Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 175

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[175] 2. Guffin’s Door (2)

“I estimate that Master went to heaven about 80 years ago. Do you know what that means?”

“No, I don’t know.”

“The Master before going to Heaven and the Master who returned from Heaven have different grades designated by the Magic Association. In other words, he realized something in heaven and became a great wizard. All wizards want to become archmages. Knowing this fact, it doesn’t make sense to not go to heaven.”

Sirone had no choice but to admit it. If the arcane who returned from heaven became a 3rd grade, it was said that something that awakened him existed in heaven.

When Sirone showed signs of shaking, Canis spilled out the last bit of information she had left.

“Most of Master’s notes were written in words, but at the end, there was only one sentence written on them.”

“Which sentence is it?”

“It was like this. It is the origin of everything. The source of schema and… … .”

Ryan’s eyes shone.


Kanis ignored it and continued.

“Forgotten ancient magic… … .”

Amy asked.

“Ancient magic?”

“The silent ancient weapons… … .”

Tess shouted.

“Ancient weapon!”

said Canis, frowning.

“… … Are you doing this on purpose?”

“Ho-ho-ho! sorry. tell me quickly.”

Tess was annoyed at making jokes, but Kanis eventually recited the entire sentence.

“Leave it in this metagate. It was written on the note.”

It was a note left so that those who did not know the existence of heaven could not access the information.

A secret place that even Harvest, who inherited Arcane’s memories, found after wandering around the continent. The fact that he put up a smoke screen until the very end showed how much he wanted this fact to remain unknown.

Even so, I left a record like this… … I wondered if it was an unavoidable bad temper.

Although it was no more than a single sentence, the note contained important information. First of all, there is schema and magic in heaven. Therefore, it is highly likely that humans are living there. In addition, ancient artifacts must have been piled up like a mountain.

Arcane was saying this through text. Swordsmen and wizards of the world, beyond the metagate, ancient artifacts are piled up like a mountain.

So, what exactly is an ancient artifact? There is no record of the artifact in any history book.

Sirone got a sense of what heaven is like.

“Ancient magic. Antiquities. Origin of everything.”

“okay. Master knew. Since when did humans learn schema and use magic? If it is a biological principle, the schema must be expressed in animals as well. But no matter how much we go back in history, nothing comes out about the schema and the birth of the Spirit Zone. Do you know what this means?”

“Humans were aware from the beginning. It’s ironic, but is that what you want to say?”

“That’s right. More specifically, schemes and magic existed before humans existed. Kadum called heaven home. It’s just a myth, but from now on we have to use the myth as a compass to move forward.”

The world before history awaits them. There may be a hidden origin of mankind that no scholar has been able to uncover. Somewhere in a star in the sky whose distance cannot be measured.

“I have told you everything I know. The bottom line is to go there. Not only to carry on Master’s legacy, but also to further improve magic. Arin and I have reached an agreement on this. No matter what happens, there will be no resentment.”

“I-I want to go too!”

Amy expressed her intention to join.

The opportunity to increase the level of magic did not come often to wizards. Also, the fact that Kanis and Arin became rivals from the same school also helped move his heart. I don’t know how dangerous it is, but isn’t there a metagate? It would be foolish not to even try when there is a way to get back.

“If Amy goes, I’ll go too! Sirone, let’s go!”

Tess sided with Amy. An ancient weapon without an owner was waiting, but there was no reason not to go.

The value of metagate alone is enormous. Ancient weapons are objects made of metals that do not exist in the world. I thought that even if I picked up a single stone lying on the street, it would be worth it.

“no. I’m not taking anyone. i won’t go either It’s too dangerous. I don’t think it’s the right choice for us to go to heaven.”

Everyone put on a bewildered expression at Sirone’s words.

It was a shame to give up like this. It was a chance that no magician in the world could find. Didn’t the arcane also rise to the ranks of the archmage after gaining enlightenment in heaven?

“I know it’s dangerous. But isn’t there a way to get back to Kanis?”

“It’s not that kind of problem. It doesn’t matter if there is an exit or not. Just because I can open the gates of heaven, I can’t put you in danger.”

Canis gnashed her teeth.

I knew Sirone’s philanthropic spirit from the moment he jumped off the cliff of the impassable bridge. That’s why I came up with a strategy and brought the situation to this point. But even this could not break the stubbornness of the iron wall.

“If you’re that scared, don’t go. But we made a deal. You will have to let me and Arin enter the gates of heaven.”

“no. I won’t let you go either.”

“You bastard! Are you going to beat me for betrayal now?”

“I can’t even think of it like that. But now you are also a classmate who entered our school. It is unacceptable for me to open the door and send you to your limbs.”

“Who cares about my life? I do my job! And you can come back anytime!”

Aiimage, who always respects Sirone’s wishes, sided with Canis this time.

“Yes, Sirone. It’s a good opportunity. And didn’t you take this risk from the beginning? You came all the way here to learn about the maze.”

Sirone’s voice rose.

“Change your position and think about it. If it were you, could you ask to enter the gates of heaven? Can you take us to the star we saw earlier?”

‘No, I can’t even die.’

It was such a problem. A separate issue from risk.

If Sirone had come alone, and if the present situation were ready, she would enter heaven right away.

But as an unlocker, it was immature to go in with the lives of friends. Sirone, at least among them, had the responsibility to judge in the most mature way.

Amy, who was lost in thought, blew a chestnut on Sirone’s forehead. She said as Sirone grabbed her tingling forehead and looked at her with a bewildered expression.

“Of course I will ask to go to heaven. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.”

Amy lied.

Worrying about your friend’s well-being is also a factor that hinders your cool-headed judgment. Then, I thought that relieving the burden was the first thing to do.

But Sirone was already seeing through.

“Do not lie. This is really dangerous. Even if there is a metagate, do you know where it is? It’s not like you’re going and coming back right away. Why don’t you know that the greater the desire to go, the higher the risk?”


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“Then why did you bring me here?”

“what? that… … .”

“You said you could be at ease with me. Isn’t that why you came home? Or what, did you mean to go sightseeing with a girl?”

Amy fired aggressively. Whether it worked or not, Sirone was speechless. He brought the senior class, who was a waste of a day, to the island, so he was responsible for that.

Tess tapped her chest and agreed with Amy.

“So do i. Even if the person who opens the door is you, it is entirely my will other than following. You don’t have to worry about it until then. Besides, if we’re going anyway, Rian and I will be able to fully contribute.”

In any party, inspection is important. They had bravery and animal senses that wizards didn’t have. The one-second opportunity they created will be a turning point that will separate life and death for wizards.

While Sirone was struggling, someone knocked on the door.

Kanis hid the metagate. However, the owner of Knock did not open the door until permission was given.

When Sirone allowed entry, Mahatu entered. An uninvited guest was an uninvited guest.

As Sirone and the others looked at each other blankly, Mahatu hesitated before speaking.

“Sorry for the day. I came here to formally apologize.”

“It’s okay, because I forgot everything.”

Of course Amy didn’t forget. However, she decides to move on thinking that an apology isn’t the only reason Mahatu was visiting.

As expected, Mahatu got to the point.

“Are you going to heaven?”

Sirone did not answer. Although swayed by the strong persuasion of his friends, his thoughts were still question marks.

“Don’t go.”

Friends’ eyes crumpled.

According to the chieftain, Sirone was the key to the rise and fall of the Kergo tribe. It was surprising that Mahatu, who knew that fact better than anyone else, stopped.

Kanis, who thought Sirone had almost crossed over, said displeasedly when Mahatu struck the candle.

“What are you talking about? Aren’t you going?”

“Excuse me for a moment.”

Mahatu crossed his arms. As he inhaled, his muscles swelled and an intense energy emanated from his eyes.

It was an overwhelming pressing.

Sirone and the others felt the illusion that their bodies were falling backwards. Maybe it’s passing. If I had carried it to my death, I wouldn’t have been able to breathe.

Mahatu, not intending to insult, quickly released the pressing. But the air was still heavy.

“sorry. I was presumptuously showing off my clumsy skills.”

No one took Mahatu’s apology as sincere.

There is nothing absolute about strength, but there is a clear line between good and bad. If it was Mahatu’s level, he would have known his own strength.

“I can’t go to heaven. It’s because I haven’t proven myself in the room of achievement and sacrifice.”

Sirone realized Mahatu’s intentions. It was to inform him of the level of difficulty of the kingdom of heaven based on his own strength.

It may not be possible to compare warriors and wizards on the same basis, but it was convincing enough.

“Are you going to take the Kergoin test?”

“of course. If you prove your strength in the Chamber of Accomplishment and Sacrifice, even Kergo’s warriors will be qualified to go to heaven.”

“But to get there… … .”

“yes. You must have an unlocker. When the gate to heaven buried in volcanic ash was restored, countless people left for heaven. But few returned. That’s why Miro created a room of achievement and sacrifice to test your skills. Of course, Unlocker is an exception, but it is better not to go unless your skills are good enough to pass.”

Few people returned, but the fact that Miro’s name came from Mahatu was surprising.

“How do you know the maze? Have you ever met in person?”

“It is not. But most of her executives know about her.”

“Can you elaborate? We are here to learn about the labyrinth.”

“Indeed, you did.”

Mahatu realized why Sirone was not swayed by gold coins or women. If he’s a man entangled with the labyrinth, he’ll certainly be different from the dissolute unrockers.

“500 years ago, the Kergo civil war broke out. It was a conflict between the group following the angels and the group opposing the angels. The anti-angel faction has won. However, a sudden volcanic eruption brought the tribe to the brink of destruction. People of the sect of angels interpret volcanic eruptions as catastrophes sent by angels.”

Scholars’ view that Ruff caused a civil war is incorrect. Just by adding the word angel, it was clear that it was a top secret shared only by Kergo’s leadership.

“After 250 years, an outsider found this place. His name is Mackline Guffin. He was an Unlocker like Sirone-sama. He restored the ruins of Kergo, buried in volcanic ash, and opened the gates to Heaven. We call it the Guffin’s Gate. But as a result, the incident caused another turmoil. The riots of 250 years ago have begun to be encouraged again. This time, the faction that followed the angels was victorious. It’s a change of government. That is the current Kergo.”


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