Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1258

God’s Choice (2)

The swordsmen of each country concentrated their minds on escaping from the delirium that is Ymir’s characteristic.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

There were a lot of soldiers who vomited from motion sickness, but they were still elite.

It took less than a minute on average for them to get out of the confusion.


And everyone realized that some scenes seen in delirium were not hallucinations.

“Ymir… …

The king of giants groaning with his face distorted.


The shock was all the more because he had indirectly experienced the extent of Ymir’s powerlessness.

Naturally, everyone’s eyes were focused on the blue-haired swordsman with an amazing back.


Lian turned around and smiled happily.

“long time no see.” Clump desperately held back tears from flowing at the sight of his grandson returning from hell.

‘It’s an old crab.’

If I hadn’t been a commander leading a country’s troops, I might have made a real mistake.

“okay. are you here now? It seems to have gotten quite strong… …

Before Clump could finish his words, Tess got off the horse and charged Lian.


The moment Rian raised her hand, she burrowed into her arms.


Seeing them whistle even in this situation, their spirits were quite dull.

Ryan asked with a smile.

“how have you been doing?”


Tess’ eyes were moist as she raised her head.

“If you’re coming, shouldn’t you say you’re coming?”


I know it’s nonsense, but in fact, I felt sorry for Tess for many things.

Ymir said.

“Sorry to interrupt, can I speak? I am the person I like the most.”

Lian’s blow earlier was already the only reason Le crossed the universe.

Tess snapped.

“I don’t want to hear that you’re happy for someone like you who tramples on life like an ant.”


Power entered Ymir’s eyes, and the simkwon was imprinted in Tess’s heart in the form of an intaglio.


It was heartbreaking to be attacked the next moment, but even if it wasn’t, it was at the level of death.

“It is he who is strong, not you. Do not interfere with those who are not qualified.”


Asura’s aura spread from Rian, the pressure that plagued Tess disappeared.

attack is not coming.

“Huh! Huh!”

Tess let out a heavy breath, but Imi Le didn’t even pay attention to that.

‘To lightly loosen the heart.’

I was just curious about the vicious Asura energy flowing over Lian’s shoulder.

‘Is it the state of ignorance?’

Asurabalbalta (Buddha on the battlefield).

‘The feeling from a moment ago… …

It refers to the most perfect strike after mastering all the battles in the world.

‘Neither talent nor tricks.’

The maximum experience gained only through hard work.

‘How many people have you killed?’

I was almost sick of wanting to fight quickly.

“You have grown. Is this time a spiritual realm? good. This time you and I… …

“Why are you fighting?” At Rian’s question, Ymir shut her mouth.

“Ymir, you are strong. The modifier “strongest” has always followed your history. but you don’t do anything There is no justification or purpose in your battles.”

“… … so?”

“If you don’t want to win something by defeating me, if all you want is that victory, I’ll give it to you. So I won’t stop fighting now’?”

In the silence, Klump thought.

‘That immature guy… …

Now you know how to say pretty cool things.

‘No, honestly, you’re better than me. It must mean that he went through that amount of penance in hell.’

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Ymir’s expression was terribly distorted.

“Seeing so much blood, do you really think you have become a Buddha? no, you are evil A demon that chases after the smell of blood. Your level is the most ideal for cutting someone.”

“I guess so.”

Ryan didn’t deny it.

“But I don’t want to win anymore. That’s it. If you want to win, take whatever you want.”

“You stupid bastard.”

just like winning.

“No, that’s it.”

Ymir raised a corner of his mouth coldly.

“I’ll make it, justification.”

Everyone in the hall turned around with pale faces as the murderous life grew endlessly.


The running speed was different between the master and the lower rank, but in Ymir’s eyes, it was just a small thing.


As the blow struck the air with all its might, compressed air flew out like steel.

“Drop everything.”

It was intended to make Lian’s lid open, but the space was distorted again.


etheric wave.

Beyond the level of distortion, space curved almost in the form of a line toward Ymir.


Ymir’s head bent 90 degrees after receiving the steel air he shot back.

“… … What are you?”

Jin Seong-eum appeared in the cracks in the space.

“I am the emperor of Jincheon.”

She said to Lian while the survivors were scattered in all directions.

“From now on, I will go around the world and gather people. I can’t help you fight.”

The mission is transport to the end.

I realized when I fought Ymir’s fangs that Ether Wave was not an opponent.

“okay. request.”

Since the giant’s troops were coming anyway, mankind needed to gather their strength.

Ymir grumbled as the true voice disappeared.

“There are a lot of guys like flying flies. At this point, should we blow up the whole area?”

“There is no need for that.”

The moment Lian pulled out the great sword, thousands of blades of life rushed in.

“Because I will deal with you.”


Look, I can’t help it.

‘Guys like us… …

Ymir leaned over, and the next moment he kicked the ground and disappeared.

“I can’t live without this!”

Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of afterimages bloomed in Lian’s body as he rushed at the same speed.


Different battlefields, battles, and situations fill the background like a map of hell.

‘Asura… …

A realization that transcends all experiences.


The most flawless blow pierced Ymir’s senses and pierced his side.


Ymir, who noticed it belatedly, lowered his elbow to block the blade of the great straight sword.

‘Ouch, sir… … !’


The flash had already crossed the world greatly.

In the underground temple of the Kergo Ruins, Sirone and the others were in a confrontation with the reborn Nameless.

“Where is he?”

It was a question without context, but there was only one memory that was the strongest for the dead.


An unknown swordsman.

As Sirone kept his mouth shut, Nameless walked over.

“It doesn’t matter. If he’s the number one in this world, we’ll meet him in the end even if we kill a few people.”

“How many’?”

Anonymous shook his head.

“why? You don’t have to kill them all. If you kill one, all levels similar to that one become below me. If you kill the next level, the number will fall down again… …

It was the mechanism by which the sequence of the battlefield was determined.

“In the end, all that remains is the few at the top. First of all, I killed about 20 people here, so even if I can’t do it, wouldn’t there be about 300 million people under me?” Sirone looked at the corpses of Kergo tribesmen.

‘Mr. Mahatu.’

If they hadn’t risked their lives to protect the room, they would have been wiped out in a matter of seconds.

‘Anonymity is probably an antivirus program.’ That is, the manager.

‘I don’t know if he lost his memory because the missing link was applied, or he was cheating knowingly.’

There was nothing left to fight.

“Cheuk, everyone thinks so at first.”

Gaold stepped out.

“What, what about 1st place and 2nd place? Rookie, who doesn’t even shed his fur, talks a lot. Come on. Because I, who is 5.5 trillion, will deal with you.”


Sirone stretched out her hand to stop it.

“Ignorance acquires all abilities in an instant. We don’t have to show our strength.”

Gaold knew that much.

“So what? Wouldn’t it be enough to just get rid of it here? He’s the one you have to bump into.”

“It is different from heaven. Now we can’t think alone. If, by any chance, the power is absorbed by Nameless, all future plans will be disrupted.”


“The reason why God chose that guy as Hitman is because it is a law designed to reach the strongest in a closed world the fastest.”

It was the union of the Angel of Achievement and Karas.

“First of all, we eliminate the bad variables. Until unknown reaches me, I want to prolong the time as much as possible.”

Gaold asked.

“Why do I hear that you are number one?”

Are you honestly right?

“It doesn’t matter now. First, we must assemble at the temple. The situation there is not serious.”

“Even so… …

The moment Kang Nan was about to speak, the space on the wall distorted, revealing the hallway of the Delta Headquarters.


Jin Seong-eum came out to meet him.


The party finally saw through Sirone’s strategy and entered the corridor of the temple.

Miro glanced at the voice.

‘Exact timing. Is space also time? I understand why Sirone tried to save her.’

Of course, the biggest reason I like Seongeum is my strong will to endure hell.

Sirone, who was guarding the entrance until the group moved, said while holding the nameless in check.

“I will unlock the simultaneous events. Sung Yin, bring Mr. Zulu from the Pyramid of Truth.”

“okay. Be careful.”

Sirone’s expression changed when Gaold’s group disappeared and the landscape of the temple turned into a wall.


Kergoin’s rage at having to give up for the sake of humanity was reflected in his voice.

“You can never surpass Mr. Kuan.”

It was only God’s theory that a world where people could become the best simply because they were excellent.

When Sirone, who had extinguished the simultaneous incident, disappeared, Moo-myung was alone in his thoughts.

‘How to cut Quan.’

The way to subdue the movement that transcends common sense was to dominate the space.

Moo-myeong closed her eyes, the air trembled, and the scenery began to wrinkle.

etheric wave.

At the same time as the nameless body disappeared, a bang exploded from the opposite wall.

After colliding head-on into the wall, he stood upright and then collapsed.

What could be the problem?


In an instant, an insight worthy of divine intelligence began to correct the error.

‘It must have been much more difficult.’

Deciding to do it right, he sat cross-legged and immersed himself in deep meditation.

Time left until master.

38 minutes 27 seconds.

Pyramid of Truth.

After Sirone left for the outside world, the Zulu party still stayed at the top.

I had no choice but to wait, but soon, change came here too.


When Sirone deployed Ouroboros, a change came to Glenn who lost his mind.

“I want to live.”

Ares saw hope, but Arin, who had menarche, looked at Glenn’s condition differently.

“Nothing has changed yet.”

As Shin and Sirone’s tachyons collided, the human state was also in the state of half-water and half-human.

“Well, Glenn… …

Rukia reached out and took Glenn’s hand.

She was exhausted from the impact of God’s right hand and the devil’s left hand.


That experience changed the definition of God.

‘Give courage to Glenn.’

The fact that when we save ourselves, God dwells in each of our hearts.

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