Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1228

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Forbidden Zone (5)

The intestines became sober.

It is not to fight with good and evil in order to judge someone.

“What’s the difference with this?”

The truth is, I don’t want to curse the guilty, recommend the good, or punish the wicked… … .

“I just want to fix the problem.”

It’s just that I don’t like the extreme of chaos that I’m willing to commit even though I know I can’t take responsibility.

After hearing Sirone’s words, Baal realized.

‘It’s not Yahweh.’

If Miracle Stream was harmful to demons, Photon Cannon Infinity was harmful to all things.

‘Atomic destruction ability.’

Yahweh, who has removed all of his inner demons through Sojeonghwa, will no longer be able to rage.

‘ similar.’

As Baal felt, the Photon Cannon Infinity definitely had the characteristics of a minority.

It’s just a difference between quantum and particle, but the way to destroy them in a one-on-one response is the same.

That made it even more upsetting.

‘I lost to the wizard?’

Even if they reached the final stage of chaos, they had no choice but to be trampled by the pinnacle of intelligence.

‘Do not be ridiculous! It’s not over yet.’ Evil methodology.

The pride of the 1st corps commander and the pride of the strongest demon tribe were not important anymore.

“Hey, Yahweh.”

He turned over with his entire body twisted and fell flat on his elbows.

“I will repent.”

Jisung won.

However, Taeseong, as well as Argones watching the scene, had a serious expression on his face.


Good and evil are those who are at the extremes of the world, but they are rather stable in terms of purpose.

‘Now I’m the strongest as a human being. You can choose anything. If he has a bad heart… …

The future of mankind could be doomed.


Sirone withdrew his fist and stepped back.

“This does not mean that the dead will return, but please repent. My heartfelt condolences to them.”

If no one repents, the day will never come when evil will disappear from this world.

Tears welled up in Taeseong at the sight of Sirone giving him another chance.

‘Yes, it was.’

I can’t have a bad heart, so I guess I chose the path of Yahweh.

“thank you.”

Baal, who spoke with his forehead on the floor, looked up and chilled.

‘This is the end, Yahweh.’ The Pandemonium Deadly Cross of the 1st Corps Commander.

If the demon was as strong as it is now, the meteorite’s arrival time would be much shorter.

‘Of course, the power is beyond imagination.’

Sparks flew from Thing’s eyes as his body gave off purple smoke.

“Sirone! that guy… …

Baal lifted his face.

His face, whose molecular structure was transformed as if a species had been changed, was the height of grotesqueness.

“In the end, this is my victory, Yahweh.”


The moment Taeseong shouted, Argones jumped out and cut Baal’s head.

“… … late.”

The administrator was the first to realize, and Sirone looked back across the vast universe.


They were meteorites of enormous mass.

When Baal’s body was completely destroyed, the demonic spirit that permeated the air let out a muffled voice.

– Ha ha ha! I became a demon, so you can’t kill me. How are you? Can this be solved too? Even if the meteorite is destroyed, the human race will become extinct in the aftermath alone! you couldn’t keep up! Did you really think I would do penance?


I was expecting

“I just wished. Nothing will change. We will continue to reach out. No matter how much you ridicule, no matter how harshly you think, no matter how much you are tricked by your tongue like now… …

The answer is clear.

“Because we are right.”

Nowhere in this universe is there a shrine for demons.

“Once an hour.”

Smoke of light rose from Sirone’s body.


The 7 million Ultima system began denying the demonic system.

– What are you doing!

It’s only 0.3 percent of the existing human race, but if human justice is everything… … .

‘It is also.’

Because it is 0.003% of the entire universe.


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-no! It can’t be like this! how is this… … !


It was easy enough to annihilate a meteorite, which is mere dust compared to the universe.

When Sirone opened her arms, a cross-shaped radiance shot a flag of light toward the sky.

-Yahweh! You will die painfully! One day the human you love will kill you… … !

Sensing extinction, Baal quickly spewed out the words, but in the end, a scream adorned the end.

-Oh oh oh! oh oh oh!

Following the sound of being sucked into the abyss, the flash disappeared and silence came.

Everyone was facing Sirone.

“that is… … what?”

For Singh, who handles the law, the flash of a moment ago was the greatest shock of his life.

“Elicia. no……

Sirone turned to her and said.

“Ultima System.”

Xing’s expression went blank, and Yin-Ji and Yang-Ji, who assisted her, frowned.


perseverance is weakening.

‘I’m being persuaded.’

One thing, defined by 7 million people, was overwhelming enough to defy Sing’s philosophy.

Argones, who watched Gaia from the side, had the same thoughts.

‘If it’s really Ultima, it’s easy to deny the Pandemonium.’

How about Cell Buster?

He couldn’t make up his mind.

‘This level of power can never be stopped. But at least it’s like the Ultima system. If this becomes the fuse and the real thing is completed… …

The result will no longer be known even by God.

‘Should I deal with it now?’

Taesung said.

“Argones, you promised. Humanity has not yet invaded the realm of the gods.”

And I looked back at Sirone.

“Please release me. If the system of the Underworld is destroyed, the foil will open and reality and hell will overlap.”

Demons descend into the present world.

It was also the reason why Sirone was preparing to establish Tormia as a world leader.

“Thing, maybe we will never know the truth of others. But we can do it together. Not with logic, but with the heart. If you still have feelings for me… …

Sirone held out his hand.

“Let’s fight together.” Thing still didn’t answer, but a fierce battle was going on inside his head.

‘Sirone. more, a little more… … Convince me.

Uorin was exhausted.

“Heo-eok! Huh!”

From the headaches of future poetry, from the attacks of assassins from around the world, from the fear of crossing the line.

Kido looked back at her.

‘It’s the limit.’

both physically and mentally.

‘It’s enduring in the extreme realm, but it collapses even if a little more shock is applied here.’

Mitochondrial Eve has lived through human history, but Woorin now is different.

If you think that any experience is something you give to your new self, you will be able to endure it… … .

‘I don’t have a daughter. Now she is the only one.’

It was because it was to give birth to Sirone’s child, and it was the years she endured only for that.

‘As much as I’ve waited for tens of thousands of years, my current life is precious. But he crossed the dead line dozens of times.’

Should I rest?

The moment he turned around thinking that, Wu Orin suddenly sat down with a surprised expression on his face.


Kido hurriedly ran away.

“what’s the matter? what’s the matter!”

As she looked up at the ceiling with a bewildered expression, she trembled and said,

“Elicia, Elicia… …


she said, turning her head.

“It didn’t trigger.”

It was the light that always covered the entire temple at the same time and found the location of Harvitz.

“It was written elsewhere. Shiro, you won’t protect me. anymore I……

Through Uorin’s eyes, Kido confirmed the process of mental collapse in real time.

“Uorin, calm down! hey!”

Uorin covered her face and screamed.

“evil! Aww!”

die, die, die, die

Tens of thousands of years have no meaning whatsoever.

“Wake! hey!”

Kido grabbed her by the shoulder and shook her, but her will, once broken, was not easily restored.

Uorin grabbed Kido and shouted.

“What do we do? Harvits will come. Habits will kill me and take away her powers! done!”

The feeling of hopelessness made her cry out again.


“Please come to your senses!”

When Kido slapped him hard on the cheek, Uorin’s eyes instantly returned to normal.

“Havitz is not coming! Now you remember Habitz! You didn’t activate Vanishing!”

“That’s why Syrone didn’t use Elikia either! Nothing is over yet. we… … !”

At that moment, Kido’s senses sensed the presence.

“Who are you!”

Something popped out of the corner at the end of the hallway, and Kido opened his mouth in a daze.

My brain was floating around.


Hearing those words, Uorin turned her head away, forgetting even the fear and frowning.

“you… …

Kido turned his head.

“what’s the matter? Do you know what that is?”


An illusion unfolded around his brain, transforming him into a man with metallic hair.

“Are you human? Something is a little strange.”

“I am Gaian. and… … Not even my husband.”


Adam, who calmly walked down the hallway while Kido blinked, opened his mouth.

“It’s been a while, Uorin. no… … her real name.


It was her name before she became Eve.

Nade looked around.

“Is this Melkidu’s core?” Cain said.

“okay. To be precise, it is the road to the Halls of Evil. To tell you one thing, this isn’t an undercoder, it’s a real forest. That’s why time flows just like reality.”

Sirone realized why Cain had grown old.

‘Even if you hold on to time through cowardice, you have no choice but to come out in reality to bring users to the core. But maybe only a few hours in five years.’ Even so, if you were middle-aged, you could guess how long human history has been.

As they entered the forest, a huge golden altar stood in front of them.

Cain pointed to the Hall of Evil.

“As you might guess, this place was not made by me. The first Melkidu was originally a term referring to the Halls of Evil. But I came into this forest… …

“I made a strange system.”

Cain laughed happily at Iruki’s words.

“haha! Wasn’t it pretty fun? come in anyway Because all evil is recorded here. And if you erase it, it will also be erased in reality.”

A shadow fell over Curtis’ face.

Upon entering the entrance, there was a stairway to the basement, followed by an endless passageway with bright light.

Eden asked with a serious expression.

“How far is it?”

“Well, as much as human history? Actually, I don’t know where it ends because I’ve never been to the end either. If you explore a place like this, you will die of old age. furthermore… …

Cain entered the first of the openings along the corridor.

“My favorite place is here.”

The party followed Cain’s gaze and looked at the extra-large portrait hanging on the wall.

“and… …

In addition to the power given by its size, it was a work of art that evoked a bizarre feeling as to who painted it.

“Not all characters are given special privileges, but this person is special. Yahweh would understand?”

Sirone said.

“Mitochondrial Eve.”

After hearing that, the party took a closer look at the portrait.


Although it was beautiful, it was completely different from the present appearance, and above all, the impression was close to evil.

“It is the original form before reversing evolution. The one who implanted the concept of good and evil in mankind.”

Nade was bewildered.

“What the hell did you do that even good and evil come out?”

“she is… …

Sirone with a bitter expression looked back at the party and said.

“I touched the forbidden fruit.”

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