Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 139

[139] Labyrinth space-time (3)

Sirone realized the situation. It was a more restrictive and dangerous rule than expected. It was because it was much more difficult than I thought to unite the majority of opinions.

I don’t know what was in the Kergo, but if there was something worth risking my life for, there was a possibility of infighting.

“what? Was it that simple? How about this? We’ll take care of the four kids and we’ll go in. I never knew there was such an easy way.”

The leader looked back at Sirone and pursed his lips. Her eyes were looking forward to seeing her terrified figure, but Sirone was just pathetic.

After hearing the rules, it was the right way to cooperate even if you don’t like it from now on. 

A leader who puts emotions first could not only destroy the organization but also endanger the lives of his colleagues.

‘This person doesn’t deserve to be a leader. Other people seem to be halfway there.’

As expected, my colleagues stopped me. If you achieve achievement, you can pass unconditionally, so considering sacrifice was a later issue.

“it’s okay. Let’s start slowly How long will you be here?”

“Sheesh! Be lucky, kid.”

The man with the white tattoo headed to the side of the altar. And he crossed his arms where he could see all eight spheres.

“My explanation ends here. Come out one by one and prove your abilities.”

Sirone party and the mercenary group exchanged glances with each other. It was to calculate who had the advantage of starting first.

The leader pulled out an iron sword and pointed it at Sirone.

“Hey, you guys do it first. Of course, we don’t expect it, but we should do our best so that we can get a feel for it. then you never know I will take you to Kergo.”

“I don’t like it. Why do you arbitrarily decide that?”

“What is it? I mean, I really don’t like you! I’ll kill you right now! Kill you and go in?”

“You keep causing trouble. From now on, we need to unite our opinions. Didn’t you hear that if even one person refuses, you can’t leave? There is no limit to the number of times, but a handicap may be applied to the person who tries, and a trap such as anti-magic may be triggered. Since it is the first time for everyone, we have to judge carefully and decide the order.”

“This, this cheeky little boy… … !”

The leader was about to lose his temper. I hated the way he talked back bluntly, but the fact that he couldn’t refute was the most annoying.

But the sorceress had a different idea. Of course, there may not be any restrictions, but it was good to consider all conceivable variables unless you have been to the future.

“That kid is right. Let’s set the order. Then how should I decide?”

Sirone looked back at the space-time of the labyrinth at the altar. Having experienced a phenomenon called a spot, he was able to roughly predict what the current situation would be like.

“That sphere could probably absorb near-infinite energy. It would be standard for the warriors to do it first, excluding the magicians with high firepower.”

“Does it have to be that violent? Why do you decide?”

“It is the best organ that a descendant of a warrior can prove. In addition, if you look at the altar, it has a structural characteristic of doing something to a set target. Therefore, it is reasonable to view it as a device made for the purpose of hitting.”

“I got it. Then let’s set the order. Shall we start with the inspection first?”

The wizard said and looked back at the leader. But he shook his head as if offended.

“No, I will do it later. What is that kid talking about knowing? It’s a simple game. You just have to go out there and beat it up.”

“Whoa, our leader is like this? What do you want to do?”

“That’s Okay. Then we will send you a test.”

Sirone looked back at the swordsman on her side. Both Ryan and Tess were prosecutors. But you could predict who would come out without seeing them.

After the first try, you can get quite a lot of information. It was such a heavy mission and a dangerous role, so there was no way Lian would send Tess first.

“I will do it first. Of course, it could end on my turn. ha ha ha!”

“Anyway, unfounded confidence. Be careful anyway. Stay alert.”

Supported by Tess, Lian looked around from the center of the altar. 

It definitely felt different from when I saw it from the outside. The marbles on her arms all seemed to be glaring at her.

“hey! do it faster! Are you scared already?”

Lian couldn’t even hear the leader’s words. He knew what to do from the time Sirone pointed at him.

‘For example, I am the vanguard. I must get all the information I can get on my turn. Right, Sirone?’

Lian walked to the northern sphere. He was not as transparent as he seemed from afar. Shall we say that it is filled with a hazy fog?

“Hmm, you said there is no limit to the number of times, right?”

Putting his face on the sphere, Lian tapped it with the back of his hand. When she didn’t respond, she repeated, gradually increasing her strength.

At some point, the fog of the beads disappeared and the number 1 appeared on the transparent beads.

“uh? Is it a number?”

Sirone recalled the explanation she had heard from the man with the white tattoo.

“Ah, God’s language means numbers. Rian, just in case you don’t know, get away.”

Ryan calmly took a couple of steps back. Moments later, the sphere glowed red, illuminating the hall. 

It meant inconsistent. 

I wondered what would happen, but that was all. I watched for another 3 seconds, but nothing particularly threatening happened.

“Aha, if you see a white light, you’ve passed, right?”

After understanding the rules, Lian returned to the center of the altar and finally drew the straight sword. 

When the size of the actual sword hidden by the giant Lian was revealed, the mercenaries were startled. If that was all iron, it was a weight that could not be lifted unless it was a schema.

“Rian! Hit it with all your might!”

Tess, somewhat relaxed, turned her arms around and cheered. It was a big achievement just to know that she didn’t harm anyone who tried.

“don’t worry. I will destroy it in one blow.”

Lian lowered his stance while holding the sword with both hands. Embarrassingly, my heart was pounding. 

But isn’t it a perfect situation to start with the sword passed down from your grandfather? It’s an attack that uses both hands to swing wholeheartedly.

“Good! Then go!”

Rian charged at full speed and slashed the greatsword. Instead of the powerful roar that everyone expected, a round, low sound wave was heard.

The space-time of the maze was not shaken, and there was no reaction to it. It was impossible without absorbing all power.


Lian maintained the posture of striking down the space-time of the maze. He could clearly feel the energy draining from his whole body. 

But more than that, I was curious about the number that would appear on the marble. Is it pass or fail?

The marble became transparent, revealing the number 241. Compared to the hitting power when the number 1 appeared, it seemed to have done quite well.

Unfortunately, however, the orb gave off a red light.

“Oh, what a waste! Sirone, can we do it one more time?”

Lian’s drug is up. At first, she thought it was okay just to explore, but when she was rejected, her stomach churned as if she had been ignored.

“are you okay? Your legs look loose.”

“Oh, this? It sucked all the power. It’s not dangerous because it doesn’t put too much strain on the body. You will recover in a little while.”

Sirone nodded at the new information.

“ah-ha, I see. It’s a handicap, but nothing serious. Hmm.”

“Anyway, I’m really pissed off. If I had only been able to do the schema, I would have been able to pass.

At Lian’s words, the warrior of the mercenary group burst into a hearty laugh.

“Puhahaha! Have you ever been lazy because you can’t even ski? This is ridiculous. Get out of the way, I’ll do it this time.”

When the warrior entered, Lian had no choice but to leave the altar. But even as she walked away, she was muttering ‘One more time.’

“Did 241 come out? Then should I aim for 2,000 or so?”

The warrior rolled up his sleeves and swung his main weapon, the flail. He also wore a hatchet at his waist, but seeing Lian’s attempt, a flail seemed to be an easy way to deliver a shock.

The warrior took a deep breath and stretched all the muscles in his body. It wasn’t that his muscle fibers had significantly thickened, but when those changes took place throughout his body, his size swelled noticeably.

“Tess, that person… … .”

“that’s right. I am a schema user. Probably riding a strength-enhancing build. Well, it’s a natural choice for a warrior.”

“Aaaaaaa! Goaaaaa!”

The warrior charged with a roar as loud as its size. Even so, the hand was rapidly spinning the flail.

It’s not a two-handed weapon, but if you add rotational power, you can produce destructive power comparable to that.

The warrior swung his flail down as if to kill the enemy of the world.

The action stopped with a low booming sound. Like Lian, the sense of deprivation of power paralyzed her whole body.

“Whoa! Whoa! it’s over! You got it right!”

The warrior took a deep breath and stepped back. The technology was gorgeous to look at, so the onlookers watched with anticipation.

The number 248 popped up.

“What, what? Nonsense! 248? Only 7 points higher than that kid? Isn’t this broken?”

Tess walked to the altar, assuming a sword pose.

“Do you know what a hole-in-the-wall toy is? Come down quickly! The red light is already on!”

“No, I can’t admit it! I’ll do it again just once, just once!”

“Okay, come out! Recover your stamina and challenge yourself or not!”

The warrior crumpled his face as if unfair and turned his body. She couldn’t understand at all.

Ever since I was young, I’ve never lost if it’s my strength. It’s 248 even with a strength-enhancing build.

“huh? wait for a sec.”

The warrior looked back at Lian as if it were absurd. Didn’t that kid say he couldn’t open the schema? 

But 241 points. In other words, it was said that he had exerted the same power as himself a little while ago with only the strength of his body.

“What, what? Nonsense! You can’t ski, right? Are you lying?”

“Why are you lying about that? If you fail, let’s quietly wait for the next turn.”

Lian didn’t want to talk about it hesitantly at the point of being rejected. What she was interested in now was how far her friend Tess could go.

Tess stood in the center of the altar and drew her sword. There was a cool sound like sliding on ice. People were mesmerized by the graceful movement, like a textbook.


“No, not necessarily. Absorb all power. When I hit the straight sword, I didn’t even feel the backlash. Maybe the sword won’t bend?”

“okay? Shall we stab it as hard as we can?”

“If you’re anxious, will you do it with my sword? It’s heavy, but you can handle it with a schema, right?”

Tess raised the blade and bent it with her fingers. The sword bounced off with a ting and vibrated rapidly like a hummingbird’s wings.

“No, I will try my swordsmanship. Honestly, this is pretty interesting.”

Tess walked to the end of the altar and stood in a position where she looked at the maze’s space-time obliquely.

Acceleration of concentration through schemas. There are no vital points in the beads, but the speed generated by compressing the body’s movement is completely converted into power.

Tess rushed in silence that was more frightening than spirited. Her perfect score on her balance test was, as befits her, an angle that made her nearly level with the ground.

The moment she arrived at the target, her body shook as if creating an afterimage, and a three-sword brushed through the ground rose as if flying.

The moment he stabbed the sphere with a perfect fante movement, he felt a flash of light explode at the tip of his sword.

Normal swordsmanship has maximum acceleration at the midpoint, but Tess’s swordsmanship, which focuses on stabbing, peaks at the ‘tip speed’ of the sword. 

As these characteristics are maximized through the schema, the thrilling illusion of the eyes occurs.


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