Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 217

[217] 6. Heaven’s Trouble (4)

As the jewels rotated faster, it even affected Canis.

A great drowsiness ensued. She bites her lip and endures it, but as she continues to cut off her handcuffs, the women’s wrists are blown off.

‘no! I can’t leave Arin behind!’

Blood leaked from his bitten lips.

Amy and Tess, who were watching, couldn’t offer any advice. 

The only person who could stop him was Arin.

“Kanis, you still have time. back off at once You will fall first.”

“damn! damn!”

I know I have to back off.

I just need to cut a little more. If I had great power like Master’s, I would have cut off all the handcuffs by now.

 -Information transfer rate 50 percent.

“I will definitely save you. wait a little longer.”

Kanis couldn’t bear to make eye contact with the women and moved away from the object’s influence.

My mind came back like a lie. But the pain of that time has not been forgotten. It was a compulsive force that could not be compared to sleep magic.

‘That’s right, coercion. That is the characteristic of objects.’

Objects are mutations in the world of objects. Due to some cosmic error, the very concept of things was distorted.

Therefore, it was impossible to block the ability of the object in any way because it did not violate the law of cause and effect.

Besides, there was not much time left. It was an excellent choice to call a sleeping horse in a time limit situation.

“Lian, stand back. I will deal with you.”

Kanis switched places with Lian. To a prosecutor with weak mental ability, the object of sleep was no better than rat poison.

Peope pointed at the entrance to the Great World War and shouted.

“Guys! Look over there!”

Ymir, a giant, was running with his massive body.

Power entered Ryan’s eyes. She felt smaller than when I first saw her, but she was definitely that giant.

Even the cool-headed Canis couldn’t hide her anger this time.

“damn! To come to a giant!”

“calm down. I’ll take care of the giant. You kill Baalb.”

Considering the compatibility, it was the right decision. However, Rian wanted to deal with him directly, even if it wasn’t for Sangseong.

In the first fight, he couldn’t even inflict a fatal wound, but this time it was his turn to show his talents.

When Lian arrived at the entrance, Peope flew in with a metagate.

“Hey, what about this?”

“Keep it for me. We will definitely go back.”

“what? How can I… … !”

Feope couldn’t finish her words. It was a burdensome and undeserved request, but when I saw Lian’s face, I couldn’t say anything.

It wasn’t the face of someone who said he would definitely return.

“But if you find yourself in a dangerous situation… … .”

Lian looked back at Peope and smiled softly.

“Give me all that and run away. There is nothing more precious than life.”

Feope kept her mouth shut and made an ugly expression.

How can you say something like this? Why are all humans only fools?

“Stop talking nonsense! Why can’t you be honest? Even if I die, I want you to protect this! Without this, you can’t go back!”

Ryan didn’t answer.

“you stupid! My opponent is Ymir! It’s Ymir, the king of giants! If you fight, you will surely die!”

Ryan finally found out. Was your name Ymir? Not just a giant, but the king of giants.

Then there is no shortage of final opponents.

Feope was heartbroken. Is that human life? Compared to fairies, life is as short as a ephemera, so are they desperately trying to burn it?

Ryan blocked the entrance. It looked strangely large, backlit like a total solar eclipse.

“name… … The name… … .”

Feope forced her voice to stop coming out of her throat.

“What is your name?”

So I asked Ryan. He thought it would be dangerous to give out his name in heaven, but Feofe should know. Because now we have come to trust each other.

“I am Ogent Lian.”

Lian, who raised his greatsword, looked back at Feope and said.

“It’s Sirone’s sword.”


With the greatsword driven deep into the ground, Lian leaned back on the blade and lowered her center of gravity.

Ymir came running, tearing at the corner of his mouth grotesquely.

“Quack! Is it the second one attached? That’s enough to be called a warrior.”

“Come on, King of Giants.”

Ymir charged without slowing down.

Feeling a sense of intimidation, like a rolling boulder, Lian took a receptive attitude and exclaimed.


Ymir’s shoulders crouched down on Lian’s torso.

The greatsword bent as if it were about to bend, then came back with an exclamation.

Wood Deuk! 

The sound of something breaking was heard in Ryan’s stomach. The blood that gushed out of his neck dyed the sky red.


Shockwave penetrated Ymir’s chest.

The battlefield where the clash between heaven’s best magic swordsman and warrior was devastated.

Wherever they passed, they left traces of dents, and wind came in from broken windows.

Ymir was smiling with his back against the wall. As the signal of the shock wave rushed in, the body was disintegrating cell by cell.

“Hey, that’s pretty good. How do you feel? I feel like it stabbed me.”

Ashur had a bitter taste. Although Ymir had lost his body, he was not the kind of person who would allow the sword to work so easily.

“… … Was it a ‘part’ of you?”

Ymir is a giant who has reached the 10th level of an unprecedented anecdote. No one knows how much body she absorbed, but it was widely accepted that she would easily exceed 10,000.

“Being a giant doesn’t mean you can’t use your head. come slowly I’ll go ahead and wait for you.”

As Ymir sat down, Ashur’s sword slid through his head.

After a while, bubbles bubbled from Ymir’s body and released into a black liquid.

Ashur glared at the liquid that wet his feet. When he opened his palm, his sword turned into a signal and disappeared.

“Damn it, I was careless.”

Ymir doesn’t like strategy. Because she thinks it’s the next best thing for the weak. However, he chose to throw away his pride and go to the world war for today.

animal instinct? No, it was a superhuman instinct.

Ymir likes the simple, but the complex always wins. Because she was born with one trait. 

It was the instinct to smell the war.

If you look at Heaven’s history, Ymir has always been at the heart of the war. 

It was the same this time too. 

It was an intuition that the event that occurred in the Great World War would be a decisive opportunity to find one’s body.

“I might be late.”

Despite their opposite tendencies, Ymir’s sense of smell was trustworthy.

The fact that he gave up the battle and disappeared means there was no need to waste time. It was clear that the situation in the Great World War was more serious than expected.

Ashur kicked off the floor and left the battlefield.


“Canis! Back off! no more!”

Arin shouted. It has already been 10 minutes since she entered the realm of objects. Even so, instead of backing down, Canis increased the speed of her magic fire.

Baalb walked away as if he was not worth responding to. Although Lee Gak Mara basically surpassed Canis’ abilities, as long as there were objects, there would be no direct step forward.

The object of sleep makes living things fall asleep, but what is more terrifying than that is the case of refusal. 

This is because if you forcefully endure, fatigue from lack of sleep will accumulate and eventually lead to death.

Canis’s current state of mind was equivalent to not sleeping for eight days.

“It’s pretty good for a human. But how long will it last? If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you die.”

Canis came to her senses.

I hadn’t heard what Baalb had just said. The scenery he saw through his eyes was not being transmitted to his brain.

 – Canis! Wake!

Harvest shouted through the mental channel. But to no avail. I didn’t even get an answer as if my mind was starting to go numb.

“The owner seems to be quite concerned. Is it natural that we share life?”

Harvest turned around at Kariel’s words. Currently, the archangel has come down to earth and is contemplating the situation. It was clear that he had realized that Harvest’s power had weakened.

“It takes a lot of energy to maintain darkness. Is it replenishing it with human life? It’s a fun idea, but it only distracts you.”

Canis slowly raised herself.

I found out a little while ago that I was lying down. She wasn’t even aware of the saliva dripping from her mouth.

“Arin, I don’t think everyone can return alive.”

“no! Canis! No way!”

A terrifying thought popped into Arin’s head.

The only way for Canis, who resembles Master’s personality, to try in this situation was the card that Arcane pulled out right before her death.

Harvest made the same decision.

 -Canis, is it an Abyss memory? But you are different from Arcane. You may not be able to stand it.

Canis shook her head. With just that much determination, I couldn’t defeat Lee Gak Mara.

 -no. I’ll try what I said before. We need your strength, Harvest. can you help me

 -no. It’s magic that can only be done in theory. You’ve never done an experiment. You should at least try it after reading the Book of Light and Darkness.

 -Harvest, if any of us have to live, it’s Arin. You know.

Harvest did not answer. However, since he did not deny it, it was the same as acknowledging Canis’ words. It also meant their own extinction.

 -I get it. give me my strength

Harvest’s body was absorbed into Canis’ shadow.

Kanis, who had regained consciousness a little, prepared for death.

I’ve never really thought about dying under any circumstances. I was just willing to enter the world of eternal nothingness.

“Limit of the Abyss (Limit of Abyss).”

The magic designed only in theory was activated.

In an instant, the mental fatigue disappeared. However, he did not erase his memory like Arcane.

What he erased was the limit.

Canis knew what kind of person she was. He probably won’t be able to reach the heights of supreme like Sirone.

So I went beyond the limits in my own way.

Children who do not know fire willingly put their hands into the flames, and high priests burn themselves and go into the net.

The difference between Muji and Dono is significant, but the mental size of jumping into the fire is the same.

Kanis chose to be an ignorant child if he could not become an enlightened monk. 

What was obtained as a result was a temporary immortal function state.

Of course, you haven’t actually reached nirvana. However, he was able to acquire enough similar mental strength in combat.


I didn’t feel any fatigue until the duration of Abyssal Limits ended. However, seeing Canis flying around was hell for Arin.

“Canis! no! Please don’t!”

Arin cried out in tears. I didn’t have the courage to live in the world without Canis and Harvest.

But Canis didn’t hear anyone’s voice. Feeling a bit of joy at the magic he succeeded for the first time, he cast the best magic he could.

‘Dark family.’

Magic that converts the wizard’s mind into physical force. Arcane was a Dark Golem, but Canis’ family was a completely different form.

Shadows spread like water on the floor, and huge earthworms called worms surged out.

“Master… … .”

If you can get the mental strength equivalent to Immortal Function, the Dark Fellowship was the most compatible magic.

‘Will you compliment me?’

A 10-meter-long earthworm fell vertically in a parabola.

Baalb was not nervous. With his arms undone, he just walked away indifferently.

“It’s quite the way. Praise this… … .”

Before Baalb could finish his words, another Dark Worm rose from the floor.

The flowing waterfall swallowed Baalb and soared to the ceiling. 

Objects shattered and the sound of Baalb’s bones breaking was heard. Moments later, the grotesquely twisted corpse of Baalb fell.


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