Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1269

Cheolgeuk (3)


Sirone knows.

The history of how the toad, who gained enlightenment just before being eaten by a snake, took on a human incarnation.

The question he had at the end of his eternal life was… … .

“Can the future be changed by human will?”

Veron problem.

If you have an iron core of thought, you may be able to find the hometown of your mind in the infinite universe.

“thank you.”

Sirone said.

“But I can’t. No, it’s impossible. Because I am no longer Yahweh.”

Tachyon is the reverse concept of hexa.

“okay. Amy died and I lost my fraternity. But now Amy isn’t the only one dead. 99% of humanity is gone. My parents too.”

The reason I didn’t bother to say it was because everyone here had lost someone they loved.

“If it were the same universe, that is, if the space were the same, I would be able to meet the Amy I love. But even that doesn’t change anything. I can’t come here.” said Adam.

“Because the time zone is different.”

“is it so. From the moment you save Amy, the universe will separate again and go to another world. If so, the result of the destruction of mankind in this time and space will not change. That means I can’t have fraternity either, and as a result… …

Sirone said grimly.

“Because it is not Yahweh, it is impossible to reverse causality in the first place.”

Silence passed.

“You guys are misunderstanding something. The multiverse is a phase coordinate with infinite time in infinite space. I, who make countless choices in the same time period, live in a different universe, and in the same space, there are countless me who are connected from the past to the future. Baron’s iron pole only solves the space problem. Even if I go back to the past and save Amy, it won’t change the present.”

The talking Sirone must have been hurt the most, but surprisingly, the party didn’t look serious.

Nade smiled as Sirone blinked.

“Of course I knew you would say that. Could it be that we didn’t even think of the time paradox? I know at least that going back to the past won’t change the future of the same universe.”


said Fermi.

“First, fix the spatial coordinates with iron poles.”

Sirone’s head turned slowly.

“Then the remaining problem is the many time zones in the same space. If the future cannot be changed by the past, then the past and the future can all be merged into the present.”

“Wait a minute, how… … Sirone stopped talking.

” ah.”

“okay. time width.”

said Fermi.

“From the time you saved Amy to our current time, it blows up all the time barriers in between. Then you and we are just one present that exists in the same time zone, not the past and the future.”

The time paradox is resolved.

“but… …

Sirone’s words became urgent.

“The time width was integrated into the 11th sense? No, no matter how hard I try, I can’t escape the divine law without Tachion. I mean, you can’t handle both at the same time.”

“Depreciation Transaction Agreement.” Fermi held out a piece of paper.

“The reason I like this ability is that I can adjust the terms of the contract. This is sometimes far more important than which spell to lease, or removing a door. Anyway, your signature to hand over Time Vibration is written very accurately. You can check it.” It was not in Sirone’s memory.

“The trade of depreciation can only rent magic with the proceeds from the ability. I thought I was dying to match the amount. I’ll leave it to your imagination what the transaction cost was.”

I couldn’t hear the joke.

“Anyway, you can exchange them for chips at any time. More precisely, I can bring you back to the present.”

“Fermi… …

“At first it was a hypothesis.” The warm atmosphere was disgusting.

“Actually, I didn’t even think you would be persuaded by me. Because it was all about the concept of how to deceive God, without a specific plan like now. Amy really could have died. She is in an irreversible state.”

“But why?”

Did you accept the deal?

“They said they would trust me. You are.” “Honestly, I didn’t expect you to say such a thing. I couldn’t find a solution even after struggling with you for days. I don’t know if it was that desperate or if it really made me feel high, but… …

Fermi laughed bitterly.

“It was burdensome and my blood dried up/ I ended up doing a business that was losing money for the first time in my life.

“you… …

Sensing Sirone’s voice trembled, Fermi clapped his hands to change the mood.

“Okay, so now it’s my turn to answer. If you save Amy in the same space, I will pull you into the same time. Then what will happen?”

Fermi, who made a snap with his hand, copied what Sirone had said earlier.

“It’s like Amy pops up.”

It’s a reality.


A cry leaked out.

“Then you will be Yahweh again, and you will see a civilization cast into dust magically rise. The 99% of human beings who were sacrificed will also survive in our reality by riding the rapid flow of time waves. How is it, is this enough?”

The most picky customer in the world.

“really… …

Tears poured out of Sirone’s eyes.

“Can you save Amy? I… … Amy… … Can we really meet again?”

Nade smiled.

“You are changing the future, Sirone. Let’s give God a shot at making fun of us.”

Light emanated from Sirone’s body for a moment as she lowered her head and giggled.

Hexa-Miracle Stream.

When she raised her head again, there was no sense of defeat in Sirone’s eyes.

“I will. I will definitely save Amy.”

A fight only for yourself.

But in the end, Fermi was right because Syrone’s victory would save all of humanity.

Nade smiled bitterly.

‘How far are you looking?’ When she recalled her school days, she was still unlucky, but she understood Seriel’s feelings.

‘But I really had no idea, that the two of them were like that. I’ll have to ask Amy later.’

said Fermi.

“Then shall we begin the briefing now?”

Iruki sipped his tea, looking at Ranstin and Rin sitting across the table.

‘Surprisingly, he’s not arrogant.’

Rather, he was just looking down in a slightly intimidated posture.


I’ll lose any fight, so please don’t interfere in my life.

‘It won’t be easy.’

The artist Iruki saw was like a stranger living in the same building.

I decided to start from there, where I thought I knew about him, but in fact I didn’t know anything.

“I heard you said goodbye to your daughter a long time ago.”


An aura equal to that of Gaold swirled around, but he succeeded in opening the door anyway.

“It was a cold.”

Lanston was the first to speak.

“It is a trivial disease. I was a little sick at first. Well, it must be because of me. Everything bad is because of me.”

“Couldn’t you go to the hospital?”

“… … Were you in the studio? He was probably playing the guitar. I like to play the guitar.”

He set a thorn in his last words.

It was as if he was desperately protesting that he would not be broken by anyone.

‘Do you really not remember?’

Reportedly, he was beaten up by a moneylender while trying to borrow money.

“I won’t.”

Ranstin continued.

“I should say thank you for saving my life. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t do anything.”

“Mr. Ranstin.”

“I am not a hitman. He kills people, but never gets paid. I don’t know. I don’t want to think. Please let me go back.”

“I’m not asking you to kill people.”

Lin raised her head.

I thought that what the head of humanity would say would be to kill someone anyway.

“It is much more difficult than that. Only you can do it. If we don’t make it, we all die.”

Ranstin didn’t seem to be in a bad mood.

I didn’t know if it was because everyone would die, or if it was because I was the only one who could do it.

“Can I play the guitar?”

“Inquire about Mr. Ranstin’s abilities. It changes the biowave and leads to death. He knows that the greater the number, the greater its power.”


“In the next 8 hours, a catastrophe called Cellbuster will occur in the Arctic. It is a species called anti-cell that binds to humans and reduces cells until they become zero.”

Rin opened her eyes wide.


Iruki said.

’ ‘Please put off that calamity for seven days.’”


Isn’t that crushing?

“You won’t be able to stop it through private affairs. This is an unsolvable code. If you kill one, it becomes two, and if you destroy two, it multiplies into four again.”

like that… … 7 days.

“Are you calling me to die?”

“This is humanity’s last chance. The lifeline of this planet is in your hands.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Ranstin continued.

“It’s important to be the last guitarist. It doesn’t matter if the world perishes or not.”

“Not necessarily. If you save all of humanity, your daughter will rejoice

Wouldn’t it?”

a huh 99

The first laugh was like a mockery, so Iruki didn’t say anything more.

‘I don’t know.’

After all, it was a strange neighbor.

said Fermi.

“Even if it solves the time paradox, it is rather tricky because of that. Events that happened in the past will affect the future. If you touch a case other than Amy, everything in the present might change.”

“It’s a bit tricky.”

I don’t have the right to be dissatisfied, but it was me and you who were fighting over cause and effect.

“History must be preserved. There are three things you need to do to solve this problem. First, a blueprint for the entire history of mankind. Second, the ability to compute that history. Third, an attendant to carry through the calculated history.”

It wasn’t that difficult.


said Fermi.

“We have all three of these.”

Sirone was listening.

“First, a blueprint for the entire history of mankind. Uorin has this. Second, the ability to compute that history. This is made possible by the combination of Richard and the Holy Brain. And third, the 12 apostles will be in charge of maintaining the existing history as it is regardless of your actions.”


The 12 apostles came out of the darkness.

“you… … Sirone asked.

“What have you been hiding there all this time?”

The As-Skiker has arrived.

“The Messiah we serve is Yahweh of the age. He has no reason to speak to someone who has lost his status.” As Sirone’s eyes narrowed in sorrow, the Astriker looked back at his comrades as if embarrassed.

“Nong, that’s a joke.”

Poine the Poison Dragon said.

“Anyway, congratulations on getting back on track. Fight to your heart’s content. We will keep history.”

‘Yes, these are… …

apostle of time.

Those who perfectly protected the history of mankind against Ankera’s three resets


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