Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1234

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Definition of Love (2)


Areon’s corpse has arrived in Micas Kingdom.

The prince’s arms and legs, Fisk, were nowhere to be seen, and only the body of his cold son returned.


Delkido, the king of Mikas who rose from the throne, struggled to move his weak legs.


When Areon’s pale face was revealed, the servants sat down and the maids’ cries were heard.

The brothers were calm.

‘You’ve always been arrogant. It turns out like this in the end.’

There is no way to know what they are thinking, but the father’s feelings after witnessing the death of his eldest son were different.

“Uh uh uh uh… …

In the end, Delkido, who forgot the king’s body language and knelt down, hugged Areon’s corpse and raised his head.


Was it a bitter cry?


Or was it extreme anger against someone who stabbed the vital point of Micas Kingdom?

“Catch it.”

Delkido’s face contorted like a demon.

“Catch them all.”

Everyone in the Grand Hall bowed their heads in unison and shouted in unison.


The kingdom began to move.

Shirone, who was dreaming of Yorahan, had an intuition even though she was unconscious.

What I wanted to convey through a person’s whole life was for this moment.

‘The first yora.’

The one who realized love in the original sin of eating and breeding.

And with that one definition, the end of the person who became the god of Yogurism in a human body… … .

‘I have to watch.’

this is the story.


It is the story of a tragic love between a man and a woman, which had to be erased from Omega’s records.


As the armed forces galloped through the burning woods, the two held out their hands to each other.

“Hey! What!”

However, as the Micas cavalry split into two, their eyes gradually drifted apart.


King Delkido sent all of Micas’ forces to catch the man who killed his son.

It is unknown whether she loved her son so deeply that she even gave up on the war of conquest.

Perhaps so, but his maniacal obsession with revenge showed the damaged pride of the emperor.

After being tied up and thrown into a mobile prison, Yorahan crawled out with her chest and looked outside.

The Hwajok’s base, which had already been moved several times, was turning into ashes again.

‘ why… …

Are humans obsessive about this?

The King of Mikas inflicted all imaginable pain on Jorahhan and the Hwajok party.

Johann was placed in solitary confinement.

With all the tendons in his limbs severed, he had to hear screams from outside every day.

“why… … ?”

Tears flowed.

‘How can you be so cruel? How could he do such a terrible thing to another being?’

Of course, pulling out other people’s nails doesn’t mean your own nails will hurt… … .

Can you also imagine?

‘You can’t know the truth of others. That’s why human beings are trapped in the existence of only me… …

You can only promote yourself.

While imprisoned, Yorahhan thought about the selfishness of being a me.

‘me. love escapes me… … I gave up on the idea of ​​changing the world, but I couldn’t change it anymore, but it was the only thing I could do when the tendons in my limbs were severed.

Then one day, the door to the solitary cell opened and the king of Mikas appeared after a long time.

“A poisonous fellow.”

Delkido’s skinny eyes were glistening with muddy madness.

“Are you still not crazy after hearing the fire tribe being beaten? Well, it’s fine with me anyway.”

He pulled the whip tight.

“Do you know why I, who cut off your limbs, left your eyes, ears, and mouth? It means to cry miserably in despair that no one can save. Feel even one ten thousandth of my heart.” A scream erupted from the hallway.

There was no expectation that everyone would be safe, and I just wanted to die comfortably.

“Isn’t this enough for one man’s revenge? Your son also killed the fire people.”


Delkido swung the whip

“How dare someone like you judge my son? He was a country’s prince! It’s nothing compared to the lives of the Hwajok!”

It was impossible to stop or avoid it, but Yorahhan looked straight into his eyes.


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“There is no status announcement in life. Your heart and loved ones who have lost a family member will feel the same. How is it that their hearts do not think?”

“why me!”

Delkido threw away the whip and kicked Jorahhan.

“My son is dead! What’s the use of that! My son is dead! my son!”

me, me, me

After all, can humans not get out of there?

When there was no response from Yorahan, Delkido breathed heavily and stared at it for a while.


I would do anything to bring this abomination to despair.

“I will remain calm until the end. The couple are the same. OK, I’ll show you myself.”

When Delkido gave the order, a cart carrying a large potted plant entered the solitary cell.

“uh… …

Johann’s expression went blank.

What was planted in the pot was not a flower, but a flower family, Armand, which he loved the most.

“How is it, do you like it? Did you say bonsai? I cut things off and stiffened my joints so I couldn’t move. It is the most beautiful flower in the world.”

You treat people like plants.


When Armand saw her husband’s face, a happy smile appeared on her lips, but soon it turned into sad eyes.

‘I can’t believe my body hurts like that.’

We could know each other’s hearts just by looking at each other without having to do small world creation.

Johann asked.

” are you okay?”


Armand nodded vigorously.

The only way to defeat Delkido was to actively seek death.

“But I’m getting tired of it.”

Delkido took out the huge pruning shears from the side of the cart.

“I need to change something.”

Before Jorahhan could even open her mouth, Delkido cut the human body with scissors.

“how is it? Isn’t it cool?”

Jorahhan, unable to do anything, had a fundamental question.

‘Where did it go wrong?’ If he hadn’t killed Areon, wouldn’t this tragedy have happened to the fire people?

‘it is not so. I’m protecting my family It was unavoidable then.’

Again… … is it me

‘It’s a fate that even I can’t abandon myself. But nothing changes in this way. In order to break the cycle of endless pain… …

At that moment, as Yo Ra-han’s thoughts expanded at the speed of light, he escaped from me and embraced the entire human race.

“iced coffee.”

Tears flowed down Yorahhan’s cheeks.

‘I see.’

Love is… … .

“Huh! Whoa!”

Hearing Yorahhan crying, Delkido turned around with a mean laugh.

“haha! how is it? Now, even if it’s just a little bit of gold in my heart… …

The king was stiff.

It was because the corner of Yo Rahan’s mouth, who was crying with a frown on his face, was raised.

“Are you crazy?”


said Johann.

“Forgive me.”

Armand opened his eyes wide with a surprised look, and Delkido questioned again, doubting his ears.


“Forgive everything, the world. it ends here we… … I’m going to finish it.”

Armand, who had been savoring Yorahhan’s words for a while, said with a sad smile.

“I see.”

It’s finally ready.

“What crazy talk!”

In displeasure, Delkido whipped the whip, but his chin trembled.

‘What are you afraid of? Within


It was because Yorahhan’s expression, his evil instinct, foretold something to come.


Johann laughed.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Delkido backed away because his laugh was too refreshing and refreshing to be called crazy.

“What are you? What are you going to do?”


Jorahhan, who stopped laughing, spat out calmly.

“Is this too pretentious?”

Delkido shouted.

“Kill! Kill this guy!”

“therefore… …

Yohann gently closed his eyes.

‘ really.’

With blind sincerity, without a single lie or gap.

“Let’s really forgive.”

When he opened his eyes again, Yo Ra-han’s expression had changed to the extreme of joy that humans could not create.


It is the shape in which the facial muscles are completely twisted to burst out with the happiest smile.

“That, stop.”

It was the realization of the concept of love. Hwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwa!


What was he afraid of, Delkido covered his ears and cried out on the floor.

“please! sorry! Wrong! my please… …

At that moment, as if in shock, Delkido’s back stretched out, and flashes of light emanated from his eyes, nose, and mouth.


Starting with him, light emanated from the eyes, noses, and mouths of the guards in the solitary confinement.

“Aww! No, no!”

is being purified.

The extreme emotion becomes a demon, but the extreme elation goes over to Dremo and becomes an ideal.


Tears of blood flowed from Yorahan’s eyes as she smiled with a happy expression.

‘What is love?’

The five organs were twisted, blood was pouring from the orifices throughout the body, and the intestines were cut open.

‘this… …

It is love.

It is high-intensity self-sacrifice and transcendent madness that endures while embracing everything.


Unlike those who struggled in fear, Armand waited with a sad smile.


Then, through Dremo, Yorahhan’s feelings rushed to her as well.

A heart that forgives everything.

That feeling was possessed by all the fire tribes, and finally by the people of the Micas kingdom.


When the concentric circles of light gradually growing around the prison swallowed the entire kingdom.


The Drimo system is paralyzed.

“It’s a big deal! I can’t handle this dream. If we continue like this, all mankind 7}……

They would be united by love.


Louver was also watching.

The jumbled dream world made up of all kinds of thoughts was swept away by a gigantic flash.

I had to make a choice.

“Follow me. I do not have time.” Louver and Mong-ah broke through the waves of light and entered Jorahhan’s mind. Next to his smiling incarnation was Armand.

‘Small world creation.’

Louver, who arrived at the place where two dreams merged into one, approached Yorahhan.

“You did what no human could do.” Are you really forgiving?

“But stop now. If you keep going like this, everyone who approaches you will dream of you.”

Armand said.

“There is only one thing left for Jorahhan. You cannot hear me.”

“But you can. Because you are Yorahhan, and Yorahhan is you.”

“… … Why? If you are like God, please answer our question. Johann forgave the world. Now everyone will be living in Yorahhan’s dream. No pain, no despair. Isn’t that what happened?”

“But it’s not everyone’s life. It’s the life of Jorah Han. Do you really want Johann to come?”

Armand struggled to hold back his tears.

“Why does Jorah always have to make sacrifices? Please leave this person alone. till now… …

“All right.”

Armand turned his head at Yorahhan’s voice.

“you… …

A holy light was shining from Jorahhan’s face, who returned with a calm expression.

“You are right. I can’t stop everyone’s dreams with my dreams. I will quit now.”

Armand shook his head.

“no! You finally made your dream come true. If I give up even that, I… I…

In reality, her husband would have already died.

“Instead, there are conditions.”

said Johann.

“If someone… …

After thinking for a moment, he smiled.

“If there is anyone who thinks like me, tell him of my life.”

It was the beginning of a dream of victory.

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