Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 279

[279] 2. The Either/or Trap (3)

“Hmph, the snout is still alive. What’s the point of putting on this clown show? Didn’t your father say he’d make you a king later?”

“I should have said it clearly. I am not interested.”

Ji-on turned around without even listening to him with the back of his ear. Then he walked along the wall and admired the scenery of the waiting room.

In fact, today’s demonstration schedule was surprising to him as well. It was because I didn’t know that Orkamp would come up with a real sword game so quickly.

But in the end, it was said that it was also very urgent.

Jion, who made a wide roundabout in the waiting room and arrived in front of Sirone, made an enticing proposal.

“I will send you home.”

Sirone asked with a puzzled expression.

“What are you talking about?”

“You say you’re not interested in being the first prince? Then the price you get for this demonstration is freedom. i’m going to give it to you No matter how much you avoid Kazura’s eyes, you can’t avoid Thera’s eyes. Because we play worldwide. But what if I let you go? Kazura will be mine and you will be free. Aren’t they good for each other?”

It was such a sweet temptation that it was hard to refuse. But it was not an easy matter to accept.

Empress Theraze said that she planted Zeon in order to swallow Kazura. So if Zeon becomes king, Orkamp and Eliza will die. If we don’t sever the legitimacy of the royal family, we won’t be able to plan for the future.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Simple. You’re ruining the show. If it’s an archangel’s ability or something, just screw it up. And speaking to nobles. In fact, the rumors are exaggerated, it was luck and it was successful, not a magic that a nerd like me can do, like this.”

Understanding, Sirone nodded.

Today’s demonstration is a political venue. Whether the nobles believe the lie or not, the moment the white flag is raised, the game is over.

The only thing that bothered him was the deaths of Orkamp and Eliza. Is it really okay?

No matter how many children they abandoned, they at least kept them alive. Do you have the right to repay that dust of grace with death?

“I’ll think about it. No, give me time to think.”

“However much. The answer will be heard at the Colosseum anyway. Whichever you choose, Kazura is bound to fall for me anyway. Use your wise judgment.”

Shirone lowered her head and heard the sound of Ji-on leaving. But it was so complicated in her head that she couldn’t care.

If you help Orkamp, ​​you will be pursued by Theraje faction for the rest of your life. However, if they stick to Zion, Orkamp and Eliza will die.

‘What do we do? What the hell are you asking me to do?’

After recovering her pet cat that was wandering around the waiting room, Uorin said goodbye to Sirone after getting ready to leave.

“Brother, do your best.”

Sirone looked up at Uorin with lifeless eyes. She probably knows her own dilemma. But apart from words of consolation, she offered no advice.

I conveyed my urgency with earnest eyes, but she tilted her head and smiled as if she did not know anything.

Sirone looked at the ground with a resigned expression. 

What are you hoping for? Isn’t there a chance that there will be someone to help you in the castle?

At that moment, Wu Lin sighed.


And he said in a calm voice.

“You want me to help you?”

Sirone raised her head again.

Wu Lin was still beautiful. However, the bright feeling that had been revealed just a moment ago had disappeared.

“Of course I can help.”

Uorin took a few steps back as if reestablishing a sense of distance.

“But they may not help. The important thing is plausibility. For example, let’s say there is a rich man who owns 100 billion gold. That person is about 1 gold, it doesn’t matter if you give it to anyone. But it doesn’t. Not because the money is wasted, but because there is no possibility. If you give 1 gold to someone for no reason, you have to give 1 gold to everyone in the world. My brother doesn’t have a chance yet. So you must come up with a reason to help him.”

“I… … What should I do?”

“That, too, belongs to my brother. A lot could be lost in this demonstration. But it’s also an opportunity to get something more precious than that. I hope you make a wise choice.”

Uorin finished with those words and headed for the door. The beautiful smile that Sirone had been expecting could not be seen until the end.

Left alone in the waiting room, Sirone was lost in thought. She was analyzing her words at the last moment of her choice.

‘I see.’

Losing a lot was the material damage that occurred when the first prince was given up. Conversely, obtaining something precious meant the lives of Orkamp and Eliza.

If Zeon becomes the king of Kazura, Uorin will have a chance to help himself.

That is, she is saying this. I will guarantee the lives of her real parents, so I will hand over the kingship to Zion.

‘Yeah, that’s enough.’

Sirone is determined to ruin the show.

Perhaps Orkamp would be disappointed, but in the end, he was saving his life, so he fulfilled his responsibility as a child.

A lamp on the ceiling lit up and a loud siren sounded. 

After organizing her thoughts, Sirone entered the elevator installed on the wall. When the switch was lowered, the elevator went up to the ground with a clatter.

When I arrived on the ground, all I could see was the closed darkness and the iron bars installed 10 meters in front of me. 

The sunlight was weak because it was before the sun went down, but the champions of long ago must have looked at the intense sun in broad daylight and reflected on their hopes for life.

The bars went up, and Sirone walked to the center of the Colosseum.

Ji-on was right when he said it was a clown show. As many eyes were aimed at her, she felt as if she had been stripped naked. 

The target was standing in the direction of the sunset. It was a shabby wooden plank, as if she had found it as a last resort while in a hurry.

Not stoning, but getting magic with that? If it was meant to be ridiculed, it was perfect.

I sneered at the thought of a dispute over even choosing one target.

“From now on, we will have time to verify the qualifications of the candidate for the first prince.”

To verify the qualifications of the candidate for the first prince. It was certainly a good excuse to set up as a clown.

Sirone saluted Orkamp and said:

“Your Highness, magic is a powerful force. Otherwise, the property may be damaged. I would like to ask for your understanding first.”

It meant that the precious target could be destroyed. It was a blow to the crowd mocking him.

Orkamp quickly saw through and supported Syrone’s will.

“Nothing to worry about. A target is just an excuse, as long as you can show off your skills, it doesn’t matter what you do.”

Sirone felt as if he had given them a shot. But in the end, all I could do was this.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I turned around to the target. With everyone holding their breath, they concentrated and cast their halo.

An intense light like a star stuck in the space and began to slowly move and draw a huge circle.

It should be drawn as large as possible. 

After 2,000 battles, Amy heard that Halo could shock those with sensitive senses. If so, she would surely be able to reach someone in this position.

It may be a meaningless resistance, but I couldn’t create any variables without doing what I could.

When Halo was finally completed, a radiant halo appeared.

Amy quickly looked around.

First of all, Reina frowned. It was said that if she felt the pressure in Halo, she had considerable schema sensitivity.

On the other hand, the nobles were calm. Since most of the nobles at the center of power were administrative, they were far from schemas or spirit zones.

But those who kept them were different. Everyone was desperately biting their teeth.

‘Hmm, they’re definitely strong… … .’

Ji-on and Uorin didn’t seem particularly shocked.

Since she didn’t expect it from the beginning anyway, Amy looked in the direction where Orkamp was.

To be precise, it was a tall man standing behind Orkamp.

Many masters exist in this place, but none has been as tense as that man. Besides, he was covering his face with his right hand, as if he couldn’t get used to it even now.

‘Shit! I was surprised.’

Arius decided to believe in the existence of souls. It was because the moment the halo was born, something in my head felt like it was flying outside. It was such a terrible shock.

It was surprising for him, who had never been mentally stunned for more than one second after entering Madou 7.

‘You implemented the immortal function in the form. Is that the basic mental system of the Nephilim?’

After completing the analysis of Halo, Arius calmly waited. With this demonstration, he intended to figure out the mechanism and find a way to unencapsulate it. As the ataraxia started accumulating, his eyes shone intensely.

‘it started! The first one is either way. Is it binary based?’

Beginning with the first magic circle embedded in the center of the halo, a shower of light rushed in.

Aristocrats admired the splendid spectacle, but Arius organized all the concepts integrated into Ataraxia without missing a single one.

‘algebra. Musho Geometry. Multiple arithmetic equations. Vanessa grooming. Sphere Integral. Eisen Relativity. And that, Hagel’s paradox?’

As concepts piled up in Ataraxia, my thoughts began to overload. My head was on the verge of exploding. 

As the integration process passed the middle, even the zeta function, the cutting edge of human intelligence, appeared. It was a kind of hypothesis that supposedly contained the blueprint of the universe in a way to discover a few patterns.

Arius stopped thinking. No, he couldn’t think.

After the Zeta function, everything was a concept I hadn’t seen before, and it was being embedded in Halo at breakneck speed.

analysis not possible.

‘Damn it… … .’

As the integration was completed, Ataraxia was born as a colorful and integrated concept. It was the reality of super-magic amplification that humans could never realize.

Arius shuddered with defeat.

I only understood 65% of the entire circuit. Compared to what Sirone gave up at the 17th percentile point at the time of being possessed with Ikael, he had an amazing level of intellect, but even if he didn’t know 1%, he didn’t know everything.

Sirone looked at Ataraxia floating in front of her eyes and was lost in thought. Your life changes depending on what you choose from now on.

After about 10 seconds, the nobles who were watching closely gradually lost interest.

Knowing how important one second is in real combat, they were only disappointed with Sirone’s inexperience.

“what are you doing? If you’re going to do it, if you’re going to do it, don’t do it.”

“Your personality is indecisive. Or do you need something more preparatory?”

The nobles who lead the archmage couldn’t be patient with a student-level demonstration. As voices of dissatisfaction came out here and there, Jion also added one voice.

“haha! Original rumors are exaggerated. There are so many high-ranking wizards in the royal castle, how can only aspiring wizards be verified with this?”

Then, those who were presumed to be the Theraje faction helped each other out.

The atmosphere left them to take care of themselves, and Ji-on looked down at Sirone arrogantly.

Now the plates are all laid out. All that remains is for Sirone to confess her shortcomings.

Sirone listened to the voices coming from all directions. As expected, most of them were Zeon’s gang. 

‘Okay, let’s stop. From the beginning, it was too strong an enemy for me to deal with.’

Sirone hung her shoulders weakly and opened her mouth.

“I am… … .”

The first words of an important announcement came out, but the aristocratic murmur showed no signs of stopping.

Realizing that her voice was too low, Sirone inhaled and filled her lungs with air so everyone could hear.

‘for a moment… … .’

Then, all of a sudden, I had a strange idea.

Is it really the right decision to give up?

It was a thought that came to me out of nowhere, pushed up not from my head but from my body.


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