Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1240

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exo universe(4)

On his way to the annex, Constantine evangelized all the humans he met on his way.

“Believe in Kria God.”


The people who came into contact with it turned into human beings with expressionless faces.

‘I am……

Constantine was not an opart.

‘It’s God’s agent.’

Perhaps it was fate that he, who was not exposed to the waves of the pyramid, came to have this ability.

‘I’m sorry, Kria God. Was there a lump left? I had doubts that even I did not know.’

Tears flowed.

He believed in the existence of God despite all the doubts in the world, but he was also human.

But now it’s different.

‘I saw it with my own two eyes. I heard it with my own two ears. God’s work, its brilliant evidence.’

If he exists, he can be trusted, and his belief is so absolute that he deserves to be called the Pope.

Therefore, from God’s point of view, his faith also becomes an absolute and unchanging law.

“Whoops, the age of the gods… …

Kneeling before the transcendent absolute, not the world created by humans.

My heart was pounding just by imagining it.

‘The whole world will be dyed in the name of God.’

And beneath that name stands Constantine, himself.

‘A world map country?’ Everyone in the crusade is trying to get a just cause with Constantine’s approval.

“You are talking nonsense.”

He was not interested in the human kingdom.

“1 hour 49 minutes 12 seconds. 11 seconds. 10 seconds.”

I turned around at the sudden voice and saw a ronin coming from around the corner.

His clothes were dirty, and his unwashed hair, which fell down to his shoulders, looked like a corpse.


Constantine saw and sensed that a withered snake was coiled around his neck.

‘Why is the King of Paras Kingdom here?’

What does it matter.

“1 hour 48 minutes 42 seconds. 41 seconds. 40 seconds??…

“Hey Kitra.”

In order to make another follower, Constantine reached out to Kitra.

“Praise the god Krea.”

“36 seconds. 35… …

I stopped counting the hours.


The moment Kitra turned his head, Constantine was shocked to freeze his soul.

“Ahhh… …

Unlike him who was thrilled, Kitra was indifferent.

“God has no name.”

Kneeling with a thump, Constantine collapsed in a position that could no longer be miserable.

It wasn’t Lamie’s etiquette, it was instinct.

“Save me.”

… … this is god

The moment you come into contact with it, the forms, tendencies, and doctrines that humans have imagined become meaningless.

Kitra asked.

“You haven’t lost your mind.”

“My heart is yours alone

all. Write as you wish.”

“Kill Maya.”


I had doubts for a moment, but I didn’t have the courage to ask as I looked up at Kitra.

“I will follow your will.”

As Constantine got up and left the hallway, Kitra turned in the opposite direction.

Until the universe closes… … .

“1 hour 46 minutes 55 seconds. 54 seconds. 53 seconds.”

“Ah ah ah ah ah!” Satiel’s cerebral body screamed.


In the change of the universal law, the angels protected the heart, but nothing changed.

This is because God bypasses innumerable causes and achieves the desired result.

‘What God, the whole, the universe wants



In about an hour and a half, based on the photon system, the universe will be scattered in a state smaller than a particle.

After that, to eternal nothingness, and to the realm of infinite nothingness where even that concept cannot exist.

‘It can’t end like this.’


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I always fought with the determination to perish, but the pressure I felt now was on a different level.

It’s not because they can’t be resurrected.

‘Even if I perish… …

As long as this universe exists, it will continue forever in someone’s mind.

‘It’s going to be nothing.’ Both the hatred for Ikael and the hatred for Guffin become an instant illusion.

Oh oh oh oh!

As the tremendous law surged in, the psychic bodies of the seven archangels began to scatter into particles.

Ichael resisted with all his might.

‘If I get pushed here, it’s over.’

When the seven archangels and the initial concept were dismantled, the process of dispersing the universe was an instant.

‘It’s big that Yuriel isn’t there. With the 7 concepts, slowing down time is the only thing.’

Even that is not far away.


At that moment, a familiar voice was heard.



Ikael was surprised when Amy, imbued with the sun as the embodiment of fire, connected with the cerebral body.


It was incomparably stronger than before.

“I will help.”

With Amy’s joining, the archangels escaped disbanding, but only gained about an hour.

Ikael spoke frankly.

“sorry. You cannot stop extinction. If Miss Amy is here, she will be in the same situation.”

He wanted to be with Sirone for the rest of his time.

“no. We will survive.”


As the archangel’s mind focused on Amy, she said with a smile.

“Because Sirone is making something amazing.”


-The construction progress is 87.9546 percent.

It was spectacular.

Whatever it was, it was on a scale that a person born as a human could never see.

The Sirone Spear completely surrounded the sun, leaving only detailed assembly.

‘There’s less than an hour and a half left.’ At the current rate, it would be completed in 3 hours, but at that time there would be no universe.

‘I need to double the speed or more.’

Synchronous events are like ten fingers playing a musical instrument in concert.

In other words, the disappearance of one finger doesn’t mean that the other finger is faster.

‘The material is different.’

It must be the concentration of having to play in real time, as if the sheet music suddenly changes.

In fact, after Apocalypse ended, Sphere’s work speed improved significantly.

‘That’s the remaining 3 hours, but this time it’s on a different level. If you don’t, the simultaneous incident will break.’

Sirone was cautious.

‘If you can only get results, there’s no reason to hesitate. But the problem is…’

Will I be able to make it on time?

If you focus on the material and the simultaneous events are broken, it will be neither one nor the other.

Isn’t that something you have to do?


After making a decision, Sirone speeded up the work, and the space where the material came out became red hot.


At the realm of one body and one body, the mind became confused, and the basis of simultaneous events began to rise.



At the entrance of the Delta headquarters, Sirone, who was blocking the procession of phosphorus, suddenly grabbed her head.


Southern warriors shouted anxiously, but Sirone raised her head.

‘I won’t give up.’

The moment the procession of phosphorus entered the Delta, Maya would inevitably die.

‘ Maya.’

Imagining her song, Sirone opened her eyes.

“Hand of God.”

When the hands of light with a heart of defense pushed the procession away, the distance of 20 meters widened in an instant.

“Yahweh, you are an error.”

Even in the middle of bumping and rolling, the human kept repeating the same words without a change in expression.

Feeling eerie, Sirone focused her shaking mind on one point.

What brings the two focus points into one.

“It is not an error.”

Although the level of difficulty is similar to the intensity of having to play the first sheet music at high speed.

“It is the heart.”

According to Reina when she was young, Sirone was a pretty good looking kid.

Oh oh oh oh!

When the law and the heart collide again, the procession of seals is pushed endlessly

it was small


said Fermi in front of the window.

“I’ll make it anyway. I find the best way out of any situation and do it.”

Seriel replied with a smile.

“You’ve been like that since school days.”

“It’s not just about technology. Cool-headedness, courage to bet, situational awareness to set the standard for betting, calculation speed, diversity that does not limit the number of methods, flexibility to break through the other side when one side is blocked, etc.”

Fermi turned around.

“There are actually a lot of things in what we just call good. Solving problems is the sum of human abilities. And as far as I know, he’s probably the most problem-solving wizard.”

“Why are you all praising Sirone? It’s a bit strange today. What’s really going on?”

Fermi turned around again.

“Maya will die in 10 minutes.”


Seriel jumped up.

“What if I say that now, you madman! Are you doing this even though you know that?”

“It is not something that can be prevented. Because God’s will carries through the results. I did everything I could.”

Fermi pointed to the front door.

“Sirone will stop the procession of phosphorus. That’s why I can cheat.”

“Cheat? who?”

“God.” There are times when I think I’m crazy when I talk to someone who has too broad a view.

“When Sirone does it, God takes a detour. It’s a possible strategy because he does it. There are probably many causes that we still don’t know about. And the moment you reach the result God wants.”

Fermi punched the palm of his hand.

“I’m blowing the counter.”

“I can not understand. No, I don’t even want to understand. Is Maya really dying?”

“I don’t know.”

Fermi said quietly, imagining Maya’s song reaching its climax.

“Because even God wouldn’t know.” It’s up to Cayden.

Even after Maya’s voice disappeared, her hallucinations permeated the air in the annex.

The only sound that broke the silence was a low exclamation from here and there in the audience.

Panier lowered the baton.

‘Nice work, Maya.’

And I caught her eyes as she was breathing heavily with an expression that was not yet excited.

‘Now you are the best in the world.’


As soon as someone stood up and shouted, applause erupted from all sides. Maya’s expression softened.


In fact, there was no applause, no whistling, no voices congratulating her.

‘I can go home.’

Just the feeling of relief that I had fulfilled my responsibilities made me feel like I had the whole world.

“The best! Maya!”

When I turned my head to the voice I heard backstage, Caden was clapping.

‘that’s right. You were always by my side.’

It was only after the performance was over that the things that had happened to him so far came to reality.


Maya, who burst into tears belatedly, bowed her head to the audience.

“thank you.”

As the applause grew louder, her colleagues took her by the hand and led her to the center.

“Go ahead, Maya. Because you are the main character.”

Panier smiled as he watched the entertainers respond with a flushed face.

‘You wouldn’t want to do it again.’

Isn’t it harsh to have to fight countless hours of fear for this short moment of joy?

‘Geuk, you’re welcome.’

it can never leave

‘I have no choice but to come back. Because the emotions I feel right now will be more thrilling than the happiness of a lifetime.’

Meanwhile, Kayden backstage was clapping as fervently as the audience.

‘good job. Well done, Maya.’

At that time, my heart overflows when I see her standing side by side with the world’s best artists.


The hand that was clapping involuntarily went down and grabbed the handle of the sword.

No one noticed.


By the fact that on the other side of the unlit stage a man was aiming a crossbow.

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