Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 199

[199] 1. Divine Mercy (4)

As the area hit by the laser heated up, the statue began to shake as if it were about to burst.

“Unbelievable. How could this happen… … !”

The executioner gnashed his teeth. He couldn’t attack Sirone or prevent the statue from being destroyed.

At that moment, a thunderclap was heard in the sky.

Blue electric lights fell in bundles and heated up the surroundings of Sirone. 

As the floor exploded, dust rose.

The executioner confirmed where the lightning had come from. A group of fairies were flying in from the entrance of the plaza.

Even from a distance, Sirone spotted the fairy at the center of the group at a glance. 

Only she was glowing golden, and her face with makeup was also beautiful.

It was Lee Ki-rin, the head of the People’s Management Department.

Friends lined up around Sirone. The tension that he couldn’t feel while fighting the subjects made his blood run fast.

The curious thing is that the preemptive strike was electricity. 

Since electricity is an attribute close to spirits, it was not something that fairies could control.

 – Who struck the thunderbolt?

 – I don’t know yet. But there must be a fairy in the group who deals with friction.

It is possible to cause a thunderbolt by rubbing electric charges in the air. As electricity flowed depending on the placement of the charges, it was natural that the accuracy would drop.

Rian drew his greatsword and walked away.

“Are the fairy troops all out? The thing has finally come.”

Sirone was already expecting it. Since the law of heaven was broken, it was normal for the courtiers to be dispatched.

The subjects retreated to the left and right, opening the way for Lee Gi-rin.

The fairies that flew proudly from Bomudo confronted Sirone and the others at a distance of 10 meters.

Sirone saw Peope standing at the end of the group of fairies.

Unlike other fairies, she was staring straight ahead with blind eyes. She didn’t know why she had to be here.

Girin pointed at Sirone and the others.

“It is you, those who entered the kingdom of heaven by impersonating the Nephilim. That alone is a felony, so are you trying to sabotage the sacred anecdote now?”

The executioner’s expression changed to a puzzled one. Are you saying that he was impersonating the Nephilim, not the Nephilim?

However, the ability the boy had just cast was clearly an angel’s. If not the Nephilim, how could they handle the light?

“Lee Ki-rin, are you saying that these are cults? The author clearly used the power of light.”

“Don’t be fooled. The land country has technology that handles light magic. Besides, other people are heretics that don’t even need to be verified. That’s how he tried to trick even the fairies.”

Canis’ eyes hardened.

Listening to them, they also investigated themselves in detail. In addition, the fact that Peo Pe, who lacked her fighting power, was with her was proof that she had told the truth.

“Damn, that’s why I said I had to leave. That fairy betrayed you. I didn’t believe it in the first place.”

Feope wrinkled her brow.

betrayal? He only received Gi-rin’s order and followed it without hesitation. I didn’t even know they were there until I arrived.

“joy! okay! I told you everything! You are now dead! That should have been enough!”

I had no intention of claiming innocence to humans anyway. Rather, Feope took on the crime she hadn’t committed and raised the stakes even more.

“I didn’t betray you.”

Sirone said.

“Peope made the right decision. There’s no reason for a fairy like that to come and undermine your beliefs.”

Peope was excited and turned her head. Now, even if I said that, it means he was offended. 

But there were many thoughts in my head. 

right verdict. belief. 

These were values ​​that had never been acknowledged by seniors until now.

Girin didn’t care. If you live more than 3,000 years, you can divide concepts more finely than humans. 

If a human could list a hundred kinds of love, she could probably classify it into ten thousand.

At that point, all events become independent.

Stealing someone else’s house is not a thief.

Even if you break the lock on that house, you are not a thief.

Even if you break the lock and go inside, you may not be a thief. Even if you pick up anything there, you are not a thief.

The concept of a thief is perfectly established when he comes out with the item he picked up.

It was an impossible cognitive ability for humans who try to predict the whole from some events.

In that sense, the conversation between Sirone and Peope was only an independent event from the current situation.

“I am Lee Gi-rin, a fairy of authority, the head of the People’s Management Department. The sin of entering heaven by impersonating the Nephilim on the subject of heresy. All of your life spans are cut short for the crime of sabotaging the noble anecdote.”

A wrinkle formed on Sirone’s forehead.

“Is it always like that? Are you killing people just because you don’t like them? The same goes for the sake of anecdotes. Why are you driving your subjects to their deaths?”

“You were born of giants. Why is it so unfair to go back?”

“It’s bullshit. No parent asks their child for their flesh back.”

“To sow in the ground is to reap and eat. The reason organisms die is to feed other organisms. You too are only beings bound by this law.”

“To sow seeds is to bear new seeds. Creatures die to give other creatures a chance. Humans thrive like that. A life without meaning is the same as being dead.”

Girin let out a sad sigh. Why can’t this intuition be wrong? It was no coincidence that Miro’s face passed by Sirone.

“This is heresy. He’s a human who shouldn’t have sex. what are you doing! Start drinking anecdotes right away!”

As if Girin had waited for an order, the executioner moved. 

When the switch was turned off, black water began to fill the 10 glass marbles.

“Damn it! I do not have time! We have to stop it now!”

Ryan and Tess ran to destroy the statue.

Girin raised her hand and commanded the fairies.

“Attack! Never let them get close to you!”

Sirone and the others entered into a battle posture. 

Arin left only the channel connected to the party, and released his mental induction. Since Lee Gi-rin’s mental resonance pervaded the entire room, he didn’t need an interpreter.

The Spirit of Fire launched a preemptive strike. As she held out her hand, air spurted out like a hole in her atmosphere.

A small, solid lump of gas hit the bodies of Sirone and the others. 

It wasn’t enough to penetrate the body, but it was invisible and there were so many of them that it was impossible to fight.

“stand back!”

Kanis built the Shadow Wall. Bullets of air hit the surface of the shadow wall with the sound of falling hailstones.

At that moment, a scorching noise arose from the sky. 

The spirit of friction generated static electricity and struck a thunderbolt, and Harvest caught it. 

Brilliant lightning bolts struck in succession, but it did not work on the magical creatures.

“Quack! Are you feeling good? Is it a new type of massage?”

Amy, with her back against the shadow wall’s barrier, floated a Jack O’Lantern over her palm.

The spheres of fire that flew into the sky increased to dozens and bombed the front indiscriminately.

Because it was Jack O’Lantern’s unique ability, the fake flame, the actual flame was only three lumps. However, as long as you didn’t know what was real, you couldn’t help but feel fear from the position of being victimized.

When Amy’s bombardment dispersed the fairies, Canis finally took the Shadow Wall.

Arin, who quickly captured the location of the fairies with an open view, suggested an operation through a mental channel.

 -If fairies are spiritual beings, I have a way. You can catch it with mental shock.

Sirone thought it was plausible. 

In a battle between magic and magic, they are compatible, but even fairies will not be able to help when it comes to direct attacks on the spirit.

 -Is it possible? Are there many numbers?

 -I’m going to cast a wide area mental shock. It takes a lot of mental power, but it’s possible at least once. Instead, lure the fairies. It’s a 20 meter radius around me.

It was difficult to drive all the fairies, but if even half of them were successful, they could win the battle.

“good! Let us also scatter!”

Each battle began.

The abilities of the fairies were also not formidable. Most of the concepts were specialized for combat, probably because they had already expected a fight.

However, if the enemies were strong, it was rather a good thing in terms of luring them.

“uh? uh?”

On the battlefield where all sorts of magic flowed, only Peope was flying around without being able to catch the direction. 

It was his first real battle, and the power of the magic that came and went was different from his own.

A flash of light flashed and approached Peope.

Surprised, Feope raised both hands and prepared to use the power of the spiral.

Sirone also reflexively mounted a photon cannon.

Their eyes widened as they checked each other’s faces.

Feope bit her lip and couldn’t make up her mind. Then, Sirone also canceled the photon cannon and turned around.

Feope looked at her with a puzzled look, but he just ran towards the other fairy without saying anything.

Feope’s head fell sullenly.

 -scale! No more! This is the limit!

Because fairies have the ability to fly, it was close to impossible to drive them into one place. 

However, the magicians of Sirone’s party also had high-quality movements, so they were able to lure more than half of them into the realm.

 -that’s enough!

Movement is a combination of time and space. 

The moment in less than a second when the fairy entered the realm was the only timing for Arin to cast magic.

Arin squatted down and touched the ground with both hands. As her shadow expanded like a sinkhole, the five fairies sensed a crisis and threw their bodies.

But it was already too late.

With a pop and a mental wave, the soil splashed all at once.

The fairies lost their way and swayed, stopped their wings as if they had drank pesticide, and crashed.

With half of their power gone, the demoralized fairies started screaming and running away.

While Harvest drove them away with a claw, Lian and Tess also succeeded in breaking through Kergoin’s siege and turning the switch back to normal.

As the liquid, which had risen to about a third, was sucked back into the tank, the level of the glass bead lowered.

Subjects breathed a sigh of relief. 

But even that would be torture. A sliver of hope is just another word for almost absolute despair.

“Sirone! now! Smash it with a laser!”

Sirone was already finishing preparations.

Ilhwa’s drinking stops when the statue is destroyed. With the fairies destroyed, no one would stand in his way.

The moment Sirone’s laser emitted a red light, Girin’s voice permeated the battlefield.

“As a servant of God, I command you, those without authority in the world, to kneel before me.”

When the command was over, an amazing thing happened. 

As if the world was turning off, all humans knelt down. Sirone and the others were no exception.

Sirone, with her knees on the ground, was bewildered. He strained his legs to stand up, but his body felt heavy, as if he had become an elephant.

Words poured out of the mental channels.

 -What happened? you can’t get up

 – You said it was a fairy of authority. What does this have to do with authority?

 -It’s not just magic. this is out of the norm

Even in Sirone’s opinion, the present results could not have come out if it had not been for eating out.

If so, how does it trigger?

It was not a commandment. Because it is impossible to bring hundreds of people to their knees just because they threw words.

Unlike Sirone and the others, the subjects did not even resist. He just looked up at Lee Gi-rin with awe in his eyes.

Lee Ki-rin walked leisurely between the subjects and approached the statue. And he flipped the switch himself.

As the liquid began to fill the glass beads again, the subjects’ eyes closed tightly. 

The sobs of family members could be heard from somewhere.


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