Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 243

[243] 6. Magic Clash (3)

“I won’t let you go!”

Sabina charged without even having time to cast Haste. The opponent wouldn’t be in a state to cast plasma anyway.

At that moment, shocking words came out of Nade’s mouth.

“I lost.”

Sabina, who was about to attack Ned’s neck at the sudden declaration of surrender, hurriedly stopped the charge.

I wanted to end it with my own hands, but if I attacked after declaring surrender, it would be a disqualification.

When it came to this, I didn’t feel like I had won, and I felt embarrassed for some reason. But it was enough to think that Nade had used up all his strength in the final clash.

“Hey, you were lucky. Get down on your knees and formally admit defeat.”

Nade immediately kept his promise. He was already on his knees, so all he had to do was move his mouth.

“okay. I lost.”

Sabina’s expression crumpled. The reason for setting these rules was to enjoy her miserable figure immersed in a sense of defeat. But Nade didn’t feel that strong emotion.

“Are you a man? You lost to a girl, can you be so meekly on her knees?”

“You say you lost because you lost. And is it really embarrassing? Can I stop now?”

Nade returned to his friends with his head bowed like a truly defeated man. He would have felt less bad if he had just laughed as if denying the match.

Saad licked his lips as he watched Nade walk away.

‘Let’s try some more. Sabina was also at the bottom. Well done though, Nade.’

The confrontation ended sooner than expected. If you are a student of Class Four, there is at least one magic that has strong destructive power.

There are not many opportunities to cast in real battles, but this match was well matched and the level was similar, so I was able to finish it neatly with a showdown of strength and power.

Nade, who arrived at his friends, closed his eyes tight and bowed his head in uncontrollable apologetics.

“Sirone, Iruki! Sorry! lost! Seriously, sorry!”

“Where is that word? It’s a team fight. I can’t guarantee that I will always win. It’s okay, because I did my best.”

Iruki added a word.

“I did well for you. Still, you are more advanced than before.”

Honestly, I didn’t expect Nade to go this far. At the time of fighting Lucas of the Parrot Thieves, he had given up completely, but lately it seemed to be controlling him a little bit.

“I’ll go to the dorm first and rest. Is that okay?”

“okay. You must be tired, but go home early.”

Even Sirone couldn’t stop it.

Like that, Nade left the practice field, mingling with the crowd of students. However, the place he headed was not a lodging, but a remote park. It was only when I confirmed that no one was there that my heart burst out.

“cadet! damn! You idiot!”

I wanted to become Sirone’s strength. But Sabina was really strong, and if the confrontation continued there, the price she would have to pay would have been beyond imagination.

He still needed the fence of school.

“Ho-ho-ho! Were you here? You pretended to be calm, but you’re ashamed and want to die, right?”

Nade let out a sigh. Looking back, Sabina was standing behind her.

“Do you still have something to do with me? The confrontation is over.”

“No, I think I have some leftovers. I’m honestly offended. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling that you’re not dressing properly.”

“I’m down to my knees, so what else can I do?”

“I don’t know. Would you like to kneel here again?”

Nade couldn’t afford to accept Sabina’s insistence. She felt sorry for Sirone and felt sorry for herself for not being able to help her friend.

“Just think about it. I won’t say anything even if you spread rumors that you’re stronger than me, so just leave me alone. I go.”

The moment Nade turned to the inn, Sabina said.

“Now that I know it, the West family is pretty famous, isn’t it?”

Nade’s steps stopped abruptly.

“There wasn’t even an opening like that at the end. Apparently, the housekeeper is an unemployed gambler and the hostess is an outcast in the social world? Rumor has it that he hangs out with Sachi even though he has nothing… … !”

A rumble of thunder was heard.

Suddenly choking, Sabina saw the world moving in disarray. When she came to her senses, she was stuck to the trunk of her tree in the deep forest.

Nade grabbed Sabina by the neck and thrust his face into it.

“Say it again.”

“Ouch! Gagging!”

With Nade’s face in her eyes, Sabina was horrified. She was not a facial expression that humans could make. He was neither a villain nor a psychopathic killer, just a monster.

‘Here you die… … .’

It was a certainty, not an assumption. Wouldn’t it be better if he was caught by a murderer, because there is no stupid human being in the world who expects mercy in a situation where he is bitten by a beast.

“Do you want to live?”

Sabina nodded desperately. As her consciousness gradually faded, she involuntarily fell into incontinence.

“Would you like me to break your neck? Or should I dry the blood?”

Sabina didn’t know what he was talking about. His legs moved freely, as if the connection between his head and body had been severed.

“Huh! Hehe!”

Nade twisted his face and collected electricity in his hands. She was thinking of evaporating her blood like this.

The moment power was concentrated in his hands, a person’s face came to mind. Her voice gently comforted Nade’s beast.

‘Nade, isn’t one mistake enough?’

Nade’s eyes were congested, as if they would shed bloody tears at any moment. But gradually humanity returned to her pupils, and she let go of Sabina’s neck and slowly backed away.

“Ouch! Gagging!”

Sabina sat down and let out a heavy breath. She still doesn’t know what it is, but her lungs suck oxygen like mad.

“You won, I lost. That’s all that happened today. okay?”

Sabina nodded. She intended to nod unconditionally no matter what instructions came out of Nade’s mouth.

But Nade came out of the forest as if that was enough. His steps stopped before he left the entrance. He slowly turned his head and looked back at the beautiful tree.

‘Hee! What do we do? Did I get caught?’

Hiding behind a tree, Pandora’s heart pounded. As she tried to get her revenge on Sabina, she happened to see a sight she was not supposed to see.

I heard Nade’s voice.

“Pandora, I took revenge, so you can go back.”

The mention of the name was a warning not to escalate the situation. He couldn’t see it because it was hidden by the trees, but Pandora covered his mouth and nodded.

Nade left the park feeling miserable. In the end, this is what happens. I wish it rained coolly, but the sky was just gloomy like my heart.

“Iruki, I will never become a wizard.”


The weekend of the second showdown is back. 

As the showdown between Nade and Sabina was a hit, more people came than last week. In particular, there were many expectations that it would be a fiercer battle than last week because if Iruki lost, the third match would be canceled.

Maybe that’s why even the teachers who said they weren’t interested in fighting kids were laughing awkwardly and snooping around.

Sirone and Dante’s party waited at the side while Etella, who served as referee, checked the checklist.

Sabina’s expression was not good. Lynch’s trauma in the woods is still not forgotten. No, on the contrary, it got worse, and now I have nightmares every night.

As the game time drew closer, the closer warmed up. After relaxing his muscles with a high-difficulty stretch unlike a wizard, he looked back at Dante while running in place.

“I will finish. You don’t have to come out, do you?”

It was a rule that the first two wins in a team match would end. But Dante knew that would not happen as long as Olivia was in charge.

“Still, the confrontation will not be canceled.”

“what? why?”

“Because Master wants you to trample on Sirone. I’ve already applied for a correspondent with the teachers’ association. The school doesn’t want this event canceled either.”

“Right. In the end, even if I win, you and Sirone will fight, right?”

“But the plate is different. If we win 2, we can make Sirone even more miserable. Maybe that’s for the best.”

“Quack. Alright, I’ll lay out the best for you.”

When Etela gave the order to come to the center, Iruki and Closer moved on. After the explanation of the rules, Closer looked down at Iruki as if he was showing off his tall height.

“When Anti-Magic comes in, the bridge of my nose feels cold. But when fighting me, it’s not as good as anti-magic. Have you ever had a broken nose? It’s because I was hit with a fist.”

Iruki didn’t answer.

“It hurts very much. It hurts and tears are pouring out. From now on, I will sink your nose bone like an orc. Even if I yelled at him to stop, he would still beat me. Is that okay?”

The corner of Closer’s mouth went up wickedly.

“Why are you not talking? Are you scared? But I can’t help it. The game is on and you’re going to be beaten badly. In 10 minutes you’ll be bleeding from your nose and screaming. I’ll break a few teeth too. The ugly face will become even uglier.”

Ethella intervened.

“Please refrain from chattering before the showdown. Both of you, please go to your designated location.”

After shaking a big fist at Iruki, the closer returned to his seat and made a strategy based on the information he had learned before the confrontation.

Iruki’s main specialty was the rapid targeting of the breakaway type and the fire point explosion with no reach speed. Above all, since he is a strong Servant, a preemptive strike was impossible.

Closer wiggled his fingers at a distance of 60 meters away from Iruki and decided his initial response. His own organs are also in defense, not offense, so there will be no problem if you proceed according to the standard.

“Start the game!”

As soon as Etela’s signal went off, multiple explosions erupted around Closer. Closer’s eyes covered his face with his arms, a look of surprise. Explosion at the start. The breakaway shape decreases in size as the distance increases. However, flying 60 meters without moving a single step was a top-notch sequence.

Sirone smiled bitterly. He had already felt it in the speed gun test, but the power of the numerical formula using logarithms was great.

In fact, Iruki’s speed gun score was the highest in the history of magic school, except for Sirone who opened Immortal Function. 

The students were mesmerized by the sight of Closer’s huge body buried in flames. Even if the synchro rate was 50%, it could be dangerous if you get hit repeatedly.

Finally, the explosion dissipated, revealing the Closer. The earthen wall that had been protecting his entire body fell from behind, revealing his smiling face.

“Hey, is this the end? It tickles like a mosquito bite.”

He strengthened his body with his passive skill, Earth Rise, and even cast Earth Skin, which protects his body with an earthen barrier. There was not even a shock from the moderate explosion.

Closer, who shortened the distance by teleportation, led the confrontation with Iruki in close combat.

“Rock and roll!”

As Closer swung his hand around to scoop up dirt, the ground began to stir and the ground began to curl.

A boulder that grew up to three meters in diameter crushed the spot where Iruki was standing.

Iruki escaped by teleportation. However, the moment his feet touched the ground, the ground collapsed as if he had dug a trap.

“Quack! This is the end!”

Closer, who blocked Iruki’s movements with Earthquake, a symbol of earth magic, connected the interruption magic. The explosion occurred due to the frictional heat generated by compressing the ground. Nearly 5 tons of earth and sand gushed out of the pit where Iruki fell.

Iruki covered his face with both arms and flew up. In my head, the detonation equation was developing rapidly.


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