Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1259

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God’s Choice (3)

A tear could be heard from Kitra’s throat.


The cause of Shirone’s change of human beings was completely opposite to what God wanted.

‘Fix the cause! Fix the cause! Fix the cause!’

God doesn’t have a heart, but it was probably sad that he couldn’t be angry at this moment.

‘Detect tachyon.’

The fact that there are two beings handling imaginary time means that there are two omniscient and omnipotent gods.

And the collision between the two had no choice but to drive humans to ruin, whether voluntarily or otherwise.

‘The purpose is impossible to achieve.’

who will win

‘The error cannot be removed at this rate.’ It must have been the side that was not interested in the destruction of humans, and the cold god finally made a decision.


A new command was entered.


Pyramid of Truth.

Glenn’s eyes suddenly lit up and he screamed and choked himself.


Ares shouted.

“Wake! What the hell is going on?” The tightness of his neck was so strong that it seemed that he would not last a minute in this state.

“damn! What kind of power is this strong?”

Ares tugged at his wrist, but Glenn’s arm didn’t budge.

said Canis.

“It works more than strength. It’s probably a signal to the brain. I’d rather break my wrist.”

“Are you okay? Aren’t you doing something worse?”

“There is no way.”

Rukia stood up.

“I will do it.”

“no. You are in a state where a lot of blood has evaporated. If you overdo it even a little bit, your brain will go into shock.”

It was a shame because there was Zulu, the number one person in the utility, and it wouldn’t be strange if he was already dead.

“When Glenn wants to live, it means half of his heart is back. Then my ability will work too.”

It is to directly touch Glenn’s heart with God’s right hand.

“I could die.”

“are you okay.”

Rukia put her hand on Glenn’s chest and said.

“Save yourself. Right?” As soon as Shin’s right hand was activated, the blood completely disappeared from her face.


The party was nervous, but they could see that Glenn’s hand, which was strangling his neck, was gradually losing strength.

Ares shouted.

“little bit more!”

And the next moment, Glenn’s eyes returned to focus.


Breathing in as if waking from a grave, he looked around.

What have I done?


As Rukia collapsed with a big smile, Glenn hurriedly stood up and supported her.

“Lucia! Rukia!”

Ares checked the situation.

“are you okay. It’s just exhausting. what happened to me anyway? Why did you suddenly choke?”

Glen shook his head.

“I don’t know. I didn’t want to die. But, how to say, it doesn’t matter if I die?”


“nothingness. It’s a huge futility. There is nothing in this world. It’s empty.”

Glenn raised his head.

“There is no time. Everyone will make the same choices as me. Then this world is over!”

Zulu asked.

“why? Even if someone dies, the world doesn’t end.”

“No, no.”

Glenn grabbed his face.

“I am… … I stopped watching. You will never be able to stop it. We can never beat God!”

said Canis.

“You got your heart back, and this time you’re a coward?”

“You don’t know! It’s not a matter of life and death! What does God want to do to us… …

At that moment, the scenery opened.

“Mr. Zulu.”

While Glenn stared blankly at him, Jin Seong-eum, who crossed the boundary of space, turned his head.

“Sirone is calling you.” Yahweh seemed intent on fighting to the end.

“It’s called user code.” Lethe said.


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“The mind itself is not an error. Because if it were an error, I wouldn’t exist either. It’s nothing special though. It’s just a quantum signal processing a random number code.”

The figure of Taeseong sitting in the landscape of the crater looked like a broken machine.

“Humans want to live. It’s a little different from an animal’s survival instinct. And because humans have the desire to live, this world is maintained.”

by quantum signals.

“That is the essence of love. But when the obsession with life gets stronger, demons amplify and the world becomes turbid. The device to prevent this is Terra Force, but there is a limit to the standard of good and evil. The only thing that can put a child to sleep is emptiness.” Taeseong still didn’t respond.

“Human life begins with children and ends with balls. There are many good and evil in between. The world in which these four directions harmonize is probably Ultima, but even God finds it difficult to balance. After all, this world is user-friendly.”

God is also man-made.

“The Illuminati seem to think that a life controlled by machines is the same as being dead. I’d rather sleep forever, I don’t have to reincarnate in the multiverse. So this world is very dynamic. All kinds of random numbers collide, and we have a system to deal with it.”

It was a world behind the scenes.

“The Missing Link is the core of the reincarnation system. To prevent excessive accumulation of information, the Illuminati are given an oblivion code each time they enter a new world. In a sense, true eternal life. But it is at this point that the error occurs.”

It was a case where the love became too strong.

“Some users seem to love this place more than Edea. That must be what God and the Illuminati define as errors, the workings of the mind.”

Why is the mind dangerous?

“Even if it is an illusion, the human user code is linked to the idea. It means that if someone decides to stay in this world, not even a god can close it.” Lette walked towards Taeseong.

“Of course, the power of God is mighty. It can kill you, haunt you, or make you terribly unhappy. I’m not emotional, though.”

It was just an operation of the law.

“But even such a god doesn’t have as much access as the user code. Because it’s an act of hostility against the Illuminati. Therefore, if all users decide to stay in this world… …

Once incorporated into Ultima.

“God cannot close the world by any means.”

Taeseong blinked once.

“The Illuminati will be crazy. Don’t you think of waking up in a world that is only an illusion? Moreover, if the result here exceeds the result of God, the real and the fake are reversed, and their world becomes an illusion. So what is the mind… … It is the most serious error in the entire universe.”

Lethe asked again.

“How to stop it? What is clear is that the Illuminati cannot directly intervene in this world. You can also tell by the fact that Sirone has no contact with the outside world. But if you give God permission to destroy the master code… …

Humanity may disappear.

“If you think about it now, the gods we follow are just machines for mediating the two universes. Because imaginary and integer times are connected, the Illuminati has reached infinity.”

It is infinite because it is two.

“God is using all means to close the world. Cause manipulation, cell buster, phosphorus surge. Now they are recommending death by injecting the ball’s code. They are trying to get humans to take their own lives so that they can escape to the outside world.”

Lethe looked at the moon.

“There are 18 minutes and 40 seconds until midnight. What about it? Will we still exist after 18 minutes and 40 seconds?”

It was an end ordained by God.

“It won’t be easy. Did you know that a human named Cayden escaped from prison? That would have made God’s results very slightly wrong. In fact, even a difference of 0.1 percent is a huge event.”

God must be perfect.

So even an error of 0.1 percent would be an error worth changing the whole thing.

‘So the truth is 50:50.’ The odds of winning between gods and humans.

When Taeseong didn’t show any response until the end, Lethe moved on as if resigned.

“I will fight. Bye.”

” me.”

Taeseong opened his mouth for the first time.

“Will Sirone forgive me?”

After thinking for a moment, Lethe slowly turned around.


Underground passageway of Delta Headquarters.

“Haha! Haha!”

Harvits was making his way through the dark passageway, groaning strangely. The moment he was exposed to the Photon Cannon Infinity, what flashed through his mind were memories like fragments.


No, is it really a memory?

There’s no logic or reason to tell what’s real, but Harvits didn’t care.

It’s enough if you believe that.

“no wonder… …

Life was so easy.

“I am free.”

In the sense of liberation that it is okay to do anything, Satan’s chaos reached its peak.

“Quack! I will do it my way.”

It was like that until now.

“Hehe! hehe! hehe! Hee! Hee! hee hee!”

The appearance of Havitz walking, bumping his body here and there, was beyond grotesque.

“Hi-Hi! fun!”

Midnight is soon approaching, and the game of ‘Facts vs. Lies’ is about to play one last time.

The proposition he must prove to be true is to kill Sirone or kill Urin.

“You son of a dog!”

After confirming that Yahweh could not be killed, Uorin was the only option left.

‘No, it’s different now. I’ll kill you. son of a bitch. I’ll tell my mother everything.’

Harvits laughed helplessly.


He had never lost in a game of any kind, so it must have been the same this time.


I realized why she was good.

‘Let’s sunset.’

Vanishing activated.

Uorin’s steps stopped.

“what’s the matter?” When Kido turned around, her eyes were fixed in complete terror.

“There is no road.”

The golden timeline that had determined her where to go in any situation had disappeared.

Uorin shuddered.

‘What am I missing?’

As I ran away, I carved it into my head thousands of times, but the name Havitz never came to mind.

Kido activated the Earthquake Command.


The will to bind any enemy sealed off a 2-meter radius into a perfect swamp.

And Harvits… … .

“Hi-Hi! Hehehe!”

He raised his feet while being bound by the Earthquake.

One step forward with the ankle joint pulled out first, followed by the muscle and skin being ripped off.


The protruding anklebone was stamped into the ground, but now the pain felt unreal.

“I am free.”

The moment his longsword aimed at the scruff of Uorin’s neck.


Vanishing is broken.


Uorin and Kido both came to their senses at the same time, but they couldn’t immediately make up their minds.


I shuddered at the sight of the long sword in front of my eyes, but soon the question occupied my mind.

‘Why didn’t you kill me?’

A strange sound leaked out of Habitz’s mouth, who distorted his expression as if he were pretending.

“Eh, run away.”

The voice was Havitz’s, but the expression reminded me of someone stupid.



Harvits screamed.

Then the reddish leg regenerated as if blood had clotted at the severed ankle.

‘That is Gando’s body.’

Maybe not, but I was sure I would never see him again.

‘Gando saved me.’

Uorin instinctively threw herself away.

The moment of vanishing again, Havitz’s long sword fell vertically.

‘What am I missing?’

Two people.

‘No, wasn’t one a human?’ Uorin’s calf was cut, and blood flowed from Harbitz’s side.


Harvits tilted her head.

“Is something strange?”

He couldn’t think of a goblin named Kido.

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