Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 163

[163] Late Lunch (2)

“Whoa, whoa.”

Amy, who had been watching him for a long time, shouted as if she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Hey! Can’t you just step aside? The red and white chapters are also oily, so when others see us, they think we are the gangsters and you are the victims.”

Marsha, who turned her gaze to Amy, pouted her lips as if setting her breasts on fire, digging deeper into Sirone’s chest.

Amy heard her patience snap.

“Because I really want to see you, this woman!”

Freeman interrupted Marsha and asked.

“Leave it alone. You must be tired from crying.”

Amy looked at Freeman in bewilderment and pointed at him.

“Aren’t you mistaken about something too? Do you know how much we have suffered because of you? It’s a shame that we won, Sirone’s life was almost over!”

That was what really upset Amy. Is it enough if the results are good? If Sirone hadn’t overcome today’s crisis, what would have happened after that would have been horrifying to imagine.

It felt like Sirone’s heart was deprived of magic, but Amy, who had to watch it, came back alive from hell.

“sorry. All of the crimes I committed while working as a gang of parrot thieves were my orders. Marsha only faced off against the Association’s pursuers. But if he says even that is a sin… … .”

Amy asked, crossing her arms.


“I will take responsibility for her life.”

Marsha, who was being embraced by Sirone, jumped up. She and she stormed over and kicked Freeman in the ass.

“You are laughing! Does anyone have anything to stop the confusion? I don’t need someone like you!”

Although he was a staggered Freeman, he still stood there like an old tree. Marsha’s angst was from an early age.

“Sister Marsha.”

Hearing Sirone’s voice, Marsha’s shoulders trembled. She didn’t have the courage to look behind her. The reason she took her anger out on Freeman was because she was afraid of this situation. Eventually, she couldn’t turn her body around and spoke her words out.

“excuse me… … I’m sorry about this Of course it won’t be forgiven.”

“that’s right. My sister can’t forgive me.”

Marsha turned around with a surprised expression. Sirone’s eyes were cold. The image of her caressing her wounds just before had disappeared without a trace.

“You kidnapped and used the girl for whatever reason. It’s something you should never do.”

Marsha couldn’t resist and lowered her head. She has never bullied the weak in her life. She did but she didn’t want to make excuses. It was because she was the one who suffered the most when she kidnapped Yuna.

“Yes, I guess. Come to think of it, he was the villain of the world.”

“that’s right. My older sister is the world’s villain.”

Sirone said without hesitation. Come to think of it, that was his personality. The reason why there is no turmoil when dealing with someone sincerely is because his disposition itself is good, not because he likes to mislead the truth or like perjury.

“I will go. I hope my sister gets through it well. and… … I hope I never see you again.”

Sirone turned around and walked away without regret. Sympathizing with and understanding Marsha was all he could do.


At that moment, Marsha mustered up the courage to shout. Sirone did not make any judgment about this incident. 

It was the same as stealing pottery from the market. So she had no choice but to approach him first.

“What if I leave like that? I’m just starting At least give us a promise to meet again!”

Sirone, who had been standing there for a long time, turned around. Because her eyes were still fierce, Marsha was nervous like a prisoner waiting for her sentence.

“If you really think I did something wrong, I apologize to Yuna. I also wish her wrongdoing, saying sorry to Jess, her brother. We have to compensate for all the damage her brother and sister suffered.”

“of course! Actually, I hate this too. I won’t make excuses, but I will ask for forgiveness from the two of you separately.”

“Even so, that doesn’t make the wrongdoing go away. I will never forgive my sister for what she did.”

Marsha’s shoulders drooped. Tears welled up in her crotch and seemed to fall down her crotch at any moment.

“But if you really choose to live a new life, you can forget the past.”

Marsha hurriedly raised her head. She cried like a child and she was hugged by Sirone.

“Aww! It’s my fault!”

Sirone could not soothe the crying Marsha in her arms. In fact, it was the first choice I made in my life.

Some people have a harder life than others. Not everyone in the world can fight with their convictions.

So, Sirone decided to try to forgive her.

If she was the point where her change began, he thought he would at least have the responsibility to watch it.

‘Clay Marsha… … .’

Is that why? Sirone suddenly realized.

The fact that Marsha, who seemed strong and frightening, was actually a woman small enough to hold in her arms.

* * *

Marsha took Sirone and the others to the building. As it was the place where the two wizards had a confrontation, not a single piece of equipment remained intact.

The friends could guess how much Shirone had struggled to the death.

“Let’s go to the second floor. I fought and I was hungry. I’ll get you some food. The workmanship is not good.”

At least the second floor was in good condition. A few flower pots were broken on the floor.

Sirone and the others waited for the food to be served.

Yuna was also sitting in her seat. Her complexion improved, unlike the first time, as if her tension had been relieved.

I left at dawn and couldn’t eat a single meal until the sun went down. She wasn’t hungry enough to wait for food, so Marsha served her a soup and bread that she could eat right away.

As soon as the food came out, I filled my stomach without hesitation. Lian’s injuries weren’t enough to eat, but she seemed to have eaten the most of the group.

“Can’t we eat out now?”

The part that impressed Sirone the most in this battle was, of course, eating out of the rules. It might not be as much as Unlocker, but it was clear that it was a rare trait in the wizarding world.

“No, it’s not like that. Of course, deprivation is impossible, but in fact, wounds engraved in the heart are not so easily healed. It will be transformed in some way.”

“okay. Mmm.”

When Sirone blurted out his words, Marsha, who was quick-witted, said with a bright smile.

“don’t worry. I won’t make such evil magic anymore. The rules can be changed to some extent.”

Sirone nodded with a surprised expression. This was also practical information that could not be learned at school.

“Then, do you have any rules in mind?”

“I don’t have anything yet. Let’s see… … Shall we go to a magic school and develop magic to bewitch handsome men with blonde hair?”

Sirone smiled anxiously. He suffered from the eccentricity of a regular eater, and he could not pass it off as a joke.

Receiving Amy’s stinging glare, Marsha shook her hand and reassured her.

“Whoops, don’t worry. It’s not Sirone.”

“Hoo? is it so? Then who are you?”

“there is. He goes to magic school, has blonde hair, and is a handsome guy.”

Amy stopped talking. It was futile for her to have an argument with a regular outsider who looked at the world the way she thought.

Freeman put down his spoon and spoke earnestly.

“How about a magic trick to flirt with a man without eyebrows?”


Marsha put the soup in her mouth back onto her plate and threw it away. I didn’t expect her to say such shameless words in a place like this.

“What nonsense are you talking about? How are you really?”

“what’s the matter? Didn’t say a word about me.”

“Is there anyone else in the world without eyebrows besides you and the monkey?”

“A monkey is not a human.”

“no! I mean you’re a monkey! Look at that, did you lose? Like a pathetic coward. How many times have I told you not to ride the reverse technique tree? yes? yes?”

Marcia stabbed Freeman in the temple with a fork. 

As Amy watched the scene, something suddenly came to mind. Certainly, it was strange that Freeman remained unharmed after taking a direct hit from his own flame strike. 

‘Reverse technique tree?’

Those who train schema build up by overlapping several schemas. The most basic build was placed on the bottom, and the build selected as an option went on top.

Reversing it in an instant was the reverse build.

Schema users call this ‘reversal’, and it could be said that it was a defensive build that was chosen only when life was in danger.

Gunners whose vitality is mobility and accuracy are usually based on strengthening their senses or nerves.

Therefore, regenerative builds related to defensive abilities or cell activation builds have no choice but to be placed relatively in the options.

Freeman was also a gunner, so it wouldn’t be that different.

However, according to Marsha, he fought with a defensive build from the beginning, that is, a reversal build.

If so, it makes sense that even though his face was burned by the flame strike, he was fine.

‘but… … . The speed at the end when he saved Marsha was amazing.’

Perhaps that was the movement as an unreversed gunner. As soon as I thought that, my anger rose.

Freeman said, conscious of Amy’s feelings.

“If it wasn’t for the reversal, the opponent would have come up with a different strategy. There is no strong or weak. I just do it according to the situation, and courage is part of my ability. Amy was stronger than me. That’s all.”

Marsha put her chin on her chin and burst out laughing. Let’s sell cowardly eyebrows Freeman now knows how to say something quite manly.

After being praised by the enemy, Amy felt embarrassed for nothing.

“No, what… … The uncle was also great.”

“Thank you. but i’m not a man I am the same age as Marsha.”

“So what? Hey, even if you’re the same age, you’re still a man to me, right?”

Freeman hung his head sullenly and went back to breaking the bread. The question of why Sirone called Marsha ‘sister’ rose to her throat, but being a timid person, she couldn’t bring it out.

After the flirtatious atmosphere passed, Marsha corrected her expression again and said seriously.

“Anyway, Sirone, if you aim to become a mage too, you better be wary of eating out. Actually, it’s funny that I even say that.”

“no. I want to know. Please tell me more.”

“Hmm, actually, the deprivation I used isn’t very effective magic. Although stealing the opponent’s magic is itself an overpower, it’s just a challenge to the possibilities, and it’s not an effective way to fight.”

Even if Sirone thought, it seemed that he would not choose deprivation if he would gain some ability at the cost of risking his life.

It’s because there are too many restrictions on itself to extort the ability of others.

“I am a little unusual. Of course, most of the regular eaters are unusual, but it wasn’t magic that was created with combat in mind from the beginning. Other eat-out eaters will use the eat-out diet, which is much more effective and more applicable than I am.”

“okay. I have to say it now, but it was really creepy when I fought with my sister. I didn’t know there was a way to block the immortal function.”

“Huh, sorry about that. But you’re right. Nothing is impossible in the world of magic. There are no absolutes. You were able to defeat me because you saw through my weaknesses, right?”

“yes. If the initiation of eating out itself was due to trauma, I thought that if we persistently attacked that trauma, variables could arise.”

“That’s right. In other words, it’s a logic battle between constraints and costs. When dealing with regular eaters, it’s more important to quickly grasp the magic equipment they use than fighting power. Of course, if it’s you, I think you’ll do well enough.”

“no. I learned a lot this time.”

Sirone replied sincerely. It was a battle that realized that the world is wide and there are many outstanding people.


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