Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1276

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final chapter (5)

Hatred welled up in Miro’s eyes.

“Gaold… …

someone like you

Although the form of Harvits evoked fear to the point of nauseating the viewer.


In Miro’s eyes, he was just an object of anger that he wanted to kill right now.

Harvits burst into laughter.


Because the power of disaster code number 23 is too strong.

Even though it was a test version, it was a power that no one in this world could touch.

“Die aaaaaa!”

Each of Havitz’s scales, which looked like a giant fish, was separated as a single entity.

Like fish swimming through the air, tens of thousands of individuals turned around like schools of anchovies.

Miro didn’t mind.


If there is a reason to love someone, there is no reason why Miro does not love Gaold.

‘Where are you?’

The man who miraculously appeared and smiled at the most difficult moments was no longer there.

‘it’s annoying.’

The fact that there was no one else to be annoyed with made Miro truly annoyed.

Tears are flowing.

“Thousands Arms Guanyin.”

The thousand-armed incarnation of Kannon struck Havitsu with the most furious expression.

“Aaaaaaa!” Thousands Arms Guanyin-Gwangmajang.

1.37 billion hits per second is probably the size of her hatred.

“Aww! Aaaaaa!”

The hand of Kannon beat Habitz.


Impacts coming from all directions took no damage to Havitz.

“I am invincible.” If someone applies this code to the real world, that world won’t be sustainable.

Because that unsustainable cause will be transformed into a result and ruin the outside world.

“I am a god!”

Harvitz’s use of force was a clear taboo and proof that he was not a god.


The sound of tens of thousands of fish screaming hit Miro’s eardrums.


The enraged Thousand Hands Guanyin was also waving its arms, cutting the segment of time to the limit.


Eden shouted.

“We need to dry Mr. Miro. Feel like this…≫

The death of the polar line, of course, only transformed Havitz into a stronger being.

Sein said.

“I know. But, you can’t run away. Do you mean just die?”

“Mr. Miro.”

Eden looked back at Satan and bit his lip.


To be honest, even now I was afraid of what he could do to me.

“No, I am not afraid.”

She took a deep breath and ran to Satan.

“As long as God keeps me.”

Because as long as the power of love exists in this world, you will always be invincible.

“Oh God.”

Eden draws the name of the Jordanian religion and blocks between the labyrinth and Satan.


The moment Satan roared and flew in, and the half-charred maze tried to counterattack.

“I believe in God!”

Eden knelt down and spread the shield.

“The value of good is right, the lie of evil is unclean, and the seed of love will spread in this land!”

“Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!”

Satan’s body disintegrated like tens of thousands of blades and struck the defenses of Eden.

Kang! Kang! Kang! Kang! Kang!

Her body trembled at the tremendous power, but Eden never averted her gaze.

“Jorah’s trinity of faith, will, and love! Give me infinite power… … Kyaaaaaaa!”

Kaka Kaka Kaka!

Miro’s hair stood on end at the sound of Eden’s scream in the middle of the prayer.

Harvits shouted.

“I am God!”


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Miro, who had been glaring at Satan who had scratched Eden and ascended to heaven, lowered his eyes.

“Eh, Eden.”

Knock. Knock.

Eden lowered her head with her hands clasped, bleeding from wounds all over her body.

Havitz, who returned to the base type, said.

“Are you stupid, do you still believe in God? Whatever god you believe in, I can make even stronger ones.”

The white skin was stained black.

“I mean something like this.”

-Unauthorized Level 1 Code: Black Day.

Not even for testing purposes.

A disaster that had to be made just because it could be made, and was absolutely unnecessary in this world.


Havitz took pleasure in the immense freedom of his existence.

“So much fun.”

Like a total solar eclipse, a ring of light formed around the rim of the body that had grown into a sphere.

Light and darkness, plane and solid, an embodiment that completely ignores the logic of this world… … .

“it’s okay.”

It expanded to an enormous size and rushed toward the ground in the shape of a devil.

“I will kill them all.”

The reason why Havits, who can end the world at any time if he wants, has endured so far.

“Wizard. This is all your responsibility.” And the reason why the wizard did not reveal itself to him until he endured the pain.

people realized

“… … finished.”

It was to avoid making Harvitz like that.

“We are done.”

Terraforce was right.

What fell into their world was an absolute existence that could not be denied by any logic.

so the end… … .


… … At that time, when everyone accepted, Miro, who had healed Eden, rushed to Habitz.

“Thousands Arms Guanyin.”

Her incarnation, which was reborn, had benevolent eyes unlike a moment ago.

‘It was foolish.’

– Hold on.

As the Supreme Court said.

‘Even fighting evil and winning is the method of evil. Good does not defeat evil.’

Because evil is also man-made.

“A line is… …

As the most basic right, to keep the place as the truth without a doubt.


Because they are not swayed by any logic, they can rely on them beyond time and space.


It is a ray of light that can return even if you get lost in the infinite methodology.


It is the power that can endlessly maintain the sanctuary of goodness that evil can never have.

“I do not overcome evil.” What is a polar line?

“Forever in this place, most correctly.”

The two arms of the Thousand Hands Guanyin turned wide and joined together, and then separated into a huge afterimage.

“I just keep the good.”

All Heaven Projection – Thousand Arms Guanyin Chomangla.

Follow me, follow me!

A huge number of chapters formed a barrier to block Havitz’s attack.

“Stop talking nonsense!”

Havitz’s body, which tried to squeeze through every gap in the signal, was blocked by the wall.

‘There is no blind spot in my mind.’ The strongest defender of mankind, the defense of the labyrinth, the resistance fighters burned their will.

“Now! attack!”

Since it is evil created by humans, it is the principle of the world that humans must judge.

“These wormy humans!”

In fact, those who looked as small as ants were inflicting wounds with swords and magic.

‘Why are you doing this to me? Don’t you hate being sick?’


He must have been someone he never wanted to touch, but he was no longer afraid of anyone.


Harvits laughed.

“You are talking nonsense.”

His hand stretched out and attacked Fleur’s body as she cast the phoenix.


It was a sign of pain.

“Yeah, I remember. You were a fun kid too.”

I remembered that Fleur’s heart was quite thick when I heard it right after Geith’s assassination.

“You don’t even have to talk bullshit.”

The worst pain a black day’s existence could cause penetrated Flew’s body.

“Ah ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Tears of blood flowed from her eyes as she leaned back on her knees.

“Hee, hee!”

The sight and the fear they had imagined made the resistance of the resistance waver in an instant.

Harvits burst into laughter.

“haha! Look! You guys are all the same anyway! If it’s right and sleep, if you beat it… …


“All the same!” As Havitz pressed harder, blood gushed from Flu’s nose, ears, and mouth.

“Fl, Mr. Flu.”

The face of the resistance fighter turned pale at the sight of him wriggling with all of his bodily fluids drained out.

” also?”

they were startled

“Who else is coming? The one standing in the front is the winner. Let’s see… …


He wanted to step back immediately, but if he backed down, someone would have no choice but to be sacrificed.

‘but… … I never want to suffer.’

“haha! It took.”

Flew gradually regained consciousness as Havitz’s hand reached for a soldier.

‘ sick.’

It was an indescribable pain.

‘Mr. Gaold.’

But Flu knows.

A man who has lived through much more than this, possibly overcoming pain that has no limits.

‘I won’t die.’

Because Gaold has already proven it.

‘Don’t carelessly define the limit of human beings.’

As Fleur slowly raised herself, Harvits and everyone’s eyes focused on her.

” I am??????

Blood was dripping, and the features of the bleeding that had occurred had significantly deteriorated. “She was a professional who was loyal to the country and the people.

“The chief secretary of the Tormia Magic Association!”

Silence passed.

After a while, all the resistance fighters shouted and rushed towards Satan.

“Wow! let’s go! let’s fight!”

Passing by Fleur, who passed out while standing still, Lufist conveyed it in his heart.

‘Flu, you are a second-class special promotion.’


The mouth of Habitz, who took the form of a black devil, was torn.


Now, without specifying anyone, hundreds of shadows hit the ground.

“die! die! die!”

Screams echoed through the sky, and Miro cast all his strength into incarnation.


to protect everyone.

‘I have to endure.’

Even in a situation where many people were dying, she tried not to despair.

“little bit more… …

The afterimages of Thousand Arms Guanyin are increasing.

“little bit more.”

Her eyes curled up as she blocked Satan’s attacks at a rate of one billion hits per second.


The spirit of cowardice has passed the threshold of samadhi.

My consciousness sank into the abyss, and I thought that maybe I would never return.

‘I’ll hold on.’

The moment she is about to give her last spur of samadhi to defend the line to the end.


Something shimmered between the defensive walls of the Thousand Hands Guanyin.


It was a huge, transparent tree, protruding its tongue all the way to the ground.


Otherwise, breaking through the square is… … .


Then someone’s voice is heard.

“Wolja Musangshin.”

next moment.


Everyone suddenly found Satan screaming and sliding across the ground.


Incomprehensible to anyone, a 7-year-old girl ran to Havitz.

Miro muttered.

“… … Wizard.”

A person created by all events in history, who exists by breaking through the odds of 1 in billions.

‘ genius.’

The final weapon of humanity has arrived.

Ohhh! Oh oh!

As the song resonated all over the world, Mika delivered the population figure with a sense of portrait.

-Participating objects 380,342,341 people.

About 14 percent.

‘I can’t do this.’

The power of Elikia made from the song of the south is great, but the one I’m facing now is me.

‘If it’s not 100 percent, it’s useless.’

Is it possible?

Indeed, that all mankind, for just one moment, had one mind.


‘Are you tired.’

It came as a huge barrier to Sirone, who knew Omega’s history.

oh oh Oh oh.

Nane heard a song that made the world cry.


A cold god would make decisions based on probabilities, but he had a heart.

“It can’t last forever, you know.”

It was heartbreaking, but pitiful for the pain they would have to go through in the future.

On the other hand, Louver, the manager, was mechanical.

Entering Dremo, he summoned a dreamer from the core where mankind’s dreams gather.

“Activate Samong.”

Not as much as when he was hit by the Death Field, but fear would divide mankind.

“And those who are awake?”

“doesn’t care. Hand over access.”

“All right.”

Mong-ah’s face was grotesquely distorted, and dreams of death began to spread to Drimo.

“This world must be closed.”

Just as Louver’s words blended into the dream, de Limo’s core began to vibrate. Deed Deed Deed!


It was a very distant past for mankind, but it was a very clear sense of déjà vu for the manager.

“Jorahhan’s… …

Miro gave first aid, but Eden still couldn’t wake up from his dream.

Even though he couldn’t stop Harbitz, he didn’t succumb to evil until the very end.

– Yora.

She inherited the spirit of invitation.

– See my dream.

The life of Yorahan, which Sirone had seen, entered quickly through real time.


And when he regained half consciousness, Eden realized what he had to do.

beep! beep!

Eden appeared in front of Louver in the scenery where the entire Drimo was shaking.

“What are you doing?”

“It is to destroy your nightmares. Yohann is… … I want this world to be happy.”


The dreamer with two dark eyes threatened, exposing shark-like teeth.

Eden wasn’t scary.

“I bet you know that too. That Yorahan’s dream can never be stopped≫

Of course I know.

It was to the extent that Louver, one of the managers of the five major systems, reached a compromise with both hands and feet.

“Okay, I will.”

It was the same this time too.

“Stop dreaming as you wish. So, please refrain from sending lore dreams as well.”

“Whoops. Yes, Jorahhan was a good person.”

Eden’s smile disappeared.

“But I’m a bad-tempered Yora, you liar.”

A dream come true.

“No eh eh eh!”

Louver reached out his hand and scattered into the light, and at the same time, the dreamer’s shape disappeared.

Looking at the wizard standing in front of his eyes, Harvits was most excited.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Wizard, Wizard.

“Do you know how long I waited? Because of you, I’m still here because I can’t leave.”

“know. But I hate you.”

“Hehe, yes.”

you F*cked me

“I like you though. Why do you hate me in the first place? How gentle I was to you. You followed all the rules of the game. More than anything, we had fun.” Havitz, the Black Fiend, opened his arms and said.

“I just did what I wanted to do. I mean, anything can be done here. Yet I listened to you Do you know how great this is?”

“I appreciate that.”

“Then change your mind. I kept thinking what the heck do you want to do And I realized.”

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

People’s eyes widened.

“I… …

A black shadow rose from between Harvitz’s legs and soared to great size.

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah Kwah!

Raising a huge pole similar to a male flag, Havitz spread his arms and charged.

“I mean.”

what i wanted to do

– I will violate you!

The moment the devil’s sharp hands fly toward the child’s legs.

“I hate it… …

The indifferent Wizard’s free spirit shook.

“How many times do you say?”

1 frame missing.

“… … I”

What did the Wizard do to Havitz during that first frame?

“ugh… …

Even God couldn’t tell, but tremendous pain began to run through Havitz’s entire body.


Satan’s scream embroidered the world, and the wizard charged again, invoking an incarnation.

– You cheeky bitch!

Havitz attacked again, but one frame disappeared without a doubt.

“… … !”

Ooh oh oh oh!

Amid much more terrible pain than before, Satan cried out with tears of blood.


why does it hurt so much

‘no! I hate being sick! Get rid of pain!’

1 frame again.

“Aaaaaaaa! it hurts! It hurts oh oh oh!”

Havitz, not knowing what had happened, felt pain followed by fear.

‘I can’t respond. More, stronger codes!’


As the Wizard threw himself, Satan covered himself with both arms and shouted.

“for a moment! that stop… … !”

“Baekja Yoonhoe.”

The next moment, the devil, who had become a rag, collapsed with his limbs spread out.

“100 million! Wow!”

Gwap, Gwap, Heukil’s skin cracked open, and the rotten intestines that were filled inside it popped out.

‘Sal, save me. I want to go out. It’s too scary.’

Harvits cried.

‘mom mom! please me… …

1 frame.

The moment something flashed, a shock that was enough to paralyze the mind hit the whole body.

“Um, um, um.”

The devil, who had become a rag in a state where the intestines in the stomach were saggy, crawled out.

“Mommy! Ummmmmmmmmm!”

People watched as the atrocious and chaotic Satan wept in terror.

Miro asked.

“Where does evil come from?”

And she said it again.

“From a farther evil.”

Above the earth-crawler Satan’s head, Wizard flew up with his arms outstretched.

“Wolja Musangshin.”

“now stop! Because I was wrong! Please stop… …

Evil attend.

Without sound or form, the shape of the devil was destroyed, and Habitz rolled on the ground.

“Turn it off!”

The skull was cracked open, the brain exposed, the limbs twisted, and the intestines protruding.

Wizard looked at the sky.


You’ve done what you taught me.

-Participating objects 1,358,092,587 people.

As the traditional dream spread around the world, the number of people who sang Mayan songs increased even more.

Even Gaold, who couldn’t stand up, hummed a melody in a choked voice.

“Ohhh… … Oh oh.”

The operators of High Gear in the basement also sang loudly with the survivors.

“Ohhhh! Oh oh!”

Each person’s personality, each person’s life, and the many tones gather into one wave.

-2,451,729,157 participants in the number of participants! Finally, it became a white cry and shook the world.

Ohhh! Oh oh!

Sirone shuddered.

‘I’m almost there.’

The Ultima system reach rate exceeded 91%.

and the rest.

“good! more! Come in stronger!” In the middle of the fight between Lian and Ymir, the soldiers did not dare to intervene.

Clump groaned.

‘I don’t think creatures fight.’

But on the other hand, the fierceness that makes you think that it is extremely biological.

Tess bit her lip until it bled.


The body, which could no longer be regenerated, had already burst muscles in places.

“Even my country… …

Reina stopped as she stepped out.

“no. There’s nothing we can do. It just upsets Lian’s mind.”


Since no one intervened, Lian was able to fight like a yaksha the most.

said Klump.

“It’s not cowardly. You have to acknowledge your skills. The best swordsman in the world is Lian.”

best inspection.

Lai, who was watching from the outside like everyone else, savored the words.

‘Yeah, you went there after all.’

Rai grabbed his sword.

‘But I am too, Lian. It won’t end like this.’

crossing the limits.

‘I’ll show you my sword.’

He glared at Ymir, then strained his eyes and suddenly kicked off the ground and ran.


Klump shouted, and Reina followed.

“That fool!”

Leaving behind the cries of his family, he arrived at the battlefield and grabbed his sword.

As Lian, whose leg was completely bent, knelt down, Ymir delivered a fatal blow.

Rai’s eyes sparkled.


At the end of life, shouts explode.


He slung Lian’s body onto his shoulders with all the strength he could pull up.

pushed out

At the moment of collapsing sideways, Rian turned his head with a surprised expression.


Rai smiled softly, and Ymir’s regime blew his body away.

bang! bang! bang!

All of Lai’s bones were broken as he bounced off the floor at a terrifying speed.

‘How is it, Lian?’

In the consciousness of being distant, Rai asked.

‘Is my sword worth using?’

Reina, who watched the scene from a distance, hurriedly turned and ran towards Rai.

“hey! hey!”

His breath had already stopped, but his sister’s face in her arms was smiling.

Reina raises her head and screams.


Aware of her crying, Lian slowly turned her head with a bewildered face.


Ymir said, shaking his hands.

“A flying fly got in. well, good There should be a penalty like this… …

divine transcendence.


Without even feeling that something had passed, Ymir’s shoulder was cut diagonally.

With a slap, Ymir, who blocked the massive flow of blood with his muscles, blinked.

A large straight sword raised diagonally was in the air.


and… … Lian’s machine-made right arm also rose as mere steam.

A rate at which metal evaporates.


Then, along Ymir’s cutting plane, an illusion as if the whole world was splitting unfolded.


– Harvits, Harvits. Let’s glow.

Hearing the voices of his friends from somewhere, Havits briefly regained consciousness.


are you still here?

My head was dizzy, and thoughts inside and outside were mixing at will.

“Ugh. Uh uh.”

it hurts, it hurts

And from the other side of the land that coincided with the sight, a familiar face began to walk.

‘Welcome, seven-year-old boy.’

It must have been Zeta Roy, but in Havitz’s eyes, he could see the figure of a smaller child.

He was limping on one of his twisted legs.

His nickname in the outside world is a seven-year-old boy. Although he was born with a congenital deformity, he seems to have been the brightest of his friends.

‘You live very hard too.’

Of course, with the science and medical technology there, it is easy to treat genes.

‘I only need to enter the capsule once.’ However, in a world where eating and breeding were prohibited, he did not receive any treatment.

In fact, everyone did.

‘We have no identity. shouldn’t exist. I’ll just be bored if I go back anyway.’


Even though his leg was fine, Zetaro was deliberately limping with his legs crossed.

Since it was an illegal connection anyway, he might have weakened the missing link.

“Yes, Doctor.”

Havitz lay down, catching the pouring intestines.

“How is my condition?”

After throwing the bag she was holding onto the ground, Zeta Law sat down next to Havitz and checked his condition.

“Hmm, that’s a bit serious. But don’t worry. If you stop the bleeding, you’ll be fine soon.”

Harvits’ nostrils flared.

“Then, how should I stop the bleeding?”

Jetaro also put his hand in his bag, desperately holding back the corners of his mouth going up.

Holding a scalpel like that in reverse.


He shared a gaze with Harvits, who had already finished preparations, and his eyes widened.

“How do I know!”

Puck, Puck, blood spurted all the way to his face every time he hacked Havitz’s brain.

“Puhahaha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Havitz burst into laughter as he died.

‘ also.’

Jetaro is fun.

His expression diminished in his dying spirit, and tears welled up in Havitz’s eyes.

‘ mom.’

Can’t we just play a little longer?

‘I don’t want to go home… … Havits died, and Satan was annihilated.

With the disappearance of the main system, the demons spread all over the world also completely disappeared.


Zeta Law, who laughed at Havitz with all her might, looked up at the sky with a face covered in blood.

Ohhh! Oh oh!

Hearing the song echoing around the world, he put his mouth together.

” Oh oh??????

But even for a moment, he smiled as he thought about something.

Shut up!

My tarot, which had been cut with a scalpel, fell on Havitz’s body.

Ymir couldn’t regenerate his body.


Giving up his shoulders that would not come out no matter how hard he tried, he looked back at Lian.

“you… …

Again, without even feeling, Ymir’s right leg went limp.

Ymir, who was balancing on one leg, saw the great sword in motion.

‘It’s not the body.’

The mind is moving the sword.


Ymir, whose remaining thighs inflated like balloons, tore the corners of his mouth.


At the same time, Lian was hit.

The movement of Daejikdo was invisible, but the scenery was being split like a puzzle.


And Ymir’s body also shrank little by little.


The soldiers clenched their fists.

“I’m winning!”

It was a huge wonder that one swordsman had reached, but Tess’ heart was torn.

“Huh! Whoops!”

Even if he swung the sword with his missing right arm, the aftermath was being applied to other parts.

Just by turning around, the muscles evaporated and the white bones were exposed.


Clump shrugged.

“Don’t close your eyes. You must watch till the end. This is what the inspection can reach… …

Tears also flowed from his eyes.

“It is the ultimate.”

Ymir, who had only his left arm left, lifted his head while doing a handstand.

“Whoa! Whoa!”


No, are you happy?

Obviously, it was the first time his heart beat so fast during countless battles.

“This is the end.”

When I put all my strength into my left arm, gravity was distorted with tremendous force.

Lian, whose tongue had evaporated, was unable to speak, but the skeleton’s left arm aimed at the straight sword.

“Cheuk, good.”

Thank you, Ogent.

Ymir’s smile faded, his perfectly focused eyes sucked into the abyss.

‘The strongest power.’

pop! The moment Ymir, who pushed her off the ground and flew away, extended her fist to Rian.

Divine Transcendence – Palace. Rian’s body vibrated, and even the flesh and muscles that were attached to her completely stopped.

The sword was sharp.

“nice… …

However, the power contained in the sword shattered Ymir’s palace, Ultima.


While flying up into the sky, the disintegrated body began to scatter in atomic units.

“Yes, you are the best.”

Waiting for extinction, he thought.

‘He’s dying.’

Oh, that means I’m dying.


Madness fills Ymir’s eyes.

“You mean I was alive!”

A final laugh echoed in the void utterly dissipated into atoms.

hahahahahaha… … .

Crown roamed the ship.

“Stop the author! Arrest the escapees! They have a woman!”

There were combatants everywhere, and as a result of analyzing the language, Shiina seemed to be safe.

“Hmm, jailbreak.”

Prison of Balance.

It seems that a division occurred inside Terra Force and took out some people.

“Even if I want to find it… …

When the battle started again, Crown moved with an asymmetrical extreme.

“That way!”

Terraforce’s sonic weapons tracked their location in an instant and shook his intestines.


Rolling on the floor, he leaned his back against the wall.

‘why not?’

They are obviously copying Quan’s state as it is, but the enemy’s response was very different.

‘Am I missing something?’

No way.

Isn’t it possible that someone from the outside world can’t understand something in this world?

A sound was heard from afar.

– This way.

Crown had a hunch.


– He has a woman. I do not have time. I’ll give you the location, so hurry up… … Kut!

The sound cut out.

However, when the waves that had already been sent arrived at the brain waves, Crown was able to know the situation.

“Okay, shall we go?”

Again Quan resisted, but the crown pressed him deeply inside again.


I think I know something.

Maya repeated endlessly.

“Ohhhh. Oh oh.”

one heart.

Her song was transmitted to Ikael through Ashur’s signal.

And the sound waves passed through Ataraxia and were greatly amplified and spread throughout the world.

Ohhh! Oh oh!

However, Cell Buster still threatened the ground.

Amy’s flame layer couldn’t catch all the objects, but rather the number increased.

Ikael looked down at the ground.


Cayden was cutting Antisel with the flash of light, but it felt increasingly dangerous.


Anticell flies to Maya through a gap in the flash.

“Ohhhh. Oh oh.”

Cayden tracked it down and slashed it.

Then he moved his sword again and swept thousands at the same time with the three-dimensional speed of the light beam.

‘are you okay.’

Maya was not afraid.

‘Caden will protect you.’

The dazzling flashes of light moving around were beautifully illuminating Maya’s eyes.

‘Only with all my heart.’

to sing.

“Ohhhh. Oh oh.”

And at the same time, Cayden felt his head open in the state of selflessness.

‘ah?… ”

magic swordsman.

‘Maybe it’s a good life.’

Full body jailbreak.

When I let go of the speed my consciousness was holding, the lines of light overlapped to form a perfect plane.

Maya smiled.


Light rain fell every time the veil was dissipated.

“ha. ha.”

Kira, who was guarding the survivor’s shelter, sat down against the wall alongside her summoned beast, Etron.

“The demons are alive.”

A 1-star Ivory Tower villager is a powerful force, but it was worth deploying at least one.

“next. next.”

The people who played the card game and Lampa played the game with bloodshot eyes.

“next! next!”

The money that rotates the board gradually accumulates in Lampa, and the moment when the results finally come out.

“victor! Lampa! The winning hand… … I” Gudio drew a dagger from the table and put it in front of Ness.

“… love.”

In silence, they shed tears.

“It was the only route for Mr. Lampa to win. It’s not that the kid is right.”

“What is right is the human heart that chooses a child.”

“okay. Therefore, in the chain reaction of good and evil, what we must protect until the end… …

It is love.

‘So what is it?’ Thoughts kept wandering through Crown’s head as he fled from the combatants.

‘I mean love. It’s for breeding, isn’t it? The outside world has already seen the compromise. There is no reason to breed anymore. everything is perfect We just have to live happily together. Aren’t you lonely? Because I reincarnate through the missing link.’

But why?

‘Are they going to give birth there too?’ As the question continues, Crown arrives at the location the prisoner told him about.

Shiina, who had lost consciousness, was being held by the Supreme Court Justice.

Crown asked.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because Sun won. This is the first time the ruling has been overturned. But there are those who refuse.”

“Pride? You guys are uncivilized too.”

“Not really. The question is, how do we make a judgment about an overturned verdict? If the authority of the Supreme Court declines, good and evil will no longer be judged.”

“Doesn’t it matter?”


The magistrate approached.

“So you saved the woman. take it with you Humans… … I deserve to live in this world.”


Just as Crown limped a step, a sword came out of the chest of the Supreme Court justice.


After canceling the stealth status, the combat commander appeared and drew his sword.

The chief justice collapsed and he cried out.

“God’s rules are strict! You can’t go against the Supreme Court’s ruling that has already been made! In the name of God… … !”

Raising his sword, he stabbed Shiina in the neck.


? o’clock this naaaa!

At that moment, Crown was struck by a strong enough signal to lose himself.


Thoughts that passed in an instant.

‘idiot! If we fight here… …

It was the fact that Terraforce’s sword was already stabbing Shiina’s throat.

‘it’s over. It’s impossible.’

No matter how exquisite Kuan’s movement is, the coordinates of the zero point are not distorted.

‘I can’t move anywhere. There is no way.’



_that… … .


I hear Kuan’s voice.

-You think.

A huge illusion began to occur in the realm of nothingness where there was nothing.

‘Ah, that’s right.’

Quan, who moved along a certain coordinate that could not even be imagined, swung his sword.

The head of the Terraforce battle commander fell off, and a drop of blood formed on Cyana’s neck.

“Shi, Shiina.”

As Kuan lifted her body, Shiina opened her eyes.


“I’m sorry.”

The clear voice brought Shiina to tears.

“What are you sorry about?”

“For making me cry.”

“Just do that one more time! I don’t need clowns. I need you!”

Quan shook his head.

“i love you.”

The two hugged each other tightly, and Crown did not step forward.

‘is it?’

Love is.

‘Is it a signal originating from a place further away than the outside world?’

In the realm of infinite infinity that does not truly exist, this is where an illusion is triggered.

Holding a lover’s hand, parents looking at their children, and loving this world.

All that love is happening in infinite nothingness.


Crown cut off the signals connected to this world with a bitter smile.

‘I have to go back.’

And when you wake up from your dream… … .

‘I don’t know if the outside world will change a little.’

Crown, connection terminated.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

The next moment the ship tilted sharply

The head of the combat commander rolled on the Supreme Court judge.


He asked with only his neck left.

“Why did you betray me? You broke the rules of Terraforce. You will not be able to judge good and evil.”

“You still don’t know?”

said the magistrate gasping for breath.

“If the verdict is overturned, it means our standards are wrong. Now the judge is human. Not us.” “I make the final verdict. As of this time, humans are in God’s prison… …

The judge’s breath stopped.


Then, the light in the combat commander’s eyes went out, and Shiina raised Kuan to his feet.

“What should I do? We have to get out quickly!”

As the weight of the ship was enormous, there was no chance to survive if it was stuck on the ground.

Kaka Kaka Kaka!

At that moment, the metal of the ceiling was torn apart, and the face of a huge dragon came in.

“Are you okay?”

It was the dragon Argan.

Before Shiina had time to reply, Argan, who had launched them, disappeared in a flash.

When the thing blocking the hole was gone, a great wind blew them outside with a large pressure difference.


Kuan caught the falling Shiina, and As Riker picked them up on his back.


Poine, the venomous dragon, approached them.

“Hold on tight. It will be a little faster.”

As I accelerated to great speed, the borders on the ground began to rush in quickly.

Shiina looked down at the ground.

oh oh oh

The whole world was singing.

When the Ultima integration rate reached 98%, Yahweh and Buddha arrived in the sky above the temple.

I shouted.

“Why don’t you know!”

that it was only a momentary miracle.

Even if the world is maintained, humans will forget this moment again.

“kite! of! one! jean! this! award! texture!”

Nane resisted desperately.

“cloth! nine! mind! castle! jin! womb! you! award! Aaaaaa! dog! mi! enemy! under! tooth! I am! ball!”

Sirone widened her eyes as she looked at the sword of light flying with the strongest power.

“Even if it’s a momentary miracle… …

As the Miracle Stream expanded, it began to destroy all of Nane’s sermons.

“It’s a miracle we made.”

not god

In the midst of a head-on collision between the mind and the law, Mika announced the integration rate of Ultima.

-Ultima System 99.9 percent!

99.99 percent! 99.999… …

And finally.



‘Even a momentary miracle is fine!’

Race, gender, age, culture, history, thought, disposition, personality, politics, values… … .

‘With all my heart!’

Overcome all discrimination such as taste, language, disability, occupation, tradition, country, education, role, position, and status.


A unified mental system was established.

-Ultima System (unanimous user code).

As light rose from all over the world, it seemed as if the entire planet was enveloped in a halo of light.

Humanity who reached one heart shed tears feeling the extreme joy and thrill.

“Aaaaa! Aaaaa!”

In a world full of light, Armin knelt down and sobbed.

This world seen through the light’s eye.

‘ I am??????

so beautiful and bright

‘I will draw this moment.’

It was an extreme art that seemed impossible to reach even if I devoted my whole life to fill it with light.

“me : yes!”

And the light comes together to perfectly match Sirone’s Miracle Stream.

“We will live!”

The minds of all users became a single beam of light and completely annihilated all the swords of the sermon.

‘is it?’

Nane, who was looking at the flash flying from far away, gently closed her eyes.

‘ I get it.’

The Buddha’s realm disappears.

The next moment, a flash of light swept over Nane, and it stretched out and crashed into the anticell barrier.

Puff puff puff puff!

Argones tried to stop by increasing the density, but even that was easily pierced.

‘Hearts of all users.’

Nane smiled bitterly.

‘It’s too much.’

It will probably fly to the end of the universe, but now there is no logic to refute.


pop… … .

Breaking through the extraordinarily thick barrier of cells, Nane moved farther into outer space.

“ha! ha!” Sirone, who poured all her strength into one Ultima, stumbled and landed on the ground.

“me : yes.”

It can’t end like this.

At that moment, the huge face of Argones protruded from the barrier of Anticell.

– Extinction code activated!


As long as Buddha recognized Yahweh, all administrators had to follow Sirone’s will.

– I can’t admit it! God is with us! Human! obey me!

Countless anti-cell spills

got down

“maybe… …

Taeseong said.

“It must have been since the first Gaians came down to this land. Argones felt fear.”

“The manager is afraid.”

Lethe muttered that and asked.

“… … Is it an error?”

“yes. Perhaps the first error among administrators. I’ve tried to stay undetected, but there have been quite a few times when my programming decisions have deviated from the average I know. It was cold, but it was kind. Tried to annihilate humanity, tried to protect it


“And now you want to destroy it again?”

“Feeling the fear in Gaia’s eyes, he was probably confused. He was designed as a god, but perhaps he himself is a creature.”

It is the manifestation of that fear.

“Whoa, then how do you stop it? That’s a bug that goes beyond the user’s rights.”

“That too.”

Taeseong said.

“It became the human share.” Amy couldn’t stand it when the thickness of the Argones became thicker than the flame layer.


Landing in front of Sirone, she looked up at the sky.

“It’s a big deal. There is no way to stop it.”

“That is an infinite multiplication algorithm. If we don’t get rid of them once and for all, they will multiply again and eventually close the universe.”

A situation in which the second miracle must be planned.


-Ultima integration rate is 94%.

‘Can I make it on time?’

Anticell had already descended enough to reach the highest mountain on earth.

Tess’ voice trembled.

“Lee, Lian.”

A skeleton swordsman with one arm missing, as well as his skin and muscles, stood up.

He looked up at the sky, but he had no eyes, so he couldn’t tell what he was looking at.


As Tess tried to run, he shook his head as he pointed his sword sideways.

‘Sorry, Tess.’

He should have died already.

‘Anyway, I don’t think I can go back to you.’

I don’t know why he didn’t die, but at least he knew why he was alive.


It was the knight’s last conviction.

Everyone realized as Lian slowly bent his legs and prepared to swing his sword.

said Klump.


Tears flowed at the death of his grandson, but he felt a warm energy in a corner of his heart.

“Don’t forget Ogent’s sword.”

I don’t know if I can hear him, but Lian’s head gently drops.

After a while, Lian’s skeleton lifted his head again and caused a tremendous vibration.


Reina held Tess’s hand as Lian evaporated while burning smoke.

“I will watch until the end.”

Tess nodded while crying.


Ryan said it from the heart.

‘I’ll open the way.’

The vibration got stronger, and his idea began to shake the whole world.


Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

‘I am Ogent Lian.’

His body evaporated completely.

‘Sirone’s… …

-It’s Sirone’s sword!

Daejikdo, which flew at the speed of light, completely removed all the anticells that covered the planet.


Seeing the sky open for a moment, Sirone and Amy made faces of surprise.

“ah?… ”

It was dawning, and the blue sky caught my breath.


It resembled the ethos of the Ogent family.


And in the next moment, <Ide 0}, which had all the anticells removed, landed in front of Sirone.

“Rian… …

A belief that will never be destroyed.

‘Thank you.’

Sirone bowed in front of the sword with all respect and slowly raised her head.

“me : yes.”

Right now, it has escaped God’s control, but these coordinates are still connected to the outside world.

‘The only erroneous coordinates in the multiverse. There’s no way they’ll leave us alone.’

Sirone, who made a cape out of material to cover Amy’s body, grabbed her shoulder.

“I’ll make a decision and come back.”

As I turned toward space, Amy grabbed my wrist.

“Sirone… …

It was a frightened expression.

“are you okay.”

Sirone said.

“It’s something only I can do. i have to finish will definitely come back I’ll promise.”

Amy shook her head slightly.


It was because I felt anxious that if I let him go, I would never see him again.

Sirone, who smiled, dissolved into particles of light and disappeared, just like that face.

“ah… …

All that remained in her hands was warmth.

Ryan looked around.

” huh?”

It was a dark space, and a signal was shooting from far away.

“Nice, your sign.”


When I turned my head to Rai’s voice, he really stood there with a smile on his face.

“What happened?”

“As expected, you don’t know.”

” what?”

Rai pointed to the light.

“When you come here, you know everything. If you go into that light, it’s the outside world.”

“okay? So what are you going to do?”

“You cannot go.”

Lian tilted her head.


“There are two fallacies in our world. A signal from somewhere. Hexa. And another… …

Rai pointed at Lian.


“Am I an error?”

“Yes, Rian, you are not a user. you… …

said Lai.

“You are Ogent.”

To be precise, it was a new signal created by combining the signals of Ogent and Smille.

“Hexa can’t go out to the outside world. I got Guy’s signal, but the code is different. Neither do you. That’s why I was the only one who was able to materialize ideas in this world. If Hexa is the signal for combining hearts, then you have reached Ultima alone.”

It’s called belief.

“I do not know what I mean.”

“haha! Think easy. The spirit of the outside world does not dwell in the body of Ozentrai. When I dream, there are many other people besides me. Friends, family, enemies and countless backgrounds and times. In fact, all of that is me.”

“That’s right, reincarnation. You’ll find out when you wake up from the dream. The fact that I was Rai, I was you, I was someone else, I was the wind, I was the water.”

“I can’t go… …

I couldn’t escape to the outside world, nor could I return to the original world.

“But why am I here?”

“Because the signal is connected.”

It was only then that Ryan took a closer look.

The signal coming from the outside world was connected to himself, not to Lai.


“Go back to your world.” Ryan didn’t say anything.

“You and Sirone can’t go outside. I will live happily in your world.”

“Your brother?”

Rai didn’t answer.

“How is your brother? There is no signal, right? Then where will you go brother?”

is eternal extinction.

“are you okay. What I gave you is my signal. Ozentrai will be erased, but my existence will continue through you. Yes, like the heart.”

It goes beyond dimensions.

“go back. Do you have someone you love? I do not have time. Ogent Rye will soon be expunged.”

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