Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 283

[283] 3. Late Night Ball (4)

Amy frowned more than Sirone.

Showing off is a virtue for royalty, but he didn’t seem to think that the more he did, the more dangerous Sirone was.

While checking the faces of the nobles gathered in the banquet hall, Sirone met eyes with a tall man on the other side. 

Then the man burst into a hearty laugh and came across the hall diagonally. 

“Hello Sirone! It’s late to say hello. There is braised lamb over there, which I like. Oops, sorry for the late greeting again. This is Captain Litney Walker. He is the general manager in charge of the security of the royal castle.”

Sirone smiled for the first time.

If he was in charge of security, he was a person who was also involved in the safety of his parents, so there was nothing wrong with looking good. Besides, she liked her unaristocratically direct attitude.

“hello. nice to see you.”

“Chuck! That’s right! There’s never any benefit to seeing a peace officer so often!”

He was a man of integrity. His face was marked by the cold of 60 years, but his body was bigger and stronger than anyone else in the banquet hall.

When Walker asked for a handshake, Sirone also joined hands.

At that moment, Walker’s eyes flashed, and waves of light rushed into Sirone’s head.

For a moment, Sirone felt as if the accident had stopped.

His dominance is on a completely different level from the snow technology he has experienced so far.

However, like a wizard who has reached the level of Geumgangtae, he did not give up the initiative.

Walker tilted his head as if wondering, then smiled as if he had realized it and solved the eye technique.

Sirone swallowed a heavy breath and looked at the walker. He had lost his mind and had no memory, but it didn’t feel particularly hostile.

“It’s great too. To endure the clearing.”

“clear? Is it an eye technique?”

“That’s right. It’s a skill that injects madness into the opponent. Prolonged exposure causes loss of consciousness. But it doesn’t work for Sirone-sama.”

Sirone opened his eyes lazily.

“You mean you tried to knock me out?”

“haha! It can’t be. That means madness is a powerful force. No matter how powerful it is, you can’t even think about anything if you get caught in the clear. Thanks to this, even mental magic is wiped clean. It’s the same logic as using hydrochloric acid to remove stains that cannot be removed with soap.”

Madness is the purest state of mind that humans can attain. Therefore, any thoughts must be swept away in the face of madness.

“As the person in charge of the security of the capital, I had the duty to examine Sirone-sama to see if she had been brainwashed. I’m sorry if I felt rude.”

Sirone understood Walker’s feelings.

This is the master bedroom of the kingdom, not a battlefield. It’s not just the visible threat that security officers should be concerned about.

“are you okay. If you’ve been brainwashed, you don’t know who you are. I feel comfortable when I get confirmation like this. I feel like I have been vaccinated.”

Walker scratched his head shyly.

“Actually, it didn’t come in perfectly. However, no one will be able to brainwash Sirone-sama if she can hold on to my skills that I have honed over the decades. If you’ve been brainwashed… … what would you do? It is impossible.”

Sirone wondered if she should laugh at this part. I thought it was too irresponsible for a peace officer to say.

Then Walker added with a wink.

“The Royal Castle is a difficult place to understand. It’s like having dozens of people with different surnames living in one house. Always protect yourself.”

Sirone belatedly understood the meaning and nodded.

“yes. I’ll keep it in mind. It was nice.”

Walker burst out laughing and crossed the hall again. A smile naturally formed on Sirone’s lips as he remembered Rian from the way he was sweeping up the braised lamb.

The meeting between Sirone and Walker was an event that drew the attention of many nobles. And Jion was also one of the people who witnessed the scene.

After confirming that Walker had left, Jion went behind Arius’ back and spoke to him while pretending to pick out food.

“Are you okay? It looks like Walker just tried to clear it.”

Arius was thinking about it too.

In the waiting room this morning, a door was installed in Sirone’s mind. If the clear went in properly, it could have had an impact.

“Certainly, clear is the natural enemy of spirit magic.”

“What, then, did you fail?”

Arius gave a relaxed smile.

“That is usually the case. Door is different from brainwashing or hypnosis. There is no need to interfere with the depths of consciousness. I installed it on the 11th level because I was afraid that this situation would come.”

“Are you sure? What if it breaks?”

“There is no such thing. If the clear had encroached on the surface, Shirone would have lost her consciousness. If you knock out the candidate for the first prince in the banquet hall where nobles gather, things will get bigger.”

The 11th level of the human mind is where other people’s thoughts flood in, so no matter how pure Sirone’s mind was, finding the door was like finding a needle in the sandy beach.

Even so, when Walker tried to clear it, goosebumps rose. He must have confirmed it as a security officer in a hurry, but he had to see that all floors below the ninth level were swept away.

‘There’s no way I could have thought that Sirone was really brainwashed. What are you suspecting?’

Litney Walker.

He was a royal palace security officer and a swordsman theorist who wrote Kazura Court Swordsmanship (Beginner).

The security officer was a position that could not be achieved only by being strong. It is necessary to understand the nature of politics in detail.

The fact that he tried to clear it immediately after Ataraxia’s demonstration was over was proof that he expected the existence of a fly attached to the archangel’s ability.

‘Then I must be within range. Of course, I’m not a fly.’

Zion asked.

“What are you going to do now anyway? Walker seems suspicious. Surely you’re not providing an excuse to get caught later?”

“Nothing to worry about. Walker is not an expert in mental magic, and Clear is a simple principle that has a wide range of applications. Why, they say that there is no cure-all but effective medicine? You can circumnavigate as many times as you like. Let’s proceed like this.”

“Right. I get it.”

Zeon put the food on his plate and walked away from Arius.

After parting ways with Walker, the nobles stopped talking to Sirone. Because he’s being cavorted by the peace officer and nothing good will come of it.

Seeing that Sirone was standing alone, Amy quickly approached and began talking to her.


“huh. how’s the party? fun?”

Amy shrugged.

“so so.”

“Me too. But what have you been up to?”

Amy pointed to her eyes.

“I checked with red eyes.”

“Look? what?”

“How many times do people glance at you?”

Sirone opened his mouth blankly.

Of course, self-image memory is difficult, but not impossible. But is it necessary to do such hard work?

“What information can I get from it?”

Amy pursed her lips.

“I don’t know. I didn’t have anything to do, so I just tried it, but there was definitely nothing special. You’re the star of the party, so it’s natural for people to glance at you.”

“haha! yes. You’re not saying you know that now, are you?”

Sirone joked, but Amy didn’t laugh.

“however… … I noticed one peculiar thing. If I checked correctly, there’s a bunch of people who never looked at you once as the party went on.”

Amy pointed to the other side with her chin, as if to check for herself. Where she turned her gaze, the wizards belonging to the magic department were gathered.

At that moment, the middle-aged wizard standing in the center of the group looked back at Sirone. It felt like my body was frozen by the gaze that cut out my mind.

“I’m Aimar Bossun, the Minister of Magic.”

“That person… … .”

Red Line Certified 4th Class Wizard.

I heard that he is a talented person who excels in many fields to the extent that there is no element he cannot handle, and he oversees overall food production in the Kingdom of Kazura.

Kazura, whose magical power is weak compared to other countries, has no official 1st class except for the president of the association. The head of magic was also a position held by a third-class wizard in Tormia.

But even so, Sirone was not a person who could dare to evaluate.

Bosoon looked at Sirone for a long time as if to relieve the feeling of frustration. Then he smiled and approached carrying the entire bowl of food on the table.

“hello. My name is Aimar Bossun.”

Sirone and Amy bowed their heads in greeting.

Aside from political inclinations, he was a sky-high senior in the 4th grade of the red line. Of course, Sirone is high in the royal castle, but respecting seniors was also a pride as a magician.

“I was impressed, the power of an archangel. It will become a great power of the Kazura Kingdom in the future. Of course, if Sirone-nim becomes the first prince.”

Sirone remained silent, nervous.

Even with the same provocation, it felt different from Ji-on. It felt like every word was stabbing me like a knife.

Bossun offered food brought from the table across from him.

“Would you like some?”

“no. I am… … .”

After checking the food, Sirone’s face turned pale.

It was chocolate dipped in cocoa powder called Fresh Truffles, the kind of lethally poisoned dessert that used to be served on family meals.

Life filled Sirone’s heart. Could it be that Bosun was trying to assassinate him?

No, none of that mattered. If he wasn’t a criminal, he was even worse.

Bossun, who was examining Sirone’s expression, tilted his head and asked.

“huh? Why? Hate chocolate? It’s really good.”

Sirone wanted to bite the lower jaw of Bossun who was chewing on the chocolate. He was excited enough to have such a radical thought.

Even so, Bosun was calm. This made Sirone even more angry.

“this… … !”

The moment a sound burst out without her knowing, Amy grabbed her hand.

It’s a trap. All nobles in the royal family know that fresh truffles are poisoned. Bossun only wanted to get on Sirone’s nerves.

Sirone also came to his senses and calmed down his anger.

When the provocation of conversion did not work, as expected, Bosun lost interest and took the plate.

“It was a pleasant meeting. Enough then.”

When Bossun returned, the wizards who hadn’t even looked at her until now laughed at Sirone.

He was a wizard who could not be treated carelessly by anyone. Sirone realized where he was.

“Sirone, are you okay? That kid deliberately provoked you. You held up well.”

“I know. He is a very bad person.”

It was late at night, but the banquet was not over. 

Aristocrats also danced a traditional ballroom dance to the performance of court musicians, probably getting drunk. And now was the time for Sirone and the others to act.

When you drink alcohol and talk to women, something will come out. It was a strategy to eavesdrop on it with Reina’s powerful hearing.

According to the original plan, Sirone and Reina should be entering the ballroom by now. But when Amy looked over, Rayna was standing in her corner, staring at her. 

He seemed depressed by the day’s work.

‘Was that kind of personality? It’s different from what it looks like on the outside.’

I didn’t hate the thought of him being a friendly person, but on the other hand, a corner of my heart was choking.

Anyway, since I have to work, I sighed and went to Reina. Then, he gently pushed his back and sent it to Sirone.

Then Reina pretended not to win and walked over to Sirone. But even there, he hesitated for a long time.

Sirone smiled and held out his hand. It was on his mind that he had been angry during the day.

“Shall we begin?”

When Sirone treated her comfortably, Reina regained her playfulness.

“How many times have you learned from nagging, but you must be sad if you don’t use it?”

Reina walked around the ballroom under Sirone’s lead. Countless couples passed by her in the same dance.

Musicians can hear certain notes out of tune even when dozens of instruments are playing. To Reina, the human voice is like a musical instrument, so a lot of information has been collected.

They say that you need to book a vacation home for your summer vacation from now on. It is said that the bank that creates the slush fund needs to be changed. Since the boundary is strict, the promise of a secret meeting to meet in the room.

If you have a big deal ahead of you, it will show up in the conversation in one way or another. However, considering only the information received so far, no special atmosphere could be detected.


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