Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 169

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[169] 1. Kergo Autonomous District (1)

After sending Sirone to the Accomplishment and Sacrifice Room, Amy and the others arrived at the eastern altar.

When Jis showed the pass, the natives opened the stone gate.

Gis interpreted the words that the trolley had arrived.

Amy and the others nodded, but Canis and Arin seemed uninterested.

This is because he understood the native language through telepathy, one of Arin’s telepathic abilities.

The basement was not deep because of the operation of the trolley.

Railroad tracks were installed along the soil covered with volcanic ash, and natives waiting for the trolley welcomed them by chewing gum.

He had a gentle expression, but Kergo’s unique intense gaze was still the same. It was foreign, as if someone else’s eyes had been transplanted.

Jess felt the same way. However, like a professional solicitor, he approached with a smile.

I held out my hand and asked for a handshake, and the natives accepted it.

“The person in charge of the loop has changed. This is Jis, the new contact this time.”

“Jis? I don’t see you as someone who would do something like this.”

Kergoin recognized his temperament at a glance. Loop trafficking is a serious crime punishable by death in some cases. Jis, on the other hand, seemed docile for a liaison.

“Where is Falcoa? He always came and took it himself.”

“Oh, he is dead.”

“Dead? Dead?”

As I pretended to hit the neck with the blade of my hand, Jess nodded.

The natives had a look of disbelief. Falcoa is strong. He was also a man with a corner that resembled Kergo’s disposition. He was suspicious that the liaison on behalf of such a person was Jiss.

“Do you have a pass?”

“Sure. Now, look here.”

A native with a missing smile snatched the pass.

Amy and the others were naturally nervous. She thought it would be over with just a pass, but she was more wary than expected.

Besides, they didn’t come to buy a loop.

Falcoa is dead and there will be no more loop deals. It was obvious what would happen if the natives found out about this.

The pass was real.

Aboriginal doubts had little power in the face of visible evidence.

The natives guided the party to the trolley.

It was a trolley big enough to carry six people. A seesaw was installed to push the trolley with the power of a lever.

The natives held on to the seesaw and moved the trolley.

Originally, it was supposed to be done by two people, so Lian tried to help, but he had to turn away shyly because he glared.

The brute force that moved the trolley was certainly amazing. However, it is more than 20 kilometers from here to Mount Toa. I would have exhausted myself while exerting myself to reach the destination.

As the track went downhill, the speed increased. It felt like the air in my stomach was falling all at once.

As the slope became gentler, the road came out flat, but the speed did not decrease. It was designed to receive gravity by finely adjusting the inclination.

Certainly, with this principle, it seemed that he could reach the autonomous district faster than a wagon.

“Ugh! It’s insanely fast.”

“I know. I need to hold on tight.”

The wagon shook violently. Life could not be guaranteed if it turned over while accelerating.

Amy and the others quietly sat down. Then the native licked his lips and muttered something.

It was so loud I couldn’t hear it, but it was clear that it wasn’t a good thing.

As the trolley turned a curve, I felt one wheel lift. It wasn’t really a sharp curve, but the acceleration was too fast.

Arin grabbed the chin of the trolley and pulled Canis’s collar with the other hand. And as she got into her straight route, she asked Gees.

“When are you arriving?”

“I don’t know. I think it will take another 20 minutes. It’s my first time here too.”

“But you’ve probably heard the story, haven’t you?”

“at all. You heard about it earlier. This is a secret route to the extent that Falcoa comes and goes. Not only are the Habaris nowhere to be seen, and even the executives don’t know much.”

Arin calculated around 20 minutes. Before reaching Toa Mountain, he needed time to explain his abilities to the group.

Telepathic magic lies on the borderline between eavesdropping and confession.

If you control it with a mental wave, you can penetrate even the inner mind, but there was a disadvantage of revealing the ability.

Due to the nature of spirit-type magic, if the ability is revealed, the effect may decrease because the opponent is wary.

So, there are many cases in which we eavesdrop on thoughts that have risen to the surface by sending out weak mental waves that we usually don’t even notice.

She stretched out the Spirit Zone and infiltrated the shadows of the natives. She then stretched out five more tentacles and attached them to her party, excluding Jiss.

Arin, who had finished preparing, asked the natives.

“How long will it take?”

When the Kergore was heard, the native turned to Arryn. If we were in a face-to-face situation, we would have known that the mouth shape and pronunciation were different, but Arin was not the type to make such a mistake. The noise of the trains and the sense of fast speed also helped to distract them.

“I will be there in about 10 minutes. But there is more to go into. The autonomous district side has a steep slope, so you can’t go by trolley car.”

Amy and the others were surprised when the native language was translated. But no one’s expression changed. This is because he is not immature enough to show his emotions on her face.

After listening to Jis’s interpretation, they realized that his interpreting skills were not very good. Perhaps Arin’s telepathic abilities are outstanding.

-Arin, did you do it?

The reason why Amy pointed out Arin was because her red eyes had spontaneously appeared a while ago. To express the feeling of being penetrated by the spirit zone, the feeling of a gentle breeze blowing was at best.

If it weren’t for self-image memory, your thoughts would have been tapped without you even noticing.

-huh. I connected the mental channel.

– Are you sure you can read my mind?

It was terrifying to think that Arin could read even the most private thoughts.

Fortunately, she shook her head.

If it was a spirit-type archmage, he could easily dominate the senior level, but he would still capture his self-image.

Part of the reason why Arin had difficulty with Amy was that he was the owner of the red face.

-You do not have to worry. It’s kind of like a tunnel. In the mental system, the human mind is classified into 12 levels of depth, which correspond to the 11 levels of superficial psychology. Since only thoughts that have passed through the final filter are transmitted, you cannot know what is inside.


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– Then what are the 12 steps?

-That’s the realm of reason above the surface. Things like forced smiles or pretense. Anyway, if you strongly reject it, the channel will be cut off. Of course, if you say you don’t like it, I’ll quit on my own.

-no. It’s a very comfortable ability if you only read the surface psychology. let’s keep this

-thank you. Jess was excluded. Currently, other people’s transmission channels are blocked. open it now You shouldn’t express it instead.

As Arin opened the transmission channel, thoughts of Lian and Tess flowed in.

-… … Because I want to talk too! Why can’t I speak… … ! what? I can hear you now

-me too. Tess, can you hear me?

-uh. hear it, hear it wow, this is so amazing

Amy realized how comfortable Arin’s ability was. Although we are looking at different places, there were many stories going on in the spirit channel.

It was also interesting that it was magic that was not encountered at magic school.

Dark magic is non-mainstream. This is because it has a fatal weakness despite being a series with excellent application power.

The dark attribute is weak against light.

In addition, the mental system was a tricky magic to try against an opponent with higher mental power than himself.

However, when it comes to the level of Arcane, the story changes. And Canis and Arin were direct disciples of Arcane, who became archmages through dark magic.

‘awesome. This would be a huge help. Oops!’

Amy looked at Arin. As her emotions were raging, her inner thoughts came to the surface.

Arin responded with a smile. I was just happy with Amy’s calculating thoughts.

The human heart is much more focused on desire and selfish than it appears on the outside.

For Arin, who had lived reading such feelings all his life, it was nothing more than a heart full of goodwill.

In any case, telepathic magic will be very effective in an emergency or even in battle. The joining of Canis and Arin was an even stronger reason.

– Ho-ho-ho! This is so much fun! Amy, aren’t those natives annoying? Did you sneak peek at my breast bone earlier?

– Was it? I seemed to be ignoring us.

– I’m getting hungry. Would you like something to eat?

The mental channels were filled with gossip, gossip and grumbling.

Lian and Tess, unfamiliar with magic, tried to use the channel somehow, squeezing out unnecessary thoughts.

Strictly speaking, these thoughts cannot be called thoughts. It was a moment that proved that the environment dominates the mind.

– I’m going to die of noise. Arin, turn down the volume. Or just turn it off.

As Canis spoke, the volume of the voice going to and from the mental channel decreased. It was like whispering in my ear.

I couldn’t hear well if I didn’t concentrate, so my words gradually decreased.

Tess, who was having fun in the midst of chatting, rebelled.

– What is it, why are you turning down the volume? I can’t hear you well. grow up quickly

-Don’t use mental channels unless you’re talking about strategy. Do you think this is a women’s hangout? And that’s Arin’s ability. What are you, don’t raise your voice.

Tess chuckled and clicked her tongue. Still, his expression didn’t change, so it seemed that he wasn’t letting go of his tension.

After the small talk, Arin revealed the reason for showing off his ability.

-As you know, it’s called telepathic magic. I didn’t do it to someone named Jis. Because I am an outsider, I didn’t want my ability to be known, and even if I could be trusted, there was a risk of being exposed to enemies if I reacted to my ability.

Anyway, Jis can understand the language of the natives, so as long as he doesn’t show off, he seems to be able to pass quietly.

-But this is a really convenient ability.

-Heh, know it as one of the alliance rewards. I don’t know if Sirone has passed the test, but if they form a party, it’s essential to use Arin’s ability.

It was true that Canis boasting of her partner was close, but it was so great that it could not be refuted.

– And one more thing. The reason why Arin cast telepathy is because there is a fact that he did not reveal to you.

– Undisclosed facts? What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Amy’s eyes widened. Although the condition of Shirone’s acceptance was at stake, she was not happy that a variable would belatedly arise in the temporary alliance.

– No big deal. I didn’t hide it on purpose, it was because I thought it was something that didn’t need to be publicized. Anyway, let’s talk about it, there is one more reason why Arin and I tried to pass the test gate. Contrary to your expectations, the natives of Kergo are not friendly to outsiders. Rather hostile.

It was definitely no big deal. I hadn’t thought from the beginning that they would applaud and welcome me.

But I thought there was no reason to be hostile.

The self-governing government and the Kergo tribe chose a symbiotic relationship, and there were quite a few natives who were also influenced by civilization at the site.

-The reason they are hostile to outsiders is because the Galliant government made a mistake. When I came to the island 100 years ago, they promised me a hefty reward. The natives also negotiated with the judgment that they could not stop the flow of the times. The business that started like that is the tourism business. You know what, at first the Aboriginal Territories were also open? But now the exchange has been cut off.

-Hmm, on the one hand, I understand. When my dad first entered the colony, there was a lot of backlash. think it’s unavoidable

-There is a part like that. But the Galliant government was not like that. Even if it went too far, it was too much.


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