Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1233

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Definition of Love (1)

Geese opened his eyes wide.


The two arms of Fleur holding Gis moved like a machine by the power of the algorithm.


His head turned completely, and Geese’s gaze was fixed on the guard outside the bed.


The 1.5th generation of mankind, highly political and intelligent enough to be used even by angels.

said Fleur.

“not there yet.”

However, it was ultimately for greater pleasure that promoted the development of reason.

Instinct still prevailed.

Geese pursed his lips as if he was trying to say something and wiggled his fingertips feebly.

However, in the end, his breath stopped, and at the same time, his kidney drew his sword and charged.

‘As expected, it’s fast.’

As the strongest swordsman group in Jive, neither conflict nor confusion was noticed.

It’s something to think about after killing the flue.

‘It’s over.’

In the face of their tremendous reaction speed, she realized that the mind and the body are far apart.

By the time the algorithm was just starting to activate, the blade was already very close.

and… … .

Something beyond everyone’s awareness began cutting through the kidneys from the front.

Fleur blinked.

‘What is it?’

this discomfort.

And the moment the longsword flew toward her throat, she suddenly realized.

‘This, that’s it! that!’

An existence that cannot be accurately defined, but has never been forgotten since entering the temple.

That thread of cognition triggered the algorithm, which ultimately saved Flew’s life.


When the body, which received instructions from the brain, bent in an unexpected direction, the muscles screamed.


Harvitz released vanishing.

“Are you alive?”

Flew knelt down on one knee, clutching his sore side.

‘I have to run away.’

I lived with Xinjiang’s attack, but I wouldn’t even be able to activate it from the second burnishing.

“It’s unusual.”

Habitz activated God’s frequency.



“Keep it alive for a while. I’m in the middle of laying the plate right now.”

The main game was after Urin acquired the ability to search history.

“More than that… …

Havitz climbed over the corpses and headed for the window.

“What is that again?”

In front of Delta’s main office, warriors and paladins from the south were fighting fiercely.

‘Kill Maya?’

That’s the only thing that can be captured by God’s frequency.


Flew trembled even in the midst of vigilance as life suddenly bloomed in Harvitz.

“It will be fun.”

the window opens

Flew forgot Havits again.

Pyramid of Truth.

The ruins of an ultra-ancient civilization in the Kingdom of Paras were emitting a strong magnetic field.

The concept of astronomy engraved on the inner wall was destroying time and space and overlapping numerous events.


Amy’s brother, Ares’s eyes were glowing as if they were on fire.

“Damn it… … Heung-an’s self-image memories endlessly look back, but the wave of phosphorus was strong.


regret and regret.

‘I had no choice but to do that.’

The causes of those regrets and lingering feelings were coming through Ares’ senses.

‘If it was then… …

The future can be changed in human waves.


However, Ares kept his will until the end and destroyed all the families.


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“It is life.”

It’s all about taking full responsibility for yourself.

‘The moment I deny that, the moment I can’t take responsibility for myself, there is no life for humans.’

It is no different from the direct passage of planets, the fall of water droplets, or the wind blowing from one side to another.


Ares grabbed his head.

“Leave me alone!”

why wouldn’t you want to change?

If I knew it would be like this, if I knew there would be a better life, I would have been willing to do it.

“What are you saying!”

At the same time Ares screamed, a wave of phosphorus hit like a gale at the end of the passage.

“Uh uh uh… …

His eyes rolled upwards, and finally, the blinking of his red eyes began to slow.

‘it’s over.’

Rather than the fear of becoming an object, the joy of having the whole future exist for him came first.


To be honest, it was a wonderful experience. The things that upset his parents, the first love he couldn’t confess due to lack of courage in his school days, and the loss of a precious colleague due to his mistake in judgment while exploring… … .

‘I can change it as much as I want.’

Trapped in a world where no lingering feelings or regrets exist, Ares shed tears.

You know.

‘I can’t escape this place.’

It is impossible to live in the world as a blind person who cannot see even one second ahead.

like that… … when you lose your mind


The screams of the dead, which seemed to be heard faintly from afar, pierced Ares’ eardrums.


At the same time, a thunderbolt struck him.


Even in the pain of burning his body, Ares intuited that it was not a fatal wound.

He looked up at the woman in front of him, hugging his still convulsive body.

“Zulu.” With her black nipples removed, her pitiful, indifferent face stared into the darkness.

“If it was a little late, it would have been irreversible.”

“Sheesh! who is what?”

Ares, regaining some strength, looked at the lich floating behind Zulu.

“Are you okay?”


Zulu was still indifferent, but Ares, who had personally experienced the phosphorus wave, was suspicious.

“This pyramid is bizarre. It violates people’s minds. All history from the moment of birth until now is immersed in the realm of infinite time and space.”

Zulu was silent.

“Then why isn’t Mr. Zulu okay? Is there a way to avoid the phosphorus wave?”

“no. There is no such thing. Because the same thing is happening to me as well as you. Even at this moment… … There are countless futures unfolding before me.”

“then… …

Zulu turned and said.

“I have no affection.” Although he couldn’t understand exactly, Ares realized the moment he saw Zulu’s pupils.

‘This person could be… … It’s already a seal.’

I didn’t feel anything.

Zulu said.

“I don’t know any regrets, regrets, remorse, thoughts of wanting to change the future, or longing for the past. I must have already died when I killed Erga.”

“It is not so.”

Her words were sad, so I denied it at first, but it wasn’t that there was no psychological basis at all.

“Mr. Zulu fought for humanity. Even now, I came here to help Sirone. I don’t think there is anything left of such a person.”

“It doesn’t mean there are no feelings. It also means no thoughts. But the essence of it all is love. As you say… … Humans are also moving, so are they alive?”

“That, that… …

“The basis of life is love. Because at least I am alive because I love myself. If you raise that philosophy to the entire universe, you will become Yahweh.”

“Is that why you are helping Sirone?”


Zulu shook her head.

“I have no affection for anything. myself too. If you love someone, that person has life. will stay in your memory forever On the contrary, if you cannot remember the countless people you have met so far, no matter how hard you try, then they are dead.”

The time that has passed is stored in memory.

Whether it actually existed or not, we are just building memories.

Ares thought.

‘Is it like that?’

Losing one’s heart in human waves is probably because affection disappears in any life.

Suddenly, Zulu lifted her top to just below her chest.


Ares, who tried to turn his head in embarrassment, found a creature attached to Zulu’s belly.

“what is that?”

“Sturgeon Amoros. He is my summoner.” It was a multi-layered creature with a long snake-like tail wrapped around the Zulu’s waist.

The location of the creature’s head was determined by the blood flowing from Zulu’s navel.

“What are you doing?”

“Amoros injects poison into the organs of creatures. In the process of making the poison, an unusual chemical substance is released. I’ll give it to you. Drink it. I’ll be able to hold out for a while.”

“But then Mr. Zulu… …

“It’s okay, because I’m used to it. Amoros only lives inside the pyramid, so it’s impossible to summon it from outside. What a strange thing. This creature hasn’t evolved in a very long time. Perhaps from the time of the ancient pyramids until now.”

Zulu grabbed Amoros by the tail and pulled it out, revealing a much longer torso than expected.


Zulu put his thumb down Amoros’ snout and tipped it into the other hand as if he were pouring tea.

Light green slime began to drip.


Once it was said to be good, I would eat it, but it didn’t look good.

“Hey, how… …

“Lick it with your tongue.”

“Ah yes.”

The moment I ate it, I felt the toxin so much that my nose felt cold, but my mind began to calm down soon.

“Oh, what is this?”

Her red eyes flashed as she analyzed the changes in her body.

‘tremendous. I can’t even analyze the ingredients, but this is a revolution. But how… … ?’

Zulu said.

“A long time ago, the ruins of this super-ancient civilization would not have been so unknown. A lot of people have found this place, and they must have understood something and left.”

The numerous replicas of the pyramids built in the kingdom of Paras were proof of that.

“It is estimated that Amoros was a species that inhabited the pyramids at the time. It must have been that he was equipped with this ability in an environment where the human wave or the law changes. No evolution since then…

It must mean that we have adapted to the changes of time and space.

“let’s go. Amoros’ bodily fluids must be fed to others as well. You won’t make much of it.”

Zulu’s face was pale.

“Next time, stick Amoros on me. Perhaps in ancient times, certain sacrifices were made to obtain this liquid.”

Zulu shook her head.

“I have tried, but to no avail. Growing up in the pyramids gave me an ancient constitution. Only I can handle Amoros.”

Ares couldn’t understand.

“Why do you do this? It is a beetle that kills life no matter how much its constitution changes. You won’t be able to stand it.”

“… … I guess so.”

Zulu readily admitted.

“are you okay. ‘Cause I don’t remember myself It doesn’t matter what happens.”

“Where is that word!”

It was believed that the act of sacrificing one’s body to save others, with or without affection, was altruistic.

“Come here. I will start with treatment first.” After rummaging through his bag, Ares applied medicine to his Zulu’s belly and bandaged his narrow waist.

“I stopped the bleeding, so don’t overdo it for a while.”


Zulu, who had been waiting without any special inspiration, turned around and headed for darkness.

Ares called.


And just as Zulu turned around, he suddenly approached and kissed her on the mouth.

‘Don’t make a mistake twice.’

What I learned from the phosphorus wave is that it is better to do it than to hesitate.

But Zulu stood like a doll, not even breathing.

Ares, who had a tantrum, held out for a few more seconds, but in the end, his face couldn’t stand it and he retreated.

Zulu said.

“let’s go.”

“Hey, I just kissed you. A slap in the face, or shouldn’t there be something to say?”

“I don’t remember.”

Because her heart is empty.

Ares watched with sad eyes as Zulu disappeared into the darkness.

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