Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1224

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Forbidden area (1)

“Are you going to go to the human world?” Lutia, the chieftain of the Fire Tribe, asked.

“Yes, Chief. I want to help my husband change the human world. I think it is a calling.”

Yorahhan expressed his apology with silence.

‘To the chieftain, Armand is like an extraordinary daughter. The pain of leaving her must be great.’

Above all, she was the only warrior with an active disposition to protect the Hwajok.


Lutia smiled heartily.

“Finally, this day has come. The fire tribe must help humans. That is the reason for our existence, passed down from our ancestors.”

Realizing her sincerity, Jorahhan suddenly had this thought.

‘Who was it, the previous Hwajok?’

Hwajok is usually passive, so it was normal when their identity faded over time.

‘Nevertheless, for this long time, I kept one calling. This is not a matter of inclination.’

what a realization

‘In front of the truth, neither active nor passive can exist. The first fire tribe knew about it.’

About humans, about human lives… … .

‘Maybe deeper than me.’

Johann was the first to open his mouth.

“I am not leaving right now. The forces of the Micas Kingdom are invading the territory of the Hwajok. At this rate, contact will be made within a month. I will find a suitable place for the Hwajok to migrate.”

“Whoops. As expected, you’re always friendly, Yorahan O”

Johann’s face blushed.

“Don’t worry. I know more about the Hwajok than anyone else. Even though we are passive, we are also the ones who have continued that way. You will be fine.”

Armand came out.

“But chieftain, humans… …

Ruthia stopped talking.

“Yes, they are a dangerous race. But, Armand, you must now understand them. Otherwise, how could you follow your husband’s wishes?”

She looked back at Yorahhan and continued.

“Leave tomorrow. I’ll take care of this whole problem for the Hwajok. The world we see is different from the world humans see. No matter how good you find a resting place, that is not the place where flowers will bloom.”

The Hwajok ate enough through photosynthesis alone.

“All right.”

With Lutia’s permission, Jorahhan and Armand returned home and packed up.

As it is a precious place, the movements were sluggish.

‘I really don’t want to leave. But if you put it off for a day or two, you will really live here.’

As he struggled to achieve his dream, he found a box under his bed.

“uh? this… …

He turned his head while touching the dagger he hadn’t taken out since coming to the village of the Hwajok.

“Honey, can I use a whetstone?”

“Why the dagger? I usually don’t even look at you.”

“Because I am going out to the human world. Yes, I always had it with me before. You have to carry something like this to avoid bad people.”

Armand laughed.

“What are you worried about? I will protect you.”

Then, he hugged Yorahhan from behind and whispered in her ear.

“And I guarantee you, you will never use this. Even while grooming the sparrow, he shuddered.” They knew everything about each other.

“Sheesh! who said what You can still make threats. Who would be intimidated by a rusty sword?”

Armand shook his head at the sight of Yorahhan, who was stubborn until the end and took out the whetstone.

“anyway… …

Still, it was true that it was quite solid.

Around dawn, Yorahhan, who was sleeping in bed, woke up to the sound of screams outside.

“What, what… … !”

When he got up, Armand was already leaving the door holding a longsword.

The children of the Hua people approached with pale faces.

“sister! It’s a big deal!”

“what’s the matter?”

When Yohan, who had followed behind, looked outside, a group of troops had occupied the entrance to the village.

“horse soldier?”

It was armed with metal armor, and the face of a lion was engraved on the insignia of its flag.

“The Mikas family.”

There is no doubt about it, but the size of the troops was too small to penetrate the remote area.

‘It was the kingdom’s strategy to invade little by little in parallel with the land reclamation project. So why… … ?’

Jorahhan saw the lead of the cavalry.

He hadn’t taken off his youth yet, but there was a man with a split chin and intense eyes.

‘Probably the eldest son of the Micas family… … Mikas Areon.

‘It was three years ago when I heard the news, so I’m eighteen this year. He was eager to prove his royal blood.’

Not only was he not popular, but Jo Rahan was also a thinker, so the attributes of those in power were obvious.

A white schoolboy rode next to Areon.

“Prince, it seems that this is the village of the Hwa tribe. Please dictate the next strategy.”

“Hmm, the fire family.”

Areon stroked his chin.


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‘It has strange abilities, but according to the records, it is not dangerous. Rather, a slave who obeys any command.’

It was a scholar’s record.

‘In other words, you can have an attendant who will never betray you. This is also a must for a king. There must have been a reason for the old man to spend his energy on the land reclamation project.’

Of course, there must have been dozens of other reasons.

‘Anyway, I arrived before my father. I came all the way through the forest.’

Arreon, an ambitious man, interacted with many talented people, and one of them was Fisk next to him.

A person who has accurately navigated through a labyrinth-like forest.


Areon said.

“This will be the first occupation in my history. Even my father will approve if I take the Hwajok with me.”

The succession to the throne will be solidified.

“You probably think of me as the heir of a great king. It is a feat none of my brothers have ever accomplished.”

Areon pointed his sword towards the front.


At the same time as the order was given, more than 100 cavalrymen rushed at a terrifying speed.

At that time, when the fire tribes, who were watching in amazement, didn’t know what to do, Chief Lutia shouted.

“Run away!”

Armand, who ran backwards through the crowd, drew his sword and charged the cavalry.

Johann followed.


“Do not come! Get as far away as possible!”

“I will go with you.”

“it’s crazy? Then die! protect the children you can lead It’s impossible for the chieftain alone.”


Yo Rahan bit his lip and twisted his body at the right words that had no room for refutation.

“Just buy time and get out!”

Nodding his head, Armand erased his thoughts and focused on the battle.

“Rated control.”

Her sword flew through the sky, and fountains of blood burst through the iron gloves of the knights.

Areon’s eyes twinkled as he watched the knights collapse.

“Who is that woman?”

Fisk opened his notebook.

“Even among the Fire Tribe, there are very few people with an active disposition. They are called carnivores. It is said to show great fighting power in combination with its unique ability.”

“Surely strong.”

Areon added.

“And strong is beautiful. Fisk, I need to get her. Could she be captured alive?”


Fisk is competent.

“Divide the cavalry into three, with one unit blocking the retreat and the other capturing the villagers. It’s done in three minutes.”

When the adjutant signaled with a flag, the cavalry cavalry dispersed in line as if cut by a sword.

Jorahhan saw through the enemy’s scheme.

‘You can’t go faster than a horse. In this way, everything is captured. I have to fight back somehow… … Suddenly thinking of it, he said to Lutia.

“Chief! To the forest!”

When the Hwajok entered the forest, the cavalry, which had been in conflict for a while, abandoned their horses and jumped in.

“joy! Even so, I can’t even attack… … huh?”

As if the forest came alive, all kinds of plants and bugs started attacking the knights.

“damn! You use strange techniques!”

No matter how many tree branches he cut, the attacks were endless, and eventually his stamina began to run out.

Fisk looked over the forest and said.

“You are struggling.”

“It is the same over there. Have you been properly trained?”

Fisk got off his horse and spread his arms, knowing that those who were entrusted with full power had many responsibilities.

“I will handle it.”

Suddenly, a strong wind blew around him and flew like an arrow with both legs floating.

As Armand hurriedly twisted his body at the unexpected approach, his hand grazed his shoulder.

Fisk said.


At that moment, Armand felt an unfamiliar feeling.


If it was the era Sirone lived in, I would have thought it was similar to the previous one.


As of now, she had no way to understand the phenomenon of the air becoming sharp like a blade.

Holding onto the cut on his forearm, he stepped back and Fisk landed on the ground again.

Armand summoned the sword and asked.

“Is it memorization?”


Fisk held out his hand.

“The power of the mind.”

“Woman, I am a seeker of the truth of the world. My King is looking for you, so surrender meekly. Then you won’t hurt anyone.”


Armand, baring his fangs, slapped his sword.

“You look down on the Hwajok. We are peace-loving, not cowards afraid of death.”

The forest shook in the distance and I saw exhausted knights grabbing their heads.

“I saw it in the old documents. The hypothesis that it assimilates with all things in nature seems to be true. but… …

Fisk raised his hand above his head.

“Human controls the phenomena of all things in nature, and this is the fifth element that unites fire, water, earth, and air.”

The air heated up and a fireball the size of a pumpkin was born on the palm of my hand.

“It is the concentration of the mind.” Armand’s expression went blank at the situation in which he made fire without using anything.


As he swung his arm, a ball of fire fell in a parabolic arc at the beginning of the forest.


There was a loud explosion, and black smoke began to rise from the forest.

Fisk said.

“How is it? Power much stronger than natural fire. This is the human potential.”

As the villagers, suffocating from the smoke, ran out of the forest again, the cavalry surrounded them.

“Choose. If you give up their lives, you will be able to live. Will you fight or surrender?” That’s how the battle ended. The loss of the cavalry was greater than expected in mutual sacrifice, but Areon felt good.

“Has everyone gathered?”

Armand looked around as all the fire tribes gathered with frightened expressions.

‘What about Yorahhan?’

It was nowhere to be seen.

If he had run away, there would be nothing more gratifying than that, but the opposite case was also possible, so his heart was heavy.

‘Please, please stay alive.’ Areon said.

“I am the prince of the Micas kingdom. As of today, this territory will become the territory of Mikas, and you too are now subjects of the kingdom. If you deny this… …

While the long-winded rumor continued, Yorahhan was watching the situation through a gap in the warehouse.

‘It’s finally caught.’

It was good to lead the fire tribes and drive out the cavalry, but the forest caught fire out of nowhere.


I heard you call it that.

‘What should I do now?’

As long as the children were held hostage, Armand would never raise his sword.

‘It’s impossible to run away from horseback riding. Even if it were possible, the fire tribe would not run away if even one fell behind. If that’s the case, if you’re dragged along like this… …

In an instant, Jorahhan’s eyebrows twitched.

‘ there is!’

A way to escape with everyone.

‘I don’t know what the wizard will do, but no, it’s not luck. They can never come after us.’

Now there is only one thing left.

‘Can I do it?’

The eyes of Yo Ra-han, who was fiddling with the dagger in his bosom, were more intense than ever.

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