Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 126

[126] Island. Galliant(3)

“Hey, welcome to Galliant. Are you on vacation?”

Jess raised his hand in a friendly tone. No matter how noble, it was the manual of this floor not to use honorifics to Hogu. 

In a sense, it was like risking your life to make money, but even if it was four months, it was enough to hide for a month. 

It was because there were few cases in which those who came to play from across the sea returned home to inflict harm again.

“Yes, I came to play with my friends.”

Sirone smiled and welcomed him. Amy, on the other hand, was blatantly impressed. She knew what they were approaching because she had been in touch with the world of darkness as she commanded her back alleys in her childhood.

“Looks like a student. where is your school It must be a prestigious school, right?”

“Alpheas Magic School.”

“aha! i know there It’s close, so quite a lot of people come to play.”

Amy felt sorry for her. She shouldn’t have revealed that she was a student, but if I told her what school she came from, it was no different than that she would catch me.

“But these people are good in size for wizards.”

“what? We’re from the Kaizen Swordsmanship Academy! You’re tall because you’re a prosecutor, you idiot!”

As expected from Jess, Tess was furious. She was proud of her figure, but she had no intention of bundling herself in a package with Ryan and hearing her say she liked her size.

“haha! sorry. Because I don’t have a horse. It was a compliment, but it must have been taken strangely.”

Jess thought it was over. The reason why the last people in life can be proud even in front of the nobility is because they are not bound by the rules set by the world.

On the other hand, the nobility was in a position where there were quite a lot of things to be arrested. Alpheas Magic School and Kaizen Swordsmanship Academy are famous for their strong discipline. If you had an accident at a tourist destination, you would not be able to avoid punishment.

“Anyway, welcome. My name is Jis, a local guide. If you hire me, you can take care of everything from sightseeing to lodging.”

“We haven’t finished talking to each other yet. I’ll think about it.”

Sirone repeated what she had said to the solicitors who had approached her so far.

But Jis’ gang was different from them. Since he had already caught his weakness, he persisted and insisted on hiring him.

“Oh, why is this? If you go to a good school, won’t you have a lot of money? That we are really poor people. Are you here to spend money anyway?”

It was only then that Sirone realized that he was no mere solicitor. Lian’s and Tess’s eyes seemed to feel the same, and they cooled down.

Jess’ friends, who met the prosecutor’s eyes, flinched and retreated. But Jess didn’t blink an eye.

‘Whoops, they won’t be able to do anything about us anyway.’

Having worked as a solicitor since he began to grow older, he was keen on inland information.

Alpheas Magic School strictly forbids the use of magic outside the country. Since the magic school was like that, there was no need to mention the swordsmanship school that emphasized chivalry.

Of course, there were times when I was caught and beaten by a bad-tempered student, but wouldn’t I have to endure it to make a living? Moreover, based on that experience, Jis’s tightrope walking skills had already reached the peak.

“Don’t do that, just trust me. I’ll tell you how to have the most fun on Galliant Island. Let’s go. What man doesn’t have a pulpit? Sprinkle some money in front of the beautiful ladies. huh? are you going? Then am I carrying the burden?”

“Wait! I will discuss it one last time.”

“Whoa, okay. But if you come this far and refuse, it’s really bad.”

Jess was already carrying a heavy load in both hands.

Sirone looked at her friends in embarrassment. It was the first time I had ever had such an enemy, and Jis’s attitude was on the line of being ambiguous to anger, so I couldn’t treat him harshly.

“What do we do? Should I leave it to him?”

“You know the name of the school. They know that we can’t do it recklessly, so they stretch out confidently.”

Hearing Amy’s words, Tess’ medication rose. It was a vile method, but it was certainly effective. Originally, it was a personality that should have been released immediately, but it was proof that he was still holding back his anger.

Lian, on the other hand, paid little attention. The only criterion he had in mind was Sirone’s safety.

“I don’t really care. If Sirone wants it, I’ll just follow him. If you say you don’t like it, if you insist on it, just beat it up and throw it away.”

For Ryan, this trip was not just a vacation. After taking an oath to be a knight, he and Shirone came out for the first time. One day, I will come across countless situations like this, so it was good to experience this or that situation in advance for the sake of the future.

“Ah, my arm hurts. Can’t you make a quick decision? Everything you do now is money.”

“That bastard is real!”

Sirone stopped Tess from approaching Jess. As long as the school’s honor was at stake, he wanted to avoid unnecessary violence.

“all right. I’ll hire you. How much is it?”

“haha! well thought out Because it’s you, I’ll give you a special discount. Just give me 5 gold.”

“yes? 5 gold?”

Sirone opened her eyes wide. Only 5 gold to hire a guide. It was an outrageous rip off. I don’t know the price of the island, but no matter how expensive it was, it didn’t seem like it would exceed 1 gold.

“Isn’t that too expensive?”

“Ah, what are you talking about? If you pay 5 gold, they will do everything without doing anything? I’ll lend you a carriage, arrange lodging, and show you around tourist attractions. It’s cheap enough.”

Amy was annoyed. From the start, she didn’t want to make a fuss, so she stayed still, but now that she’s found a weak point, she even intends to take off her underwear and eat it.

They won’t even guide you properly anyway. Besides, even if he did, 5 gold would be an extravagant amount ten times the market price.

‘Haa, this is why I should have cut it in the grass.’

Amy regretted recalling the past. Why did she forget? The fact that this kind of people have a habit of climbing rather than stepping on them strongly.

“But no matter how much, 5 gold is a bit… … .”

“This is a tourist destination. Of course it is more expensive than the market price.”

“Well, anyway… … .”

“it’s okay. Just give it away and go somewhere else.”

Amy rummaged through her pockets. Wearing such people will only have the opposite effect. It was clear that once she backed off, she would demand more and more money for her weakness.

“Now, 5 gold here. I’ll give it to you, so take it and leave.”

Amy threw gold coins at Jess’ feet. Brilliant golden coins bounced at her feet.

“wow! gold coins! A real gold coin!”

Jis’s friends hurriedly picked up the gold coins that had fallen on the ground. Jis, on the other hand, did not move as if it had frozen.

If someone else had scattered the money, they might have picked it up and ran away, just like their friends. However, he couldn’t crawl on the ground at all in front of her worm-like gaze.

“… … What are you doing? What are we?”

“When is it different? I don’t need a guide or anything, so just disappear right in front of my eyes.”

“This is real! Did you say everything?”

“Hey, wait a minute. Don’t get excited… … ”

Sirone tried to intervene with a puzzled expression. It’s upsetting to be ripped off, but I didn’t expect Amy to turn out this way either.

“Sirone, it’s okay. It’s called dumping. What are you going to do? These are just scammers. They’ll extort more money on the excuse of showing you around. They are human scum that cannot be rehabilitated.”

Jess’s friends were stingy. It was literally that kind of business. 

Sirone frowned and turned around.

“Amy, stop it.”

“What are you stopping? You know that we are afraid and avoid it because you accept it? I’d rather see you here… … .”

“Stop it though.”

Amy then shut her mouth. Since Sirone was not a noble, he might have felt uncomfortable seeing the scene from earlier. 

But if this was not done, they would cling to it like leeches and suck blood until they withered to death.

Jess gritted her teeth and held back her anger. It was a life he had endured with only his pride. No matter how much he was insulted by the nobles, his heart was never broken.

“Geez, Jess. let’s stop You got the money.”

“Give it to me.”

“huh? what?”

“Give me the gold coin. Do you want to live like this? Don’t you have any pride as a man on the island?”

Jess took the gold coins from his friends one by one. I was thrilled just by carrying such a heavy weight. 

But he clenched his fists as if to suppress his desire. And he looked back at Amy with cold eyes.

“Heh, arrogant nobles. I’m really envious of throwing 5 gold. How does that feel? I can’t even imagine, can I?”

Jess raised her chin proudly and scattered gold coins at Amy’s feet. Coins rolled around, shining brilliantly.

“aha? Are you feeling like this? That’s awesome. Guys, let’s go.”

Jess took her friends and went into an alley.

Amy was stunned by their brazenness. However, the target to fight was already gone.

“Ugh, just those. Sirone, why did you dry it? Guys like that need to be seen.”

“I know. But if you really don’t like it, you can get angry or reject it. I don’t think it was necessary to do this.”

“what do you mean? Are you saying I look down on people because I have a lot of money?”

“I don’t think so. But it turned out like that.”

“Are you saying that even though you know what kind of bastards they are? Didn’t you also get hurt when you were little?”

Sirone pursed his lips and asked. Maybe Amy is right. However, she did not want to see her act blaspheming others no matter how bad she was.

“it’s okay. go or go Let’s grab the wagon first.”

When Sirone didn’t say anything, Amy turned around and walked away. Tess, who was looking at her, scratched her head in embarrassment.

“this. The situation has become ambiguous.”

* * *

Entering the alleyway of Dock 3, Jess quarreled with her friends. He was supposed to catch his share when the ship came in, but now that his guests had gone out too, all he could do was argue.

“Jis! What if I give that money back! If it’s 5 gold, it’s money that you don’t have to pay for a few days.”

“Don’t you have any pride? You throw money away in front of your eyes, so you want me to accept it like a beggar?”

“Then how about it? After all, money is money.”

“I can’t do that. damn bitch! Even if you ignore me, you’re still oily!”

Jess clenched his fists and trembled. But his friends couldn’t understand him. What is it that makes you feel bad?

Of course, the behavior of the woman who threw away the money was a great humiliation to them, but the arrogant attitude of the nobles was not a recent thing anyway.

“Jiss, be honest. Did you have a crush on her?”

“what? Why do I like such a girl?”

“You build up your pride in front of the girl you like. But she said the boy is an aristocrat. It can’t be done anyway, and if you see that they give out 5 gold easily, the rank of the nobles will be very high.”

“So what? What if everything is noble? I’m Jis The body that will become the ruler of the port!”

At that moment, footsteps were heard in the dark alley. Jis’s hair stood on end at the characteristic sound of the gong driven into the sole of his shoe as it collided with the ground. 

So did other friends. There was only one person in the harbor who made the sound of footsteps like this.

“Hey, Jess.”

He was a middle-aged man of medium height. A strong impression and fierce eyes like poisonous snakes. It was Falcoa, the leader of Freeman’s organization, which Jis’s gang belonged to.

Jess shook her shoulders. Falcoa was cruel. He didn’t mind being beaten, befitting his penchant for violence. If the number was wrong, whether it was 10 or 100 people, they ran and beat them at random. The word Galliant’s idiot didn’t come out of nowhere.

“Ah, Brother Falcoa. hello.”

Falcoa teased his chin and wrapped his arms around Jess. A disgusting smell stung Jess’ nostrils. A drug addict, he never took the loop out of his mouth for a moment.

“Give it up. Did you get the money?”

“Ah, that… … uh, no.”

“doesn’t exist?”

There was a cool light in Falcoa’s eyes. Thinking that they would have to pay for it at this rate, Jess’ friends prostrated themselves on the floor.

“Sah, save me! They said they don’t ride in our wagon! I clung to the end, but I was threatened… … .”

“okay? Then what did you throw away? It’s not money, it’s shit?”

Jess’s heart sank. He pretended not to know and seemed to have watched from beginning to end.

Would a frog feel like this when it was bitten by a viper’s fangs? I couldn’t breathe for fear.

“Haha, what do you do with these cute things?”


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