Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1242

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Weight of Existence (2)

Right before she lost consciousness, Maya saw a trail of light across her retina.

‘Am I dead?’

After thinking about that for a while, she hurriedly came to her senses when she felt the weight of her body.


Maybe it wasn’t like that?

But when her vision returned, Caden was standing in front of her.

“are you okay?”

It was the same friendly tone as usual, but Maya intuitively sensed that something had changed.

“yes. that is… … sorry.”

Cayden just smiled, erased my expression, and walked over to Constantine.

“Why did you try to kill Maya?”


Both arms were cut off, but there was no bleeding due to divine power.


I didn’t even care about the pain.

‘Because God exists.’

Evidence from the outside world makes all value in reality meaningless.

“I am not afraid even of death.” In front of Constantine, who raised his divine power with life as fuel, a golden shield was born.

“Army of God.”

The ability of the pope, who is called the only person who can stand against Satan within Lamie religion.

Of course, Habitz ignored it, but Constantine’s record in the Demon War was a record.

“Come in, heretic.”

Cayden didn’t move.

As if standing in front of a loaded bow, a sense of tension was felt inside the shield of light.

‘maybe… … Something like a spear.’

Cayden’s intuition was correct.

As soon as it enters the radius, a spear of light will pop out between the shields and create a honeycomb.

That was the ability of the strongest Lamie religion.

said Caden.

“You were once respected by the world. Go back and get treatment now.”

Constantine’s eyes turned friendly.

“Whoops. young people.”

And immediately, with madness in his eyes, he gritted his teeth and took a step forward.

“There is no home for me here.”

Uncountable number of spears of light jumped out from between the gaps in the shield at tremendous speed.

And Cayden moved before the spear had even advanced ten centimeters.

Demon Sword – Island Bone (Wandering Flash).

A light flashed.

The flashes were so fast and light that they broke at sharp angles dozens of times, as if lost.


When they finally reached their destination, golden line art was spread out on the stage.


I didn’t want to spend it this way.

“Because the sword is too light.”

The length of Constantine’s spear extended was only 13.7 cm.


Red blood gushed out of Constantine’s body and fell apart into dozens of pieces.

Officials in each country had the same idea.

‘What is that monster again?’

The prophecy of the future was wrong, and another powerful enemy that was difficult for the kingdom to deal with appeared.

“Go back.”

Albino stood up from his seat.

“It was a good finale.”

Isn’t it the end that fits the end of the human race?

As those who held their breath and looked at the situation left, Reina looked back at the darkness.


Thanks to Caden, she didn’t get much hurt, but her brother was still protecting her.

‘The wound must be great.’

Reina had also learned swordsmanship at one time, so she expected the level of shock Lai would receive.

‘Just remember this. Whether you’re good or bad, you’re family.’

Because that’s Ogent.

When Reina, who was considerate of her younger sister, left the annex, Rai also quietly disappeared into darkness.


There was also such a level.

‘It cuts the fastest. cut the most secretly cut the most powerful Most, most, most.’

What on earth did he do when everyone was striving for one path?



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perhaps… … He felt that the true shame of the Ogent family was himself.

Meanwhile, Kayden, who had come down the stage, moved toward Maya, who was dodging toward the audience seats.


It seemed like he knew what Caden would say, just like when he saved him from the demon Miyo.

“i love you.”

Maya replied with prepared words.

“sorry. As I said before, I’m still ready… …

“I mean it.”

Maya raised her head.

“I will not run away any longer. If you can’t accept it, I’ll stop asking in your heart. It will be difficult and difficult to endure, but I will fully bear it and live.”

“Kaden… …

For the first time, his words stuck in my heart.

‘Throw everything.’

As Cayden approached, Maya’s head became as urgent as her beating heart.

‘What do we do?’

It was time for her to make a choice.

‘Can I do this?’

A substitute for sirone or a lifesaver would only leave scars on each other.

” I am??????

The moment I said my first words, all the memories from the day I met Cayden until now.


assured her

‘Thank you.’

Finally able to smile, Maya closed her eyes and Kayden kissed her.

El Qiana’s eyes widened as she sat on the stage.

“They are playing a lot.”

But that was for a while, and soon he smiled and sent a vague gaze.

“Yes, love is good.”

Destiny is… … Does it really exist?

Although Cayden did achieve what he wanted for the first time beyond his Red Cross destiny.

Was his escape from his heart, or was it simply because the law had changed.

We are still just lost children in the universe, and those who hold the correct answer in their hands “Beep beep!” There was only God.

“Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep beep!” Shortly after Constantine’s death, Kitra knelt in his hallway and made a strange noise.

“Beep! beep! Beep! beep!”

Calculation not possible! Calculation not possible! Calculation not possible! Calculation not possible!

It was a contradiction in that no matter how many imaginary functions were substituted, the desired result could not be derived.

“Beep beep”

He explored the infinite universe.

In minus time, the birth and death of the universe is only an instant, so the calculation time is zero.

“Beep hee hee.”

The probability that the outcome of the end of the universe would be correct was transmitted to Kitra’s brain.

99.9999999999… … percent.

“beep… …

The sound stopped for a while.

If he were a human, he would believe in the overwhelming win rate and push forward.

“Extract]. beep.”

God cannot be trusted because he has no heart.

Even after repeating the same calculation countless times, 100 percent did not come out, so the route was split in two.

1. Repeat the calculation until 100 percent is obtained under the current system.

2. Change the system through learning.

These were the two conditions for reaching the concept of perfection.


Blue electricity flashed in Kitra’s eyes as he calculated both cases at the same time.

“Beep hee hee!”

Is this the scream of a god, or is it just a system alarm?

“Beep hee hee!”

Clearly, the god of the outside world seemed unable to put his heart into the sound.

Green Ocean.

In the midst of a fierce battle between the 12 apostles and the ordinary angels, the charter turned sharply.

Blitz’s eyes flashed.


As the number of fairies fell to less than half, it was the point at which a small number of elites shined.

“Power asymmetry is deepening. If we keep going like this, the fairies will soon be wiped out.’

The little creatures that enforced the laws of heaven would later come out of fairy tales.

and the same time.

The elf’s hideout was in a state of ruin.

“Fight! That’s not Erin!”

The crown, ‘riding’ Erinn’s body, was killing elves at nearly one per second.


Erin smiled coldly.

“Is it too easy?”

Enox, the head of the elves, asked.

“Who are you?”

“I don’t know?”

Crown approached with open arms.

“It’s me, Erin.”

Enoch wrinkled his face, but his legs were still immobilized in the ground.

‘Victory is not important.’

It was a battle to see who would go extinct first.


Enox said to the chief of the fire tribe.

“Take as many as you can and run away. There is a future only if one more person survives.”

Only a few dozen elves and fire tribes remained.

‘Because the lifespan is unnecessarily long.’ What had he been doing without thinking of breeding for an eternity of time?

‘Sing songs, celebrate nature, and share discourse.’

Enox realized.

‘is it?’

Man’s ridiculously short lifespan, powerful sexual desire, and insatiable greed O…

‘I thought it was pathetic sometimes.’

From the point of view of the species, it was the strength to maintain and develop the species even in numerous crises.


Enox grabbed his sword and shouted.


At the powerful cry, Protea gave herself up to extreme passivity and shouted.

“follow me!”

At the same time, Enox charged Erin.


Thousands of sharp winds swept everywhere, and fresh blood spurted from Enox’s neck.

“Because I can’t.”

Erin, who was far away, brushed off the blood on her sword and chased after the Hwajok.

Looking up at the sky, Enox thought.


I vaguely felt that it was a crown, but I didn’t even think of it as an elf or fairy.

‘The Third Race:

There was no regret.

‘Because it’s natural for the strong race to survive.’

Red blood began to spread quickly and slowly at the place where the upper body collapsed with a thump.


What remains at the end of life… … .

‘Please save the fire people.’ It was only faith.

Having annihilated the elves, Crown wiped the blood from his cheeks.

‘Is it a draw?’

The fairy would have been wiped out by now, but he was no longer a fairy anyway.

“You are the last.”

Crown approached Protea.

“This is also a historic moment, so let me say something. Speak the will of the tribe.”

“… … You made a big mistake. The Hwajok is the world’s only hope. You will definitely regret it.”

“Don’t write it down.”

Protea’s head fell with a single blade.

“With the ferocity of extinct creatures.”

Thus, the tribal war came to an end, leaving only the third human beings who were neither elves nor fairies.

“I am superior.”

What the Crown wants is to control humanity from the highest point in the human world.

‘That is the fate of the Illuminati.’

It was the role of a control tower balancing between gods and humans.

“I will go to the temple.”

He does not know that there is only about an hour left until the end of mankind.

When he finds out, will Crown take the side of God or the side of humans?

“Because I will rule the world.”

Although perfection was broken by jailbreak, Shin’s win rate was still 99.99%.

Son Yu-jeong, who opened the way for Lete, sat in the wilderness and did not move.

In a choice that would determine the fate of the universe, her hair had been grayed out.


Mortasinger put her on the shoulder.

“You made the right choice. Yahweh said Everyone has right in their heart/


Son Yoo-jung shook her head.

“It is not right. I couldn’t afford it. That the universe will disappear because of my choices, I can’t decide. So, that’s why I handed it over to Yahweh.”

“Yoo Jung-ah… …

Son Yu-jeong cried and turned her head.

“How do you hold on?”

When the choice had to be made, she realized what Shiro was carrying.

“How can Yahweh withstand the weight of all beings, something that even death cannot take responsibility for?”

What are you responsible for?

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