Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1260

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God’s Choice (4)


As Harvits looked around, Uorin stepped back with her butt on her butt.


When the vanishing was released, I felt the pain.

‘The legs… …

Blood was flowing from the cracked calf muscle.


Havitz, on the other hand, did not feel anything strange seeing the wound on his side.

just homogeneity.

The facts that could be guessed because they had the same burnishing conveyed the seriousness of the situation.

‘It’s a skill similar to mine.’

Harbitz pointed his sword at Uorin.

“come out. kill.”

Another vanishing was released, and it was finally recognized that So Kido was guarding Uorin’s side.


Because Harvitz was always in the position of the perpetrator, the feeling of being the victim was interesting.

‘This is how it felt, the dead to me.’

Harvits lowered his sword and asked.

“How did you do?”

Kido was silent, but Uorin realized as he reviewed the situation from a while ago.

‘The taste of memory.’

Absorbing his memories by eating Havitz’s ankle, which was ripped off by the Earthquake Spirit.

“ Big??????

Kido’s eyes were half open.

‘Crazy guy.’

It ate countless human memories, but I’ve never seen anyone so insane.

‘I think I’m going to vomit.’ Every time I searched for Havitz’s memories, I felt like my head was getting tangled up in a jumbled mess.

‘How can I live with this spirit?’

beasts are better

‘Basic instinct pursued by extreme reason. It has nothing to do with survival, it’s just a desire for entertainment.’

That is, it was perverted.

Kido glanced at Uorin’s wound.

‘Severely cut. I can’t run away on my own.’

When Havitsu’s movements were hardened by Gando, Kido made the choice of a lifetime.

‘Even if I protect Uorin from a single attack, I will eventually die from vanishing.’

If so, leave Uorin alone and eat Havitz’s ankles on the floor.

‘Eventually I absorbed vanishing.’

It wasn’t the product of hard work like Natasha, but this time it was too much talent.

‘If mental illness is also a talent, it’s genius.’

The problem is that you can’t make a logical decision while Vanishing is activated.

Kido said.

“If you kill the queen, I will protect her. If both of us activate Banishing at the same time, there’s no guarantee who will win. It’s just a game of dice.”

Certainly it was.

In a crisis of a different kind than he had ever experienced, Havitz thought carefully.

Of course, there is no such thing as ‘thought’.


There is only a desire for pleasure.

“Would it be fun?”

At the entrance of the delta, the procession of phosphorus fell down and strangled itself.

“Oh, it can’t be.”

In the midst of Ntara’s astonishment, Sirone realized.

‘ god.’

It means to kill if you can’t use it.

‘Is that you?’

No killer in the world will be able to kill hundreds of millions of people at once.

‘Do you really think that’s okay?’

God says this.

It’s called empty.

Because this world seen from the outside world is nothing more than a bubble that exists in an instant and then disappears.

‘But we… …

A being who lives eternity in that instant.


decrease and 10.43 million.

– World population is growing rapidly

there is. 2.27 million. 4.89 million.

44.29 million.

everyone is committing suicide


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A jaw-dropping number.

There were still more than half of humanity alive, all dead.

but not

give up


Is God a Murderer?

“Extract! Beep!”

In the hallway of Delta, which was blazing with waves of phosphorus, I finished two calculations called Kit.

He has two algorithms.

1. Repeat the calculation until 100 percent is obtained under the current system.

2. Change the system through learning.

First of all, the conclusion corresponding to the first was to delegate the authority of the Illuminati.

-62.7 percent of users request to log out. Invokes the power to shut down the system.

Now we can close the universe.


But at that moment, Kitra, God, evaluated the figure as 62.7 percent.

‘Is that enough?’

Although the requirements set by the Illuminati were exceeded, the remaining 37.3% of users refused.

Even God needed a reasonable logic to block the user’s master code.

– The causal rate is lowered. 100.000000 percent chance. 100.0000 percent chance.

It’s the same 100%, but as time goes by, the trend of breaking perfection was detected.

-Probability 100.00%.


By the extremely mechanical logic of promoting the benefit of more users.

– Shut down the system.

God entered an exit code into one of the multiverse’s myriad worlds.

outer space.

The solar wind rushed in at the point when the workload of the Sirone Sphere exceeded 98%.


Even Sirone, who was far away, couldn’t bear it.

‘The law is changing.’

The rapidly bulging sun would swallow the entire system and then collapse into a tiny point.

How long would that point absorb the universe?

ten thousand years? 100,000 years? 100 million years?


In the outside world, it’s fleeting.

It exists and then disappears, like popping soap bubbles or turning off a running machine.


-Workload is 98.356 percent.

Accepting Mika’s cold information, Shirone calculates the time and despairs.

‘I can’t make it on time.’

Shirone on the ground is changing the cause with Tachion, but the same is true of God.

‘I have no choice but to focus on the spear.’ Sirone looked at the core of the sun.


Please hold on.

Amy squeezed her soul out.


He maximized the incarnation of fire, but the Law of the Sun seemed to burn away even the fire.

“Amy, please go back.”

Ikael said.

“This is the end. We will soon dissolve into the laws of the world. But you are not an angel. I cannot let you die in a place like this.”

Once the sun explodes, even the gods of the outside world cannot bring it back.

‘A unique and irreversible event.’

It could be said that it was the end of the true omega.

“The apocalypse is unstoppable, but the universe is not going away right away. We will have some time.”

After the sun exploded, wouldn’t they survive for about 10 minutes, or maybe 10 more days for them?

Amy’s heart was miserable because she knew that Ikael’s words were not lies.


I wanted to meet you.

If the end can’t be reversed anyway, at least I want to face the end together.

‘I’m sorry, Sirone.’

Said Amy, shedding tears of fire.

“no. I will stay here.”


“Don’t try to convince me. Of course, there is no way, and I want to see Sirone too… …

how will you die

“We will fight to the end.” Amy seemed ready for her.

“Amy will die.”

Seriel’s eyes widened at Fermi’s words.


Grab right away.

“You crazy child! What if I say something so important now! What about Sirone?

Do you know Sirone?”


Seriel was even more absurd.

“Are you really crazy? Didn’t you tell me that you knew?”

“Didn’t you say you understood?” Of course it was, but it was her case that she far exceeded her expectations.

Having lost the energy to hit her, she staggered as she loosened her grip on Fermi’s collar.

“Why would you do something like that… … . Fermi, this isn’t it. Of course, one person’s life can’t be more precious than the whole of humanity, but it shouldn’t be like this. you… … Seriel cried and shouted.

“You are my friend!”

Fermi approached the window.

“Not friends.”


“But I think it’s important. After all, Amy is Yahweh’s core emotion.” “If I had told Sirone the truth, the future would have been completely different. Even if there was cooperation from many people, in the end, this future was led by Sirone.”

The moment Sirone takes a radically different step, future information becomes a piece of toilet paper.

“so… … Did you sacrifice Amy?”


Fermi turned away with a cold expression.

“I save Amy.” “All I can tell you at this point is that you have to die to save Amy.”

Seriel opened her mouth blankly.

“and… …

Fermi laughed bitterly.

“Not yet.”

The Archangel was dying.

‘Is it like this?’

The feeling of stepping into a state of irrenewable, endless nothingness was truly terrifying.

‘That it would end just like this.’ At the end of the melting cerebral body, Satiel recalled a distant memory.

‘There were good times.’

No, looking back now, it seems that there were far fewer bad times.

Fire! Fire!

Metatron, Faiel, Methiel, and Kariel disappeared, and then it was Rayel’s turn.


His spirit has been passed on.

“me… … Remember me.”

Satiel groaned.

The only angel who came to visit me when all the angels left, when I screamed out in despair.


Why me… … .

‘I was so close.’

Could he have committed such a foolish thing?


Satiel smiled sadly.


At that moment, Ikael felt it.

To see the indescribable feeling grow infinitely in her mind.


Although it is not an error in itself.

‘Love is… …

because it is an error.

“Beep beep!”

Kitra let out the loudest mechanical noise and trembled his limbs.

?Probability 99.999999999… … .

‘The calculation is wrong.’

To correct the error, Kitra immediately accessed Satiel’s mind. A process that runs at the speed of light.

thump thump thump

In the dark room where the familiar beating sound could be heard, Satiel slowly opened her eyes.


There was Anchera, the sun incarnation, a huge brown mass with big eyes.

“Hey Anker Rashi.”

Time did not pass for the exchange of signals, but he brought up the chilling topic of enke.

“Your quantum signals are disrupting mine. Please take immediate action.”

“sorry. It’s my ignorance. But Anchera, I cannot.”

The mind is like that.

“I will give you eternal life.”

And Ankera knew how to change quantum signals.

“Now, I will make the signal exist in another universe as it is. You can do anything you want.”

Satiel shyly bowed her head.


“okay. You will have everything you want.”

“Are there guffins there?”

“Anke Rasi, I have always been your faithful servant. That’s why I accused Ikael of betrayal, and even put the child born to Guffin to death.”

Slowly moving forward, Satiel sat down in front of Ankera and stroked her rough skin.

“I felt like I could do that. According to your will, you will be able to obtain something precious. But what about it? I left forever. Ikael, Guffin, the angels who followed me, and even you.”

“I have never abandoned you.”

“… … I guess so.”

Satiel’s eyes widened.

“Because I didn’t care from the beginning, you son of a bitch.”

She poked into Ankera’s eyes with her curled fingers and pushed them all the way to her shoulder.

“Key eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh !” The connection between God and Satiel was severed with a high-pitched sound that made the world explode.

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