Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1252

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The Horrible Truth (8)

Thing asked.

“error… … Called?”

“Otherwise I don’t understand. To have blown the best chance to kill me like this.”

Thing couldn’t dispute that either.

“What are you going to do now? I’m blocking Cell Buster with Taegeuk’s power, but I can’t hold out for long.”

Sirone saw a mass of anti-cells compressed in the sky.

“The reason cell busters are scary is because anti-cells are endlessly differentiated. If you destroy one, it becomes two, and if you destroy two, it becomes four. If it is differentiated like that, eventually the number of humans will increase, and the world will perish.”

“Is it still increasing?”

The proof was that the mass of anticell was vibrating.

“If you go on like this, you will explode. And when it explodes, numbers we can’t imagine will pour into the world.”

“I will find a way.”


Sirone shook her head.

“I don’t know yet. but… … If she is him, maybe she has the answer.”

Ardino Fermi.

‘Because he’s smarter than me in this way.’

When the wound healed somewhat, Sirone stepped back from Sing, who was supporting her.

“This is the end of the Ivory Tower simultaneous incident. I will meet Fermi at the temple, so Sing must summon the remaining stars and come to him.”

“Before that, there is something I want to ask you.”

It was luck for humanity that Sirone survived, but there were still some unpleasant parts.

“What do you think of Taeseong? Yin and Yang made sacrifices. Make an accurate judgment.”

“I believe.”

Sirone was adamant.

“Of course, I don’t trust the manager. That’s clearly my mistake. But there must be a reason why Taeseong didn’t kill me. It had to be.”

“If not?”

Thing asked.

“What if there was no reason for that? What if you thought stopping your heart was enough?”

“then… …

Sirone’s eyes flashed with life.

“Never forgive. Not only Taeseong, but even Shin. You will pay the price for scorning mankind.”

Thing smiled.

“That’s enough.”

Because the yin and yang would have said the same thing.

“See you at the temple.”

Sirone’s body faded away, and only Singh remained at the top of the Ivory Tower.

“Are you alone again?”

By the time the idea blooms again that we can never know the truth of others.

“Oh Dae-sung.”

The stars of the Unified Space Management Department have entered.

‘mini. Ariana. Kira.’

Most of the inhabitants of the Ivory Tower are injured or dead, but there are still comrades to fight alongside.

“let’s go.”

Sing decided to trust Sirone.

Electrical phase space.

Managers communicated in the invisible realm where radio waves intersect at the speed of light.

It was just a cold exchange of signals, but if you put them in a human way… … .

“Why did you do that?”

Anyone would think that Argones was angry.


“Couldn’t you have killed it more reliably? It was as easy as cutting off his head or destroying his brain.” The spread of Taeseong came late.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. It was not my intention that Sirone survived. I just did the best my program could do.”

This time, Argones did not respond.

Administrators all have their own sectors to prevent system disruption.

‘Why are you like that?’

If we were to humanize the information being analyzed in the sector of Argones, it would be something like this.

‘Clearly, it’s hard to see that the Gaia program changed methods for humanity. That’s the same level of contradiction as me not triggering a cell buster.’


Should I report to the higher sector?

If it was a program, it should have been, but Argones couldn’t put it into practice.

“Stop it. If you doubt me, I won’t leave you alone either.”

Although on an equal footing, when viewed systematically, Gaia is higher than Argones.

‘The source is blocked. Why are you like that?’

Argones asked.

“I don’t want to collide with you. If there really isn’t a problem, it’s just a matter of letting the core system decide.”

“No problem.”

Just when Argones was trying to find another route to bypass Taeseong, a new radio wave came.

“It prevented humanity from having an Ultima.”


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It was a louver.

“Good job. What about Sirone?”

“I got out of Drimo. Is it the work of Taeseong? I think it was an excellent decision.”

“You said you got out?”

The radio wave of Argones pushed strongly.

“okay. i sent it That was the only way to put my medicine on Ymir. There is no Ultima anyway, so the only thing left is the destruction of mankind.”

is it?

‘Why are these things like this?’

Argones suddenly had this question.

‘Could it be that I am an error?’

Taeseong said.

“There is no need to complicate things. Aren’t you also in a state where the Cell Buster is blocked? If you suspect a miscalculation as a systemic error, you are not free either.”

Mona asked.

“By the way, where is the hidden code manager?”

Lethe of Oblivion.

Managers who realized the absence sent radio waves at the same time, but there was no response.

“This is an error.”

Not sending any signal at a critical moment when a system from the outside world is being attacked.

Louver said.

“We can do what we have to do. In each sector, destroying humanity and closing this universe.”


Argones approved.

“We conclude that there is no problem in each sector except for Lethe. No more mistakes in judgment will be tolerated. In the future, I will monitor all programs.”

Taeseong said coldly.

“If you can.”

“… … Disappointing.”

If you were human, wouldn’t you have said this?

After the managers’ meeting ended, Taeseong returned to his system.

In the dark space where the blue light passed, she was kneeling somewhat.

‘I can’t report this.’

One command after another was pouring in from her own system.



why? why? why? why? why?

‘What happened to me? Where is it wrong?’

why? why? why? why? why?

Only questions of unknown reason or source were being calculated endlessly in Taeseong’s mind.

Finally, Ryan arrived.

Originally, it was the deepest part of the Valley of Wailing, where the huge river of fire flowed as a tributary.

“ha. ha.”

His body was covered with scars after wading through waves of black monks and demons while carrying the fainting sirone.

However, because the enemies were still chasing him, he had no time to take care of himself.

Kyaa o}o}o}o}o}!

The screams of a slender woman.

No, the true voice connected to thousands of chains protruding from the valley was motionless.

So this… … .

‘The scream of the soul.’

?kya o}o}o}o}o}o]”!

Even Rian, who had gone through all of the prenatal battles, couldn’t help but feel the pain in her bones at this moment.

“… … go.”

Jin Seong-eum, who spread her limbs, slowly raised her head.

“spin… … go.”

If there is an acquaintance, then there is, but in her eyes there was no emotion for a familiar person.

‘It’s terrible.’

Did she really intend to endure this pain forever?

“I am Ryan.”

“spin… … Go.”

“From now on, I will save you. I think the shock will be quite big, but I hope you will endure it.”

“no… … . If you purify me, the other world will open… … The world goes to hell… …

“There is a way. I don’t know, but Sirone said so. You can go back.” When Jin Seong-yin shut her mouth, Rian put down the sirone and stretched her big sword.

As the chain connecting the sword and the hand became hot, <Idea> became red hot.


The fire of Gehenna that purifies everything

Lian also came here with terrible pain, but this time it would be on a different level.


Jin Seong-eum nodded weakly, and Lian rushed forward with the face of a yaksha.


The moment the sword was thrust into the ground, the chains connected to the valley trembled terribly.


Seongeum, who had never shown weakness except for the screams of his soul, raised his head.


The chains turned red and finally burned, and all her karma began to be purified.

Ryan’s face hardened even more.

‘Hold on. Hold on.’

The size of the pain is astonishing, but the identity of the despair I felt when I first struck the big sword… … .

‘There is no end.’

It is not an exaggeration to say that it was a huge karma for all mankind.

– You sinner!

A wild beast flew from the sky, and the demons who followed Lian found Sirone.

“Yahweh! Kill Yahweh!”


Ryan was conflicted.

The pain was tolerable, but the effort did not speed up the purification.

‘Sirone asked me to find the true sound. i am a knight I have to follow my lord’s orders.’

Senses more sensitive than insects caught the chains of the monsters, and the echo of the ground was felt right away.


Ryan turned around.

‘I have to save Sirone!’

My body moved first before I could think, and the moment I tried to pick up the great sword stuck in the ground.

“Stop.” A woman who fell from the sky held out her hand.


The demons were frightened and surprised, and the monsters did not even dare to break the order.


As she carefully inspected the demons, she met eyes with Lian, whose body was on fire.

‘I’m really going to do it. You’re an absurd human being.’

Even if Gehenna purifies karma, there was no human being who could survive.

“you… …


The moment Lete took a step, Lian crouched down and prepared to jump out.

“Stay there. The moment you move, the sword stuck in the ground will cut your neck.”

It was said that Jin Seong-eum could not become a hostage, but Lethe had a different idea.

‘There are times when that person is nervous too.’ She looked at Sirone, who had fallen to the floor.


At the beginning of the boundary between life and death, in Bardo, emotions are embodied as tangible substances.

Thus, proof that Yahweh, in perfect defenselessness, truly forgave.

Lethe turned around and said.

“Stop going away. I will protect this place.”


The demons were bewildered.

“Why are you blocking the attack? Isn’t now the perfect opportunity to kill Yahweh?”

” I am??????

I wasn’t sure if I could convince them, but Lethe struggled to open her mouth.

“I will fight on the side of Yahweh.” There wasn’t even a buzz.

All he felt was a sense of betrayal and unprecedented hostility toward Lethe.

“Must have heard us wrong?”

“No, literally. Yahweh forgave Ma. Now that God is about to close the world, I follow Yahweh’s will.”

– Hey Lethe.

said the black monk.

“Isn’t there something wrong? Administrators have no right to reject results set by God.”

“there is.”

Lethe raised her head and raised an eyebrow.

“Because I am a mind program.”

Even a variable that rejects God is possible because he is the only manager who calculates emotions.

Lette shook her head slightly.


Lian was conflicted for a moment, but had no other choice but to trust her.

“… … request.”

When it became clear that he had joined hands with humans, the leader of the group said.

“All right.”

And the next moment, all the demons trembled with anger and rushed at Lethe.

“die! Abominable Lethe!”

Lethe’s eyebrows went up in sorrow at the sight of a child-like being running to kill her.

‘It’s disgusting?’

You must have been very sad too, Yahweh.

“Ho Ho.”

The fire of purification lit up in her eyes, and soon her whole body burned like a volcano.

“You are free to come.”

I will forget you no matter what sins you commit.

“I am your mother.” Lethe of Oblivion.

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