Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1270

Cheolgeuk (4)

said Richard.

“Here’s how. I, the final recorder, transmits Apocalypse’s information to Kara Torsa, the martial arts dragon. Kara Torsa will share information with the 12 apostles, and actually carry out the history provided by Uorin and calculated by Adam.” “Yes, it will be very precise work. On the other hand you are free. Whatever you do, save Amy. If it fails, try again using the coordinates of the iron pole. eternally.”

said Fermi.

“You will come into contact with our past, but you will have to go back in time yourself.”

Sirone cannot be in the present.

“It is because the time and space you are moving into is the time and space we are trying to protect. In this way, you and Cheolgeuk interact with each other to prevent falling into another universe.


said Nade.

“The iron pole is on the ground where we are. We will defend under Shura’s leadership. And at the center of that iron play, Wurin will provide a new history every time you return. With future poetry and history search.”

Sirone’s expression became serious.

“That means there are limits.”

said Richard.

“Cheolgeuk is a concept, but Woorin is a living being. Durability doesn’t last forever. The more you repeat the regression, the more exposed you are to the time waves. Since he is basically a Gaian, he will last much longer than a human, but the opportunities are not infinite.”

“Uorin… …

“Remember, Sirone. This is your fight, but the outcome of that fight will determine the fate of mankind. If you save Amy, we all live, and if you don’t save Amy, we all disappear.”

said Adam.

“She is the woman who has the biggest stake in this situation. She has something to blame for her too. However, she is not completely convinced. I would positively consider it, but he said he wanted to talk to you first.”

The one who split Ultima.

“I will meet you.”

In the end, we have no choice but to meet.

Perhaps Uorin had vaguely anticipated this situation.

said Fermi.

“Then go up again. All preparations should be finished within today. I do not have time.”

Minerva approached while Jin Seong-eum cast an etheric wave and set the coordinates.

“Sirone, do you remember the promise we made earlier?”

“If it’s a promise… …

“I won when I raced to North Eymond. Let the loser grant the wish.”


“My wish, I will tell you now.”

She didn’t know why it was now, but Sirone nodded.

“Don’t save me.”


“In the history of the 12 apostles, you will do your best to save Amy. But also, no one in this time and space would want anything wrong.”

It was true.

“But you can use my history however you like. Salvation doesn’t suit me.” A rare great witch who caused great disasters around the world with 〈Slaughter the Law〉 and The Walking Dead.

Did he think that he could not atone for his sins by struggling with the five great stars of the ivory tower?

‘or not… … Is it because no life can wash away the trauma of childhood?

“all right.”

Sirone agreed.

“When the moment of choice comes, I will make a decision.”

Minerva knew that she was never a person who would give up on others, but… … .

“thank you.”

It was enough for her.

Just before leaving the space of the recorder, the perfect closed room, Sirone turned around and said.

“Richard, I will beat God.” Maybe Richard could one day become a god, but he smiled.

“Hey, don’t I look great?”


humans lived

Sirone sincerely believed that humans were the ones who lived in this world.

As Jin Seong-eum pulled the space, Seriel on the other side of the boundary asked anxiously.

“are you okay?”

Everyone crosses the space, and Jin Seong-eum sits on the bed with her support.

“You’ll be fine if you rest a little.”

Sirone nodded and said.

“Then, while Seongeum is taking a break, I will meet Urin. Where are you now?” said Adam.

“I will take you.”

“I will go alone. I think that would be good.”

Realizing from Sirone’s words, Adam explained the location of Uorin’s residence.

Cirone, who followed what he had heard, arrived at the gate of the isolated area.


When there was no answer, he opened the door himself, and Uorin, whose calf was bandaged, smiled.

“Here you are, Sirone.”

Her expression as she limped while being supported by Kido was so bright.

“I was waiting. I have something to tell you… …

match! and her cheek turned.

Kido’s eyes widened, and Uorin didn’t move as if he had been slapped on the cheek.

Sirone also knows.

I tried to keep my cool, but I lost my temper the moment I saw her smiling face.

It was the reason I wanted to avoid Uorin.


she laughed heartily.

“Yeah, well, I did something wrong. So can I just finish with this? Now… …

At that moment, tears flowed down Sirone’s cheeks.


Did you ruin everything?

As if hearing those words, Wu Lin was sad, but she tried to put on a cheerful attitude.

“Whoa, do you think I hate myself? But what to do? Everything is in my hands now.”

I didn’t want to end the event prepared just for this moment with sad feelings.

“Do you need me? Of course I have a doctor who can help me. My condition is that you love me… …

“I will.”

Woorin’s mouth was closed.

“I will do anything. I will do everything you ask… …

Sirone begged.

“Save Amy. It’s okay if you’re not with me. I’ll do anything you want… …

This time, even Uorin couldn’t stand it and her eyebrows curled upward.

I struggled to hold back the cry that was about to burst out.

“Tell me you love me.”

“love you.”

It was a heart that could not be filled.

“Tell me you will be by my side forever! Say you love me, Uorin, not Amy!”

“I will be by your side for the rest of my life.”

Uorin gritted his teeth.

‘I won.’

Not wanting to show her tears, she turned around and struggled to raise the corner of her mouth.

‘Sirone is mine. Say you love me.’

She said.


It could have been much harsher than now, but she didn’t want it any more.

“I’ll do it. Go get Amy.”

It was then that Kido realized.

Uorin, Lilith, and Mitochondrial Eve said that I really loved Sirone.

‘That’s love.’

From the beginning of mankind until now, a woman who has been waiting for this moment… … .

‘true love.’

Wu Lin said.

“Go now. It’s all over. save humanity I don’t even have the right to say that.”

As Sirone approached, she hurriedly turned away.


As if it hadn’t even started… … Don’t even think it’s over.

“Go! go!”

Even comforting her could be harsh, so Sirone left the room gloomily.

I didn’t think it was Eve’s atonement.

He only kept the pure kindness of the woman who loved him deep in his heart.

The door closed, and Uorin wept bitterly, pouring out all the tears she had been holding back.

Kido has arrived.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“hug me.”

Wu Lin sobbed and said.

“I’m going crazy because I’m lonely. It feels like there’s a hole in my chest. Kido, please.”

Kido couldn’t do anything.

Sing urgently approached Sirone, who returned to the plaza after meeting Urin.

“Here you are. Come this way.”

Upon entering the resistance command room, Cyrano and other executives were gathered.

Lethe, the manager of the underworld, is looking at the world map, and next to her… … .


There was also a manager of the planet.


Unlike the time when she stabbed her heart and spat out cold words, she seemed frightened.

“then… … me too… …

It wasn’t that I lacked courage, I really didn’t know what to say.

“thank you.”

But Sirone knew.

“For taking the side of humanity. It doesn’t matter if it’s an error or a heart. Because we fight together.”

If it wasn’t for her decision, humanity wouldn’t even have one last chance.

Sirone turned to Thing.

” are you okay?”

If it was betrayal, she wouldn’t be able to handle it either.

“I don’t think my questions have been answered. You persuaded me, so I just trust you.”

Lethe said.

“Let’s stop the rubbish later and get to the main point. Yahweh, have you met the Omega recorder?”

Sirone nodded.

“Then it should be easy to explain. I will advance the departure schedule. Parkji is disappearing faster than expected.”

It was Satan’s will.

“Me and Taesung endured as much as possible, but it was not enough. After 6 hours, demons will infiltrate. And then… … It will be the last war of mankind.”

“When do I leave?”

“the faster, the better. Currently, humanity is about to vote on the world leader. Yahweh must leave before then. Please finish the preparations within the next hour.”

‘1 hours.’

It was a trip only for myself, alone.

Kido stood there blankly.

“What are you doing?”

Even when Uorin sat on the floor asked, he thought it couldn’t be like this.

“Uorin, this is desperation.”

“it is not so.”

Everything for Sirone.

“You have to deal with time waves every time you go back and forth between iron poles. Two are better than one.”

taste of memory.

If Kido ate Uorin’s blood, the station’s durability doubled.

“Then, just give me some blood.”

Wu Lin shook her head.

“Kido, you will die with me. And now I’ve done it all therefore… … are you okay.”

“It’s not okay!”

Kido was angry.

Even if she couldn’t love, the Kashan empress had to always be a noble woman.

“I mean, I am a monster.”

She gave a slightly surprised expression, then smiled.

” me too??????


“I am a monster too.”

Kidou closed his eyes tightly.

I know the truth, but I never wanted to hear it.


Kido approached with tears in his eyes and propped up Uo Rin’s back and laid him on the floor.


It was the only consideration a goblin could do.

“I love you, Uorin.”

Although she would never be able to perceive it, Uorin closed her eyes as if she had sensed something.


An excited moan.

And Kido bit Uorin’s neck with the kindest violence.

taste of memory.


The planet was in a state of burning black.

There is not even a trace of the sea, only net-like lava flows over the black land.


Harvits inhaled.

As the embers revived in the body like a dead body, the planet’s lava burned hot.


When he exhaled, the light also weakened.

In the inhalation and exhalation of death, even the demons trembled in fear.


As the molten iron exploded on the rapidly heated ground, the demons crouched down.


When touched by Satan’s fire, they too became charcoal.


Harvey’s face contorted.

“Where are you?”

The entire planet turned into a death field, but her location was not captured.

‘Hidden somewhere I don’t know.’

already burned to death

The planet began to sizzle as the Havitz, who was unpleasant to either side, sucked in the air.


And at this moment, the victory of evil was officially confirmed at the Terra Force Supreme Court.

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