Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1230

Missing Link(2)

Abel was terrified.

Cain’s expression as he stood indifferently in the rain was an emotion he had never felt before.

run away

It was probably a sign of that feeling, but Abel struggled to control his emotions and smiled.

“What’s going on? What’s wrong with your expression?”


Although he hadn’t put anything into action yet, Cain was thrilled with just that.

‘How free are we?’

If God is indifferent anyway, what difference does it make if you do what you think?

‘I can’t.’

Cain found the only break that was nestled in that thrilling insight.

‘Killing my younger brother is a strange thing.’

It’s so strange, it seems to restrict even this infinite freedom that God has spread out.

“Abel, I… …

Just as Cain was about to speak, a noise came from the room.

“Who is here?”

As Luluwa came out of the bedroom, Abel turned to Cain with an awkward smile.

“They said they were afraid of thunder… … Ugh!”

Even now, after many years, Cain cannot remember what happened at that moment.

“?… “brother?”

For a moment, the world was pale, and when he came to his senses, a knife was stuck in his brother’s chest.

first murder.

Abel did not understand what had happened to him.


As the body of the giant collapsed with a thump, Luluwa blinked for a moment and was lost in thought.

‘What is it?’

Why did Cain stab Abel with a sword?

‘Why aren’t you breathing? Are you dead? Like animals, like what we eat… … Are you dead?’

The aftermath of emotions pierced her lungs so huge that it could not be analyzed.

“iced coffee!”

Luluwa sat down helplessly, and Cain looked at his brother’s body as it cooled.


I thought a lot.

Perhaps it was a feeling that even if I devoted my whole life to thinking about this, it would not be enough.

‘Luluwa is now mine.’

Cain tried to ignore that fact and focused on being faithful to his original purpose.

“Lulu and.”

Even as Cain approached, she couldn’t even think of blaming anyone.

The first is like that.

Even if something actually happened, you start to doubt whether it is true rather than the result.

“Abel is no more. disappeared from this world Now there are only two left, you and me.”


I was confused with Lulu.

Cain’s words were persuasive because he had never defined anything as bad or evil.

“Come on.”

But the moment she was led by Cain’s hand into her bedroom, she made up her mind.

‘I love Abel.’

Even if he had to live with Cain for the rest of his life, that fact would not change.

“no. no, bro! I can’t be your brother’s wife!”

“it is not so.”

There were only 60 brothers, and there were not many options for mankind just starting out.

“It’s already over. Abel cannot be revived. Now you will be my mate.”

My brain was on the verge of exploding with animalistic desire.

For a very short time, it seems that I gave myself over to that desire while half losing my reason.

However, the moment he heard the sad cry, everything began to become clear to Cain.

“Lulu and.”

The way she looked at herself who had killed Abel.

‘My, I… …

Even if it wasn’t a knife, it contained disgust that would kill a person’s soul.

‘What have you done?’

Cain hurriedly fell from his sister’s body as if he had been touched by a heated stone.

“Oh, no.”

I can do that, so I just did it.

“Lulu, please… …

don’t look at me like that


Cain ran out of the room clutching his head and slipped on the bloody floor.


Abel’s open eyes were looking at him.


As soon as I slammed the door and left the house, thunder and lightning stretched endlessly across the sky.


It felt like Abel’s blood as the raindrops drenched his body in an instant, as if he were submerged in water.



Cain couldn’t see.

I was afraid of everything, and I only thought that time would stop like this.

Cain knocked on the door of Lilith’s house as if someone was chasing him from behind.

“mother! mother!”

In the end, he had only one person to turn to.

“who is this?” Lilith stared at Cain, who looked heavier than her rain-soaked body.

Even the unusual blood on his chest.


Cain wept.

“I killed a man.”

Lilith, who savored those words with a calm expression, grabbed Cain’s wrist.

“Come in at once.”

Meanwhile, at Abel’s house where Cain left, Lulu and her cries resonated sadly.

“Abel, Abel.”

What I finally realized was that something had happened that should never have happened.


Luluwa held onto Abel’s body and cried out.

“no! If you leave like this… … !”

The shock caused her to lose consciousness, and her pupils rolled up, revealing the whites.

“Uh huh?”

At that moment, the door slammed open.

Lulu and her focus returned when she saw a silhouette much taller than a human.


Lightning lifted the darkness.

“dad.” “Drink.”

Lilith handed the warm tea to Cain.

“thank you.”

After wiping off the water with a towel, Cain sat down on the bed and sipped hot tea.


My hands were still shaking, but the fact that I was at my mother’s house was comforting.

Actually I’ve never been to

Whatever Lilith did in this house, the children would have taken it for granted.

“What happened?”

Cain answered Lilith’s question honestly.

Jealousy towards Abel, anticipation that Luluwa would come to him if his brother disappeared, and a flash of light.

“I thought it would be fine.” Cain was weeping.

“Because you can do that, you can do that. Mother, what should I do now?”

Lilith was sad.

It’s the desire to take over the beloved Jeong-in because I know better than anyone else.

“Come here.”

Lilith stretched out her arms and Cain cradled her in her arms with a look of despair on her face.

Lilith’s pupils shook at the force.


How long has it been since you felt someone’s warmth?

“It’s okay, my son. Because I have a mother this mother will protect you Got it?”

Cain realized.


If there is only one person who supports you, you will be able to live again.


Lilith caressed Cain’s chest with a moan between her teeth.

It was a kind of attraction.

If you want to make excuses, you can give them endlessly, but in fact, there is no room for any excuse.

The two bodies gave themselves over to unbearable convulsions and gradually lost their reason.

Cain had nowhere to turn, and was in a state of high arousal with murder and sexual urges.

Perhaps that is the case.

‘it’s crazy.’

The reason Lilith desperately came to her senses.

‘Let’s stop here. I can stop now Cain will listen to me.’

her mouth was open

“Now that… …

At that moment, Lilith saw the crystal of desire that was blurring even in her memory.


The most beautiful snake in the world seemed to whisper.

take me

“OO Ugh.”

It was as if the desires from the depths, which had been suppressed until now, rose up and became an active volcano.

‘I’ll have it!’

That’s how she hugged her hard body and embraced it with her whole body.

Lilith’s screams spread throughout the room.


The extreme pleasure that can never be felt normally flowed into the other world.

– Covet! take away! kill!

In the midst of the whirlpool of demons crossing the boundaries of Bakji, the two suddenly realized.


this is a sin

As much as fear and shame filled his entire body, the pleasure surged in multiplied form.

‘I touched the forbidden fruit.’

Good and bad.

For the first time since the birth of mankind, what is right and wrong is defined.


The moment Adam shouted, Cain fell from the bed in surprise as if struck by lightning.

“Ah, father.”

As if even the witch of lust couldn’t handle this shame, Lilith pulled the blanket.

“Dang, why are you here… …

Adam’s eyes shone with Gaian brilliance.

“Did he become a beast after all? You even kicked off your last chance to go to heaven?”

Lilith raised her eyes fiercely.

“You always think of heaven! Do you think Guffin will call you if you prosper Gai Ain? It’s already over! I am not here to give birth!”


Tears of light poured from Adam’s eyes like a waterfall.


I couldn’t keep Guffin’s will.

Because Gaiain’s last rule was broken, Ultima can no longer exist.

“We made a sin!”

Adam, who had surpassed Cain in one step, gave strength as soon as he grabbed Lilith by the neck.


As her neck was weakly broken, Cain sat down and his legs trembled.

“Ah, father.”

Adam looked down at him.

“… … leave.”

Who would you blame?

All brothers on this earth are the result of being born between Adam and Lilith.

“I must also bear the guilt.”

Under Ultima, no matter what you hunted or who you had a relationship with, it was right.

‘Murder and incest.’

Now there are things that should not be killed and things that should not be associated with.

Good and evil are defined.

“We are no longer perfectly right. You will sin endlessly in the bondage of eating and breeding.”

said Adam.

“No one can escape this cause.”

it’s called original sin

When Adam left Eden, Cain fell on the floor and held his head.

“Eh? Gaa! why! why!”

Cain tilled the land and Abel tended the sheep, and so they lived.

“Why me! Why Abel!”

What should the cold world, the law, do when it chooses Abel, not Cain?


how much i cried

As soon as the storm stopped and dawn began, Cain raised his head.

‘I have to leave.’

I couldn’t bear to see the faces of my brothers.

‘But where?’

In a world where no one lives but his brothers, Cain realizes that he has nowhere to hide.

I felt like the whole world was blaming me, and someone was going to kill me.

It was the first guilt.

Cain, who left Eden before dawn, wandered aimlessly through the world.

He was not free anywhere, and he thought even while his body was drying up.

‘Why did he do that?’

If death could solve the problem, I would be willing to take my own life right now.

Dry tears flowed.

‘I should have been patient. There were dozens, no, hundreds of opportunities. why me… …

Cain fell to his knees.

“Stop it now. let me go I can’t stand it even for a moment! Stop!”

Trapped in the trap of guilt, he was going mad.

“What did I do wrong! Abel could have killed me! Anyone can do it! That’s evil!”

warmed up again

“God, please save me. If only I hadn’t done that, if only I hadn’t done that… …

At that time, a thick haze spread in front of Cain’s eyes, and a building made of gold was born.

Cain watched as if possessed.

Perhaps because he was crazy, it was as if the building was talking to him.

-come. no one can blame you


It was the Hall of Evil, Melkidu.

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