Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1271

Cheolgeuk (5)

Terraforce Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court justices had already left, but the judges who did not give up their will remained.

“You are too hasty! The battle between good and evil is not over! Aren’t there any polar lines left?”

The reason why Terraforce quickly confirmed the victory of evil was because of the fate of the universe.

“If you procrastinate here, the universe really closes! Judge, do you want that?”

“It didn’t happen. The judge of the universe must think only of the present.”

“Look at the present. What is left of humanity? No user can live on this land. Civilization is gone, resources and creatures are extinct!”

only pain

“denial! Formally appeal!”

“There is no time for that! Each attendant, enforce the Supreme Court’s final verdict! Those who disobey are redemption!”

The door of the courthouse opened, and those equipped with plasma swords in both hands rushed in.

“Judge! It must be like this!” Appealing the Supreme Court’s ruling was an unusual situation even in the history of Terraforce.

“… … Couldn’t it be helped?”

Even if it had a standard that transcended human beings, it did not reach the 11th sense.

“It follows the great principles of Terraforce established by the creator. We are trying to strike a balance.”

They are also God’s creatures.

In silence, the attendants

They surrounded the opposition judges in a circle.


Prison of Balance.

They all disappeared into a space that contained anything that was out of balance with the universe.

A scorching dust storm blew over the charred land.

“Whoa. Whoa.”

A woman walked through the grayish curtain and covered her nose and mouth with a cloth.

It was Maze, the guardian of the last line.

“Help me!”

When she stopped at the sound of the wind, a girl came running.


Although 99% of all mankind died, there would still be those who remained on earth.

Of course, it wouldn’t be long.

“Hehehe! Catch it!”

A demonic wagon led by skeletal horses was hunting the girl.

I could have killed it already, but it seemed like I was playing with the few toys.

“Thousands Arms Guanyin.”

As the incarnation of the maze soared high, the demons in the wagon looked up.


The incarnation of Kannon was looking down at the ground in the gray curtain that swayed like a curtain.


Woo woo woo woo!

As the burial fell vertically, the demons were crushed to the ground at the same time as the wagon.

The girl groaned with dry lips.

“iced coffee.”

“Are you okay?”

Whether the opponent in front of me was an enemy, an ally, a dream or a living being, there was only one thing to say.

“water. Water, please… …

Miro delivered the water with magic.

When the sun was gone, the focus returned to the girl’s eyes and she began to cry bitterly.

“Aww! Aww!”

There was no need to ask what had happened.

“It’s luck. Do you know where the demons are gathered? Any other survivors besides you?”

“no. I don’t even know where I’m from. I was about to die… … so scary… …

At that time, the wind of the storm completely changed and Terra Force’s ships appeared in the gray sky.

“What is it again?”

“It’s polar.”

I turned my head at the voice I heard close by, but only a transparent shape shimmered.

“Are you the Supreme Court?”

When the stealth was released and the appearance of an alien creature appeared, the girl was startled.


Miro asked.

“what’s the matter?”

“The decision of the Supreme Court has been made. From this time on, mankind has been determined to have been defeated by evil in the battle between good and evil.”

Looking at the current situation, I can understand it, but there were also unfair points.

“You mean? You are the Supreme Court judge.”

“I make the sentence, but the judgment follows the three principles of the Terra Force race. It was unavoidable.”

“You couldn’t stop it?”

“I could have taken the time. But I thought this was better than fighting there.”

If they had fought in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court Justices would also have been imprisoned in the prison of balance.

“Quick judgment is good, but for what?”

“Right now, survivors are trying to turn things around. And this is my personal opinion… …

After thinking for a moment, the judge spat out.

“It makes sense.” “Of course, the odds are not high. On the contrary, if we fail, we cannot prevent the annihilation of the universe. In other words, human failure leads to the extinction of the Terraforce race.”

“And you still want to bet on us?”


The judge nodded.

“Terraforce is superior to humanity, but has not reached Ultima. Maybe he saw the reason. It seems that Ultima is not made only by intellect.”

Miro savored the words.

“What can I do?”

“Hold on.”

There was no time for a long talk.

“Poor good, you cannot defeat evil alone. Good and evil, ball and child, separated from one thing. The moment one side overwhelms, humanity loses its direction.”

“Then how do you win?”

“Winning is also the methodology of evil. When everything between good and evil interlocks, humanity will make the final choice. We have to endure until then.” Terra Force’s ship approached from afar.

“You must not forget that you are polar. The moment you fail to keep your position, the balance will tip sharply. The child will lose strength, evil will arise, and gong will win.”

Terra Force’s attendant approached while releasing stealth.

“Let’s go.”

“… … keep in mind Good is what prevents evil, not what hates evil.


They disappeared and sirens rang out in the sky.

The girl gaped and opened her mouth.

“… … oh my god.”

Plasma flashes were intercepting the ground.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

Terra Force’s attack on the planet was transmitted to the survivors underground.

Even in the room where the residents of the Ivory Tower were gathered, I could feel the vibration of my heart.

“You are impatient.”

‘Card players’ were sitting around a round table and trading hands.

“It must be to end the war before the world closes. not bad. The demons will also disappear.”

“But doesn’t that mean that Terraforce is also predicting the ball’s victory?”

Silence passed.

“Victory. Is that possible? Good and evil, everyone is a pole, so there is no higher hand.”

Like the four patterns of aces.

“Hmm, this is a maid problem. Good and evil can choose Gong and Ae, and Gong and Mourning can choose between Good and Evil. Depending on the combination, the meaning is completely different.”


Gudio hit the table.

“The winner of this game is not Good and Evil. They only make tiles, and there is someone else who chooses.”

“… … It’s not four people.”

“okay. It was a five-player game from the start. What combination will remain. that’s the heart So, the last thing we need is… … A human player.

Mais grabbed her head.

“damn! I should have noticed then, when Mr. Minerva bet all her fortune. that’s not a variable It was such a game in the first place. We were the ones who didn’t know the rules.”

Of course, Minerva did it unknowingly, but that’s why this game was established.

thud! said Ness, inserting the dagger into the very center of the table as if planting an iron pole.

“One more! Anybody quick!”

“Can I get in?”

Even those who are mad at gambling are in the ivory tower

As the 3-star Rampa approached, his expression changed.

“Ah, Mr. Lampa.”

“I sold my ability, and all I have left is money, but I think I’m the perfect fit.”

“Sit down.”

Gudio explained the rules.

“We will assemble our respective hands. You just have to bet on who will win.”


Lampa laughed.

“That’s a very interesting game.”

Shura has arrived.

“Let’s begin.”

Nodding her head, Sirone followed her up the stairs to the ground.


Amy’s older brother Diane and younger Ares were waiting for Sirone.


I don’t know about Ares, but it was the first time I’d seen Diane at Amy’s house.

“Yeah, it’s been a while.”

Sirone said with a firm expression.

“sorry. I couldn’t keep This time, Amy must be… …

“Don’t overdo it.”


“I don’t know. time or space. but i’m not sure about this You are not going to get your lost item back. I am going to meet someone who is alive.”

“My sister just fought her own fight. So what’s the outcome, said Diane, lowering her head.

“I hope you respect Amy’s thoughts and choices.”

Sirone thought.

‘ also??????

It was the Karmis family.

“yes. I will fight with all my might.”

Dai An’s words in the face of a journey that risked his entire life surprisingly relieved tension.

Ares winked and gave a thumbs up, and Sirone finally reached the ground.

The first time I came out after regaining consciousness was much more intense than I had imagined.

No, there was nothing.

” Come this way.”

A man with a horn on his forehead was guarding the altar that Nane had destroyed.


4th in the Order of the Ten Commandments, Huama (Kumkang Yacha).

He had been waiting for this day, guarding the altar ever since Veron passed away.

“Shura, you are late.”

“How is the situation?”

“not good. I can hear the cries of demons, and there are strange flying objects floating in the sky.”

He glared fiercely at Yahweh’s face, and turned to the entrance with a chin gesture.

“come in.”

Uorin and Kido had already arrived.


Knowing what it meant to be together made Sirone even more sad.

Shura explained.

“All within the radius of the altar are iron poles, but I chose this place to block foreign powers. Yahweh, we will protect Uorin and Kido while you repeat the past.”

It was their ability.

“Anyway, this place can’t last long because of the Earth Annihilation Wave. The resistance will defend it to the end, but… …

It didn’t mean I wasn’t comfortable.


Sirone went to Kido.

“Sorry. You always get help. I feel like I can…”

“it is not so.”

Kido shook his head.

“It is really happy to have something in life that you want to dedicate your whole life to. yes?”

There were times when it was all about feeding and breeding.

“I got a lot.”

Even if it’s an endless thirst.

“thank you.”

Lived a wonderful life.

“key… …

Feeling like she was about to burst into tears, Sirone stopped talking and hugged the little goblin.

Kido laughed and said.

“Are we friends?”

Sirone nodded, and Kido, who had pushed Shirone away, opened the way.

Woorin was waiting.


His eyes were a bit empty, but instead of the venom of the past, there was a youthful kindness.


I owed a lot, I thought.


After all, humans are weak beings who have no choice but to live by relying on each other.

“I will be back.”

But I won’t depend on God.


Sirone also gave her all to plant an idea in this universe.

‘It must be changed.’

the future.

The consciousness released into imaginary particles transcended time and space and disappeared into the realm of infinite nothingness.

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