Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 195

[195] 6. Anecdote (4)

Upon hearing Sirone’s words, Peope’s face froze.

She couldn’t understand what was going on inside her mind. Her strong feelings that had dominated her began to disappear like bubbles in her as she gave her hope that she could live.

“Are you mocking me? What do you gain by humiliating me?”

“mockery? don’t be funny It’s only natural to spare someone who asks for help. Because I also want to live. Because my life is precious, I know how precious the lives of others are.”

Sirone was not determined to free Feope. It was still unclear what decision to make at the final moment.

I just thought of Kanya and Lena. Like this, he couldn’t let the two of them die.

“I’ll count to three. one.”

Power went into the hand holding Feope.


“Sah, save me.”

Peope said in a low voice.

Sirone didn’t relax her stance as if she hadn’t heard. And the moment he was about to shout three, Peo Pe, who closed his eyes tightly, shouted.

“help me! ask for help! I don’t want to die!”

Sirone let go of Peope.

Freed, she flew up with trembling wings. Her face was as red as the sunset, and she fired at him vigorously.

“Do you think you will be safe even after doing this?”

“What have I done?”

“You tried to kill me!”

“It did. And that’s what you did to Kanya and Lena.”

Peope could not refute.

An executor of the law from birth, she never thought deeply about the lifespan of her subjects.

However, it was a complicated problem when I put my life in someone else’s hands.

Death is scary and life is sweet. The same was true of fairies living for 10,000 years.

“I think Kanya’s mother’s work is also wrong. Give her mother’s life back too.”

Feope was annoyed when I pressed her in before she could organize her thoughts.

“I told you earlier! The only ones who can touch the Life Department are the upper echelons of the 72nd class of fairies. We cannot reverse a case that has already been decided.”

“Then first, repeat the judgment of Kanya and Lena. can you do that?”

Peope, who rested her chin on her head and thought, said.

“what… … Then I’ll cut your life expectancy by one year.”

Sirone burst into laughter.

It would be nice to see Kanya and Lena’s guilt lightened, but the difference in judgment was too great. I thought there was no standard from the beginning.

“You’re not some kind of junk dealer, so you can judge as you please?”

“Even if this is reduced, it’s a mess! Then, shall we raise it to 20 years?”

“It’s not like that. isn’t it strange There must be a standard to apply sin.”

“That is why I am the standard. I am the enforcer of the law! Now that I see you, are you really ignorant?”

Sirone stopped talking. He had to admit that fairies were a different species that diverged from humans at some point.

Fairy thinking is more comprehensive than human thinking. While humans can break love into countless concepts, to the fairy, love was just love.

Feope was an executor of the law, so she did not doubt her thoughts. Knowing how terrifying his death was, he was cut a year.

It was understandable that I couldn’t make detailed judgments like 2 years and 3 months or 7 years and 6 months.

Thousands of years will pass and the accident will deepen, but now she was only one year old.

“Now is it? then i’ll go Fairies have a lot of work.”

“Where are you going? Shouldn’t Kanya’s mother also be responsible for this?”

Turning back to Sirone, Perope lifted her ax eye.

“How do I solve that? I wasn’t even born at the time. Besides, my position is the youngest of the 72nd class of fairies, so I do not have the authority to change the life expectancy book.”

“Then tell me how. Since you’re a fairy, don’t you know something? I can never let you go until you tell me.”

Feope had a crooked temper like a spiral spirit, but it wasn’t difficult to handle because she was young. He told her that if he could dig up her information, she might have a way to save Kanya’s mother.

“Hey, do you know that I won’t be able to leave if you block me? And no one can get involved in the affairs of the fairy world. This is determined by the law.”

“I don’t know what that law is, but you know that it’s unreasonable, right? life is precious Are you saying you can cut someone’s lifespan by 20 years at will?”

Feope was in tears.

The truth is, you don’t even know yourself. It seemed to me that I would have to live at least 600 years to judge whether the law was right or wrong on an individual basis.

“Why do you keep doing this to me? I’m just doing what I’m told!”

“When are you said to be the enforcer of the law? When are you confident enough to run away now?”

“Oh, really! What to do? What do you want to know?”

“First of all, tell me what Ilhwa’s sake is.”

“Anecdotal liquor? that’s a holy spell By refining the laws of the subjects, they are reborn into a new life.”

Peope replied without hesitation, as if he had known something after a long time.

However, Sirone couldn’t sense anything from her words other than wrapped justice.

“How do you understand when you say that? I mean, be specific. What does it exist for, how is it performed, what are the descriptions of the technique, things like this.”

“Ugh, really annoying… … .”

Feope covered her head with both hands.

The sake of anecdotes is just the sake of anecdotes. I had never reviewed the information I knew as source knowledge.

There was only one way left.

Recalling the memory transfer, her eyes lit up.

“If you really want to know, there is a way to explain it clearly. It’s using mental resonance. Fairies can transmit memories to others. I’ll show you my memory of an anecdote of drinking that I experienced. Will that work?”

Mental resonance is dangerous. It didn’t look like Peope would do anything bad, but he wasn’t an ally anyway.

Arin said through the mental channel.

-are you okay. With Peope, I can control it.

-Are you sure? No matter how strong your defense is, there is such a thing as eating out, right?

-Because Peope is emotionally immature, she will be able to read the unique pattern of eating out with menarche. Then, just knock it out with Mental Shock before it activates.

Kanis and the others seemed to have experienced eating out as well.

Thinking that menarche is truly amazing, Sirone conveyed her consent to Feope.

“good. Show me your memory of the anecdote.”

“okay. Then we begin.”

Feope cast a memory transfer spell.

As the minds of Sirone and the others were sucked into their memories, the image of the plaza from a year ago appeared. It was where the statue of the giant stood, and the subjects were not even breathing.

When Sirone called for his friends who had arrived at another point, they came like spirits penetrating the subjects.

It was someone else’s memory, but it was as clear as reality.

Sirone, who exists as a memory body, could examine anything she wanted. It was strange that he didn’t notice even if he pushed his face right in front of Shinmin’s nose.

Sirone and the others headed towards the statue.

As the crowd barrier disappeared, an amazing landscape unfolded.

Several hoses were connected to the giant’s statue, which connected to eight glass spheres placed around it. The glass sphere was large enough for a person to enter.

The subjects were silent, but some were weeping. The scenery mixed with reverence and despair created anxiety.

Kergoin ran around the statue, preparing the spell. Eight subjects walked out of the group. They were similar in age, in their 50s and 60s, but one was a young woman.

Sirone saw the tears in their smiles.

Shaking pupils, trembling corners of the mouth, cold sweat on the forehead.

They were clearly thinking about death.

Subjects entered the glass sphere without a single thread on.

As black water filled the glass sphere, the family came running weeping. On the other hand, the other subjects fell flat on the ground and started chanting Ankera.

Kergoin pulled out the family members who shouted “Mom, Dad, Grandpa” and knocked on the glass.

Subjects submerged in the rising water smiled.

Is it drowning?

It was brutal.

With that thought in mind, Sirone peered into the glass sphere and backed away in fright.

It wasn’t drowning. Their bodies were loosening in the liquid.

It was the most bizarre sight I had ever seen.

I was curious about the composition of the liquid, and I thought I knew why it was black. If they had been able to see this process, the family might have gone mad.

The liquid in the glass sphere was sucked up through the hose. There was an unpleasant sound, like excrement pouring out of the intestines.

The voices of the subjects shouting Ra grew even louder.

As the water surface of the glass sphere lowered, the transparent interior was revealed again without any debris.

there was nothing.

The people who had been smiling a moment ago had escaped through the hose.

Sirone turned her gaze to where the hose was connected. His body was already trembling. Still, he had to see it with his own eyes.

statue of a giant.

There, eight people were pouring down from the base of the statue.

So what the heck is it? What is it that fills the statue right now?

immortal a.

The sound of praising Ankera pierced the sky.

Suddenly, the giant’s statue vibrated strongly.

At that point, the subjects were silent.

Not a single drop of water remained in the glass sphere. All of them were stuffed into the statue of a giant.

like a mold.

Sirone shook her head. It can’t be. But once the thought came to his mind, he couldn’t stop it.

A mold that melts and pours humans into it. Then what is being created inside me… … .

The statue of the giant opened showing the severed surface.

Huge paws pushed out and shook the ground.

Sirone shuddered at the sight of the giant covered in jelly. His expression was wrong to call him human.

Arin muttered through the mental channel. The reason why he couldn’t communicate with the giant was because several minds were mixed in one body.

Then, what state is the mind contained in the body?

Is it the spirit of the eight, or something completely different from it?

The subjects begged for mercy.

Those who are born of the law and keep the law. giant.

That’s why the giant has the right to punish those who break the law.

Even if someone is trampled by a giant’s feet at this moment, it won’t be the giant’s fault.

People who made eye contact with the giant foamed and collapsed. It was pressing, an eye technique.

iced coffee.

Sirone shuddered.

source of schema. The schema in the beginning was a phenomenon in which human body schemas mixed with anecdotes were overlapped.

I followed the giant and overheard the subject’s conversation.

The giant leaves heaven and goes into purgatory. There, he punishes the heresy that threatens the kingdom of heaven, and is called by Ra again to return to the Fifth Thousand Matei.

The family cried and cried.

mom! dad! grandfather!

As if in response to the voice, the giant flinched. But he didn’t look back, and he moved toward the outside of the castle gate again as if nothing had happened.


As the landscape in Peope’s memory burned like a piece of paper on fire, the landscape of the house was revived.

Sirone and the others looked around.

Peope was nowhere to be seen. He seemed to have run away while his memories replayed.

However, after learning what Ilhwa’s alcohol was, they couldn’t afford to care.

Anecdotal alcohol subjects disintegrate in liquid. Then, after entering the mold and undergoing a special transformation process, it is reborn as a giant. People’s minds are mixed, and in the process schemas arise.

That was the meaning of the stimulant Kanya bought.

It was the wind that allowed him to come to his senses even a little in the unknown darkness.

Gadlock was right. It was no different from administering an anesthetic to a dying patient.

“Unbelievable… … .”

Tess’ face was bloodless pale.

The giant’s ability schema. and their ability schema.

When I thought about it, I ran to the corner and vomited. The food I just ate spilled out.

No one scolded Tess.

Everyone was nauseous.

As Lian approached, Tess raised her hand to stop her.

Of course, Peope’s memory was not worse than the scenery of the battlefield. But the mental vomit came flooding in.

Schema is the technology of giants. But why can he open the schema? Is there a separate lineage of giants like the Nephilim? But the giant had no genitals.

“You know why I didn’t tell you?”

Kanya muttered sadly.

Some call it a blessing, others call it a curse.

No one wanted to talk about this event, where opinions were divided even among subjects and cults.

“According to the law, humans are born of giants. So, back to being a giant again. That’s the anecdote.”

Even if Kanya’s words were true, he couldn’t accept them. The alcohol in the anecdote that Sirone witnessed was a monster that could not be hidden by any makeup.

I finally realized.

The anecdotal liquor practiced in heaven was a technique of cutting out giants using human flesh and organs as raw materials.

(end of volume 8)


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