Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 176

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[176] 2. Guffin’s Gate (3)

“Chief Kadum is the current head of that faction.”

Sirone recalled the two gazes she felt at the banquet. The elders who welcomed the Unlocker would be angels, and those who looked intently at them would be anti-angels.

According to that classification, Hasid, the patriarch’s father, was half an angel. And Mahatoo too.

“Chief Khadum is destroying Kergo. It’s funny that I, who smuggle loops, say this, but I don’t think it’s right to leave the fate of the tribe to the Messenger of God. In fact, I come from anti-angel faction blood, and I was originally destined to be a slave. You may have heard about human tourism by the Galliant Municipality. Most of the victims were anti-angel factions. My mother was also kidnapped by outsiders.”

Amy decided to erase the remnants of Mahatu. If her parents had been through that, it would be understandable for her to express her animosity towards strangers.

“100 years ago, the Kergo tribe was shaken by the invasion of civilization. The anti-angel faction’s wrath intensified when the Galliant Autonomous Government began a manhunt. A third civil war was in the air, and destruction seemed inevitable. But there is someone who reversed it all. The person who ended the civil war by designing the room of achievement and sacrifice to prevent reckless passage to heaven. That is Mr. Miro.”

Sirone recalled the image of the maze. There were times when he felt terrifying in his eyes, which seemed to have a lot of emotional change. However, she was a human being before entering her maze of space-time.

“In fact, it is not without conflict even now. But it’s much better than it was back then. Thanks to Miro. If it had not been for him, I would have been nothing more than a slave.”

“Where is Maze now?”

Sirone knew that she was staying in the middle dimension of Istas. But on the other hand, she thought that she might be everywhere.

“After designing the Chamber of Achievement and Sacrifice, Lady Maze entered Guffin’s Gate. I wasn’t there, but I heard that he left the word that he was going to meet Guffin.”

Amy asked with a puzzled expression.

“wait for a sec. Aren’t guffins from 250 years ago? How can I meet him?”

“I don’t know that either. But it was clearly written that way.”

Sirone thought it was possible.

The fact that he installed the Guffin’s door meant that he was an unlocker who used scale magic. If the maze has a strong spatial aspect, wouldn’t the guffin have a temporal aspect?

Armin, the Eternal Reflector, came to mind. He, too, had been contemplating stop magic for over 100 years, so it wasn’t surprising that Guffin was still alive in some way. Didn’t even the great mage Arcane survive 150 years with only his biological abilities?

Kanis had no interest in the maze. However, the room of achievement and sacrifice she designed was an important clue to her journey to heaven.

“Then, where is the person who passed through the labyrinth of time and space waiting? Since Sirone came, shouldn’t they go with them too?”

After hearing it, Sirone was also curious.

People who proved their strength in the labyrinth’s space-time. If they were still here, we might have gotten more clues.

“Whether or not to accompany is a matter for the messenger of God to decide, but currently no one has. The last team left for heaven two years ago and never returned.”

It was shocking that it was two years ago. More often than expected, people are heading to heaven.

The reason Kadum hid this fact was because he was an angel. He was hoping that more people would go to heaven.

Amy asked another question.

“Every Kergoin believes in Ra, right? But how could a faction arise against an angel?”

“I am also an anti-angel, but I do not know how the first civil war occurred. A volcanic eruption 500 years ago destroyed most of the records. Call it the lost record. Honestly, I don’t even know if volcanic eruptions are the power of angels. It’s just that the story is being told.”

Mahatu’s story influenced judgment. Even if there was a way to return, it was a matter of caution. I couldn’t even get a sense of what heaven was like.

“If you go anyway… … I won’t dry it. No, there is no way to dry it. But I want you to know. The fact that all those who have passed through the time-space of the labyrinth have been stronger than me.”

Mahatu turned around, but in the end, they were saying that they were stronger than Sirone and the others. Even such people could not return from Heaven.

In the heavy atmosphere, Sirone and the others were lost in thought. Mahatu bowed his head, realizing that his sincerity had been conveyed.

“I respect sirone-sama’s will not to be shaken by tribute. It must have come with some meaning, not a common worldly desire. So I thought I should tell you the truth. Whatever choice you make, it’s none of your business, but please make your decision carefully.”

“yes. I heard important information. thank you.”

Silence came as Mahatu left the room.

Heaven was still attractive, but no one tried to convince Sirone.

Sirone’s insight was correct. It was a situation where only Sirone could decide, and the rest had no choice but to follow.

“The headmaster… … How long did you know?”

At the end of the thought, the person who came to mind was Alfeas. Knowing that Sirone is an Unlocker, why did he tell me about the Kergo Ruins?

“Maybe you know what we know? You said that Miro was the principal’s pupil. She must have heard about her actions.”

“Why did you allow it? What if the reality we are facing is happening outside the principal’s expectations? Then what should I choose?”

“There is such a problem. I don’t know how far he expected it, but maybe he thought you wouldn’t go to heaven? Because the country will too. Ultimately the problem is… … .”

Kanis threw the metagate and said.

“It means I was a variable.”

Alpheas did not expect Canis’ existence. He would never have guessed that even if he expected, he would have found a route back.

All that was left was a choice.

First of all, it was positive that there was an exit. Unless it’s a world filled with poisonous gas, you won’t die as soon as you go there.

When you think about it like this, it’s kind of silly not to even try. However, the worst situation of missing the opportunity to return could not be overlooked as long as one did not know what variables human psychology would act on.

By dawn, Sirone had not been able to sleep.


The next morning, Sirone and the others went down to the basement of the temple. Chief Khadum led, followed by Hasid and Mahatu.

Amy thought that this would be the secret space of the ruins that could not be explored with the Spirit Zone.

Upon reaching the lowest floor, there was a straight path through which traces of a volcanic eruption remained. Jewels studded along the walls were guiding the way.

When I opened the iron door and entered, a cavity appeared. Priests stood along the walls, and in the center was a lonely stone gate. The appearance of a door that is not connected to anywhere made it impossible to deny the existence of heaven.

Sirone reached the door.

Guffin’s Gate. It was the entrance to heaven, reborn by Mackline Guffin, an Unlocker from 250 years ago. There was a red orb embedded in it, and a gap of vertical lines was dug around it.

Before coming here, the contract with Kadum had ended. His request was simple. He said that all you have to do is go to Ingris, the archive of angels, and convey the will of Kergo’s chief, Kadum.

An angel’s library. Kadum said that it would not be difficult since it was not a journey to reach God, but he only thought that it was a god and an angel and an impossible mission.

Sirone made eye contact with his friends. he will be able to come back perhaps. Since he had decided to go, he had no choice but to take it easy.

Amy nodded, and Sirone placed her hand on the orb in the center of the door.

The moment I took a deep breath and opened the immortal function, a flash of white light came out of the marble.

“Oh, oh oh oh!”

A voice of awe was heard. Even Mahatu, a half-angelpa, was on his knees and chanting Ankera.

Sirone concentrated more power.

Contrary to first thought, it was not a simple stone wall. The scratch on the door, which was thought to be a trace of the years, turned out to be an indecipherable magic letter as it glowed red.

As the magic worked, the stone wall began to fall apart in cubes the size of dice.

The fragments that had been disintegrating regardless of gravity were pulverized like powder and finally absorbed by light.

A white light burst out from the door and swallowed Sirone.


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“The Guffin’s door is open! Praise the angels!”

The priests fell down and shouted Ankera.

Sirone couldn’t hear their voices. All he could hear was the beating of his heart.

For the first time, I felt afraid. It was just one step, but it was an eternity of distance. I didn’t want to move.

A strong, warm hand touched his shoulder. It was Ryan.

Yes, you are not alone. Ryan will not give up under any circumstances.

Tess’ delicacy, Amy’s cleverness, Canis’ defensive power and Arin’s mental power. Harvest was also a strong ally now.

Isn’t this a great party? A little bit relaxed.

Sirone stepped through the door.

When Sirone and the others left the altar, the white light coalesced into gray particles and the stone wall began to be restored.

The floating cubes found their respective positions and finished assembling them, and the magic letters lost their light.

No one was standing where the stone wall was closed.

The joint was silent.


Sirone gritted his teeth. Brilliant lights were racing all around.

What awaits at this end? No, is there an end? The melody of light that disturbed my eyes did not disappear even when I closed my eyes.

As if it had become a cannonball protruding from the gun barrel, the field of view was wide open.

The feelings of the group were the same. I just hoped it wouldn’t be a world where brimstone fires were burning.

First impression wasn’t bad. The air was clear and cool. But the moment I realized where I was, I screamed.

Guffin’s door was on the ground, so how stupid to think it would come out.

They floated in the sky above the clouds. It was high enough to see the end and end of the sea with the naked eye.

The wizards cast teleportation, but in vain. It fell to the ground faster than a free fall, probably still affected by the Guffin’s door.

The sea receded and I saw a dense forest.

Sirone found a city standing in the center of the forest in the distance. He was the same as he had seen in the labyrinth’s space-time.

It was a castle surrounded by two concentric circles like a ripple, but the area was divided into six equal parts like a pie based on the inner concentric circle.

Machines resembling ladybugs were flying in the sky. I thought at first glance that it was similar to the human brain.

As the altitude decreased, even the city disappeared and eventually crashed into the forest. When I came down through the flood, I saw soil. If he was stuck like this, he would have died instantly.

I tried magic, but it was impossible. It wasn’t until the pebbles rolling on the ground touched his retinas that the Guffin’s Gate let them go.

3. Forest of the Vulgar (1)

out of heaven. purgatory.

Sirone touched her head first, not even having time to look around. It fell on his face first, so it was normal for his head to be smashed.

It seems that I lost consciousness for a moment, but when I came to my senses, I was standing with both legs on the ground without any injuries.

said Tess, looking around her body.

“Are we alive? Or is it dead?”

“Looks like you’re alive? I see you are hungry.”

Being hungry even under these circumstances was an expression of Lian’s boldness, but in reality, he was trying to reassure Tess.

“Maybe we didn’t fall from the sky.”

Sirone explained using his major.

“So it’s like space travel. I came here simply through a tunnel, and I think I saw various landscapes as the space folded.”

After all, it is space movement. However, it was a strange phenomenon that appeared because the distance traveled was beyond common sense.


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