Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 188

[188] 5. Nor’s Shelter (3)

Sirone’s prediction was correct, and the merchant further pointed out that they had just entered purgatory.

“Hmm, you can bargain, but I don’t think you guys can buy it. Spirits are very hard to find even in Purgatory. I was about to take it back to the mainland, and I was only stopping by the shelter.”

I expected that the value would not be low, but when I refused to even bargain, I was scared.

Can it be purchased with 3 white elixirs? Amy’s disappointment would grow if she confidently attacked and then ran out of elixir.

Thinking that a criterion for judgment was necessary, Sirone stopped bargaining and asked a question.

“I heard that you can make contracts with spirits, but is it possible with this spirit?”

“contract? Ah, the contract. Of course it’s possible. But what do you do with a contract with a fire spirit?”

“If you make a contract with the fire spirit, you can use fire magic.”

“It is, but… … Normally, contracts don’t waste precious spirits. How much easier life becomes when the spirit enters the village. So, usually, they collect elixirs by village and prepare them. People from the outskirts of the community live in barren places and have plenty of elixirs, so they buy them on the premise of a contract. I don’t think you guys will live that way.”

“Um, is the contract possible anyway?”

When Sirone asked, the merchant nodded as if he couldn’t do it.

In fact, it was a common reaction in the mainland. The idiots who do not have the ability to pay the price voice their own voices, and among them, the operation team infiltrates and reduces the value of the goods.

If people from outside the community participate, the auction ends there, but those people didn’t even pay attention unless they were special spirits. It was normal for most of them to have blood-drying fights in the atmosphere of walking on thin ice.

Amy wiggled her fingers. She’s an expert at bargaining, but she couldn’t say anything right now.

In a world where gold coins were used, he would have bought it with his savings. However, this place was a purgatory where only things directly related to life had value.

I didn’t want to embarrass Sirone by showing possessiveness in such a situation.

Sirone already knew. For a wizard, improving magic power is what life is all about, so he wanted to save it if possible.

Sensing that the time for a decision had come, Sirone asked again.

“Then how much elixir do I need to buy a spirit?”

The merchant laughed as if it were ridiculous. However, she thought with a serious expression on Shirone’s figure, staring intently and waiting for an answer.

“Hmm, if you buy it here, at least… … .”

Sirone’s heart thumped. I wish I could buy it with the elixir I have now, no matter what the price.

As expected, the price was quite high, and the merchant was also cautious. He paused and continued talking.

“White Elixir… … .”

Sirone and Amy’s eyes showed disappointment. Given that the unit of elixir was white, the odds were quite low.

After thinking about it, the merchant raised his head and offered a price.

“I’ll have to get one.”

“yes? 1 outline?”

Sirone doubted his hearing, which had never betrayed him.

If it is one, you can purchase it.

Realizing the same thing, Amy knelt in nervousness as if someone might snatch it away.

Sirone checked things out. At first, he thought it would be nice if he had the ability to pay, but it is a wizard to let go of past thoughts without any regrets.

But the moment I looked back at Amy, I smiled. Biting her lower lip, she spoke in an inaudible voice.


Amy, the only daughter of the Karmis family, grew up rich enough to not know what materialism was. But when it came to magic, she was also just a sorceress.

The merchant understood Amy’s desire to have it with resignation. Since the white elixir is something that even merchants on the mainland cannot easily touch, it was only natural for them to despair after entering Purgatory.

He remembered his daughter’s face and soothed Amy.

“White Elixir is difficult to obtain. In fact, this is also cut a lot. When you go to the mainland, a lot of tiring things happen. it’s dangerous too It’s a conclusion based on the assumption that you can sell it at Nord’s Shelter and return home. Since you guys are serious, I calculated it correctly too. Don’t be too heartbroken. One day, if you’re lucky, you might be able to save the fire spirit.”

“I will live.”


“I live, I am.”

As Sirone rummaged through his inner pockets, the merchant blinked like an idiot. He was clearly trying to make fun of himself, but he wasn’t sure whether to get angry or laugh and move on.

However, when he saw three elixirs rolling around in Sirone’s hand, he fell off the chair in fright.

Even looking at the iridescent spectrum, it was clear that it was a white elixir.

“Here you go. Can I take it now?”

The merchant said nothing and nodded. Sirone put the white elixir in her hand.

At the same time, Amy brought the elemental prison into her arms.

I felt warm warmth.

warmth of fire.

This was Amy’s life.

“Hey, are you okay? Aren’t you hot?”

After confirming that the elixir was real, the merchant came to his senses and asked.

Fire spirits are different from inanimate objects in that they are active, but they were fire anyway until they made a contract. It was normal to get burned if you grabbed the heated iron bars.

“huh? no. Is it just warm enough?”

“Strange. Can I take a look again? It’s something I’m selling, but I’m stung by my conscience. It could be a defective product.”

“No, it’s fine. This is really a fire spirit.”

Amy looked lovingly at the fire elemental bouncing in the air. And he spoke to Sirone using the mental channel.

-Sirone, it’s the Spirit Zone.

-Spirit Zone?

-huh. this is awesome It’s real fire, but it’s also connected to the spirit. I am still getting the feeling.

Wizards do not get burned by the fire they create. Real fire, but because the creator is a wizard.

According to Amy, I wondered if the spirits were also beings with fixed spirit zones. It has become a kind of spiritual sublimation.

“By the way, how did you guys get the white elixir?”

“It’s from a whirlpool snake.”

“A whirlpool snake? Could it be that you broke the Law of the Valley?”

“Somehow it happened that way.”

It is not unusual for a wizard powerful enough to defeat the Whirlwind Serpent to have a White Elixir.

Although not common, this kind also certainly existed in purgatory. Merchants refer to such people as marginals or people outside the community.

“By the way, what about the contract?”

“Ah, I don’t know, but I’ve seen borderline people do it. If you hold the spirit in your hand and mumble something, it will disappear by itself.”

Jung doesn’t have reason, so it didn’t seem like it was activated with a keyword. Then, all that was left was the spirit of the word magic.

exhale and repeat Resonating with fire was important.

Amy opened the bars with the prison key the merchant gave her. Then, holding her spirit with her hands, she recited her improvised decree.

“Fire spirit, dwell within me.”

As the fire spirit permeated Amy, she felt a warm energy in her stomach.

The contract with the spirit was similar to realizing a new battery. Apart from Ignite, which is a battery of ignition, it is now possible to battery a new fire.

As Amy summoned the spirit, a ball of fire rose and circled around. As she watched happily, she remembered the name of a false flame that was said to have existed in ancient times.

Jack O’Lantern.

This phenomenon, also called demon fire, disappeared into a page of mythology without being verified despite the hypotheses of numerous scholars.

But no more. The Jack O’Lantern existed as an ancient magic in the kingdom of heaven.

The fire elemental was strategically useful.

First of all, it was nice that it could be activated regardless of Ignite, and it could move in the desired orbit, as well as being divided into several parts like an illusion.

Strategies that can be used such as induction function, deception, and multiple fires have come to mind.

Amy realized Sirone’s gaze and extinguished the spirit.

I should have said thank you, but it didn’t come out well. Because it just seemed like it would be awkward.

It was different from receiving an expensive item as a gift. Perhaps what she received was Sirone’s heart.

Sirone smiled. Then he turned and walked away, as if he knew she wouldn’t say anything.

Only then did Amy start to regret it. Why didn’t she say anything? Does that mean she knows her own mind? Or did she have no special meaning in the gift from the beginning?

Sirone has an unpretentious personality, but sometimes, like this, she doesn’t know what she’s thinking.

Sirone looked around the items carefully.

What I realized while watching Amy sign a contract with the fire spirit is that the idea of ​​finding something to take back to the original world was complacent.

Heaven was a dangerous place to cross life and death, and if you reinforce something, you should immediately find a sense of power. If there was such a thing, buying it, no matter how valuable it was, was the way to increase the survival rate.

Since Nord’s Shelter is a place where the cults belonging to the community usually stay, it mainly sells daily necessities.

Of course, it wasn’t that there were no merchants with special items. It is so expensive that it is not even on the market.

Upon learning that Sirone was carrying the White Elixir, a man secretly placed the item on the stall.

Tess ran over and pointed to the item the merchant had raised.

“oh! Isn’t this by any chance?”

A mechanism in the form of a beetle.

It was a drone made with Mecha technology.

Clove ran over and explained. Realizing that Sirone is a big hand, he became more active.

In addition to the already known reconnaissance function and language decoding function, it said that it has functions such as radio communication and map display.

“how is it? Wouldn’t you like to trade with the White Elixir? As you all know, drones are not something you can buy with an elixir. It’s equipment only for subjects.”

Sirone was also positive about this stuff. The drone’s reconnaissance ability was something I had experienced through Kanya. If Tess can use it, it would be a great accessory.

At that time, Arin said that he might be able to shave a little. She said that the merchant’s menarche caught the emotions that he called expensively.

However, I was rather surprised that the price was cheap.

If the fire spirit is a product, the drone is a limited product. If a subject’s belongings were leaked, wouldn’t it be worth it to call?

– Arin, is there something wrong? Unless… … .

-I think so too, but I don’t know. In any case, it’s true that it cost a lot compared to the price. figure out the rest

Tess hadn’t taken her eyes off the drone. She was a stickler for ancient artifacts, so it was clear that if you bought her with or without flaws, she would get it.

Sirone asked instead of her.

“How did you get it? I know it’s something that’s only given personally to the Meccans.”

“Of course it is. But even the Meccans have heresy. He must have stolen it before fleeing to Purgatory. Even if you sell just one, it won’t be difficult to make a living. See here for proof. Isn’t there a strip connected between the rims of the drone? This is proof that it has never been used. That is, straight from the factory. Perhaps the original owner was someone who worked in a Mecca technical facility.”

“Where is he?”

“I don’t know. He could have run away, or he could have died. probably dead It’s almost like that when things from heaven come to market. If you die in purgatory while taking items from heaven to earn elixirs, only the items will remain.”


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