Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1254

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The disability of being human (2)

Hwa Resources Management Corporation.

As the energy of the pama mineral energy exploded, the system of the other world was completely destroyed.

Explosions exploded all over the headquarters, but this was just a warning of the disaster to come.

At the karma management department where the ceiling collapsed, Leona finally looked away from the vision.

The end of Chagall and Etella seemed to tell us what karma means to humans.


The building shook violently.

Soon, most things will turn to ashes as the barrier between reality and the other side collapses… … .

“Haa, it’s finally time to get off work.”

Leona was not in a bad mood.

While numerous informants were preparing to leave, Vivian handed over the car.

“Come on, drink.”

“Hey, what’s up? take all of this from you Hell will be destroyed.”


Laughing at Leona’s joke, Vivian asked as she sipped her tea.

“How long will you survive, Demon?”

“well. Even if I can’t do it, won’t it exceed a billion? Demons are persistent and there are many of them. But the only certainty is that they won’t go extinct… …

Leona looked out the window.

“As long as humans live, it will never disappear.”

“… … yes.”

Vivian held out her hand.

“it was fun. Goodbye forever with this. I wish you a good trip.” It was a relationship that was so fiercely in check, but when it happened like this, everything was a memory.

“you also.”


At the same time as the two informants shook hands, an explosion occurred in the Karma management department.

The building of the chemical company melted like molten iron.

That’s how hell is ruined.

A huge ripple of fire began to spread around the point where the Pama Gwangcheonseong exploded.

“Kuaaa! Run away!”

It looks slow, but in reality, the demons right in front of you couldn’t even dare to escape and were swept away.

“There! Get out there!”

A hole was made in the boundary line of Parkji, and reality and landscape began to overlap locally.


The same goes for people in real life who are surprised.

The family who stayed at home in the atmosphere of the end of the century were stunned by the road to hell that unfolded before their eyes.

“Hee! I-what is that!”

“What is it!”

The demons rushed forward, raising their claws.

“The world in your heart! Kekekekeke!”

The family members were massacred, and the demons who came out through the wall looked ecstatic.

“Aww! Save people!”

All the residents of the city were coming out to the streets in a situation where even the security guards could not respond.


The demon flicked its tongue.

“Isn’t this a nice place?”

rumble. rumble.

At the System Control Branch of the Korea Fire Resources Management Corporation, Yu-Jeong Son and her party looked across the horizon.

Son Yu-jeong muttered.

“Is it over?”

The demons turned to ashes in the landscape where the world was burning like oil paper was set on fire.

Mortasinger said.

“The system of the back world must have been destroyed. It will be an initialization process. It will be gone soon too.”

When there was no answer, she pointed to the scenery beyond the foil.

“Back to reality. Help people there. You can do that.”


Mortasinger shook his head.

“There is no place for me in reality. Even though I made the wrong choice, to be honest, I at least made my dream come true here. so… … I can’t go back.”

Is it that only the place where the heart dwells is real?

I was heartbroken by my friend’s choice, but I can’t convince him with any words.

“I will stay too.”

When Richera, who was in Mortasinger’s hand, spoke, Son Yoo-jung wrinkled one eyebrow.

“Sheesh! know. If you go out into reality with only your face left, you will die. it was better I thought I would live like this for the rest of my life without being able to purify myself. I am grateful to you.”


While having a brief conversation, the cloud of fire was approaching more than half of the time.

It was time to say goodbye.


Son Yoo-jung said.


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“You are purified without completing your karma. When you are reborn in the next life, then be a good person who helps people.”

“Cheuk, bullshit.”

Looking back on my life now, that was the case.

“Don’t you know how I grew up and how I lived? If given the same life again, I won’t change. I will kill people in my next life.” “don’t worry.”

Richera smiled and raised the corners of her mouth.

“Because I will never be born again. If I had a choice, I wish there would be no next life.”

I couldn’t say anything.


Richera, who doesn’t like being awkward, said

“Fight like a thunderclap, pretty monkey.”

Possibly affection, Sohn Yoo-jeong choked up as she left them behind.


Mortasinger nodded, and Sohn Yu-jeong turned and ran past Park Ji.

And when I looked back, the smiling faces of Mortasinger and Richera… … .


disappeared into the flames.

Ryan took a deep breath.


The Valley of Wailing dried up again and the surviving demons lost their will to fight.

“Our world… …

Not befitting their hideous appearance, the demons knelt down with vain expressions.



Lethe approached them.

“It is integration. We may split again someday, but we must join hands with humans against God. Otherwise the universe will close


The demons were silent.


Even though they understood it in their heads, the anger in their hearts was saying this.

‘I’d rather die together.’

There was no way Lethe, the manager, didn’t know.

‘It will be a tough fight, Yahweh. Even if I follow you, demons have Satan.’

They will not be shaken as long as Havits, the existence that Ma loves to the extreme, dies.

said the demon.

“We will fight. What is integration? Only humans are afraid of death. If Yahweh can despair, I will do anything.”

The demons began to come out into reality through the hole in the paper that was created in the Valley of Lamentation.

Even Lethe couldn’t stop it that far.


when you sigh


“It’s a surprise.”

She shook her shoulders at Sirone’s voice, hesitated for a moment, then turned around.

As the underside world was initialized, the demon that Sirone embraced was also purified.

Lethe said.

“You look a little better now. So why do you do something you can’t handle? Do you know that Ma is easygoing?”


Sirone smiled.

“You decided to fight for humans.”

“Don’t get me wrong.”

Lethe’s expression, which had been hesitant until now, changed.

“어디까지나 이면 세계를 위해서 야. 이대로 지옥이 사라지는 것을 두고 볼 수는 없으니까.”


지옥의 관리자는 신보다 마족을 택 했다.

“괜찮아. 이제는 나도 마를 끌어안 았으니까. 나머지는 내가 알아서 할 게.”


레테가 턱을 들었다.

“상당히 자신이 있나 본데. 알고 있겠지? 지금의 너는 마족을 죽일 수 없어.”

말하자면 그런 경지.

시로네가 아무 말도 없이 그저 웃 고만 있자 레테 또한 가식을 거두었 다.

“쳇, 그래. 너는 타키온을 구사할 수 있지. 이제는 신과 동급이니, 나 도 널 어쩔 수 없어. 하긴, 바깥 세 계에 접속했으니 더 이상 감출 것도 없고.”

관리자에 대한 말에 시로네가 물었 다.

“정말로 거짓이었어?” 무슨 말을 하고 싶은 것인지 알았 으나 레테는 그저 다음 말을 기다렸 다.

“태성도, 루버 씨도, 처음부터 우릴 속인 거야? 인간에 대한 애정은 없 었던 거야?”

“우린 프로그램일 뿐이야. 특정 상 황에 대응하는 매뉴얼대로 행동하는 것뿐이라고. 너에게는 마음처럼 보 이겠지만, 실상 나도 다르지 않아.” 양자적인 매개변수가 더해졌을 뿐. “하지만 태성은 나를…… “아, 몰라!”

레테가 고개를 저었다.

“신이라는 코어에 묶여 있어도 각 자의 섹터가 있는 거야. 게다가 저 마다 권한도 막강해서, 자칫 침범했 다가는 시스템 간에 충돌이 생겨. 그래서 응답도 꺼 놓고 있구만.”


시로네가 생각에 잠겨 있는 그때 리안이 진성음을 부축하고 다가왔 다.

“고마워, 구해 줘서.”

짧은 인사였지만 성음의 목소리는 떨렸다.

‘상상도 못 했지.’

시로네를 다시 보게 될 줄은.

“무슨 소리야. 오히려 내가 너에게 고마워해야지. 네가 아니었으면 세 상은 이미 멸망했을 거야.”

Lethe said, feeling the heat blowing from far away.

“I don’t have time for a long talk. tell me what to do next It will soon be ashes here too.”

Sirone turned to Lian.

“I will end the simultaneous incident. Ymir will be resurrected soon. Depending on how he moves, the game will change. Ryan, come to Seongeum and Delta headquarters. If you use etheric waves, it will be instant. can you do it for me?”

Voice nodded.

“That’s it. But before I take Lian, I have a place to stop.”


Since she wouldn’t know her father’s condition yet, Sirone immediately agreed.

“okay. Go quickly.”

I couldn’t bear to reveal it, but it seemed that I intuitively sensed the voice just with the urging tone.

When the etheric wave was activated, Parkji’s veil crumpled and her figure disappeared.

“Then I will disappear too. See you at the temple.”

Lian raised his thumb as Sirone’s body blurred as the simultaneous events were lifted.

“don’t worry. I will follow you soon.” After looking at that scene for a while, Sirone recalled the time she and Lian had spent in hell.


It’s embarrassing, but I really wanted to say it.

“I’m glad you are here.”

Particles of light fluttered like flower petals, and Lian smiled and turned around.


Lethe crossed her arms and asked.

“By the way, how are you going to get back?”

“huh? of course… …

A tidal wave of fire was fast approaching, scorching the entire Valley of Wailing.

“Oh, Zen… … !”

A firestorm overtakes them.


Reigning the flames and advancing, Li An’s voice adorned the end of hell.

Jin Kang’s eyes, lying on the floor, were empty.


A face as pale as that of a corpse meant that there was no more blood left to pour out.

“Your Majesty the Emperor.”

Anchal approached and supported Jin Kang’s upper body.

“Hell is… … Did you feel my wrath?”

“It will happen.”

“My daughter… …

Jin Kang took a deep breath in and then exhaled.

“Are you back?”

Until then, I didn’t even know Anchal.

However, if he was really alive, he wanted to be in the life of Jinkang, who had less than a minute left.

“Your Majesty, obviously the princess… …


It was time to tidy up.

“It’s good if your daughter is alive. However, even if she is not alive… …

The corners of his mouth went up in a bash.

“I will go get it.”

That time when tears flowed silently down the cheeks of the temples.


A beautiful voice sounded like an hallucination.

“ball… …

The one eye of the temple opened wide, and all the servants bowed as if their knees were about to break.

“Meet the princess!”

Seong-eum lightly walked towards Jin-gang, who had a surprised expression on her face, and sat down.


“Ahhh… …

Only after feeling the warmth in her daughter’s hand did Jin Kang accept that it was reality.

“I’m back, Father.”

“okay. okay.”

The head was always nodded.

But the excitement was short-lived, as he recalled the responsibility of the emperor and said, correcting his expression.


“Please tell me.”

“From now on, Jin Seong-eum will be the emperor of Jincheon.”

hurray! hurray! hurray!

“My daughter, help Sirone. The Emperor of Jincheon must never betray his trust.”

Seongeum bowed his head reverently.

“I will obey Your Majesty’s orders.”


And when I look up again

Jin Kang was smiling peacefully as he gazed at the ceiling.


The voice burst into tears that it had been holding back.

“father! father!”

The emperor of Jincheon, who dominated an era, Jingang.


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