Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1256

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The disability of being human (4)


Shiina held out the fruit again.

“I kept… …

“I mean eat! You won’t protect me if you eat!”

Why are you angry?

Throwing the fruit, she was buried in Quan’s chest.

‘Why does this person have to be sick?’

The movement that destroys human common sense is proof that we have given up being human.

“Only because of me!”

What do you mean by love?

If I had known the end of Kuan, I wouldn’t have started from the beginning.

‘Before I lose my ears.’

Before losing sight, before cutting off one arm… … .

‘It’s because of me.’

Without her, at least Quan wouldn’t have ruined his life like this.


Kuan laughed like an idiot and said.

“second… … Don’t… …

It was nothing, it seemed to be saying.


He’s just a clown who deliberately limps, falls, pretends he can’t see, and makes people laugh.


Shiina ate her heart.

“Don’t worry about anything. no matter who you are Because I will be by your side.”

Only then did Kuan pick up a handful of berries.

My heart hurt again at the sight of him hurriedly eating, as if he had forgotten his dignity, but I tried to smile.


Once Kuan was fed something, Shiina paid attention to the sounds outside the cave.

“I’m here for a second.”

Although they were already far from the battlefield, it was an ominous feeling that they could not turn away from.

Soaring into the sky, she surveyed the city.

“oh my god… …

Torches swayed through the streets, and crowds of people rushed across the horizon.

‘What’s going on?’

It seemed that all of humanity was converging toward one place.

‘ weird.’

A fact that can only be known high up in the sky and tens of kilometers away.

‘It’s not a human movement.’

Even the apex of social evolution, the ant, cannot make a matrix like that.

Their voices amplified as one.

– Praise God.

Only one word came to Shiina’s goosebumps head.


Demons protruding into reality, humans who have become objects, and what will come next… … .


A burning meteor was falling through the night sky.


After Maya’s performance ended in a bloody festival, the leaders of each country held a countermeasure meeting.

King Fermi of Kessia was also sitting in his office, making a cold expression.

‘There’s no place to escape anyway.’ The procession of people gathered from all over the country was narrowing the border of Jive to a closed state.

‘The disappearance of the emotional disease means that the system of the other side world has been initialized. but… …

The line between hell and reality has also disappeared.

‘It’s also the situation Satan wants most. It can’t be helped. The problem is Cell Buster.’

Even Fermi could not recover the destroyed data from the future information that Marsha had mined.

‘There’s no future I can know except that the yin and yang delay a few days.’

Then, a knock was heard.

” majesty.”

The aide, who still had the medicinal effect of Angel, entered with a bewildered look.

Fermi let out a small breath.

‘Emotional illness is gone, but it’s up to you to quit.’

“excuse me… … what you said before So, er… … What was his name… …

Nervousness welled up in his sensitive state of mind, but Fermi struggled to get his mind together.

“Who are you talking about?”

There were not one or two orders given to the working team, and most of them were not even reported.

“Oh, Ranstin. We now have the whereabouts.”

Fermi jumped up.

“I beg your pardon?”


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“Uh, well, Robe Lanstin… …

Before he could finish talking, Fermi hugged the aide.

“Ugh! Me, Your Highness?”

“Good job. You did really well.”

Cellbuster’s only opponent, Kitaru Man, but it was unclear whether he would be able to make it in time.

‘I see hope.’

Fermi remembered Yoga’s words.

-Always remember, you still have a choice.

Anger can’t change anything, and only the cold-hearted get the results.

If Fermi had been irritated by incompetent staff, today’s results would not have been possible.

‘And now… …

He would still have a choice, so he calmed down.

“I believed, I could do it. What you have done now is equivalent to saving humanity.”

Of course it’s a lie.

“haha! what am i… … . We will work harder in the future! Trust me and leave it to me!”

Angel’s medicinal effect is still running, but the aide’s eyes are clearer than before.

“is it so. Go to Corona Sector now and find the gun. It is the star of the ivory tower.”

World No. 2 in communication ability.

No, Lampa’s magic had already been purchased by Fermi, so now he was number one.

‘If Chong Yi finds Lanstin, Seong-eum will bring him.’

It could have been done on time if communications and transportation specialists worked together.

“It is an urgent matter.”

The aide immediately nodded and left the office, as if he was full of motivation.


Fermi, who took out a cigarette and tinkered with it, headed for the window.

‘Is it a phosphorus wave this time?’

There was an endless pile of work to be done.

‘World leaders are gathered in the temple. If this place is encroached upon, mankind will lose the power to fight.’

it’s humanity

‘Because this is his specialty.’

After handing over his luggage to Sirone, Fermi lit a cigarette and let out a long puff of smoke.


I saw a meteor cutting through the night sky.

“… … It’s annoying.”

It’s also a future that fits so well.


Because it was so huge, it was not difficult for Ymir to cross the universe.

It was a matter of scale, not speed, and when they returned to the body, a human planet was in front of them.

‘What should I do?’

Even if it wasn’t for the contract with Louver, he had no intention of forgiving the human who humiliated him.

‘That’s why it’s too bad to catch them one by one. It’s also annoying.’

Ymir only wanted to fight.

‘Aha, yes.’

His fists tightened.

‘Let’s start with one hit.’

The target the king of giants was aiming at was the planet itself, which transcended individuals and mankind.

? ? ?

In front of the main gate of Delta Headquarters.

– Follow God’s will. The warriors of the south and the procession of phosphorus continued to fight for strength.

“Guard your heart!”

The warriors with the beast nature of the south were terribly brandishing their swords and cutting phosphorus… … .

‘There is no end.’

The number of people following one after the other was now crossing the million mark.


When the people grabbed the warrior and fell, countless kicks were inflicted on him.

“Aaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

The hard body is mash-like


“At the limit.”

Ntara said.

“Ellikia’s power can’t blow them all away. It’s a miracle that you’ve been guarding the main gate until now.” Even Sirone’s eyes showed seriousness.

“I really want to know what that means. War is what you do to win. If all humanity is to be killed, can this be called a war?”

Humanity all over the world was losing their minds.

– Follow God’s will.

Sirone thought of a last resort.

“I will return it.”


Tachyon is a signal that travels faster than light.

Just as God manipulated the human cause, Sirone was also able to change their past.

“The multiverse.”

Sirone said.

“The reason they lost their minds is because they regretted endlessly in the bubble-like event. On the contrary, if I change their past to create a satisfying future, maybe they can regain their hearts?”

Euntara frowned.

“If you’re not crazy, I’ll explain how that’s even possible. change the past? Suppose there is such a magic. But it is the past of all mankind. Even if that were possible, would you be able to satisfy their desires?”

It was the reason Sirone wasn’t sure.

‘It wouldn’t matter if it was God… …

Since he has no heart, no matter what kind of life a human wants, if he accepts it as it is, that will happen.

‘I am?… ”

can i do it

Can you agree to drop someone else in order for yourself to pass the test?

‘We just need to find a future where everyone is satisfied.’ Because I don’t like that person’s bright smile, would I be able to comply with his request to ruin my life?

‘No one is evil from the beginning. It’s just a matter of giving them a life where they don’t feel like that.’

really… … can i do it


Sirone, who was about to burst into tears, gathered her heart and walked towards the procession of Yin.

“You can do it.”


‘What Yorahhan showed me… … High-intensity self-sacrifice and transcendent madness that endures while embracing everything.


The warriors of the south retreated, and the phosphorus procession began to gather towards Sirone.

– Follow God’s will.

cold god


A turbid mixture of light and darkness shimmered in the body of a god with a heart.

“I-that… … ?”

The moment Ntara’s eyes widened, the energy spread far enough for everyone in the temple to see.

Causal Manipulation – Ouroboros.

The world turns gray in a state of contradiction where the flow of time and stillness are mixed.

-God will… … meaning… … Intercepting device! Intercepting device!

Humans all over the world made bizarre mechanical sounds and their eyes exploded with golden light.

‘This is the beginning.’

Sirone, who had entered the state of Ouroboros, was looking at a different scenery than before.

The background is split like a mosaic, and the human body is also loose like spaghetti noodles.

It didn’t matter how long it took because it was running through an imaginary number of times.

In that 0-second time, that is, in an instant, Shirone realized all of Yin’s past.

‘I lose my mind because of this.’

As their desires repeatedly clashed simultaneously, even the will to live disappeared.

‘How indifferent.’

God had no intention of understanding humans.

‘First of all, avoid collision.’

When I became a god, it was not difficult to create a result that everyone would be satisfied with.

‘We are truly infinite beings.’ What a terrible thing… … .

– I just need to be happy. I just need to be superior. I’m right. You guys are all wrong!

me! me! me!

It was the same that humans were indifferent to others to the extent that they were no different from gods.

‘Why can’t I just think like that?’

Isn’t the concept of “I” the most detestable word in the universe?

‘Let’s stop. It’s stupid.’

Accepting their desires is something that cannot be done without a machine.

Sirone dropped to his knees.

‘okay! Hit them all! Why am I for you… … !’

That moment.

” ah.”

Self-loathing that creeps in suddenly.

‘Is it different from me?’

Because the person who evaluates others is also just a human being no different from them.

‘No matter how repulsive my existence is.’

We can only smile pitifully at each other and hold out our hands.

‘Let’s live together.’

The only way to overcome the obstacle of being human and go to infinity is so… … .


Hot tears flowed.

‘I want to be happy. Of course I want to be superior.’

Because everyone is me [me].

Gradually his chin rises. In the next moment, the desire of mankind, which had risen to the point of destroying the heart, flowed backwards from the stomach.


At the same time as the vomit from the other side of the world poured out, the procession of phosphorus stopped.

-Hey hey! fat… … . Hey hey!

“Wow! Wow!”

Vomiting of emotions.

The voice of phosphorus was heard in Sirone’s ears as he endlessly poured out the dregs of the yam.

-fat… … .

I want to live.

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