Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1241

Weight of Existence (1)

In the process of processing information from Apocalypse, heads of state had the same question.

‘If I had to kill Maya… …

To what extent does the method of killing apply?

‘What if the assassin is a spy for a certain country? Or what if an indirect murder occurs in a chaotic situation?’

In a situation where the standard is ambiguous, most countries thought that killing with a knife was the most accurate.


Originally planned to become a world leader, the Kingdom of Iron had a superpower.

Caden was cautious.

‘Why are you doing that? It’s dangerous. Why is no one stopping you? Could it be that only I am looking?’

Fermi thought.

‘If I hadn’t obtained information from the future, Sirone would not have stopped the procession of phosphorus.’

By now, the audience must have been swept away by the wave of phosphorus, and it is the Iron Kingdom that kills Maya in that chaos.

Also, Fermi thinks.

‘But I knew, and then the Iron Kingdom knew. The Iron Kingdom will not kill Maya.’

There must be not one or two people who felt uncomfortable in the prophecy that they would kill Maya and become the world’s leader.

‘And now all countries are informed.’

If it was defeat the moment you took your foot out, Iron would assume both cases.

‘Since Sirone has blocked the phosphorus wave, of course Iron will try to kill Maya… …

Because Iron is trying to kill Maya.

‘Kayden breaks out of prison.’

This was the future that Fermi envisioned when he revealed information about Apocalypse.

Caden hesitated.

‘I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t know. No, even if you know it, do you just watch it? What event?’

You can’t blame the fear of those who don’t know the future, but his right hand didn’t hesitate.


As the magic sword was activated, the sharp atmosphere knocked the crossbowman’s neck off.

‘I really killed him.’

He might not have been an assassin, but even so, his right hand would have moved.


As the applause stopped, Maya looked backstage with a puzzled expression.

Then a scream broke out.

“Aww! 人}, the person is dead! What happened?”

El Qiana shouted.

“What is this? Murderer! What are the guards doing! Hurry up, that person… …

Looking back, she froze.


Hitmen from all over the world came up and took out their weapons and rushed at it.



El Qiana really wanted to get out of the way, but she couldn’t even lift a finger.

Seeing Hitman’s eyes go cold, she instinctively sensed it even in the blink of an eye.

‘Am I dying?’

Just as the blade was about to hit her neck, Reina hugged her by the waist and rolled across the stage.

“You fool! Run quickly!”


As El Qiana ran toward the exit, Reina inspected the stage that had turned into mayhem.

‘Is this what Ray said? But why are you targeting us? no, what I was aiming for


The location of the crossbowman suddenly came to mind.


The moment she shouted, assassins from different countries surrounded Maya and brandished their swords.

‘I have to kill him first.’


At that moment, with the sound of Cayden’s spirit, a tornado occurred where Maya was.

Maya, who had her eyes closed tight, lifted one eyelid to see Kayden’s wide back.

“are you okay?”

“huh. What are these people?”

“I don’t know why they are targeting you. Just a moment ago… …

With tears in my eyes and applause.

“Is it a magic swordsman?”

Said the man holding the two daggers in reverse.

“It’s a little clumsy.” Of course, they must be the best hitmen, but the reason Caden kept his mouth shut was for another reason.

‘The fate of the Red Cross has weakened.’ At some point, he had a hunch that the fate that had been following him had disappeared.

Even so, the reason why he can use the magic sword is because of his right arm that goes wild.

‘It’s like fighting with one arm. I can’t even control it.’

Cayden decided how to protect Maya in this situation.

“Maya, run away.”

Even the enemies are listening.

“I can’t win.” The only way to motivate Maya was to let go of pride and be honest.

“Kaden… …

“Go quickly! Don’t be annoying!” Since she was never the type to say such a thing, Maya cast a teleportation with tears in her eyes.

“Follow me!”

Hitman moved and Caden blocked his way.


I tried to put in a strong spirit, but in reality there was nothing I could do other than that.

‘It’s me anyway. I’m moving.’

just don’t realize


He loved Maya more than he thought.

As the blue electricity from the Lightning Impact hit the stage, a series of explosions occurred.

The hitmen, who realized that their power suddenly increased, finally made serious faces.

‘If you delay, you will miss it.’

However, if we were to deal with Cayden, a hitman from another country would snatch the target first.

“Let’s do it together.”

Negotiations were quick because they were the first to judge the situation.

“Kill once, compete again. how is it?”

Since there were no clumsy people, the hitmen expressed their consent by looking back at Cayden.

Caden called for joy.

‘it’s okay.’

The power of the magic sword machine is intact, but the body other than the right arm must move with reason.

‘All you have to do is attack me. Then Maya can escape while I die.’

He prayed sincerely.

“Why don’t you know?” Seriel asked.

“You don’t fight a fight you can’t win. Is there anything in the world that even God does not know?”

“That’s the point.”

Fermi turned away from the window.

“Because not even God knows, no one knows. No one in this universe can ever know.”

what kayden will do

“But the problem is… …

When Fermi confirmed the other day, Cayden’s escape from prison had only the right arm applied.

“It is not a human being. I’m not saying he only has a right hand. A true jailbreak… … Is it possible when you completely escape the prison of your body?”

“The prison of the body.”


Fermi laughed bitterly.

“You don’t know.”

Cayden was terrified.

‘ what?’

His right arm was exquisitely blocking the attacks of the 12 best hitmen.

‘What the hell is this arm?’

Even if it was attached to my body, I couldn’t control it, so I didn’t think it was mine.

The hitmen also gradually wrinkled their expressions.

“It’s quite right.”

Boasting super-fast assassination skills, they had already been unable to win for three minutes.

‘Are you a sword genius? no, it’s weird I’ve never seen swordsmanship like this. It’s impossible to predict.’

Unlike Hitman’s acknowledgment of Cayden, he felt uncomfortable.


Feeling enslaved to a part of your body.

‘no. Obviously I’m moving. I don’t even have eyes in my hands

go… …

Apparently, he was reacting through the information his eyes were receiving.


Caden cried.

‘Why don’t I know?’

It moves through the brain, so if your right arm can do it, you should be able to do it too.

‘Whatever it is, it’s in me. you’re looking away desperately running away…

The fate of the Red Cross.

Even though the law had changed, Cayden’s heart was still there.


I hated it so much.

‘I’m not interested in magic and swordsmanship. All I wanted was a painter. I wanted to draw the best Maya!’

At that moment, the hitman’s dagger cut through the back of Caden’s right thigh.


“… … I got it.”

This guy has only his right arm.

The moment she left the exit, Maya froze.

El Qiana’s legs are dangling

It floated and was held in the hands of Pope Constantine.

“M-Maya! help me!”

When he took the first step toward her earnest expression, his eyes collided with Constantine.

‘this person… … Not human.’

It felt like I was out of breath.

“It is unusual. you and this girl Does that mean there is no particular reason you want to change’?”

How can I live without regrets?

But all those experiences made her song now, so she was grateful for the present.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Maya’s appearance in front of her right now must have been the result of God’s will.


As light shot from Constantine’s hand, El Qiana kicked Maya.

The divine power, which was originally the ability of a perm demon, lightly cut through Maya’s bangs.

El Qiana shouted.

“Run away!”

Maya, who had hit her buttock, asked involuntarily.

“… … why?”

It wasn’t a particularly evil personality, but he wasn’t the one to help others while he was captured.

‘I know. Why did I do that?’ Even I was suspicious.

‘I really hate him. I’m unlucky with a good patient, and my part is also stolen… …

El Qiana said.

“You’d better kill me. That kid shouldn’t die, he’s the protagonist of the temple finale performance.”

Do you know what that means?

“Best in the world… … I mean diva.” If sound contains the heart and information at the same time, her voice is the highest vibration.

Maya burst into tears.

“L… …

The pope cut off.


And he took a step towards Maya.

“Songs that do not praise God are nothing but heretical sorcery.”


Caden, who was kneeling on one knee and swinging his right arm, heard Maya’s voice.


El Kiana and Maya floated to the left and right of the pope who was spreading the light of divine power.

“Look at all! Proof of God! Power! Fallen humans! Now the age of the gods will open!”

The kings of each country left, but key officials who kept an eye on the situation remained.

‘Isn’t that the Pope? You’re crazy.’

Albino, on the other hand, realized that what was to come had come.

‘Was this one?’

No matter how much you change the cause, you will reach the result God wants.

“Maya dies.”

It cannot be stopped by any reason.


Cayden shouted, but now only his right arm was intact.

“Oh God! Please accept my trust!”

When Constantine shouted, her eyes lit up and Maya’s pupils rolled upward.

“Maya! Maya!”

Cayden cursed his fate again.

‘Why me… …

Can’t I have what I want?

“A tough guy.”

Hitman’s attack radius now reached the nape of his neck, but nothing was visible.

‘It’s not even a big wish. Just stay by Maya’s side. That’s all.’

Is it really like that?

” I am??????

Just as Maya’s body shuddered, Cayden clenched his teeth and straightened his knees.

“I really want to.”

Maybe what he wanted wasn’t so simple… … .


the entire human mind.

The moment Hitman stabbed the last weed, Cayden grabbed the sword with both hands.

Demon Sword – Seomhye.

In an instant, a geometric trajectory emerged brilliantly as if drawn with light on the stage.

“what… … !”

The bodies of the hit men are separated into several pieces at such a speed that they cannot even react.


Even the Pope’s arms were amputated near the elbow, causing Maya and El Qiana to fall.

The albino’s eyes shook in shock.

“how… … ?”

Can the result change?


The afterimage of the flash evaporated, and Cayden let out a long breath and slowly turned around.

The pope staggered back.

“you you… …

Omega’s core keyword, Cross Cayden.

“Get away from Maya.”

Break Out Of God’s Prison

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