she had the ability to turn that dream into reality.

Even the archmage writes his resume because he wants to work under Uorin. Such a huge opportunity was right in front of me.

Deep in thought, Sirone finally made a decision.

“I’m going to Amy. I will never accept the offer.”

Uorin sighed in frustration.

“Are you going to pass up a great opportunity to connect with Theraze? No, more than anything else, she can protect the family her brother cherishes so much. But are you thinking of ruining everything just because of a woman?”

“that’s right. I intend to do that.”

Uorin shut her mouth as if shocked. However, there was no sign of resignation or regret on Sirone’s face.

“But, Uorin, that’s all for humans. Only what you see and feel is the real world. Even if you really do save Amy, if I can’t confirm it, it’s just a world that doesn’t exist. I cannot leave the visible danger to Amy in the safety of the invisible. That’s why I have to go to Amy.”

Sadness passed in Uorin’s eyes.

“It is a very difficult life. It’s easy if you just choose.”

Sirone smiled bitterly. He often thinks like that himself. But those are the shackles of intellect. As long as I knew it, there was no way I wouldn’t do it.

“I know it was a great opportunity. How far you, the emperor’s heir, have made concessions to help me. I never doubt you But I have to go.”

Uorin walked over to Sirone. Then he hugged him and buried his face.

“My brother is such an idiot. I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything for you. Personally, I really liked my brother. I wish you the best of luck in your future.”

Then he took a couple of steps back and revealed the information Sirone wanted to know.

“Go to the gallery. It’s the only place where you can avoid people’s attention. It’s also where my brother goes whenever he seduces women.”

A fire burned in my heart again. As Sirone finished preparing to leave, Wu Orin took something out of her pocket.

“for a moment. Take this.”

Sirone received a small object thrown by Uorin.

When I opened my palm, I saw that it was a red glowing marble. In terms of color, it seemed to be ruby, but it lacked the cold texture of gemstones.

“This… … ?”

“It’s the price of El Crouch’s porcelain doll. It will easily exceed 100 million.”

“no. I really have a present for you… … .”

“Of course I know what you mean. But reason and emotion are two separate things. Now that the negotiations have broken down, I can’t be in debt to you, can I?”

Having said that, Sirone had no choice but to accept it.

Humanly, I felt like it, but politically, I was now South-South. It was good for each other’s future to clean up the Eun-Won relationship.

“okay. I’ll put it to good use when I graduate later.”

Sirone put the marble in her pocket and walked to the door.

Then, suddenly, I stopped and looked back at Uorin. Come to think of it, she really helped her a lot.

At dinner, he saved his parents’ face and supported their insistence on attending magic school. 

In the gallery, he introduced objects, and in the Colosseum, he gave advice on realizing the true nature of the royal castle.

Now, in exchange for porcelain dolls, they have escape funds. 100 million gold would be of great help in the situation of being pursued by the king.

“thank you. from the beginning until now. Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without you.”

“Whoops, even in hell there is water to drink.”

Uorin responded with Kazura’s proverb.

It is said that there is hope even in difficult situations, but if you think about it upside down, it also means that a little hope intensifies the pain.

“haha! That makes sense.”

Realizing the situation she was in, Sirone burst out laughing and left Ji-on’s room.


As the door closed, Uorin let out a deep breath. She then walked around her room with her hands behind her back, which she didn’t normally do for her.

“Arian sironera… … .”

Stopping, she quickly looked back at the door.

Her eyes, with a cool smile, were stained with madness, like a child with the best toy of her life.

“You’re not really a normal bet are you?”

Uorin burst into laughter and gallantly returned to her seat and sat down on the chair. Crossing her legs and resting her chin on her table, she stared at the door Shiroone had left.

Of what Uorin had just said to Sirone, the truth was less than 10 percent.

everything was a lie He had no intention of interfering with Sirone or guaranteeing Amy’s safety.

It was also not true that Ji-on had strong self-esteem. 

Rather, the woman he marked as the target was a human being who would destroy it regardless of means and methods.

So, if Sirone had stayed with him tonight, his life would have been completely ruined.

“Humans have no sense of trusting others. Isn’t that right, Cleo?”


Uorin’s cat answered. It’s unlikely that he could have understood what people were saying, but it didn’t change anyway.

There is no way humans can trust humans. 

However, people live by ignoring the very easy truth just because the idea is not beautiful.

Those who acknowledge the truth and those who turn away.

In that small difference, she thought, all the rulers and subjects in the world were divided.

Uorin tilted her head over the back of the chair and smiled faintly as she looked up at the ceiling.

“If you repeat yourself like that, you might be able to reach it someday.”

The cat didn’t answer.


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