Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1267

Cheolgeuk (1)

To live or to live?

-Can humans truly change the future?

Sirone opened her eyes.

What remains in the severed consciousness is probably only the hallucinations that I desperately hoped for.

‘Are you alive?’

My senses returned little by little.

I thought it was a very noisy and tumultuous place, but even that sound was vague.


The door opened and Nade entered.


Sirone, who had been opening her mouth, realized that her throat was hoarse and frowned.

How much did you yell?

“You woke up. You have been unconscious for 3 days. Now, drink some water here. Mr. Miro said he had no choice but to watch, but he was also too busy to take care of it. sorry.”

Nade had a lot to say.

As I took a sip of the water he gave me, my dry throat felt a little bit moist.


Sirone asked with a still sore throat.

“What about Amy?” There was no answer, and Sirone realized that it was not a dream and closed her eyes again.


” no.”

He didn’t even know what it was.

However, if I didn’t say that, I thought that the anger that had subsided for a while would explode again.

“Where are you?”

Sirone changed the topic.

“Iron Kingdom.”


It was an unexpected area.

“The other day, I, or Anchera, built an altar to open the psychic realm. By giving orders to the Council of Ten Presbyterians. There are over 200 such places.”

“… … however?”

“There is a shelter in the basement, just in case. No, it’s a bit like an if. Anyway, it’s safe here. Don’t be nervous and rest.”

He was relieved that he had nothing to fight right away, but he was still full of doubts.

“Who? Who made this place?”

“that is??????

He came in through the open door.

“Are you out of your mind?”

It was Fermi.

Sirone, who was lying down and making eye contact with him, finally couldn’t stand it and asked first.

“Amy… …

“I knew.”

After catching her breath for a moment, Sirone opened her mouth again.

“Memories… …

“I erased it.”

Again, Fermi interrupted.

“With your consent, of course. You guessed the shock you would receive and the appearance you have now.”

It would have been.


But what is clear is that there is no way he would sacrifice Amy under any circumstances.

“Why did you allow it? What the hell did you say to me that you would make a deal?”

Fermi asked after thinking.

“Can you move?”

Sirone nodded, but Nade stopped.

“I am still weak in mind and body. If you get excited already, it could get worse.”

“I do not have time. you know.”

Nade, who had a snowball fight with Fermi, sighed and helped Sirone.

“good. I’ll take you.”

Sirone couldn’t understand the conversation, but he didn’t bother arguing now.

It was also true that his stamina had declined.

Liz, who came with Nade, was waiting for her as she left the room with support.


When she made eye contact with Sirone and silently bowed awkwardly, Sirone also bowed her head and passed by.

I read emotions that are difficult to deal with, and most people who passed by them did.

After passing through the passage and entering the plaza, medics roamed among the wounded.

In the midst of the chaotic scenery, Sirone found Lian sitting in the corner.

As Nade guided them, Lian, who had been talking with Tess, raised the corner of her mouth bitterly.


Sirone’s gaze turned to Lian’s right arm.

“Oh, this?”

Although it was sloppy, something with a mechanical steel structure was installed.

“It’s quite useful. I don’t know how, but Mr. Ellis took care of it. He said he was a friend of Teacher Quan.”

It didn’t matter.

Why did Lian’s right arm get to this point, why couldn’t it be restored… … .

In case you were wondering, Tess said.

“Lian brought you. If it wasn’t for this, she wouldn’t have made it.”

I couldn’t hide my resentment.

“Rian feels fortunate, that he was able to save you. so… …

are you okay.”

Tess tried to put on a bright smile and smiled.

” ah.”

Sirone wanted to say something, but couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Go see. There will be many things you want to hear.”

I felt the sincerity in the friendly tone, but somehow I felt like a stranger.

After leaving the plaza, a long passage continued again, and rooms were installed on each wall.

“shit! How long are you going to stay in this filthy place? Asking me to eat a dish that doesn’t even come with an appetizer? is my dog I am Home Secretary!”

Sirone stopped for a moment and looked back.

Of course, he wouldn’t have gone out and saved someone in an urgent situation, but his aide would have had a different idea.

“sorry! I’m making a request to the superior right now… …

“I am the boss! Who in the world is higher than me in this place!”

As Sirone watched with indifferent eyes, an angry sound was heard from the end of the hallway.

“What is so noisy?”

was the top

‘Mr. Cyrano.’

Mito Cyrano, head of the International Tribunal for the Temple, and Bebeto Socrates walked side by side.

Upon discovering Sirone, she hesitated for a moment, but then she turned off her nerves and entered the room.

“Be quiet. Don’t you know that there are also injured?”

“you! How could you do this to me! don’t you know who i am At least I should give you a big room!”

Cyrano burst out laughing.


“What, what?”

“You are very mistaken, but you are no longer a minister. Because your country is gone. forever.” “And I’m not even an aristocrat. Because 99% of humanity is dead. The people left here are the whole world. There are no more policies for you to make and no paperwork to approve.”

’99 percent.’

Sirone was terrified.

‘I… … What have you done?’ The result was too disastrous to be called the price of losing one’s reason and rushing to the Buddha.

The Home Secretary burst into tears.

“Yeah, but… … . It’s too cold. Can you give me just one more blanket? huh?”

Cyrano sighed and turned around.

“Give me one more.”


After the aide’s greeting, Socrates asked as she headed toward the square.

“Wouldn’t it be better to make exceptions?”

“What do you know? The world is ruined, but whining about how cold it is means that you don’t deserve to live. It is better for others to soothe in moderation than to cry all night.”

“Hmm, you mean ‘someone who can fight’ is needed’?”

“Since Yahweh has awakened, this side must also move. The world map station will be decided tonight. Rom, Garto, Temica. The rules remain.”

“It sounds easy, but it won’t be easy. Even if there are only two people, one will try to dominate the other. Even if the world is ruined, politicians do not let go of their vested interests. It’s like seeing it.”

“are you okay.”

Cyrano didn’t care.

“Because now the power is a thug.”

Upon arriving at the plaza, the thug she spoke of, the heads of each country’s magic associations, were having a meeting.


Everyone was polite when Cyrano appeared.

“Thank you for taking the difficult step. There is no time. To save the last chance, we must gather all our remaining forces. To do that, we need representation.”

Rufist came out.

“I was just talking about it. We have already caught the strands with Tormia.”

It was a country with a strong center in the standard of ‘a guy who knows how to fight’.

“great. Voting will be held tonight. Everyone, please go back and convince the representatives of each country.”

Flu broke in.

“I dare say, will it be all right? If they say no, things get more complicated.”

Cyrano’s solution was simple.

“Then kill me. All you have to do is create a new king to vote for Tormia.”

Flew, convinced, shrugged.

‘but?… “

It was also ridiculous to present a counterargument in the yard where he had already sent away the gis.

said the albino.

“The outcome of the vote is not important. The important thing is the fact that you voted. for example… … It gives the illusion that we are still civilized people.”

This was a little bit venomous.

“Albino-san, you’re all right.”

“Chuck! I’m sorry. I’m old enough to die if I get caught on a rock, but the world ends before me.”

“No, I mean it. Currently, the military is lacking a lot. I will ask for a good strategy in the future.”

“What am I… … . I also have a son.” Currently, Iruki is the leader of Valkyrie.

We were investigating the military situation in each country. Then Socrates chinned the square

pointed to

“Hey, look over there.”

Cyrano hated it.

“eww “

Garold, with his hair loose like a ronin, was walking along, lost in thought.

One of the presidents of the association muttered.

“… … Mikea Gaold.”

I attended a few gatherings when I was president of the association, but I was always treated like a madman.

Of course, it is not different now, but the achievements he made could never be disparaged.

“Move. This is my seat.”

Cyrano stood where the intimidated presidents opened the way.

‘Oh, that idiot.’

When I was the president of the association, I constantly bumped into it.

‘Still, the skills are certain.’

As the state of affairs is the state of affairs, we must shake off the past and maintain good relations.

Gaold stopped in front of Cyrano who blocked the road.

After a long time that made viewers feel awkward, Gaold finally opened his mouth.




A good relationship sucks.

When the irritated Cyrano stepped aside, Gaold passed by and headed for the wall.

Rufist asked.

“What are you going to do?”

There was no answer.

“Make sure. I have to decide whether to put you on or take you off.”


After a brief exhalation, he suddenly turned around.

“I will tell you only this.”

Instant madness flashed in the eyes that had reached the end of philosophy.

“When I fight, never by my side


The presidents of the association, who knew the true meaning of the words, swallowed their saliva, and Gaold sat down in a corner.

The look on Flew’s face, who had once followed him, was sorrowful.

‘I still respect you. summer solstice

only… …

He seemed so broken that he couldn’t do anything anymore.

Meanwhile, Sirone entered the large room, relying on Nade to walk.

The importance of this room seemed to be known from the most neatly decorated appearance with limited goods.


Seriel stood up first, and Jin Seong-eum, who was lying on the bed, raised her eyelids.

“… … did you come?”

Sirone was shocked to see her much leaner than when she returned from Hell.

Fermi explained.

“About 200 altars have been built in Iron. King Basak, Shura to be exact, has built 147 shelters under him. We sheltered all the last of humanity there. With etheric waves.”

It was a huge task just by imagining it.

“Currently, I cannot go out to the ground. Everything burned down, and the buildings turned to dust. I had to bring the commanders scattered to each shelter together. Jin Seong-eum tried again here. Simple agreements can be communicated through Chong’s communication magic, but… …

“for a moment.”

Sirone asked.

“Are you going to fight again?”



The eyes of Seriel and Jin Seong-eum became pitiful.

“We are not fighting.”




“It’s a fight only for you.”

It was the only thing Fermi could do for Yahweh who gave everything for the world.

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