Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 133

[133] Priority (4)

“Oh, this can’t be… … .”

Prayer has gone cold. It was unexpected that the famous fixer on Galliant Island would be knocked down by a woman’s blow.

Lian shook her head as she looked at Tess, who was shaking her hands. With this, where is there any room for a man to squeeze in?

Elsaine swordsmanship is famous for its sophisticated attacks. Trained to stab the vitals in any situation, she was a skilled fighter who could instantly eliminate the gap in her strength or size.

‘It’s impossible to reach the tip of the chin with the minimum amount of movement unless it’s a murderous concentration. I know you’re lucky. If Tess pulled out the sword, you’re already dead.’

Sirone stared blankly at the unmoving fixer. Is this the swordsman’s move that is equal to that of the wizard?

If Lian’s physical strength was avant-garde, Tess’ blow was like seeing a perfect work of art.

“Wow, that’s really cool, Tess.”

“lol! Are you okay? After all, Sirone has eyes to see. Unlike the person standing next to Jogi.”

Lian approached Gido as he listened. 

Gido was terrified and his legs were shaking. As Rihanna grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up, he gave his last breath. 

“Kuh! Do you guys know where this is?”

“I came because I knew where. Do you look like you’re playing hide and seek? Where is Amy now?”

“shit! who is amy How do I know that?”

“Shall I make your heart stop instead of killing me?”

“Shit! Because I really don’t know! If you’re really curious, you guys will look for it!”

“This bastard is real!”

A fire lit up in Ryan’s eyes. I was already nervous to death, but I was wearing salt. Aren’t you doing this because you don’t have time to find it?

I was going to intimidate him with a little more intensity, but Sirone approached.

“Lian, it’s okay. What are you doing by asking me something you don’t know?”

“Then what? Are you really going to go from room to room?”

“No, just ask what you know.”

“You know what? Like what?”

Gido, who met eyes with Sirone, was startled.

Anger of a different nature than Lian’s. It felt like my bones were frozen as the chill soared.

“Ask where Falcoa is.”

* * *

Tavern Royal Palace. B1.

People in the know call this place a temple. Of course, God doesn’t stay. But sometimes he sees God, because of the hallucination caused by the loop.

After all, the VIP room on the 4th floor is a place where tourists who came only after hearing rumors came in and out, and all the real exhaust was in the basement.

The temple was a space where various drugs were distributed and stimulants, loops, could be enjoyed without wanting, so to speak, a space for those who were crazy for pleasure.

The temple is divided into 17 sections, and the total area is 1.5 times larger than the first floor. 

It was always full, but only room 4 was not open to guests, because it was the room of Falcoa, the leader of the freeman organization and the president of the palace.

“So I asked him. Will he be buried after he dies, or will he die after being buried? So do you know what he said?”

“Ughh, what did you say, chief? What does he say?”

Falcoa screamed as she pretended to die.

“Please save my feet!”

“Aww! driving me crazy! Save my feet!”

“Puhahaha! My stomach hurts from laughing so much! Please help me!”

Falcoa’s men banged on the table and exploded with pyrotechnics. But Jess couldn’t understand it at all.

‘Crazy guys. What the hell is this funny about? I’m not crazy.’

“Oh my dear. Why don’t you drink?”

Jess just shook his head without even making eye contact with his partner. It seemed that if I drank here, I would never see the sun rising tomorrow.

Jess gently turned his head to look at Falcoa’s partner. He was sitting by Amy, whom he had brought with him.

Of course, she also didn’t understand Falcoa’s laughing code and was just looking straight ahead with a dry face.

‘It’s really great. I’m scared to death, but my expression doesn’t change.’

If you are an ordinary woman, especially if you are a girl, it is normal to be afraid in a situation surrounded by bloody gang members. However, there was no trace of tension on Amy’s face.

‘Oh, that’s noisy. Bored. I want to go back.’

Amy moistened her lips with the drink in front of her. Because she is an aristocrat, she has learned Judo, but she is not inclined to drink, and she does not drink in the first place. She was bored, and the amount she sipped was enough to cover the bottom of her bottle.

However, alcohol is alcohol, so I fell into a little sentimental thought as my mood exploded.

‘What am I doing here?’

Of course, Jis followed because he was right. But upon reflection, it seemed that this was not the only reason.

‘I’m sure he’s back by now, right?’

Why is Sirone late? Perhaps he was once again caught up in a useless fuss. 

Looking down from Sirone’s omniscient point of view, where could there be one or two pitiful people in the world?

‘Whoa, did you want to imitate me?’

Come to think of it, the reason he came here was no different.

All I could hear was the idiot I met at the port, who didn’t seem to have fallen to the bottom, screaming for help.

The atmosphere at the drinking party grew more and more ripe. Amy became more and more annoyed. 

If it came out forcefully, it would be enough to show off your skills and leave, but contrary to expectations, Falcoa kept his manners.

‘What are you thinking? Would I rather move first?’

By the time Amy was immersed in that thought, Falcoa was also smiling at Amy, conscious of her wicked smile.

‘I can hear the sound of my head rolling from here.’

Amy will be a high-ranking aristocrat. There was an aristocratic unique loftiness that could not be supplemented by appearance alone.

But Falcoa was at ease. He has the most outstanding weapon to subdue the nobles. 

No, with this one, even the king could have made him kneel at his feet.

It was just a loop.

Even now, in the temple, many high-ranking nobles were enslaved by Loop. 

If you look at the time and get used to loop little by little, no matter how proud you are, no nobleman will be able to withstand it.

“now. Let’s toast, cheers!”

At that moment, a crackling sound was heard from beyond the board. Then the shouts of the employees broke out.

“What are you guys doing! Kuck!”

“hey! Stop! This is the boss’s room!”

The door burst open and three people entered.

After checking the assailant’s face, Jis stood up as if he had seen a ghost. They were Amy’s friends from the port.

Falcoa’s expression crumpled at once. As a true guest, he would have forgiven him if he paid several times the amount, but it was a matter of pride for his garden, the temple, to be invaded.

“what? what’s the matter?”

When Falcoa spoke in a voice without laughter, the immediate subordinates sitting around jumped to their feet. Then, the women who knew the temper of the guys secretly noticed and avoided the seat.

“Sirone? How did you know you came here?”

Amy asked with her eyes wide open.

However, Sirone delayed answering. A maddening tickling aura burned up his spine.

The one sitting arrogantly in the seat of honor and crossing his legs in a figure 4 must be Falcoa. He didn’t look particularly monstrous, but at a glance I could tell he wasn’t normal.

‘Strong, that person… … .’

It’s easy to reveal your life. Even an ordinary person can intimidate an opponent if they really want to kill. However, it was not easy to live a quiet life as if it were there or not.

It was an energy that only pros in murder could produce.

‘Amy… … .’

Why is Amy sitting next to someone like that?

There was a drinking cup, not a teacup, in front of her enjoying tea and coffee. The floor was dirty and smelled bad. None of the things she saw in her room were here.

thus… … It was not her will to be here.

“Let’s go, Amy.”

Amy cried. After a long pause, all I could say was, ‘Let’s go back, Amy.’ What is such a confident attitude when you can’t even poke your nose while waiting?

Amy was angry at herself for being happy to see Sirone a moment ago. At what point is Sirone looking at herself? Is it at human eye level or high up in the sky?

This wasn’t what she wanted. That’s why she didn’t want to accept Shirone’s help either. She was confident that if she put her mind to it, she could go out right now.

“You, you! Go in knowing where it is!”

All the employees of the tavern came in droves. However, I couldn’t bear to enter the room of the demon-like Falcoa.

Sirone was stunned. A boss that even his subordinates fear. How deep and deep is this person’s evil?

Falcoa lowered her voice as if it was annoying.

“What are you? Do you know what will happen if you enter the room without my permission?”

“I came to take Amy. free her of her.”

“Pooh, if anyone hears it, they’ll think it was a kidnapping. No matter how noble you are, there are things you need to be careful about. Especially in a place like this.”

Sirone’s prediction was correct. This was an extraterritorial zone protected by the island government.

“What are you doing? Send the little ones back.”

“Where shall we send it back, brother?”

Falcoa picked and exhaled.

“To hell.”

The direct subordinates in room 4 warmed up and approached. It was a prayer on a different level from the employees he had passed so far.

Tess said as she prepared to draw her sword.

“Sirone, be careful. All of these are schema users.”

Shirone’s eyes lit up. Tess had a good eye for it, so it was probably true.

Of course, most of the swordsmanship school students can open the schema. However, it was obviously strange that not one of the gangsters who lived on an island that was not inland was able to schema.

‘Who the hell are you? How can a mere bar owner lead such talented people?’

Sirone stared at the subordinates blocking the front. At that moment, an immense feeling struck Sirone’s heart.


“Sirone, watch out! It’s pressing!”

There are a lot of abilities that correspond to ‘skills of the eye’ in the schema style, but pressing was the most popular skill among them.

It was because the reaction was intuitive, so it was good to use in practice, and it was easy to learn if you knew how to radiate emotions outward.

Sirone was not taken aback. The moment his opponent’s hostility weighed down his lungs, he realized that it was the same technique he suffered from Adele, the head of the Karmis family.

However, the quality of emotions was different. If Adele’s pressing was simply to overwhelm the opponent, their pressing was only to end life.

Rian grabbed the handle of the straight sword and took a step.

“You dare!”

“Rian! wait!”

As Sirone shouted, Falcoa’s men raised their eyes in puzzlement. It is a pressing where as many as 10 people are killed at the same time. Far from spitting out words, it should have been normal if his heart had already stopped.

But Sirone was still standing. Even with a faint smile on his lips.

Amy was the only person who understood the situation.

‘Golden Fire. In a sense, it’s an ability comparable to my red eyes.’

Sirone cannot be wielded by pressing. No, it might be possible, but at their level, there was no chin.

Sirone moved slowly. Then, as if the air was being pushed back, his men retreated in equal strides.

Of course, it wasn’t easy for Shirone to let go of her emotions.

It was the pressure injected by 10 veterans who had experienced countless battles. 

I can’t put a value on my feelings, but I’m guessing it was the feeling of waiting for a carriage running from afar with your hands and feet tied to the ground.

To be more precise, it was the fear of the moment when the wagon arrived right in front of his eyes and the huge wheels filled his vision.

In reality, since death awaits, the time to feel fear is only 0.1 second, but currently, Sirone has been feeling the same emotion for over 20 seconds.


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