Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1263

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The sun rises at night (3)


As Minnie regained her average size, her satellite Ariana caught up.



The scale of Mini approaching Girshin grew exponentially.

And finally, having reached the same size, she threw out a fist with all her might.


A tremendous amount of air was pushed out and hit Girshin with a thud.

Girshin’s upper body staggered.


The balance of forces at the same size is boiling

And what remained was the gap in technology.

“Something human.”

As Girshin draws his sword, the air burns

and the cloud of fire drew a parabola.


The mini who returned flexibly is brought up

He hugged God behind his back.


Ariana, who was riding a mini, crossed Girshin’s face and landed on his forehead.

“go!” Minnie, leaning her upper body, put on a German Suplex.


The moment when Girsin, with both feet floating, turned upside down and plummeted toward the ground.

“Fantastic Press.”

Ariana’s ghost appeared, grabbed Girshin’s face and slammed him to the ground.


The ground shook and dust spread across the city.


Girshin, who jumped up, swung his fist, but it passed Ariana’s illusion.

‘It’s not real.’

It was her incarnation technique, the realization of children’s hearts (telekinesis).

“Here, fool!”

Girshin lowered his head to find Ariana, and Mini immediately charged.

“Hole hole ho!”

And the moment Girshin looked ahead again, he hit the stomach with a drop kick.


Pushed down by the enormous weight, Ariana immediately invoked incarnation.

“Huh!” Her vision grabbed the peak of the mountain and pinned it to the top of Girshin’s head.


“100 million!”

All kinds of trees, soil, and animals and plants rained down on Girshin’s face like filth.

‘What is it?’

Illusion is only a medium that embodies power, but actually moves things with spirit.

“Salt enough to float the entire mass of the mountain.”

Before he could think, Minnie put a choke around Girshin’s neck and performed a twist.


Girshin was annoyed.

“Oh yea!”

The illusion of Ariana, who had thrown herself, struck the giant’s belly with her clenched hands.


The people in the city were mesmerized by the sight that did not seem to be a real battle.

It was the same with Sirone.


“Lord, the giants are going out of the city. Now is your chance to move on.”

I suddenly came to my senses at Euntara’s words.

“yes. We take people to the temple. Minnie and Ariana will take care of this. and I… …

For a moment, Sirone was taken aback.


Sirone, who did not answer Ntara’s question, muttered while looking across the sky.


The law was changing again.

In the sun’s core, Ikael was holding on to Amy from behind.

Of course, it was a form of spirit, but it should have been able to protect Amy until the end.

“Ichael! Don’t do that!”

“are you okay. You are not an archangel. If someone has to die last… …

It should be Amy.

“Ichael… …


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The moment Amy delivered her sad voice, the divine law that oppressed them was released.


The moment they came to their senses, the two separated and looked around while regaining their respective forms.

“What happened?”

Amy seemed to know.

“Sirone did it. You broke the law of God!”

They did not yet know that Satiel had helped them in the process.

Ikael looked down and looked outside.

“iced coffee.”

Even on the scale of an archangel, an artificial structure that aroused admiration had been completed.

And farther away, I saw Sirone breathing a sigh of relief.

“Good job.” It couldn’t be helped that the figure of the guffin shimmered.

“Go to Sirone.”

As Amy raised the incarnation of fire to the fullest, Ikael nodded happily.


Woo woo woo woo!

At that moment, Ikael discovered that the laws of the world were being twisted through a signal of light.


The reason I didn’t leave right away was because it felt qualitatively different from God.

‘This is obviously… … It’s the heart.’

quantum signal.

Of course, it didn’t feel good to them.

But at least it wasn’t cold, and it was even full of biological variables.

“Amy! Get out quickly!”

Maybe that’s why it’s even more dangerous.

“yes? what… …

Amy, who asked her back, felt it too.


Following the faint perfume, her figure, looking back, is enveloped in a halo of light.


Subsequently, even Ikael was buried in white light.

Sirone frowned.


The Sirone Spear, which had just been completed, was being dismantled in reverse order of time.


Sirone made the spear.

Therefore, in order for the structure to be dismantled as it is now, the cause of Sirone must be directly addressed.

‘Do you think I’ll give it up easily?’

After activating Ouroboros, Sirone started a fight to protect her past.

As if swept away by a wave of phosphorus

Countless incidents occurred like bubbles.



‘This guy is not a god.’

Unlike God, who manipulated causality with cold logic, it definitely felt human.

‘No, it’s not like that, it’s like… …

The feeling of understanding me.

Sirone, who understood the characteristics to some extent, tried her best to undo the past.

Amidst the collision of tachyon signals, Sirone Spear shimmered like an illusion.

who implements it

‘Don’t talk nonsense.’

that’s what i made

The moment when Shiro, who finally found the case of conversion, penetrates the spear.

– I guess so.

I had the illusion that I had heard a voice.

and… … .


An intense solar wind was launched towards Syrone’s planet.

Just a few seconds later, the skeleton of the Sirone Spear, struck by the solar wind, was burned.

‘Miracle stream.’

Sirone also had to put up a shield with all his might to maintain his life.


A tremendous heat swept through Sirone, but what was more serious was the planet.


Sirone looked back at her hometown, which shone like a small star.

‘It will arrive in about 10 minutes.’

At this level of heat, even if the magnetic field blocks it, living things in the hemisphere will burn.

‘I was caught off guard. To attack with a solar wind…

A being that is good at both photon and quantum.


popped up


I turned my attention to the sun, but nothing remained in the core.


Sirone, who flew straight to the planet, soon realized that there was no need for this.

‘I’m on the planet.’

Sirone is gone.

And with this, the simultaneous events that spread all over the world except for the temple ended.

Rumble. Rumble.

Halfway up the hillside where aftershocks lingered, Tess let out the tears she had been holding back.


It may be an illusion.

No matter how much light the schema master collects, the vision won’t be clearer than daytime.

But she knew by feeling.

It was such a huge and powerful shock that I was sure that Ymir’s attack was over.

Tess mounted the horse.

“I have to go!”

This time, even Klump couldn’t stop him.

‘Is this meaningless?’

The end of a swordsman who reached the realm of God for the first time in human history was like this.

“I am going too.”

Clump drove the horse with the thought of confirming it with his own eyes.


Rai was watching them as they walked away.


The fist that hit the ground was dozens of times bigger than Ymir, who was 3 meters tall.

Ymir’s expression was not good.

“It was fun.”

It was the futility after the most thrilling moment for eons had passed.


The massive arm returned to Ymir at its original size.

What remained at the place where the fist left was a completely distorted corpse.

‘It’s dead.’

I think so.

When the blow touched Lian’s will, the divine transcendence was destroyed, and when it touched the body, even his faith was broken.

The disastrously scattered bodies were the evidence, and in the death, Lian… … .

‘It’s dead.’

I agree with Ymir.

‘It’s ridiculous, but this.’ The journey so far has been like a kaleidoscope

went out

‘I went through so much trouble. I hear from all sides that I am a fool, and I end up going through the hardships of going to hell.’

That’s how I got there.

‘I thought I could really fight properly now.’

He was mercilessly trampled by Ymir.

‘Come to think of it.’

Lian suddenly remembered.

‘This talk… … Where do you think you heard it?’

Once in Vanguard, an oasis in the desert, a prophetic girl had foretold the future.


I thought it was a pseudo.

‘Enough now.’

Is there anything else you can do?

‘Totally smashed. I’m tired, and I want to sleep. Damn, how do you sleep? Even the brain has already been smashed.’

why do you think

After thinking about it for a while, Lian soon gave up and waited for complete death.

I lived like a flame, and I was exhausted.

After a while.

‘Ah, why don’t you die!’

Ryan’s annoyance welled up.

Could it be that it must exist only as a thought forever?


I know the truth.

Even my convictions were broken, so there was one thing I wanted to ignore until the end.


I couldn’t keep my lord.

‘I am a broken sword.’

– Smille.

‘Can we fight again? Can you defend your lord while embracing the misery of defeat?’

Auguste says

– Smille.

Ymir’s eyebrows twitched.


Lines of light that seemed to imitate Lian began to flow over the flesh of the corpse.

The will is filled with the signal of Idea, and the scattered flesh will wriggle before long.


Ymir laughed.

“Ughh! Uhhhh!”

Rian’s body was slowly standing up.

‘To my heart… …

Establish the kingdom of faith.

The spirit regenerated as a single knight, not as a battle-mad swordsman, is absolutely… … .

‘It doesn’t break.’


Rian and Ogent said at the same time.

– Ideas are not destroyed.

Everything inherited from the previous generation was put together, and a great sword was held in Lian’s right hand.


The moment he saw Lian’s brightly shining eyes, Ymir felt a sense of dread.

‘It’s an amazing regenerative power.’

I wasn’t talking about the restoration of the body.

‘I wouldn’t have been able to come back. After burning everything, was there anything left?’

It was such a battle.

“Okay, what are you going to do now? From the looks of it, I don’t think I’ll give up.”

Lian, who had calmed down his bestial nature, was calm.

‘This is the last one.’

With the integration of Ogent and his idea, his regenerative ability completely disappeared.

“I have fought enough.”

I have no regrets about life.

“Keep it.”

To be willing to cross the river of death to protect Sirone, humanity, and the world.


Ymir stroked his chin.

“It sounds good, but… … how? If you can’t beat me, no one can protect you.”

“You are not alone.”


Upon arriving at the battlefield, Tess and Klump were surprised to see Lian alive and well.

“you… … are you okay?”

Ymir shrugged.

“Cheuk, yes. Certainly not alone. Are you thinking of setting up a meat shield and trying it?”

At that moment, the space was crumpled and a different landscape unfolded based on one boundary line.

Jin Seong-eum has crossed the boundary.

“Transport complete.”

Behind her, all those who had experienced the same incident as Sirone were gathered.

Nade stepped out, touching his fist.

“Okay, first is that stupid-looking rice cake stand? hey come on smash it

I will give it to you.” Ymir just stared.

When Miro, Gauld, and even his friends didn’t respond, Ned turned around with a puzzled expression.

“Why why’?”

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