Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 177

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[177] 3. Forest of the Profane (2)

The group looked around. Trees with long leaves covered the sky.

Viewed from above, it seemed that there were no gaps, but the light crept in through every gap and illuminated the world. Moss and mushrooms grew in the shade, and the dampness of moisture was felt in the soil.

Even so, I didn’t feel like it was similar to the original world.

The secret to feeling like time has stopped is the size of the rock.

The age of space can be determined by the weathering of rocks. However, the rocks here were of different sizes. There were small stones, but there were countless rocks as big as houses. It was impossible unless someone moved it.

“The material may be different from where we live. For example, it has durability to the extent that it will not deteriorate over time.”

There was some truth in Canis’ words.

Ancient artifacts are made of minerals that do not exist in the original world. And the fact that it is an ancient relic itself means that it is a pre-historic object. If it’s from heaven, the rock that has endured eons of time is the living proof.

“After all, is this heaven?”

“Let’s check the Spirit Zone first.”

At Amy’s words, each of them checked whether or not they were casting magic. Although the Spirit Zone is an area of ​​omnipotence, I felt uneasy that the battery might be out of order in a physically distant world.

Are you happy? The magic was working normally.

“So this is heaven, right? Now, since we had a good look, shall we go back?”

Everyone looked at Tess. She shook her hand with an awkward smile as if she hadn’t expected it to attract her attention.

“Ahaha, no, I’m kidding.”

“no. I was seriously considering it.”

To the extent that Rian said this, I could imagine how nervous the others were.

As if to prove that fact, Sirone and the others hadn’t moved a single step from where they arrived.

Sirone said, taking a small but great step.

“Let’s move first. Whether it fell from the sky or curved space, you’ve seen the city. Can’t we just walk that way? At least that means there is civilization.”

Where there is civilization, there are laws. Of course, it was unknown whether the law was valid for common sense, but it was a more realistic decision than spending the night in the woods, not knowing what might come out of it.

“But how do you find the city? You don’t know the direction.”

“I can do that.”

Amy’s eyes reddened. Reading the information stored in her memories of her self-image, she pointed to the side where Lian was standing and said.

“From an azimuth perspective, there must be a city over there.”

Amy’s self-image memory perfectly restores a specific point in time. It was the same even when she flew an astronomical distance.

This was based on her abilities not being mathematical. Just as a compass points north regardless of space, she also has a kind of magnet that can center any variable.

Following Amy, the group did not miss the sounds coming from the scenery. I heard grasshoppers and birds, but for some reason I couldn’t see them.

Realizing that it was a phenomenon that should not be overlooked, I stopped walking when I heard the rustling of grass in the forest.

Sensitive Tess drew out her saber and turned around. Lian stood beside her, holding the hilt of the greatsword.

“What is it, Tess?”

“I don’t know. I think someone is coming this way.”

Amy asked with a nervous expression.

“Are you really sure about someone? What is it not?”

Tess couldn’t answer. The sound of breathing was similar to that of a human, but it was something that could not be determined.

There is no guarantee that people will live here in the first place.

In a situation where you don’t know what kind of monster will pop out, the tension of the party has risen to the limit.

Ssssss! Ssssss!

The sound of the vegetation shaking came close and fast. Tess was sure they were on their way, aiming for this place.

As the wizards entered the Spirit Zone, Lian drew his greatsword and hung it down. Whatever it was, the moment it came out of the forest, I intended to pick it up.

Lian, who was waiting for the opponent while taking a deep breath, made a puzzled expression.

Judging by the frequency of the sound, it should have arrived by now, which is normal. However, only the sound was still heard, and the other person did not reveal itself.

“Rian, you better back off.”

Tess’ voice trembled.

When she thought, there was only one possible case. It was a sound coming from farther away than expected.

When Lian, who maintained the posture to raise the sword, took a step back, there was a thump! thud! The ground roared.

Finally, after destroying the bush, the guy showed up.

“What, what is this?”

Sirone looked up. With his head lifted as high as he could break.

was a giant

It is also a giant with a height of 8 meters. She was naked, but there were scraps of cloth draped in places.

His beard came down to his chest, and his face was lined with unsightly wrinkles. In contrast, her body was as strong as that of a young man.

Tess looked at her groin with a strategic decision to find a vital spot. It was flat. His face was also male, and his breasts were not protruding, but he had no genitalia.

“excuse me… … Something bad has happened.”

Arin said. Tess, who entrusted Rian with the giant’s search, looked behind her and asked.

“what’s the matter? Is the situation worse than the current situation?”

“I don’t know which is the worse situation, but it’s the first time something like this has happened.”

Sirone also looked back at Arin. How does her menarche look at the current giant?

“I can’t read emotions. Are you angry, are you laughing, are you sad? Everything is jumbled up.”

The most surprised was Canis. Harvest, materialized behind him, also tilted his head and looked at the giant.

“Arin… … You can’t read emotions?”

It can’t be. In theory, this is impossible.

The ability of supergyeong brings the characteristics of all things in the world down to equal status.

If she blocked her emotions like Sakiri from the Magic Association, it would be normal if she showed at least that level of menstruation.

It was obviously bizarre that he couldn’t read the giant’s emotions.

“He who comes to Purgatory… … . You who denied God… … .”

I couldn’t understand the giant’s words. He didn’t even seem able to get an interpreter. The only person his group could rely on was Arin.


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But she shook her head again.

“I don’t know. I cannot decipher it.”

Menarche and even telepathy do not work. Arin was no different from a blind man. Unable to even read her opponent’s expression, she borrowed Kanis’ eyes.

“Canis, do you think that giant has hostility?”

“Anyway, I guess so.”

Are you saying that Arin, who specializes in telepathy, can’t even sense that he’s alive? Even with the metagate, the reason why I stepped into the unknown world was because I believed in Arin’s ability to neutralize experience.

Arin, it is impossible without Arin. Amy may have felt the same way, so she left her judgment to her until the end.

“Arin, what should we do now?”

“Oh, what to do? Of course you have to run away!”

As Arin quickly ran away, Amy lost her temper.

Kanis chased after her, and the others began to retreat as well.

Amy, who was the slowest to react, looked back at the giant. She was chasing after picking up a sapling nearly two meters high.


The giant’s roar was equal to that of a sonic cannon. Amy kicked herself belatedly in her distraught state.

The roots of the sapling that the giant had swung grazed her collar.

“Because he’s so big, he won’t be able to catch up! You have to run away for now!”

“You don’t have to say that quickly!”

Amy, who caught up with Arin with the schema, shouted. Fortunately, she dodged the blow, but a slight delay in her reaction would have split her back.

“Sorry! I didn’t even know it would be like this.”

Arin did not evade responsibility.

It was an ideal team that entered heaven. Part of her contribution to her party, not being a battle mage, was to discern the tendencies of her enemies and objectively analyze the situation and communicate it to her leader. Now that its functions were paralyzed, all I could say was that I was sorry.

Because it was a community of destiny, no one blamed Arin. But she was worried about the future.

Arin’s mental abilities were a huge advantage. It’s too soon to conclude that she can’t work against just one giant, but it’s true that she’s been twisted since the beginning of her journey.

At the sound of the ground shaking, Sirone turned around. It was a mistake to think that he would be slow because he was big. The giant followed closely.

Tess’s voice was heard through Arin’s mental channel.

-Sirone, give me instructions. Can’t we just run away with teleportation?

-That’s dangerous. We still don’t know where this place is. If you encounter a greater danger, you will be annihilated there.

-But you can’t keep running away, can you? To be honest, I don’t even notice what’s around me right now.

-… … It doesn’t. Then let’s fight here. I think the order is to catch the giant first.

As Sirone took the battle line, Lian and Tess turned and sprang towards the giant.

Amy and Canis took positions on the left and right with Sirone at the center, and Arin played a supporting role at the rear.

Like a avant-garde knight, Lian tried to attack first.

There were many unpredictable variables in fighting an 8-meter-tall enemy. It was difficult to predict an attack from the top of the head, and the only area that could be targeted was below the knee.

Rian aimed at the Achilles heel.

The moment the greatsword was swung, the giant swung the tree trunk. At the halfway point, the weapons collided with each other, tearing the tree trunk apart.

It was not a situation that could be said to have been cut. The giant’s physical strength was so strong that his weapon was destroyed.

The impact of the blow sent Lian flying 3 meters. She managed to land, but her legs dragged on the ground nonetheless.

Feeling a cramp in his right arm, he grabbed the blade of his greatsword with his left hand and assumed a fighting stance.

The giant’s strength was amazing. But what surprised him more than that was that he was fast.

“How could this be? It’s against the laws of physics.”

An 8-meter-tall creature needs hundreds of times greater muscle strength than a human to support its body.

He thought that even standing there was a surprise, but his combative movements were comparable to those of a beast.

“Heresy… … Punish!”

The giant vomited incomprehensible words and threw the cut up sapling at Tess.

The moment the 1-meter-long sapling landed on the ground, Tess took off and flew up.

The giant, who was in a throwing stance, threw out his fist in a connecting motion. Tess, floating in the air, seemed to have no way to escape.

At that moment, as if defying inertia, her body flew forward and landed on the giant’s fist.

It was outside gravity.

Charged on the giant’s forearm, she slashed her left eye with her saber and jumped off. and shouted at her party as the giant covered her eyes and lifted her upper body.


Sirone fired a photon cannon. He was in no position to spare his sanity given the size of the monster.

The light comparable to the size of a cannon ball hit the giant’s abdomen directly.

As the giant’s body bent as if holding a photon cannon in his arms, his two legs rose.

The sight of the giant being pushed back was hard to believe even after seeing it with my own eyes. Canis, who had been subjected to the same technique the other day, squinted in hallucinatory pain.

Sirone and the others thought it was over. However, the giant’s legs, which had been level with the ground, came down and stopped pressing the ground with the soles of his feet.

Everyone is speechless.

I received the Photon Cannon with my body. Wasn’t it the magic that had a destructive power close to 5,000 in the Achievement and Sacrifice Room? It might be an iron gate, but it was absurd that a creature made of flesh and blood could survive.

“oh my god… … How can you get hit and be fine?”

The giant’s impression was crumpled. The wrinkled face was grotesquely frightening.

At that moment, Amy’s fireball flew from the side and burned the giant’s face.

Amy’s judgment worked. Fire is the natural enemy of cells. No matter how strong the muscle was, it was enough to burn it.

The beard-ridden giant grabbed his face and staggered.

I got goosebumps when I checked the face of the giant caught in flames. New skin was regenerating inside the melted and flowing skin.

Tess muttered in disbelief.

“Isn’t that a ski? How does the giant skim?”


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