Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1226

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Forbidden Zone (3)


Taeseong called out, but Singh did not respond.

“This is your last chance. soon… …


As Taeseong spat out a single word, the door split in two and fell.

Baal, the commander of the 1st Army Corps of Hell, entered.

“It’s a nice sight.”

Umji and Yangji frowned at the sight of them confidently breaking down the door and entering.


It was the door through which even Laska of the Human Security Enforcement Department risked their lives to bypass the self-destruct circuit.

Yangji gritted his teeth.

“You broke the law. It has become too strong.” Even in the dark, it seemed that even Satan would overwhelm in the physical realm.

Baal has arrived.

“Now my lectures can cut the world. thanks to humans That’s why I’m a bit disappointed, this kind of ending.” He also felt that the laws of Taeseong and Singh were completely intertwined and unable to move.

“Taesung. Star of intelligence.”

Even as he watched Baal approaching, Taeseong couldn’t move a single fingertip.

Thing bit his lip.

‘ please??????

Variables have no room to intervene in the gamble of the last moments of mankind.

‘Please, someone convince me.’ At this moment, with her world’s strongest penetration power, she hoped to be persuaded for the first time in her life.

However, since such a person could not exist, she was unable to release her restraints in the end.

Baal raised his sword.

“Evil triumphs.”

At that moment, the floor bulged up and a slime-like doll rose out of it.

Taeseong’s eyes were filled with strength.


A 1-star satellite of the Human Security Enforcement Department, a person with mimetic abilities that can turn the body into slime.

Unlike Sirone, who fights demons, she climbs the tower slowly but in a straight line.

‘I cut my throat.’

Mi-moon’s legs, which had turned into knives, moved, but only the air caught them.

“what… … ?”

Before she could grasp the situation, a flash of light ran along her body in an oblique line.


Taeseong shouted, and the split body wriggled in different spaces.


He was holding on by turning his body into mucus, but Baal’s blow was different from what he had experienced so far.

‘It’s not recovering. You cut my skills. At this rate, it becomes a single-celled organism.

I’m sorry.’

Brain cells can be maintained for only a few minutes.

“Don’t worry.”

Baal came and raised his sword.

“Because I have no bad taste.”

As Mi-moon’s throat fell clean, Tae-seong bit his lip and wept.

“Hong, is this humanity’s last struggle?”

Shaking off his sword on the ground, Baal moved toward Taeseong, but Thing’s expression went blank.


The unknown phlegm was standing up again, and Baal, who realized from his expression, twisted his body.

“Really persistent… … Kuck!”

Baal’s body was slammed against the opposite wall as the slime struck with great speed.


It was a shock that even the strongest demons could not bear.

“you… …

Baal, clutching his throbbing chest, glared at the oozing slime and said,

“You are not human.”

The phlegm gradually took shape, revealing the appearance of a man who was not beautiful.

Taehyung exclaimed with a surprised expression.


He was the father of the creature and another manager.

Elven Forest.

The Green Ocean was covered in darkness due to the breath of the black dragon, Abiris.

‘Does it last?’

White Dragon Assriker felt Uriel approaching from beyond the abyss.

“… … Wouldn’t it be nice to take a break? Fighting in the shadows of the abyss is meaningless.”

Uriel did not stop walking.

His condition was not so good because he was hit by three consecutive breaths from Fire Dragon, Black Dragon, and White Dragon.


The anger was commensurate with it.


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“At the end of this war.”

Yuriel’s movements stopped abruptly.

“Do you really think there is a victory?”

I didn’t even know what action it was taking, but it must have been a terrible destruction.

“God denied angels. Even if Ikael succeeded, there would be no reason to follow him now.”

“This is my fight.”


Asriker’s eyes became hazy.

“It’s a fight. Come to think of it, I fought with you for a really long time. I think I know a little bit now.”


“well. Is it the most human?” “Eight archangels born from the first conception. But you’re the only one who doesn’t follow the original concept.”


“The head of the White Watch is definitely Ikael.

However, it is only a conceptual difference. You must be the only archangel with the power to destroy the archangel.”

Uriel did not object.

“How simple is the thinking of someone who can destroy everything. But you still have all sorts of troubles. Perhaps because there are things that cannot be destroyed.”

“Are you talking about Ikael?”


As Ryker said with deep eyes.


Terrible screams were heard from Fairy’s laboratory where Crown resided.


And it was still.


An elf woman captured during the day stood in front of the mirror with a dry expression like a doll.

Even the fairy of reflection that made the mirror trembled as if she couldn’t believe the current situation.

“this… …

Her throat cracked and she cleared her throat.

“Is this me?”

She muttered in a solemn tone that did not suit her beautiful appearance, and awkwardly massaged her body.

the elf male who had been captured with her asked.

“you… … who is this?”

Turning slowly, she sighed.


Of course, I guessed, but when I heard it through her mouth, tears naturally poured out.

‘I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, Erin.’ On the surface, it was a simple experiment.

All he had to do was drill a small hole in the elf’s skull and transplant Crown’s brain into it.

The reason for the success of an experiment impossible even with human technology was Crown’s ability.

“Not bad.”

Erin looked at her hands alternately and said with a satisfied expression.

“Being an elf means.”

“You horrible bastard! Do you know what you’ve done? You deny the law of nature… … Keugh!”

When the fairy nearby activated the restraining ability, Crown, no, now Erin raised her hand.

“it’s okay. release me.”

“But, Mr. Crown, this guy said, “There is something I want to experiment with.”

Even if the body changed, the fact that he was a king did not change, so the fairy did it.

The elf who regained freedom stood up and said.

“Give Eryn back.”

“If that is a wish, consider it. However, if you beat me.”


“Don’t you understand? It’s a reason to jump over the barrier between species, isn’t it one anyway? to become a better being. If you are weaker than when you were a fairy, then the intelligence and body of an elf are useless.”

“good. I will win anything.”

It was important to save Erinn, but he couldn’t stand the demeaning of his tribe in the wartime situation.

“I will adjust to you. Choose your weapon.”


As Erin instructed, Fairy brought the bow.

“The method is simple. If you hit even one shot anywhere on my body, it’s your victory. I won’t be able to shoot the bloody head anyway.”

If they hit the head, Erin would die too.


The distance is only 4 meters.

If it was a man’s skill, it was a distance that could hit not only elves but also flying flies.

‘ Shoulders… …

He looked at Erin’s right shoulder.

‘I don’t aim.’

Placing three arrows on the string at once, he shot straight into Erinn’s forehead.


It was the only chance to kill Crown.

‘The wine of the wind. Aruore.’ Arrows imbued with the spirit of the wind shot out at Mach speed, and a sonic boom belatedly exploded.


When the fairies screamed in surprise, the situation had already ended, but it was different from what they expected.


Erin, who had ripped the elf’s head off the neck, stood at the entrance of the tent.

“If it’s this easy, isn’t it worth experimenting with?”

“Kkeuk?????? Kkeuk??????

The elf man opened his mouth.

More than the fear of death, the fear of the extinction of the Elf race was much greater.

‘This guy is neither a fairy nor an elf.’

It’s a monster.

‘Aeos, the magic of wind. Even though it is the most basic magic, it has transcended the limitations of elves.’ Even more than the elven fairy Enox… … No, not even the angels would be able to subdue the Crown.

The biggest problem was that his body belonged to Erinn, whom the elves cherished and loved.

‘This guy is not Erin. She can’t be fooled.’

If the Elves did not know the inside story and accepted the Crown as their hideout, then it would be annihilation.

“Eh, Enox… … sir.”

In the end, without even being able to express his despair, he died in tears of blood.


Erin threw her head and made a distorted expression.

“Too fast is also irritating. I tried to avoid it, but I was bored so I just killed it.”

The fairies couldn’t even breathe.

“Anyway, the implant is a success. It cannot be compared to the body of a beast. Even better than humans.” The best you can get on this planet

it was the body

“Sung, congratulations on your success.”


Part of the pineal gland between the elf’s left and right hemispheres is removed and Crown’s brain is transplanted.

Of course, the immune system will usually go into shock due to the creature’s self-preservation instinct… … .

“I am possible.”

Crown, who was born with the ‘best’ emotion, instantly controlled the implant target’s system.

Crown called this state ‘boarding’.

“… … Strange.”

Erin’s eyes deepened.

“Is this life?”

Until now, no one would have looked at life from outside of life.

What did he really see?

Curious fairies listened, but he was absorbed in his own thoughts.

“Well, that would be nice. Shall we ride this body for a while? Until a stronger body emerges.”

“Hey, Mr. Crown. What shall I do with this body?”

The corpse of Crown, with its skull open, was lying on the tray on the table.

The fairies couldn’t even approach.

Crown’s gaze at the body that belonged to her only 10 minutes ago was cold.

‘What defines me.’

flesh? mental? thought? memory?

‘That’s also just an accident that I can do because I’m old. If it’s not already me, even that… …

It doesn’t make any sense.

‘What defines me is.’

Only I am in the specific concept of me, the idea that comes down from that transcendent place.

‘It was a missing link.’

Idea disappears the moment I board, but Crown sees clearly.

‘So I… …

The Awakened (Illuminati)

Crown grabbed the corpse from the table and put the upper body in his mouth and cut it off with his teeth.


softly softly

He muttered while the fairies trembled at the sound of bones grinding in his mouth.

“Not me.” Now it’s just a source of energy for eating.

“Wait until instructed. I will go to the elf’s hideout.”

“What are you going to do?”

Also, if the reason for eating is for reproduction.


Crown opened his arms.

“I will be king. My descendants will multiply on this land and rule behind the scenes of human beings.”

It was the moment when the master of the world changed.

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