Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 284

[284] 3. Late Night Ball (5)

“Today seems to pass quietly. Still, it is forbidden to be careless.”

Sirone responded with a smile.

She didn’t go this far simply to dig up high-level information. I appreciated Reina’s efforts to reassure herself.

“I’m sorry about the day. I guess my nerves have become sensitive.”

“Huh, it’s okay. don’t worry too much I’ll do my best to protect it. Anyway, relax a bit. If you’re that hard, you might fall.”

As Sirone loosened up his body, the two performed a beautiful dance like flowing water. 

They were the most beautiful couple in the banquet hall.

“Ho Ho! They are a really good pair. How can Sirone-sama be so beautiful? It must be because I inherited Your Highness’ lineage.”

“What about your partner? He is said to be a very famous musician in the kingdom of Tormia. She has such a good impression, she is a girl who makes me feel good just by looking at her.”

Amy stood side by side with the ladies in conversation. She definitely stood apart from the rest of her couple even as she looked.

‘Why is it so late?’

Amy checked the time and realized it was taking much longer than originally planned. She thinks she’s got some new information when someone approaches.

Amy was startled when she saw Ji-on and set her manners.

“Hello, Prince.”

“So, is the banquet fun?”

“yes. I like everything.”

Zion smiled contentedly. He felt like a prince for the first time when he dealt with Amy, who was at a loss after only dealing with Shiro, who knew the royal family in a funny way.

“how is it? Can I ask for a partner for a moment?”

Amy looked at Ji-on’s outstretched hand.

According to the law, another partner must be present to deny a partner request. 

However, since Sirone was dancing with Reina, there was no reason to refuse. It was clear that she had probably approached this far with thought.

“yes. It is an honour.”

Amy took Zion’s hand and entered the ballroom.

Kazura’s traditional dance is his first time, but thanks to his outstanding dancing skills and Hong’an’s ability, he was able to work with Ji-on without difficulty.

The gaze of the aristocrats moved to Zeon and Amy this time. 

Praise equaled to that of the Sirone and Reina couple. lovely. beautiful. virtuous, etc.

Amy’s face flushed. Is this what it feels like to be a princess? 

But the inspiration ended there. 

I never thought about becoming a princess. Though day by day he thinks of becoming the greatest wizard in the world.

‘You’re surprisingly naive. Unexpected?’

Ji-on saw the shy Amy and thought that she had already crossed the 7th ridge. From the experience of having an affair with an aristocratic woman since he was 12 years old, he knew what was going on.

“It is beautiful.”

Amy felt attacked.

Is this kid sane now? I was embarrassed and wanted to scream.

However, the seat was a seat, so I couldn’t express it.

As she continued to dance while boiling her emotions inside, her eyes collided head-on with Sirone, who approached from the other side.

It was truly fleeting.

Sirone seemed surprised. Even in that short moment, it was transmitted that he was asking something with his eyes.

Amy hurriedly averted her gaze.

I don’t know why. It seems that he was afraid to look into Sirone’s eyes. 

I belatedly thought that I shouldn’t have done that, but it was already far away.

Ji-on smiled when the steps started to get tangled as things got complicated in his head. She seemed to think it was because she was nervous about being in her arms.

“Be comfortable. Because no one can look down on you as long as you are with me.”

Ji-on liked Amy. The feeling was different from that of the bare-footed aristocrats. Her Amy’s dance stopped abruptly at that point as I pulled her waist tight at the thought of her being adorable.

It was the result of my body reacting before I even thought about it. It was only natural that the attention of the aristocrats would be focused.

Amy was confused with her red face, but quickly came up with a way.

“Oh, I am a little tired. Enjoyed.”

As if he had intended to quit from the beginning, he paid his respects and turned around, and a miasma flashed in Ji-on’s eyes. Immediately, Ji-on pulled Amy’s wrist and whispered in a low voice.

“We took over the recruits of Vincent and Olina.”

Amy quickly scanned the crowd with shocked eyes. She was trying to locate Sirone. 

Zion threatened with a threatening tone.

“That is not good. Don’t let anyone know and follow me quietly. Then Sirone’s parents will release you safely.”

Amy looked away and put on a nonchalant expression. Her biggest problem was that she couldn’t tell the truth.

Reina’s attendants were supposed to report the situation every hour, and the last report came in 32 minutes ago.

Is it difficult to get things done in those 32 minutes? Or is it enough time?

Amy followed Zion as if nothing had happened.

I don’t know what the intention is to do this, but I don’t think it’s the key. 

Anyway, after 28 minutes, Reina moves. If they endured until then, the crisis could have been another way out.

‘Of course I’ll have to live first.’

As the two held hands and went out, the nobles finally cleared their doubts. It was not uncommon to see young men and women running out of her hall on fire.

Jion’s insides were bubbling as he dragged Amy along.

The strategy of using Sirone’s parents was Plan B proposed by Arius. She boasted that she could make any woman fall for her, so her pride wasn’t hurt all that much.

‘it’s okay. It’s okay if you pull it out anyway. I’ve done my job, Arius.’

Without Amy, Sirone is isolated. Reina had to manage the overall affairs of the castle, so he wouldn’t be able to take charge of Sirone. Even if he knew it belatedly and moved, by then Sirone’s neck would already be rolling on the floor.

‘Hehehe, goodbye, Sirone.’


Reina looked puzzled at Sirone, who suddenly stopped dancing. She didn’t even seem to notice that her legs weren’t moving.

“Sirone, what’s wrong? what’s the matter?”

“Uh, that… … Where is Amy going with Ji-on?”

Rayna looked around hurriedly. As Sirone said, the two were nowhere to be seen.

As she investigates, Ji-on is not inclined to reveal women. But she didn’t hate it the way men her age did, so there weren’t very few women who had a night out.

Simply put, he might have taken an interest in Amy. 

Amy was a girl so beautiful that even royalty could fall in love with her, and with Zion’s personality, even Sirone’s friend wouldn’t be harsh.

The problem was Amy. What the hell did he hear, so he followed Zeon?

Reina looked at Sirone. She pretends to be nonchalant, but her gaze is fixed on the door. 

She smiled bitterly and pushed Sirone on the back. No matter who tried to stop it, sending it first was a business that remained.

“Go. Why don’t you go and ask Amy?”

“may I?”

“What are you talking about? you’re a friend go quickly I’ll clean this up.”

“then… … I’ll be back.”

Sirone looked up and turned around. But from then on, I walked out of the Grand Hall without looking back.

Reina put her hand on her waist and sighed.

‘Did I get stuck in the middle and bother you too much? Ha, how do I fix this personality?’

In any case, now was not the time to judge feelings.

The reason why Sirone was sent first was that it was time for an attendant to come sooner or later. Amy is important, but the parents’ vigilance couldn’t be neglected either.

‘huh? parents?’

The moment I thought about it, an idea came to my mind.

Amy is not a child who will fall for Zeon’s tricks. Still, what was her motive for following without speaking?

‘no way?’

Rayna stomped on the floor.

It was not the time to wait for an attendant. No, if he had used his hand from the other side, there was a greater chance that he would not come. After checking her time, she ran to the lodging where Vincent and Olina were staying.

4. Theraje’s Proposal (1)

Sirone ran to the royal apartment.

He followed Ji-on as quickly as possible, but he had already disappeared. First of all, I was thinking of going to Zion’s room.

‘Why did you follow Zeon?’

There must have been a good reason, but whatever it was, it didn’t feel right. I kept getting strange emotions, so my thoughts couldn’t connect as quickly as usual.

Arriving at Ji-on’s room, Sirone stopped involuntarily the moment she tried to turn the doorknob.

I had a bad idea. The image of Amy dancing with Ji-on came to mind.

Why did she avert her gaze? If there was a specific reason, she should have sent a signal. Because the Amy he knew was such a child.

‘I… … Am I doing something wrong?’

Unless it’s just what you think. Also, if that’s what you think.

Sirone hurriedly shook his head.

Amy is not one to be rash in the face of big things. Her thought of this was rather an insult to her.

Sirone made up her mind and opened the door.

There was no one in the brightly lit room. But there were people. I saw Wu Orin moving her steps towards the table.

“Uorin? why are you here… … ?”

Woorin sat down on the chair. Seeing her petting the cat on her lap, she seemed oblivious to who had entered.

But now, even Sirone realized that the actions she saw were not important.

“Uorin. Where is Zion now… … .”

“sit down please.”

Uorin stopped talking and offered a seat. It was an unusually dignified voice. 

Sirone swallowed and sat across from me.

“Why are you in Zion’s room? I didn’t see you at the ballroom.”

“I think my brother is coming. So I waited.”

It was as Sirone expected. She knew what was going on in the royal castle.

“Where is Zeon?”

“well. It must be somewhere, whatever.”

Uorin looked around as if she wasn’t interested.

Sirone was frustrated. But she didn’t do anything stupid to bother her.

He has already revealed all of his will at the demonstration site. All that was left was her choice.

As the silence grew longer, Uorin spoke first.

“Why did you do that?”

Sirone strained his eyes and glared at her.

Not knowing doesn’t make sense So, the current question was not the point.

“Why did you unlock all powers? That would be tantamount to a declaration of war against the Theraze faction. Because of that, Ji-on oppa got very angry.”

“Because if I messed up, you wouldn’t help me.”

Uorin put on a puzzled expression, but Sirone was not fooled by the mask. That, too, was what Uorin realized.

“You are different from Zion. Because he is the queen’s heir. Kazura’s situation is only a part of you who dream of becoming an emperor.”

“is that so? Well, you and I both want to cling to my power. The same goes for Sirone’s older brother.”

“It could be. But ataraxia must have a different meaning to you too?”

Uorin’s eyes showed interest for the first time.

“What is different?”

“The emperor of the Kashan Empire is the head of the Valkyries. And because Ataraxia is the highest archangel ability in Valkyrie. Then it must be worth using for you too.”

Uorin nodded her head obediently. It was also true that if Sirone’s ataraxia wasn’t as impressive as it was today, there would be no reason to help him.

“that’s right. Seeing her brother’s ability, she changed her mind a little. Ataraxia will be of great help to me becoming emperor.”

“So help me. If you want, I’ll graduate from magic school and be by your side. So please don’t touch my family and friends.”

Wu Lin burst into laughter.

“A little naive, too.”


“How many archmages do you think will submit their resumes to me in one year? If you thought you would only cling to one Ataraxia, you’d be mistaken. I’m not ignoring my brother’s talent, but he’s still just a student, right?”


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